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Volkswagen Passat CC Prices Paid and Buying Experience

kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 120,532
edited August 2014 in Volkswagen
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  • Like I posted before, I leased my CC for 39 months, $2k down, 15k miles with a $5k insurance at the end to cover any charges for wear and tear. With taxes and all, my payment is a few dollars shy of $600. This was the same payment for an bare bones A4 or a G35, but I wanted something new, and this car certainly is.
  • kaysidkaysid Posts: 46
    Miami CC, which CC model did you get the Sport or Lux? How much was the cost of the $5k insurance. Thanks and congrats on the new ride.
  • I'm looking at the CC Sport -- base model -- and I want a manual transmission. I have two questions:

    1. Has anyone seen the Sport 200HP turbo 4 with a sunroof? I've seen two base model manual transmission cars -- but both without a roof. Sad.

    2. If you're purchased one of these, what did you pay? MSRP on the car is $27,995.

    I noticed that VW's best financing offer on this car is 7.7% (what?!) but I imagine that will change quickly. VW's sales are down YOY, although nowhere nearly as tragically as the domestic automakers. I'm sure even the CC will have deals shortly.
  • kaysidkaysid Posts: 46
    1) Nope the Sport does not come with a Sunroof that is only on the Lux models, which cannot be had with the MT. BTW not sure if you know the sunroof doesnt actually slide open it just tilts up a couple of inches.
    2) I havent actually pulled the trigger yet also looking for a MT Sport 2.0 CC but waiting for my current lease to expire in Feb 09. I have been offered from 300-500 over invoice and that was really without any negotiating. This was for dealers in NJ and Eastern PA. Saying that though I hear the CC's are selling well since they are being bought by VW enthusiasts and previuous customers.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    The whole no open sunroof would bug me, also I would miss the rear middle seat. Otherwise it would be perfect. Hopefully they didn't set their options and pricing too high for this car. This is not a time to mess around. I am sure it will do fine. This car won't be an option for me though.
  • Just leased new cc sport with auto/sirius radio, 36 months with 12k miles per year. MSRP was 29,015, selling price was 26,503 (1079 below invoice). Money factor of .00124, and residual of 55 percent. Payment is 392 per month. Only paid 1st month payment and liscense at signing. Dealer also cutting me a check for 869 to pay for last 2 payments and excess mileage on current jetta lease. I think I did ok.
  • Sirius is that expensive??!! Cuz the invoice on KBB for that car is 26754 so did Sirius cost you 700 bucks??
  • rayc13rayc13 Posts: 1
    I bought a MT Sport from Cook VW in Encinitas, Ca late November. The only option was a Sirius radio. I paid $26,250 plus T&L and they were able to find the exact color/interior I wanted within 24 hours. In addition, they had a set of new Luxury wheels and tires that they put on for an additional $100 as I like the look of the Luxury wheels better. I love the car and am getting 28 mpg in mixed driving. What I also noticed is that the car has many features that are either not available on the base Sport or are options according to the brochure. Power seat with memory, power passanger seat, auto dimming rearview mirror, rain sensing wipers and so on.
  • Leased a 2009 CC Sport last week.
    MSRP $29015
    36 mo. 15K miles
    $1500 total out of pocket
    $399 / mo. including tax
  • sirius radio was an extra 400 appx..there was a few add'l taxes/fees that california charges, but aren't listed on kbb.
  • Kyfdx,

    Congrats on the new lease. I'm looking for a similar lease and wanted to know more about the car... what add-ons did you get with the CC Sport to get an MSRP of $29,000?

  • nm
  • automatic and sirius radio
  • No problem
    I'm sorry I did'nt get back to post sooner.
    Like what was noted the car came with automatic and sirius.

    I'm sure that you can do better than I did
    with my lease 2 weeks ago 1/15
    Prob by $30.00 less per month.
  • What a day! I went out looking at a 350z Roadster and came home excited for the future VW CC i'll be leasing.

    Really like the sport with the automatic trans. I test drove the 6 speed and found it incredibly nice but still a bit weird to drive a "sport" sedan of this size with a manual. Will see how the DSG feels in a week or two when I'm ready.

    I did inquire about a 36mo high mileage (18k per year) lease. They gave me figures of $385 a month with $1,500 down. I didnt really dig deep into car selling price and if that includes all OTD fees, but sounds like a pretty good deal compared to what I'm seeing out there.

