2013 and Earlier - Toyota Corolla Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

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Tell us about your Corolla purchase experience here!


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    I just agreed to buy a 2009 Corolla LE w/VSC, Cruise, remote entry, and the cold weather options in Rochester for $16783 (invoice supposedly was 16463, but the dealer said the TDA fee to the dealer was 360, bringing invoice up to 16820-ish).

    Got the price via internet pricing, but got it price matched at the dealer closer to my house.

    Anyone know if the pre-paid maintenance is worth it on these? I checked the maintenance schedule for the 2008 Corolla, and there doesn't seem to much beyond oil change, tire rotation & air filters until 120K.
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    Just bought it two days ago. It came with so much it would take me an hour to put it all down, but a few of the goodies are folding power mirrors, tire pressure monitoring, floor and truck mats, keyless entry w/key transmitter, Opitron meters w/illumination ceremony, speedometer gauge with outside temperature, mpg for 2 trips etc, AC w/clean air filter, all this is standard. Also cruise control, the JBL stereo package with 8 speakers in 6 locations (very nice), XM radio, Bluetooth, steering wheel mounted audio and hands free control 16' alloy wheels with steel belted radials, VSC and TRAC w/off switch. I wanted the rear spoiler. Toyota advertises it but it's not available yet. So I have to wait. The price is $425.

    According to Edmunds car pricing the MSRP is $20,828, Invoice $18,080, What Others Are Paying $20, 828. I paid $18, 700 and 20,300 OTD with our expensive CA T/L fees.

    I bought it at Magnussen's Auburn Toyota in Auburn, CA. I bought it through the asst fleet and internet manager. He told me he only made $200 on the car. Never just walk in and deal with a salesman. Always call the dealer and ask the name of the fleet and internet manager and/or assistant and deal with them and bargain, bargain, bargain. Or just go check out the cars at a dealership, decide what you want and buy it online. You can still bargain online. I love to bargain. I should start a business LOL.

    I was going to buy a Prius and then started doing cost comparisons. With this car you can go to your own private mechanic, you don't have to go to the dealer for maintenance, etc. With the Prius you can only go to the dealer and their prices are HIGH. With the $$$ you save between the 2 cars (in my case I saved $8000) you can buy a lot of gas. There are other costs savings involved also. So I'm only getting 35mpg instead of 45. It's worth it. Depending on how you drive you can get up to 41mpg. On the way home from the dealer, 20 miles, all uphill I got 36.2mpg going 60 mph.

    The new body style is really nice, they look like Camrys. The seats are way more comfy than any other Corolla and both interior and exterior are quite spiffy. The car handles well on the street and highway and it's really zippy. I'm a happy car owner.

    One last thing. A lot of the accessories you can get on line at a much cheaper price than you can with the dealer and they are genuine Toyota. Go to www.dealerfit.com and plug in the car. They don't have the 2009 stuff out yet, but a lot of the 2008 stuff, like the cargo net, cargo tote are the same. :)

