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Volkswagen Passat CC Lease Questions



  • You're very welcome, daeNeedACar. Now if I could only guess lottery numbers like that, I'd be in business :).

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  • Used emunds to price around like a fiend. Please comment on this deal:

    2009 CC Sport - auto - sirius
    20k miles a year lease, 36 months.

    MSRP $28955
    Sell Price $25042 , which includes all rebates
    Other fees (registration, doc, bank etc. ) $876
    Money rate .00124 and residual at 45% *(adjusted to reflect 20k miles)

    $1500 out of pocket.
    roughly $409 a month

    Good deal?
  • kaysidkaysid Posts: 46
    Car Man et al,

    Firstly thanks to your input and feedback from other members, these forums are priceless in terms of knowledge gained by the consumer when negotiating a deal.
    I leased a 2009 CC Black on Black, 6MT Sport with Sirius Radio. 36 months 10k year, which is enough miles for me. Took advantage of the customer cash incentive also.
    Here is the breakdown.

    msrp 27915
    invoice 26046
    selling price 24973
    1000 cap cost reduction = 23973
    35 month payments of $281 excl 7% NJ Tax

    Inception costs:
    First months payment $281
    Acq Fee $575
    Title $187
    Doc Fee $ 189
    NJ Tire Fee $7.50
    Total $1232
    This car is amazing, my first stick shift after 12 years..I feel young again :)
  • Car_Man , can you help me calculate if this deal is coming out the right number please :

    2009 CC Sport *auto*Sirius
    MSRP $28955
    Sell $25042
    $2500 out the door/out of pocket
    20k miles a year @ $.15 each, residual is 45% adjusted for this mileage
    lease includes $878 in doc fees and registration etc.
    money factor was .00124
    Their number came to $379 a month. NJ pays tax up front also. I appreciate your help
  • kaysidkaysid Posts: 46

    I just looked at your deal using a lease calculator and based on your msrp, selling price, assuming zero cap cost reduction. i.e. the out of pocket amounts are not used towards reducing the selling price then you payment based on the lower residual does indeed come out to $380 a month. This is without taxes but you said
    you are paying these up-front. Please note in NJ you do not have to pay tax up front
    if you dont want to. I had it added to my monthly payment. Hope that helps..
  • Just leased an 09 VW CC Luxury Package with Navigation. Here's the deal:

    MSRP: $34670
    Invoice: $33278
    Rebates: $2000 ($1000 for CC, $1000 for Lux package)
    = 31278
    Selling price: $30600
    MF: .00124
    Res: 51%

    $1000 Cap Cost reduction
    Lease Payment: $389.89 - 12K miles/3 years
    Paid $1200 tax upfront, first payment, and $575 bank fee for a total of $3311 DAS.
    Also traded an 06 Passat (Package 2) with Nav, 36K miles for $13,000.

    Good deal?
  • Camrlendy,
    I see in your post a '$2000' rebate?? I was only aware of $1000 lease cash. Is there another $1000 available for the Luxury trim now?? I'd appreciate your response, I'm looking to lease this bad boy asap and this would sure help me afford it! :)

    Also, I live in OH - where do I find out if I have to pay tax upfront or if I can have it added into the payments?
    Enjoy your new ride! Thanks a bunch!
  • kyfdxkyfdx Everywhere, USAPosts: 127,973
    Ohio charges the sales tax upfront.. But, you don't have to pay it upfront. It can always be rolled into the CAP cost, and paid over the term of the lease.

    In fact, most lessees do it that way.


    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • The dealer told me there was $1000 lease cash for the CC and another $1000 for the luxury. I've seen it somewhere online and the dealer showed us in their VW documets that both rebates were good. I thought there was an additional 500 for loyalty but apparently it does not apply to the CC.

    I paid the tax upfront on my own.
  • That's good info. Thanks!

    Anyone know the Residual Value on the CC Lux (no navi)? 36mo/15k
    I've been hearing 49% and 51% - which one is it? Is this negotiable/who determines it?