    Anyone care to chime in? I do plan on going email blasting different dealerships when the time comes. How do you even calculate residual on a high mileage lease ??? I only see 12k and 15k residuals online....suggestions?
  • edbocedboc Posts: 5
    I got the CC for $23,855 for a Silver 6 Speed MT and got $9800 for my trade in on a '06 Accord Coupe EX 5-Speed with 71k miles.
  • that sounds too good to be true, are they really selling these cars below invoice?? What part of the country...and did you buy or lease?
  • im in los angeles, and i leased
  • Wow. Would you mind disclosing some of the more detailed information like yearly mileage and monthly payment....what did you put down? You can PM me if you're more comfortable. Would love to hear what you've come up with as Im looking at the same car :) Thanks!
  • edbocedboc Posts: 5
    Yes, they are selling these cars below invoice. I bought the car, and financed through VW ($1000 incentive). I'm in Milford, MA, near Worcester. I think the $1000 VW finance incentive is only for Northeast states.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Will see how the DSG feels in a week or two when I'm ready

    unfortunately it's not a DSG...just a regular 6 spd auto.
  • I realized that after I typed it. Kind of stinks, but I don't know if I could drive a 6-speed sedan through 30 miles of crowded city streets. Will see soon enough though.....

    Also considering the IS250 AWD, since they have awesome leases on that vehlce at the moment. Not sure if it is as SEXY as the CC is. I touched the CC and fell in love.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    I talked to a VW salesman today and the initial number he through out to entice me in was "under invoice"...not a bad point to start from; although I doubt they have much more room...
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    lol, I really think most VW are sexy, if such can be called that. I love them. Been a big fan of them. They just have this zoom zoom around town, classy type feel to anyway. :blush:
  • I am so ashamed. I’ve been scammed twice by Yorkdale Volkswagon o/b 2031113. I know I should have been more on the ball. I probably cannot do anything about it. Hopefully, others will not make the same mistakes as me. Shop elsewhere.

    I leased a new VW Passat CC through this dealer. They used an offer to lease form which doesn't include the selling price of the vehicle on it. They told me the purchasing price was $34,735,which included the base price of $31,975 + $1,400 for auto transmission and $1,360 for freight and PDI. The leasing company is VW Credit Canada Inc. The numbers were the same as posted on VW Canada's website. The monthly payments were a little more than what I wanted to pay so I asked if they could lower the purchase price enough to make the monthly lease payment an amount of $350 per month (this included an $8,000 trade-in). The salesman told me that he required my credit card in order to present this to his manager. He came back with a reworked offer to lease form and told me I have a deal. At that time, the salesman took my ownership papers for the car I was going to trade-in.

    What they did not tell me was that they retained the same purchase price, but increased the amount I would have to pay up front, not to mention that they used a slightly higher interest rate to calculate the lease payments than the amount posted on VW Canada's website. After I released what they did, I called the new car sales manager to complain and ask for my $1,000 deposit back. He would not give back the deposit. He agreed to reduce the up-front payment by $700, while maintaining everything else the same. Further I was told that I could have the car in the colour scheme that I wanted by the end of the week. I later found out that they do not have the car I wanted, and promised to order one for me from the manufacturer. The car arrived three weeks later. It did not come from directly the manufacturer. Instead, they acquired it from another dealer and had a manufacture date that was five months old, meaning it had sat through the Canadian winter -- they did not disclose this to me.

    When I picked up the car and fill out the leasing paperwork, the leasing rate offered by VW Credit Canada had dropped from 4.9 to 2.9%. The dealer had forms for me to sign which stated that the interest rate was 2.9% but the monthly payments or up-front payments had not changed. The residual value had been lowered by a mere $340.00. Again the purchase price was not disclosed on the new offer to lease form. When I pointed out that the lower interest rate should have a more significant effect on lowering either the up-front payments or the monthly lease payments, I was told that the effect was minimal. The Business Manager told me that they made $250 and he would make it up to me in services. At this point they already had my car and my insurance had already been transferred to the new car. So I just took his word for it. However, the lease agreement itself, which is an entirely different document, only presented to me after all of the above had occurred, contained a Vehicle Selling Price that was $37,662.83. This price was significantly higher than the MSRP of the vehicle, and when I questioned it I was told it includes freight, security deposit and first month payments as well as some other small charges. Not having a computer with me at the dealership, these items cannot be easily checked. After getting home, I realized they the selling price only included freight, not security deposit and first month payment and was $3,319.83 above the selling price I had agreed to. Do I have any recourse against this dealer? :sick: :sick: :sick:
  • Title should be Scammed by Yorkdale Volkswagen (Toronto)
  • I probably cannot do anything about it. Hopefully, others will not make the same mistakes as me. Shop elsewhere and don't buy Volkswagen.

