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I have purchased a 2004 Highlander 2 months ago (Sept), starting a few weeks ago have a problem with condensation inside the right head light unit and would not go away. Are there any methods to eliminate this problem. Thanks


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    Hello I'm planning to get a HID kit for the 2008 highlander but I"m not sure what type to get. what is the bulb size? 9006? is it dual filament or the high and low is separate? If you know please share thanks
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    It's in the owners manual but I will tell you now because i just upgraded the headlight bulbs myself. You need an HB4 aka H4 aka 9003 bulb. It has both low and high beams built into that 1 bulb. Do yourself a favor and go to and order the philips extreme 80% bulbs and you will be in heaven. The place is in the UK and the only place you can get them since they are not sold here but they ship immediately and have free shipping as well. You will get them within a week. I put them in an the difference is night and day from stock. Much brighter, whiter, longer throw bulbs that truly light up the road like an x-mas tree at night. Do not buy an HID conversion kit as they will be horrible with replacing the entire headlight lens assembly as they are not designed for regular lenses and will scatter the light everywhere but on the road. You will waste your money. Just buy the bulbs above and you will be happy. These are highly rated bulbs
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    I found this
    I dont know if it's the right one.

    Also, what color is the light? is it like the HID?
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    Dear alohatofu, thegman230,
    do you know where info may be found about how legal it is in US, especially, in CA?
    Thank you.
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    Go to the Philips website. The bulbs are completely street legal (They are DOT legal). As for CA, I believe they defer to the federal DOT standard. Besides, these bulbs are 80% brighter as opposed to HIDs which are 200%. If HIDs are legal, these are legal.
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    Thank you!
    BTW: HID are illegal and sites selling them have warnings about it (they claim that it's for exhibitions and off-road use, but not for streets.
    However, what's on Philips US web site is quite enough, I think.
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    I checked the Philips Web site and they have a great selection of 9006 bulbs. The NightGuide sounds interesting too, that's really where I'm looking for extra visibility (night vision isn't all it used to be). Has anyone used the NightGuide?

    I haven't changed headlight bulbs before, is it as easy as it appears to be in the owner's manual? I've got a 2007 Highlander Limited, which uses the 9006 halogen bulbs.

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    Thanks for the info on powerbulbs. I ordered a pair for my Tundra and much brighter than the stock halogens. Gary
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    usually this means the insides have lost the seal that keeps moisture out. It can be a crack in the lens, a separation between the lens and the reflector, or a bad seal where the bulb is inserted.

    The best fix is to find that broken seal. Once you find it, you can heat up the entire assembly with a hairdryer to remove the moisture, then reseal it.

    If you can't find the broken seal, remove the bulb (so air can get out/in) and heat it up slowly to dry it out. Then replace the bulb. This may work, but it may only last a little while.

    good luck.
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    That is because HID replacement kits are just the bulb replacement, the key to HID's is the reflector and cut off pattern. If you install the aftermarket HID's in a headlamp assembly made for the regular bulbs the stock reflector throws a lot of light into the on coming traffic and up causing problems for you in fog and snow.

    For the life on me I cannot understand why it isn't an option on the Highlander, especially when my wife has it on her Prius :mad: Just picked up an 08 and was shocked to see it wasn't included in the Limited, or offered at all on even the 09's.
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    Are the 9006's (low beams for a 2003) that were delivered here today after I saw this string and ordered them going to blind oncoming drivers?
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    You shouldn't have any problems with regular bulb type replacements e.g. fit stock socket. Where you get into trouble is when you convert the stock HL's to 'true' HID aftermarket retro fit elements and ballasts.
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    Thanks, Bob!
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    Be carefull...

    Many of these aftermarket bulbs that are being quoted as "brighter" are doing so in comparison to the old non-halogen bulbs, not the current crop of actual halogen bulbs.

    55 watts is and will remain 55 watts.
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    I was hoping the 2010 Lexus's headlamp assemblies would be the same as the 08/09 Highlander, and then we could get the HID assemblies and ballasts and retro fit our Highlanders.... but they are not :(
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    Thanks, alohatofu. I ordered a pair from Powerbulbs three weeks ago and got them last week. The light from those new bulbs are much clearer and brighter. So far, I am happy with them.

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    Just bought my new 2011 Highlander and have driven it a few days. First time driving at night I found out the new headlights are a disappointment. On low beams the headlights have a visor effect. Meaning the lights radiate out and are capped at the top into a straight line. Especially annoying when going downhill over a knoll, as the light distance is reduced dramtically.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue?
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    The new projector headlights, especially those with HID "bulbs", are so much better at controlling the beam pattern (forward lighting, not off to the side nor low) that the "visor" effect is required so as to not blind oncoming drivers.
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    I also have the same feeling about the headlights. Coming from an Acura it is almost blinding and I feel that I can not see anything. They are projector headlamps but still use halogen bulbs. In the manual it talks about the replacement of bulbs and I am thinking of replacing mine. I just have to wait and find something compatible and they will be changed. ;)
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    I agree, I will try and change them out when something comes avaialble. Wish now, I would have bought the 2010. Not sure how well they will work at night when it is raining or when it is foggy.
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    I got such an amazing deal through carmax on the 2011 I skipped over the 2010. The toyota dealers wouldn't even dream of giving me monies on the MSRP but wanted me to take the 2010 for just a small discount. I will search for bulbs but if you fins some that are compatible shoot me a note on here as I will do the same.
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    The beam pattern high level cutoff shading/apperture is built into the projector lens assembly so changing bulbs will be of little or no help.
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