    If you are buying sheepskin seat covers you can go to www.sheepskin.com They don't have a category for 2009 because they say the 2007 one will fit just fine. And they make them for the side air bags, which is what you want.
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    you got a good price.
    I am a employee of Toyota (Sienna, Tundra and Sequoia plant)and that was just about the same as what I paid.
    Mine is an S with moon roof, jbl 6 disk changer, xm radio, 8 speakers, ipod hook up, steering wheel controls, cruise control, heavy duty heater w/ heated power mirrors, 16'' alloy wheels, floor and trunk mats, blue tooth, rear spoiler, chrome exhaust tip, power windows with keyless. my cost before adding the100,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, anti theft package and 3 years prepaid maint. was 18620.
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    Wow, you got a very good price also.Especially with a three year service package and that warranty. Pays to work for Toyota. I think I might get the 100,000 warranty also. For $900 it's worth the piece of mind. I know if one of those computers fail it can cost a fortune. Average the price out over the years it's not that expensive. I've never had a Toyota before, but I know people that do and they love them. One girl I know has 400k on hers and is about to get rid of it. I didn't get the power heating package :cry: which I would have liked to have. I want the rear spoiler, did another search and found it for $139 with lights, painted to match the car and free shipping. It's not goong to cost much to put it on, I'm buying the rear exhaust tip and fog lights. Found some cool ones on ebay. They're called Bling Lights. I have a mechanic that only works on Subarus, Toyotas, and Hondas and he charges about a 1/3 of what the dealer charges. I've had him for 11 years, along with my Subara and it's been almost a free ride. I'm taking my car and cell phone to the Verizon store today and they are going to set it up with the bluetooth. They do it for free.I just couldn't figure it out. I have the power windows and steering, keyless and steering controls also. It's awesome. I'm thinking about maybe getting the moon roof put in. :)
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    Do you know of any changes to the newer Sienna's? I see you work at the plant.
  • tmmigirl1tmmigirl1 Member Posts: 2
    there are no major changes to the sienna until 2010. I'm not sure what they will be though..they keep us in the dark until last minute on stuff like that.
    We just went through a major change on the Sequoia's and that is a big pain, so I'm not looking forward to it.
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    Just purchased my second corolla (other was a 2006 S). I paid $400 over invoice. Initial drive of the car was very nastolgic as to the previous style Corolla.
    My car is an (S), Black Sand Pearl, 5-spd Stick, 6 disk changer, and all the other bells and whistles. I've driven it about 60 miles to get back home. RPM's in my manual trans Corolla were exactly 3,000 at 70 MPH. Very much like my '06 I traded in. The interior appears to look maybe a little cheaper, as the plastic is very hard and not as nice looking as the previous (S) I owned. Seats are comfortable as expected, ride is controled and nice. The car is VERY quiet on the highway (better than previous years). JBL sound system w/XM is wonderful and "thumps" accordingly. One thing previously noted in another thread somewhere here is that the clock is located in a multifunction little window inside the gauge cluster. You need to push the little button in to switch between clock/mpg/average miles to empty/etc. Not as convienient as previos models, but still functional.
    The car is also noticably a bit wider and seems longer too (although I'm not sure it is). Completely satisfied with my peppy, fuel effiecient, redesigned COROLLA S.
    Dealer where purchased....KOLAR Toyota, Duluth Minnesota. Only had 5 new corollas....2-S's, others were LE's. Enjoyable buying experience. :blush:
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    I just purchased a 2009 Corolla S with the Sport Package, All Weather Guard Package, Carpet Floormats, VSC and sunroof.

    MSRP $20,794
    I Paid $18,506

    I'm pretty sure I got a decent deal... is there anyone else that paid a similar price?
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    I purchased Corolla S 2009 too and waiting for the vehicle delivery.
    I like new design, quieter engine and all other futures it has, but don't like at all BRIDGESTONE TURANZA EL 400 OEM tires. These tires have low performance ratings, they are on 22 place in the category, are noisy even brand new, and after 15 000 miles the comfort and road noise is unbearable.(according the Tire Rack survey)

    Could you share your experience in this matter and what is OEM tires on your Corolla S.
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    Hi everybody I am kind of new to this discussion, I am thinking about buying the 2009 corolla S automatic with sports package, a sunroof and VSC, but I am not sure what price to ask for since I don't know what the dealership paid to the manufacture. I looked at edmunds pricing the msrp is 20,445 and the invoice is 18,303 that's a big huge difference between these prices. I was offered the OTD price for this car for my local dealership which is in chicago suburbs 21,780 which includes taxes and fees. But I believe it is still too much for what this dealership is offering so I want to know if anybody knows what the dealers holdbacks or incentives are for this car since it is brand new.
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    In looking into the cost of an Automatic trans. The sticker on all I have seen is $21,???. Seems to me that you are not getting the greatest deal. My 2009, loaded "S" is a standard trans. and sticker was $20,7??.
    I paid $19,600. (who knows, I could have probably gotten a better deal. it's a crap shoot).
    That's just my experience. I thing you may be paying the full sticker with no discounts. Prices paid seem to vary a lot depending on your geographic location.
    Good luck
  • lakesguylakesguy Member Posts: 4
    I have the same tires on my 2009 Corolla S. Only have 1100 miles on my car, but so far the tires are grippy and very quiet. I realize this may change with time, but who knows. I do know that the tires have a low mileage rating, which is somewhat disappointing since I live in MN and need tread to grip in the snow filled winters. I expect I will be buying tires before I really want to.
  • mannychanda187mannychanda187 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks for responding, I also want to know if you have paid taxes and which area did you purchased your car because I live in Chicago suburbs. Also can anybody tell what are the dealer holdbacks on this car and if there are any incentives involved with this car.
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    Hi Jilliew,

