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Hi everyone im new here and was hoping you all could help me. I have a 2000 LS with 62,000 miles on it and the engine light just came on, i was idling in park and it cut off on me and the idle is starting to get a little ruff, it doesnt cut off while imm just sittin in drive but feels like it wants to cut off while im in park. what could this be?


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    Fuel pump, fuel filter, COPs (coil on plug), pcv valve (V6 only)
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    thanks, thats a starting point at least i know what to tell them to look for
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    Had a bad battery. Replaced, then started having this ETC warning light issue along with misfiring and poor idle. Have to stop and sit for 10 minutes. Then runs fine. Would this be the start of coil problems or something else. Car is and 04' with 42,000 on it. Thanks for any suggestions.
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    you want to get a scan tool vip or advance auto dose it for free my guess is, If it just started happening is a coil pack if you do it yourself you will save hundreds.. the scan tool will tell you the exact cylinder missfiring. is it a v6 or v8
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    Thanks for the info but guess what happened. To it to a dealer where they replaced 4 coils that went bad from the battery changed I did and they did the repair for free. Said that it was still under a recall so no charge. That was a break. Thanks again.
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    Hello everyone, my husband has a 2003 lincoln ls and the check engine light is on all the time, sometimes it blinks. It idles really rough and always feels like its about to cut off. When you accelerate it feels like its not quite getting any gas, I dont know the proper term for it but it feels like its about to cut off any second and it has absolutely no pick up to it, I was just hoping to get a starting point before we spend a ridiculous amount of money. Thanx to anyone who can help...
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    Coil on plugs (COPS). Don't drive it with the light blinking - you'll damage the catalytic converters.
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    Yes it sounds like it is definitely the coil on plugs, not a cheap fix at the dealer. I have had three of mine replaced in the last year.
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    Hi Nikki,
    We are having the same problem with our 2003 LS. The check engine light is on and the other day, we heard something pop and it would not accelerate past 5 miles per our. We pulled over and it keep stopping as if it were going to flood and out and after about a half hour or so, we eventually picked up speed and were able to make it home. Yesterday, it went dead as I was turning and I stopped. I attempted to restart it and it sounded as if it were going to flood out, but eventually it started and I was able to get it home again. I also smelled gasoline yesterday when I was trying to restart it. What is the problem and is it an expensive fix? :sick:
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    You need to get the CEL code pulled to see what's being reported. We can't diagnose it over the internet.
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    I did and it read the #4 engine coil was bad. I replaced it along with all the spark plugs and the gasket. The only problem is, I couldn't find the layout for a V6 only a V8 and I am wondering if I changed the wrong coil. Do you know where I can get a layout for a V^?

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    No, but it's the same as the other Ford 3.0L Duratec engines (Taurus, Fusion, etc.) so it shouldn't be hard to find.
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    #4 is the cylinder closest to the front end on the drivers side.
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    In June the check engine came on and began to blink as well. Took it to the dealership in July and following came back #2, #6 coils failed, Cat #1, Cat #2 banked. Dealership wanted $3400 estimated. I asked if under warranty, no luck 76200 at time. However I just made some research that my cats may be covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty act as long as my car is under 80,000. Now, if I do the coils myself, and go to a different dealer or same dealer (considering they straight out lied to me, since they are salesmen anyways); can the cats be covered due to failure of 2 coils going back, since I didn't cause the coils to fail due to mistreatment.

    P.S. I do take my car for routine oil changes (high milage), change my air filter every 6 to 8 months depending how dirty and check all fluids. Also heard coils fail a lot in LS due to gaskets failures since water or oil seeps in and shorts the coil (manufacturing problem).
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    You continued to drive the vehicle with a blinking CEL. The manual specifically says not to drive with a blinking CEL because you may damage something (namely the catalytic converters). That's why it blinks. I think you're SOL.

    That said, $3400 sounds awfully high. How much are the cats?
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    I have a 2004 Lincoln LS 6 cyl with 32,000 miles on it.
    My engine light came on. I had codes read. PO304 is the code. Mechanic said that the "Valve Guide Seals are Leaking" and there is oil on the pistons. He isn't sure if he needs to remove the heads to repair this. Estimate is $1200.00. I need some help from someone! Would this be under any kind of warranty?
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    That's a misfire. It's usually caused by a COP failure. A valve guide seal problem would only affect air and fuel entering the engine. It would not cause oil to leak - that would be an oil ring problem with the piston or cylinder wall problem. I'd get a second opinion.
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    The mechanic told me that this is the final cost.
    6 hrs labor - 270
    gasket sets (from Ford) - 220
    Transmission - 50
    Spark Plugs - 60
    PCV - 8
    Fuel Filter - 20
    10 qts trans fluid - 42
    oil change with Mobil 1 - 40
    Total - 710

    I told him to go ahead because I don't know what else to do.
    Thanks for your reply
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    He must have meant Valve Cover Gasket leak - huge difference. The valve cover gasket is leaking oil into the spark plug wells - common problem. The problem is the misfire is caused by a bad COP (which is caused by the oil leak). So you'll need to replace at least one COP if not several to fix the problem.
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    Well the plugs, gaskets, and boots were all replaced in August. No problems as far as misfires on dry or wet conditions. As far as the light goes, it is still on. The catalytic converters were not amber red (plugged), I have checked them multiple times while idling and driving to work 8 miles away. Exhaust is coming out without obstruction.

    But light is solid on (light went out after COP's replaced and came back 7 days later). I will try to replace 02 sensors before I spend $$ on converters. If I do have to replace them Autozone sells universal cats only but I was wondering if V8 2005 LS direct fit cat assembly fit an V6 2005 LS. Seems to be the only one that is sold online, no V6 direct assemblies on any website of any kind.
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    According to Autozone the Cat's only are 250 each, now I heard that you "can't" cut off the cats off the LS due to them being direct fit, but why would Autozone sell the universal cat's? I figure that they can be cut, its a matter of who has the time/patience to get under there and start hacking, I'm willing to pay for labor. But also, while searching the net, there are no 05 LS V6 direct fit cats, 95% sites show 3.8L V8 direct fit and universal much cheaper for cheap. Do they fit the V6 version?
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