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Chevrolet TrailBlazer instrument cluster is out



  • Good evening ssphar1985,
    We're sorry to hear about this situation with your Trailblazer. If you would like for us to check for any warranty or recall information, please email the last 8 digits of your VIN to and we'll see what we can find and go from there.

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I am not positive but that sounds like the start of one of the coils from the coil pack that connects to each spark plug wire going bad...It may only be one coil that would need to be replaced...I would have a mechanic run it on a machine and see if they can detect that....This sounds like the problem if it only happens like at a drive thru or a stop light. It will start to happen more frequent as you go...I never had my car stall out while driving but it would either stall out or feel like it is going to stall out when stopped at a light. I think the price was over $250 to replace one coil.
  • I too have a 2004 and they told me that my cluster is out! Almost 800+ dollars to fix. Chevy ought to be ashamed! So many problems with this very same thing!
  • My husband and I just bought a 04 trail blazer yesterday, everything was great then after we got it home and drove it around the block a few times the gas hand stopped working which I thought wasn't a big deal cause my husbands in his truck hadn't worked for years and he has a 01 silverodo and just recently he got that fixed. So today I was driving it and the speedometer just stopped working so my husband took it to auto zone to have them hook it up to their computer and on the way he called me and said the speedometer was working but now the check engine light was on. So they hooked it up and told him it looked like the O2 sensor and I noticed when the trail blazer is idoling that it is kinda a sluggish idol. I'm just really upset about the whole deal because everyone in my family owns a Chevy and we just bought it yesterday and I don't know what to do. My husband is taking it to the dealership first thing in the morning but I'm still worried because I'm afraid to spend money and it not fix the problem, I'm relying on this vehicle to get my daughter which is 2 and myself around, does anyone have any suggestions? Please!!!! And Thanks!!!!
  • My wife's 2004 Trailblazer has had the gauges malfunction recently. Some days they don't work at all and other days they work intermittently and make sounds. The last 8 digits of the VIN are: 42380799. The vehicle is in mint condition and has 77,000 miles. Our local dealer is Harbor Chevrolet in Michigan City, Indiana.

    We are loyal GM customers and have bought a dozen new GM vehicles through the years and currently own the Trailblazer, a Tahoe LTZ and 2 Buicks. We were wondering since there seem to be so many issues with these dash clusters if there was or is a recall?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    I searched your VIN and did not see any open recalls or special coverages pertaining to this issue. If we can look into anything further for you, please contact us at with more details (include your name and contact information, a summary of the situation, the last 8 digits of your VIN and mileage, and the name of your dealership).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • First let me say that GM has had numerous problems with IC s I have my own Auto shop have had alot of these repaired , The stealership sends the ics out for repair , as a repair shop the cost to me is $225.00 for complete repair , so call your local dealer's parts depo and tell them u need to drop it off for repair and whats the cost , if they ask what shop tell them your a small local shop use ur last name etc and pay cash with tax thats it .

    as far as needing an engine that sounds like a con job get another opinion, this is common for Gm ics
  • As far as the car stalling goes, does it idle at a consistent rpm or does it fluxuate all over the place? If the idle is all over the place or inconsistent(watch your tach if you have one or have one that works) then I would suggest replacing the Camshaft Actuator Solenoid. This part can be purchased a NAPA for around $70.00 and is fairly easy to install if your mechanically inclined. I have replaced this part twice on my Trail Blazer and it solved the problem with stalling every time. It will not help with the dash cluster. That is a different problem all together and GM knows it. The GM dealership should have been able to easily figure the stalling problem out with out too much trouble because it is a very common problem with these vehicles also (separate forum) and almost always relates to the replacing this solenoid.
  • I have a 2005 Trailblazer and recently my oil gauge stopped working completely and now my speedometer has also stopped working. For about 2 weeks my speedometer would bounce around but never read the actual speed I was going. It generally stayed at 70 mph even when I was stopped. I have had nothing but problems with this car and will never buy another. When I called and got a quote from Chevy it was around $800 to fix the tachometer. It is upsetting to see so many other people having the same problem and Chevy refuses to fix the problem.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    We can certainly understand if you pursue alternatives; if you do decide to work with the dealership we would be happy to stay with you through that process to make sure everything was repaired to your satisfaction. Let us know - we can be contacted at (include your name, contact information, the last 8 of your VIN, and a brief summary for us if you do email).