    Can you tell me where you saw the spoiler for $139? Also have you had the fog lights installed yet? I saw those bling lights on ebay and emailed the guy but his answer he didn't answer my questions. I don't see how they'll mount at the stock location without hacking up the black grilles.
  • jilliewjilliew Member Posts: 48
    Hi, I got the spoiler at www.spoilersource.com had it installed and it looks real nice. :) When you hit the brakes, and your brake lights, rear window light and spoiler LEDs all light up it looks like Xmas. I had bought a set of f/r mud flaps, rear bumper protector, cargo net and the spoiler and took it all to a body shop and they charged me $150 to put it all on. You are right about the bling lights, even if you cut through the plastic grills they wouldn't fit right. I took them to my mechanic, the body shop, a car stereo shop and they all said there was no way they would fit and look nice and if they did cut up the grills, they wouldn't be protected from the weather and they would get water damage. Toyota wants $150 each fog light and the same to install them. What a rip off. I wrote the Bling Lights Racing guy also and told him I wanted my $$$$ back because he misrepresented the lights and haven't heard from him either. I am going to contact PayPal tonight and file a claim against him. If you or anybody else comes across some good fog lights that will fit, let me know. Jill
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    Following is quote that I got for XLE in upstate NY
    The pricing for the all new 2009 COROLLA XLE you are looking to purchase, equipped with Automatic TRANSMISSION; Vehicle Stability control, All Weather Guard Package: Includes Heavy Duty Heater with Rear Seat Heater Duct, Anti-Chip Tape and Heated/ color-keyedOutside Mirrors; Cruise Control; Power Tilt & Slide Moonroof with Sunshade; Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Traction Control (TRAC); JBL AM/FM/ In-Dash 6 CD Changer with WMA/MP3 Playback Capability, XM Satellite Radio with 90 day Trial Subscription, 0 with Eight Speakers in Six Locations and Steering Wheel Mounted Audio & Hands-Free Controls ; Carpet Floor Mats & Trunk Mat, along with all standard features [a/c, front/ side & curtain airbags, abs, Tilt/ telescopic leather steering wheel, stereo w/ cd, power mirrors, auto-on headlamps, etc.] is as follows:[in-stock only]

    SALE PRICE...........$19522.00 + TAX & DMV fees

    As per CR invoice comes out tobe $18591 with hold back of $351 bringing down cost to dealer to $18238, whereas as per Edmunds invoice for same is $18464
  • michatimichati Member Posts: 2
    im in the southern california market shopping around in the LA area, looking for the best deal on this model:2009 Toyota Corolla Sport Automatic.

    So far that I've seen in working with the internet fleet managers for the following:
    National Base: 19,854.00
    Options that i want:
    power package
    CD changer
    sunroof-not sure just yet if its worth it.(not included in base price)

    The range I am seeing is 17,300-17,500 without tax and license. anyone know if i can do better? i want an out the door price, but not sure how low i can go on this.
  • nikolasmornikolasmor Member Posts: 5
    Hi all.
    I just ordered a
    2009 Toyota Corolla
    XRS 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5A)
    Blue Streak Metallic

    with the following
    SR Sunroof
    PO Power Package
    Z1 Preferred Accessory Package
    CK All Weather Guard Package

    MSRP 22599 I paid 19759 $2800 off sticker. $300 under invoice. Took about 15 minutes to get this price

    Here's how I did it.
    I built the car I wanted, then emailed all dealers in the area last night asking for their best price. I then took that best price and emailed the dealer I actually wanted to buy it from. He beat the lowest offer I received and I drove over, wrote a check that won't be cashed till it arrives for $500. That was it

    Dealer was Toyota of Waldorf in Waldorf, MD Internet sales dept. Very painless.
  • jilliewjilliew Member Posts: 48
    That's the way to do it, only I do it by phone and get the Fleet/Internet Mgr.. It's a shame some people are too timid to try it. Bargaining isn't just for buying cars, you can basically bargain for just about anything you buy..I love to bargain.
  • dr94087dr94087 Member Posts: 9

    I am looking to buy a New Corolla 09 LE.