    I reported my case where the dealership (Yorkdale Volkswagen o/b as 2031113 Ontario Limited) engaged in unfair practices involving false, misleading, deceptive and unconscionable representations, VW Canada called the dealer and said the dealer was not willing to do anything and VW Canada also said that they would take no further action. And I had to beg them to even make the phone call by reminding them that their dealers are a reflection of them and they should care about their reputation. Apparently, they are not too concerned about consumers. :sick:
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    Not sure I understand completely...

    You went to the dealership to lease a car but did not drive the one you wanted? Then gave them $1000 on top of your $8000 trade in before you had a chance to sit in the car? They then found a car for you and had lowered the interest 2% with no change in monthly payment? You signed all the papers and drove your new car home; then noticed the vehicle's MSRP had risen over $3k (I'm assuming this is JUST the MSRP...and not MSRP plus sales tax)

    Something does seem fishy...although you should/do have the option to walk out of the deal at anytime before driving off the show room floor. Although it may have been a hassle transferring insurance etc...

    I think its common practice for dealers to trade cars to get the one you want quicker (sitting through one winter shouldn't's leased...and you live where you live...).

    Sounds like you were in a rush not to notice a $3,319.83 until you got home...

    Cars are such big (depreciating) investments...I usually take A LOT of time reading all the fine print and asking them to explain all the little things to me...they're on the clock not me -- I have all day

    And...I've learned to stay away from leases...they never work out for me...

    I doubt you can do anything...other than write it off as an expensive learning lesson.
  • Leaving out some of the details/antics involved in my first encounter -- I went to the dealership to lease a car, They took a $1,000 deposit and took my ownership papers on the vehicle I was trading in and had me sign an Offer to Lease form (which is different than a Lease Agreement). They told me I'd have the car by the end of the week. (Believe me, there's more about this encounter that I have l left out as well as my call to the sales manager the following business day.)

    About one week later, they call me and tell me they don't have the car it in the colour I wanted and tried to get me to take another colour. By this time (a) I had already asked for my deposit back twice and they refused, and (b) the interest rate on leases offered by VW Credit dropped to 2.9%. They tell me they ordered the car from Volkswagen Canada and mine would be the first one to arrive from the port. Two weeks later (and three weeks after our first meeting in which they took the $1,000 deposit) they delivered the car. Upon arriving to at the dealership, they took my keys and car before giving me a chance to even inspect the new car or look at the lease agreement. They had a pre-prepared Offer to Lease form (another one) as well as a lease agreement. Their Offer to Lease forms do not disclose selling prices. The Lease Agreement does -- but besides the MSRP it includes freight and some small charges. I certainly asked about it, but they lied to me about what made up that number. And I certainly noticed the 2.9% interest rate telling them that it should have some effect on my monthly payments. I also told them that I didn't want to sign that lease agreement and they told me the only choice I had was to sign this or sign a lease agreemnt with the previous 4.9%. I did swear at them. They "admitted" to making $250 extra on the change in interest rate. This was obviously a lie that I did not discover until later. I really didn't want to have to leave the dealership on foot. And I had alot going on at home at the time, so I just took their word for it. Yes, I signed all the papers and drove the new car home.

    What I discovered was they had padded the selling price to ensure the mothly payments remained the same and they could pocket an extra $3,319.83 of "profit", at my expense of course..

    Note that selling price and MSRP are two different things. The MSRP is set by the manufacture and did not change. The final selling price was $3,319.83 more than we had agreed and $2,619.83 more than the MSRP (including the freight,etc.). Sales tax it seems is not included in the selling price.
  • ivan_99ivan_99 Posts: 1,681
    the whole situation sounds bad...did anything go right?

    Aside from being ripped do you like the car? Did the dealership taint your enjoyment of driving your new car?
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