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I am having the same issue with my 2003 Trailblazer. I also had gone to church on Sunday evening and all my dash lights go on. After church, my lights dimmed and I was afraid to drive home so I called my son-in-law to come and pick me up. Took to shadetree mechanic and he doesn't know what's wrong. This all happened on day with lots of heavy rain and my back passenger side window is broken so it was down a few inches. Does anyone know if moisture got inside somehow?
    Please let me know what your solution was! Thanks so much!
  • My 2005 Trailblazer speedometer shows I am going 55 mph while sitting still. I see many discussions with the same issue. Does anyone know if GM will replace the parts as indicated by others who have posted?
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251

    If we can check into this further for you, please email us the last 8 digits of your VIN and inquiry at

    Sarah, GM Customer Service
  • I was wondering what the possibility of forming a group to file a class action lawsuit would be. GM has acknowledged the instrument cluster issue on several other models but don't want to address the Trailblazer as one of the problem models
    They are knowingly subverting the problem and making us owners pay through the nose to fix THEIR problem of selling defective equipment on these vehicles. I too am having the same problem and they want me to pay $100.00 just so they can diagnose the problem. Then $600.00 more for the part when they darn well know they built these vehicles with defective parts. So if they won't voluntarily issue a recall then I think as owners we should force the issue.I am sure that there are plenty of lawyers who would take the case as GM would end up footing the bill
  • So I have contacted Eric Gibbs of Giraldi Gibbs LLC about this issue and I was told that there is enough proof out there to get the ball rolling on this. We just need to get enough plaintiffs together to file. I just find GM's outright repression of this issue to be deceptive and repulsive. So if GM doesn't want to step up and do right by all the good people of this country who are trying to support American manufacturing then we need to exercise our American right to have our day in court.
  • I was wondering the same thing as to why GM wont recall the issue since there clearly is an issue the instrument panel per all the posts. When I called GM it was nearly a $1000 fix to get new parts and labor. The service tech beleived GM doesnt recall the problem since it is not a "safety" issue. If you begin the class action suit I will help you post on all these other threads to see if we could get enough people who have expierenced the same issue who would be willing to participate.
  • I too am having that problem with my dash/instrument panel & now my TB won't start at all!! I have sent an email to your email address that was posted on this forum with details on what is going on. Please let me know what you can do to help!! :cry:
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    One of my coworkers who answers inbound emails should be responding to your message soon.
    Kindest regards,
    GM Customer Service
  • tb04doatb04doa Posts: 1
    edited March 2013
    Thought I would post a.) to not feel alone on this issue, b.) to state my symptoms to see if anyone else has had them. Speedometer went dead on 04 Trailblazer Instrument cluster all other gauges working fine. Spent $600 dollars on a new IC to fix the speedometer at the dealership. Two days later the oil pressure gauge is reporting abnormal high values, value rises as I apply gas. Now the oil pressure gauge "starts" at 60 when engine is turned on and doesn't fall back to 0 when the engine is off. I feel like it could be a defective IC/steeper motor on the oil pressure guage or maybe my unit wasn't fully replaced just "fixed." I am scared to take it back to the dealer to be had for more repair costs that weren't there before the IC was replaced. Any ideas/suggestions?