    The current promotions going in bay area are 2000 OFF MSRP + 0% APR for 3 Yrs.

    Is this a good deal ??

    The MSRP for Corolla 09 LE is $16,500.

    How much I will have to shell out (OTD) considering this offer?

  • jilliewjilliew Member Posts: 48
    My XLE was $18,700 and OTD was $20,300 and this was in Auburn, CA at Auburn Toyota so that should sort of give you a ball park figure. Plus, when you finish calling dealers to get the best price they can plug it into DMV and tell you what it will be. Or you can do it yourself on the DMV site:

  • fallen007fallen007 Member Posts: 1
    2009 Toyota Corolla Sport

    Out the Door, tax title - 18580

    I am going to talk to a couple other dealers and see if they can beat it

    What do you guys think
  • jilliewjilliew Member Posts: 48
    Are you getting any extras for that price. Of course you should keep comparing. You never know who might beat it. Did you try San Jose Toyota. They gave me a pretty good price on a Prius. There are lots of dealers in the Bay, so call them all. There's a recession and dealers are hurting so there are bargains out there.
  • michigan62michigan62 Member Posts: 5
    which state did you buy your corolla?
  • michigan62michigan62 Member Posts: 5
    i bought an LE corolla

    car price = 16,855
    includes: Cruise control, 6 cd changer, all weather guard package, keyless entry, carpet and floor mats.

    doc fee = 180.00
    CVR electronic filing = 24.00
    6% sales tax = 1,023.54
    license = 91
    title = 8

    delivered price = 18,181.54
  • anirbanstaysanirbanstays Member Posts: 1
    Got this deal zipcode 33610 (Tampa, Florida)

    Out the Door Price Corolla
    Sale Price $15,383.00
    Subtotal $15,383.00
    FLA. Tire disposal fee: $5.00
    FLA. Lead-acid battery disposal fee: $1.50
    Dealer fee $599.00
    Amount taxable on vehicle $15,988.50
    Sales tax = 6% $959.31
    $50 sales tax fee $50.00
    New tag $252.00
    Cash balance due on vehicle: $17,249.81
    Rebate $750.00
    Total $16,499.81
  • markscheuermarkscheuer Member Posts: 4
    To corolla in michigan - What dealer/city? Looks like a nice deal, I'd like to follow suite.
  • michigan62michigan62 Member Posts: 5
    dealer is fox toyota in rochester hills, michigan
  • muchocatsmuchocats Member Posts: 1
    Hi tbarry

    What state / dealership did you purchase from ?

  • tarheel87tarheel87 Member Posts: 1
    Just paid $17000 plus $900 fees, tax, doc on an LE with cruise, keyless, and tinted windows. Saved about -200 below invoice.

    Good Luck.
  • mnfmnf Spokane WaMember Posts: 405
    I purchased a Auto 2009 LE with the normal options Stability Control, six speaker system mats ect , MSRP was $18,644 picked it up for $16,200.It was a couple of weeks of shopping and e-mailing but in the end it was worth the wait.

  • hannainnchannainnc Member Posts: 2
    Just purchased a 2009 CorollaS (automatic) - with sport package, power everything...alloy wheels - $17k out the door....that's it- only $17k. Yay! We had to drive from NC to Atlanta to get the deal, but it was worth the drive. Sticker price was $19,563.30. We paid less than invoice because of the $750 rebate.
  • dr94087dr94087 Member Posts: 9
    Hi Hannnainnc,

    I never heard about the 750 rebate for 2009 corolla?
    Where have you seen this? Will you pls send me the link?