    Thank you!!
  • Kaysid, I'm in CT and could not get nearly that good of a selling price. What town in NJ did you got to?
  • Please comment on the deal that I'd been offered.
    09 CC Sport, auto.
    $29250 MSRP
    $350 out of pocket, $350 per month (incl NJ tax) 36 mos, 10k year.
    no trade, no loyalty
    Good till 3/2/09
    Also, I'm a bit confused about the options. The car had standard memory seats and sirius, even though they appear as options on Did they revise the Sport package recently?
    Thank you.
  • Just figured I'd help out anyone in their negotiations....I shopped around using Edmunds and then finalized my deal, picking up my 09 CC sport with automatic trans and sirius tomorrow, MSRP was 28955 and I paid $25042. I'm leasing BTW.

    This includes $1750 of current incentives. Good luck to all
  • sam109,
    Some of the sports that were shipped early had some "extra"equipment thrown into them. Not sure why but I saw a Sport with rain sensing wipers and Sirius put into it already. I think its an incentive to get cars on the road and seen to generate more interest. Where did you shop?
  • kaysidkaysid Posts: 46
    Hi there, sorry havent been on the forum lately, been out driving my cc :)
    Got it from Crestmont Vw on Route 23, good dealer have previously bought a passat from them, no gimmicks or sales tactics involved I highly recommend them.
  • Thanks for the info. Enjoy the car. I plan to be in one by the end of May
  • nhbankernhbanker Posts: 20
    Can anyone confirm the money factor and residual on a CC Sport 4 cyl automatic? I am in the market now and was told to use .00124 and 53% for a lease of 36 months and 15K miles. Would love to confirm before making deal!!
  • nhbankernhbanker Posts: 20 I am unsure what to believe. Another dealer told me today that the money factor is .00073 and the residual is 50%. This is for a CC Sport auto 4 cyl with 15K miles and a 36 month term. Really need confirmation now! Help please!
  • vwlaxvwlax Posts: 1
    Got quoted the march special with not any adjustments

    $ 289 plus tax
    2999 (Dow Payment)
    100 +210+695+250 (Additional fees Registration etcc)
    total $4250`

    Credit trade value - $4,000 (seems fair)

    My personal observations ,The price is way to high . Take into consideration this is a cc Sport Manual transmission. At first they werent aware of the MSRP and got quoted somewhere around $27,775 including Sirius radio.

    Includes $1,000 incentive

    The residual value I was quoted to be 52% considering its 10,000miles/36month lease.

    In conclusion was told this was in the national march promotion and no adjustments by the rude belligerent finance manager . Thoughts ?

    Already had a better offer at another dealership
  • I'm new to the forums (and to leasing) but I appreciate all of the advice from the posters.

    I just leased a VC CC 2.0 luxury with the tech package -
    48months/12K year
    Cap Cost: 29,448
    Don't have the other numbers handy, can post Monday ( I know, I know I should have the MF, residual, etc with me but I don't..)
    0 Down except vehicle registration
    Pre tax price: 393

    How is that? Did I do ok? Honestly, I didn't bargain much since the prices seemed reasonable, and I was tired....probably a rookie mistake.

    Thanks again for the help.
  • I am so ashamed. I’ve been scammed twice by Yorkdale Volkswagon o/b 2031113. I know I should have been more on the ball. I probably cannot do anything about it. Hopefully, others will not make the same mistakes as me. Shop elsewhere.

    I leased a new VW Passat CC through this dealer. They used an offer to lease form which doesn't include the selling price of the vehicle on it. They told me the purchasing price was $34,735,which included the base price of $31,975 + $1,400 for auto transmission and $1,360 for freight and PDI. The leasing company is VW Credit Canada Inc. The numbers were the same as posted on VW Canada's website. The monthly payments were a little more than what I wanted to pay so I asked if they could lower the purchase price enough to make the monthly lease payment an amount of $350 per month (this included an $8,000 trade-in). The salesman told me that he required my credit card in order to present this to his manager. He came back with a reworked offer to lease form and told me I have a deal. At that time, the salesman took my ownership papers for the car I was going to trade-in.

    What they did not tell me was that they retained the same purchase price, but increased the amount I would have to pay up front, not to mention that they used a slightly higher interest rate to calculate the lease payments than the amount posted on VW Canada's website. After I released what they did, I called the new car sales manager to complain and ask for my $1,000 deposit back. He would not give back the deposit. He agreed to reduce the up-front payment by $700, while maintaining everything else the same. Further I was told that I could have the car in the colour scheme that I wanted by the end of the week. I later found out that they do not have the car I wanted, and promised to order one for me from the manufacturer. The car arrived three weeks later. It did not come from directly the manufacturer. Instead, they acquired it from another dealer and had a manufacture date that was five months old, meaning it had sat through the Canadian winter -- they did not disclose this to me.