  • mlwpostmlwpost Posts: 2
    First the oil gauge quit working, then the gas gauge. The cruise control quit working and then the CD player. Now my speedometer reads 31mph sitting still. The cost of the repairs are ridiculous...I'm in for a class action suit against GM for their dismissal of these issues. MLP
  • mlwpostmlwpost Posts: 2
    After extensive research I've determined that the best course of action is to replace the instrument cluster altogether. There's a very good video ( ) on how to remove the instrument cluster - involves the removal of about 7-10 7mm screws and unhooking the electric from the panel - and then removing the cluster panel. You can then send it off for repair (approx. $225 w/S&H) or get a new one from a parts place (O'Reilly's approx. $250-$300) and re-install yourself or have a mechanic do it. Fingers crossed.....MLP
  • burdawgburdawg Posts: 1,524
    You can also just replace the stepper motors on the back of the panel if you are experienced at soldering. That's the least costly way to repair.
  • rhagen66rhagen66 Posts: 1
    I own a 2005 Chevy Trailblazer LS. It has 117000 miles. I received a letter from Chevy in 2010 saying that my fuel sensor gauge MAY go bad but I had until Oct 2010 to have a Chevy dealer fix it and that Chevy MAY pay 50% of the repair but not to take it in if it was not exibiting this problem. Of course nothing was wrong so no repair needed UNTIL about 6 months ago. My speedometer was off by 5 to 15 miles per hour, but like others, I used the GPS since I couldnt afford to take it in right away. Then the check engine light came on and the diagnostic wasnt giving any codes. Then my fuel gauge was reading a little off and after filling the car completely with gas one day, it showed empty with the light on. Now I am past the time for Chevy to pay anything!@!!!*!! So I took just spent over $1200.00 on a fuel pump, fuel gauge sensor and thermostat since the code said it was feul related. Picked up from the mechanic, and now the check engine light is back on. I guess I will have to print these pages and take it in to the mechanic and tell him to replace the crappy instrument cluster. I have always owned Chevys, and my family and husband are Chevy folks. I cant wait to be able to afford to trade this thing in on a foriegn car.!!! I have been an advocate of buying American until this time! Nothing but trouble. The driver seat mechanisms have been rapaired three times, the heat blower doesnt work on 4 & 5! I dont know what to do, now since I am past the the date on the letter, I am sure Chevrolet wont pay for any of it. What a joke!
    Thanks for listening to my rant!
  • nickzzonickzzo Posts: 2
    ok so iv'e got every problem you guys are talking about on this thread on my 05 trailblazer. The speedometer, fuel gauge, power seat, cd player, blower motor, diming head lights, check engine light, oil pressure gauge. plus a new one, transmission. tranny blew about a year ago, took it to a reputable transmission mechanic who rebuilt it. Had it back two days and blew again! took it back to him and he traced it to a problem in the wiring harness. he replaced the harness and rebuilt the tranny again at no extra cost to me. All was good for about a year and last week I felt it hesitating again. took it back to him, he's had it for 3 days now and cant pinpoint the problem but is shure it is electricle. so what do we have to do get this class action suit going ? and has anybody else had this transmission problem ?
  • kriskellkriskell Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 chevy trailblazer Ext. Our rpm gauge stopped working, our speedometer works when it's in the mood. When it doesn't work, it is stuck on 40 mph, even when at a stop. The air conditioner blows hot air, hasn't been cold for about 2 years. We had to replace the blower because the heat would only blow on 1 and 2, but not 3,4, or 5. The back controls for the heat/ac doesn't work anymore. Our ABS is constantly sensing that it needs to be on, so stopping completely isn't an option any more. Our check engine lights has been on for a few years. And when we plug our camper, or utility wagon in, it only works some lights, and not even that all the time. We were told to replace the Engine control module, which we did today, and now the damn thing won't start!!! I am so in for a class action law suit. I'm sick of everything falling apart on this car. I actually loved it until everything started going haywire!!!
  • Has there been any news of a class action lawsuit against Chevrolet? Would like to get in on a lawsuit for the gas gauge and the bad exhaust manifold. I just had to replace my exhaust manifold because of a large crack in it. The auto mechanic told me that they had to rebuild the top of my engine because they couldn't get a bolt out, cost me $2000. Sounds faulty to me. My gas gauge sensor is also flawed. When I bought the vehicle it was broken, I had no idea. Tried to contact chevrolet about the issue several times, same response every time. Take it to a dealership, have them look at it, then call us back. I do not feel it is proper for me to spend $100 just to get a diagnosis on a problem they caused. I am a 23yr old who owns 2 chevrolets, think that I might go to ford for the next purchase and see how they take care of their loyal customers because chevy sure doesn't care about us!!
  • I just spent $700 on a passcode sensor and
    a new battery, because they told me mine
    was dead after trying to start it. I notice that
    after I leave the dealership the gear
    light and odometer light now don't work.
    They say instrument cluster & they need
    $400 more to fix it as this are
    in no way related although it appears
    to have happened at the dealership. Any
    way these are related? or not?
  • nickzzonickzzo Posts: 2
    Not shure about the lawsuit. Havent heard anything else about it and I wouldn't even know how to begin starting one. But if anybody does count me in and I'll help in any way I can. As for the gas gauge, that's an easy one. I don't know of any trailblazers that have one that works. and yet chevy only gave out a partial recall. That means they know there is a problem but don't care. bring it to a dealer and you will only have to pay for half of it. Arent you feeling better about the bail out now. I am pretty shure that bail out is why these crappy vehicles have not been completely recalled. I am all about buying American but guess what GM your not the only American car manufacturer. If you only have $2000 dollars into your vehicle you are lucky and should get rid of it now. I've got about $6000 in mine and now have a misfire problem that no one can fix. I'm shure its a short in the miles of crappy faulty wireing that's in this car.
  • I too had this problem, then all speeds went out. I went all last summer here in the south with no fan. Then I found out it was a cheap easy fix. Stop at auto parts store and buy a fan resistor unit. You can find YouTube directions on how to replace it. It cost less than $30. It goes in behind the glove box. Some parts stores may even help you replace it.
  • This problem is not only related to the trailblazer, it is Chevy vehicles all together.. I will NEVER purchase another Chevy product....

    Dan M.
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