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Nissan Sentra Rear Alignment Problem

mtbmaxmtbmax Member Posts: 5
edited July 2014 in Nissan
i recently noticed the unusual wear on the rear tires. i had it checked with a local tire shop and got the confirmation that the rear alignment is off and there are no adjustments possible (like trailer tires). i brought it to a nissan dealer and confirmed the same thing. however, the dealer indicated that there are no service bulletins and that there is no fix for the issue. i am in contact with the service manager, but it seems like it is going nowhere. from our last conversation, there are shims that can be used but considered aftermarked therefore not under warranty. i insisted at all times that this is a defect and should be covered. i will pursue this with nissan consumer affairs (even the dealer suggest the option) and bbb if necessary.

anyone with a similar situation here? this is a problem that takes time to be visible on the tires. in my case, the car always drives perfect and i did not notice the issue until about 20k miles later.

since there are similar postings on the net about this specific sentra issue, any 07+ owners or potential used sentra buyers, get an alignment check if you can. thanks.


  • 08_Sentra_S08_Sentra_S Member Posts: 1
    mtbmax: Did you ever get anywhere with Nissan covering the problem? I have the same problem. I had an alinement done at the local Tires Plus shop. They couldn't get the back toe-in to spec. When I called Nissan1, they told me they wouldn't even look at the Tires Plus alinement sheet. It had to be from a Nissan dealer. The dealer in Fargo, ND takes his alinements into a local tire shop any way. The Nissan1 rep said he'd never heard of this problem. The local dealer hadn't either. This car is scary on icy roads. I hate to take a loss by trading for a Honda.
  • mtbmaxmtbmax Member Posts: 5
    i got the rear assembly replaced recently and it seems that it is now back to normal and alignment is within spec. i did notice a slight improvement especially the way the rear reacts on uneven surfaces.

    i did bring my tire pro's reading initially and my nissan dealer did their own to verify the issue. when i called nissan consumer affairs, i insist that this is a defect. the process went well, not counting the phone tags. after approval, nissan authorized the local dealer to replace the whole rear assembly.

    i advise you to go ahead and get your dealer to check alignment then contact consumer affairs if needed. dont wait til you have more uneveness on your tire wear. let me know if you need more info.
  • OsceolaOsceola Member Posts: 1
    I've got a similar problem, but I'm at 39,000mi. 3 questions...

    How can this problem be fixed? With a rear axle replacement and/or shims?

    Do you think I can get Nissan to do it? Who can I contact?
  • mtbmaxmtbmax Member Posts: 5
    the problem can be fixed. if you are out of warranty, look for a good shop that can install an aftermarket shims to correct the problem. i brought this up to the dealer, but this option will not be allowed by nissan. if you are still under warranty, go ahead and get the dealer/nissan to replace the rear assembly. you can also try and see if your dealer can do an "internal goodwill." it may work if youre in good terms with them or your warranty barely expired. please post your progress.
  • SmittypowaSmittypowa Member Posts: 14
    on my altima.. I had the same thing.. (99 alty). I went through 3 sets of tires int eh 1st yr. After repeated trips back to the dealer, they installed shims and solved it. I was there under the car when the tech said what was the fix. He said that he used to work at a performance shop and that is what they did. So he did it right there and then with me under the car and that was it.
  • shabbasingsshabbasings Member Posts: 2
    What do I say to the dealer to get the toe corrected? I was shocked when the Tires Plus service advisor indicated there was no way to realign? I am nearing the end of the 36,000 warranty period...and have never had to argue a defect issue with Nissan...any ideas as to what would compell the Dealer to take action and replace? How do I contact Consumer Affairs is there a website where I can log my complaint and concern?
  • corkscrewcorkscrew Member Posts: 254
    There are two options here:
    1 use shims
    2 Replace the rear end
    I would push for a new rear end if it was my car and see if Tires Plus would back you up.. In any case get it on record before the warranty runs out.Start out nice with the dealer because if you go in with big guns drawn, there is no where else to go.Also see if your state has a lemon law and keep us informed.
  • shabbasingsshabbasings Member Posts: 2
    thanks. So far so good. I have an appointment with the Service department who is at least so far telling me they can "adjust" the alignment on the rear assembly. So we'll see where it goes from there. I will keep you posted.
  • mogrady55mogrady55 Member Posts: 1
    I have the exact problem with my VERSA , this seems like a serious defect concerning more then 1 model ,My VERSA is off Toe alignment by 0.28 degree Toyota just had their big recall , I guess Nissan will be next . We need to report this to the DOT they are the only ones who could demand a recall with so many vehicles.">
  • snodgrassrsnodgrassr Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2008 Nissan Sentra that I have recently found out has rear alignment problems. The first set of tires wore out at 25,000 miles. We bought new tires and after 5000 miles had them rotated and found that the car was pulling to the left. We took it in for an alignment and was told that there is no "adjusting " a fixed axle. Our local dealer put in a new rear axle and it is out of "toe" also. They said that Nissan said that they were not going to do anything else. This car is setting on 34,000 miles. I have contacted the BBB and the attorney General and it is now in another shop about 60 miles from here, and they are saying that they don't see anything wrong with it. It has currently been in this shop for 6 days and they are very evasive when we call about it. It is a crying shame consumers should have to go through an ordeal like this. This is a defect from the manufacturer and it needs to be corrected!
  • hinoaonehinoaone Member Posts: 1
    Only one way to solve the problem. Get your rear live (fixed) axle aligned at westend alignment in Gardena, CA.

    This guy invented a method to straighten fixed axles, he is good.

    Darin Nishimura is highly regarded in the Sentra high performance community !!

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