    When I picked up the car and fill out the leasing paperwork, the leasing rate offered by VW Credit Canada had dropped from 4.9 to 2.9%. The dealer had forms for me to sign which stated that the interest rate was 2.9% but the monthly payments or up-front payments had not changed. The residual value had been lowered by a mere $340.00. Again the purchase price was not disclosed on the new offer to lease form. When I pointed out that the lower interest rate should have a more significant effect on lowering either the up-front payments or the monthly lease payments, I was told that the effect was minimal. The Business Manager told me that they made $250 and he would make it up to me in services. At this point they already had my car and my insurance had already been transferred to the new car. So I just took his word for it. However, the lease agreement itself, which is an entirely different document, only presented to me after all of the above had occurred, contained a Vehicle Selling Price that was $37,662.83. This price was significantly higher than the MSRP of the vehicle, and when I questioned it I was told it includes freight, security deposit and first month payments as well as some other small charges. Not having a computer with me at the dealership, these items cannot be easily checked. After getting home, I realized they the selling price only included freight, not security deposit and first month payment and was $3,319.83 above the selling price I had agreed to. Do I have any recourse against this dealer?
  • Title should be Scammed by Yorkdale Volkswagen (Toronto).
  • kozakakozaka Posts: 3
    Car Man
    Do you have the March numbers for a Sport, 36 months, 15k? February was great, 60%, wonder if it dropped. Thanks.
  • Car man,

    I have two related questions. First, I haven't finalized the sales price on the CC I intend to lease. Can you provide the formula for calculating what the lease cost should be? Also what is the current cost of money and residual on a CC Luxury w/ nav, but no backup camera?

    Second, I don't know if I'm making an incorrect assumption on leases. Let's say, just as an example that the finalized price is $34084. That's exactly 122% above the MSRP (of $27850) on which the factory lease offer is. So since the sales price has gone up 22%, should the lease cost be $289 X 1.22 or $352?

    Somehow I suppose it isn't going to be that easy, but if the cost of money and the residual and the lease term stay the same and only the agreed-upon sales price changes, then my thinking should be correct.

    Thanks for your help

    Lou in New Mexico
  • To those of you that are interested, I just negotiated:

    2 Liter Candy White CC Luxury, cornsilk interior, Chrome exhaust Tips, Rubber mats with trunk liner and Technology package w/o rear view camera. 36 month closed end lease w/ 10,000 mileage allowance.

    $35,409 MSRP, $33,309 Selling Price.
    $453.24 per month.

    MF was 0.00073 Residual % is 49% (residual on a Sport is 52

    This was in the Southwest where no incentives were currently available. East and West Coast currently have $1000 on a VW and another $1000 on the luxury version.

    Hope someone benefits from these numbers besides me.

  • Sorry, there was a typo in the previous post. The monthly was $435.24 per month, not 453.24 per month.

  • Here's the info that you're looking for, eurocarchick. VW Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 CC Lux with 15,000 miles per year are .00073 and 46%, respectively.

    These numbers are set by Volkswagen Credit. Individual dealers do not have the authority to alter vehicles' residual values or lower their money factors. From time to time though, dealers are allowed to mark-up vehicles' money factors to add additional, hidden back-end profit to deals. That is why it is important for consumers to know exactly what the money factor should be for the vehicle that they want to lease prior to entering into negotiations.

    When negotiating your lease on this car, make sure to take advantage of the $1,000 cash incentive that Volkswagen is providing on it in many areas right now.

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  • Hi nhbanker. The numbers that you mentioned in your second post, .00073 and 50%, are correct.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • Hello kozaka. VW Credit's current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2009 CC Sport with 15,000 miles per year are .00073 and 50%, respectively.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • I'd be happy to help you out, Lou. You can use the formula that is outlined in the following article to calculate lease payments on vehicles: Calculate Your Own Lease Payment. Check it out and let me know if you have any other questions.

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