  • hannainnchannainnc Member Posts: 2
    750 cash back on all new 2009 Corolla Sedan models. May use cash back toward down payment or receive a check from Southeast Toyota Distributors, LLC. Must complete retail sale and delivery between 05/01/08 - 06/02/08. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

    I think it might depend on your region, but I'm not positive - our dealer was marietta toyota in GA.

    you can also go to carsdirect and enter your zip to see if the rebate applies to your area.
  • jkh713jkh713 Member Posts: 4
    2009 Corolla LE Automatic
    Gray Cloth

    Cruise Control
    Color-Keyed Outside Rear View Mirror
    50 State Emissions
    Remote Keyless Entry w/Key Transmitter
    Power Windows with Driver's Side
    One-Touch Down and Shift Activated Powe
    Door Locks
    Carpet Mat Set

    Vehicle Shield Package
    Lusterizing Sealant
    Sound Shield
    Sealant Cleaner
    Rental Car Assistance

    $16,798 Plus T,T,l
    After rebate
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19
    Wondering if anyone bought a Corolla S w/sport package (rear wing, 16" alloy rims, etc.) in the S.F. Bay Area ? If you did...what was your OTD price paid. So far the best deal I can get is $19,500.00 OTD.

    Can anyone beat this ?

    Thanks for the help everyone !
    :surprise: :confuse: :shades:
  • yossarian3yossarian3 Member Posts: 30
    I made an online offer of $15,800 that was accepted for 2009 Corolla with cruise control, 6 CD changed, all weather package and remote keyless entry. MSRP for the car is $18,394. Is this a good deal or can I do better?
  • michatimichati Member Posts: 2
    im in the LA area, bought mine at 19,4..sounds like the same deal to me i got everything but the sunroof
  • bayareafx45bayareafx45 Member Posts: 19

    $19,400.00 seems to be the best deal so far. No sunroof too on this Corolla S. $100.00 bucks isn't enough for me to fly or drive down. It would cost me more now with gas breaking the $4.50 / gal. mark !

    I still hit up my sale rep. and see if he will match...worst he can say is "no" .

  • elena250elena250 Member Posts: 28
    Was that a Corolla CE base version or some other version? Sounds like a very good deal.
  • yossarian3yossarian3 Member Posts: 30
    Corolla LE. I agree that it seemed like a good deal. But it was accepted so quickly that I was suspicious.
  • jweaver39jweaver39 Member Posts: 15
    just purchased a 2009 LE auto trans/cruise control/std.accessories msrp17900 got it for $15800 otd, great deal at mckinnon toyota in clanton,al about 40 mi north of montgomery,al
  • elena250elena250 Member Posts: 28
    if that was otd price what was it that you offered - or is that the way you put it. Was it an online deal or in person. Does that include any rebates?
  • atortoroatortoro Member Posts: 13
    Hi, your MSRP is $17900 for the corolla LE, but your OTD price is $15800 only? does this mean your negotiated price before 8 % tax is $14629 only??

    if this is so, then this is a good price!!! :blush:
  • jweaver39jweaver39 Member Posts: 15
    it was in person with $750 in rebates
  • jweaver39jweaver39 Member Posts: 15
    i rec'd the same rebate in montgomery,al looks like toyota is really trying to sell corollas, because if orginally went to purchase a yaris/prius & none were available and the salesman gave me a really good deal on the corolla.
  • crananoncrananon Member Posts: 7
    Hi Folks,
    Located in Mass. Considering the Corolla LE package below. The sticker is .18,200. Can someone suggest what I should be able to talk the sticker down to?
    THanks for any Advice!!!

    with Cruise Control ,6 Disc in Dash ,Remote Keyless Entry w/Key Transmitter ,
    Carpet Mat Set , ETC...
  • yossarian3yossarian3 Member Posts: 30
    Right now, I could get that at $15,800. I am trying to find out if that is a good price.
  • atortoroatortoro Member Posts: 13
    i think that is a good deal. esp when the $750 rebate is not available anymore. IN my case (see above) many other stores doesnt even want to sell me the car at the price above, the above is like $800 below invoice!
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