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Jeep Commander water in dashboard



  • msgmsgmsgmsg Posts: 4
    i have the some problem as well. just started a few months ago. I have a 2007 commander with only 32K miles. the water appears on the front passenger side of the car after a rain.

    can i bring it to the jeep dealer where i purchased the car and will they fix it? can i bring it to pep-boys?

  • I have the same problem with my 2006 commander. The water is over welling at this point. I don't know what to do. I've had the jeep for three years. I would like to join in. Please let me know what to do. Thanks.
  • I normally do not participate in these blogs but this one frustrated me when i had the same problem with puddles after rain. I bought my commander late 2007. After a rain I had about an inch of water after I got back from a two day business trip in both the passenger and driver side. Additionally, the handles by the windshield were filled and leaking water. I took it to the Mall of Georgia jeep dealer. I told them it was not the window or the sunroof but they obviously did not believe me and tested everything out. Here is the down and dirty. They had to work on the driver and passenger door hinges. Meaning they had to align them properly and put a new seal around the door. This has, as this blog indicates, been happening with many commanders. It fixed the problem. I didn't have to pay for the repairs. It has been about two years ago so I think they said it was a manufacturer defect and was covered. (btw. before they did the fix i looked at the door and the doors were not visibly lined up but it was so slight that it was easily missed.) Hope this helps.
  • I own a 2007 Jeep Commander and have been having problems with water standing in the drivers side floor board after it rains also. I have also noticed water is coming out of the small opening on the handle near the roof inside of the car.
  • msgmsgmsgmsg Posts: 4
    please email me and I will tell u who to call at chrysler corporate.

    msgmsg (@)
  • msgmsgmsgmsg Posts: 4
    The dealer just called me and left a message that i need a new sun roof window and, of course, it is not covered. said it would cost me $1,050 plus tax. I find it hard to believe that a new sun roof window will help the problem as it seems like the sun roof seal between the sun roof and the roof is the real issue. any advice?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    edited October 2011
    If it's a glass problem, check with your insurance company. Sometimes they'll cover it (although usually it's a cracked, broken or defective glass that justifies replacement, not when it's a seal that's the problem).
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    I usually don't post to forums but I'm so happy to have figured this water leak thing out . . .

    Worked for me but I'm not liable for anything you do with this information . . . blah blah blah.

    This issue with my commander, oddly enough, I have surmised is the same concept that occurred with the tubes draining water out of the air conditioner in the attic, which had become clogged and would fill the tray from condensation (and shut off the A/C upstairs). Mold clogs the tubes after years of wetness. Hence, the same solution (below). A/C drain tubes may take 10-12 years to clog from mold, as opposed to only 4 years on a Commander.


    You can buy 1/4" clear tubing from Lowe's and you can work this down about 3 feet into the tubes that start at the sunroof corner drains. (One each side.) This actually partially unclogs the drain tubes. I also ran the several feet of the other end of the clear tubing into the hose of my shop vac and covered the vacuum hose with my hand so the little tube would have suction on the other end. It sucked water out and gets the hot water/bleach mixture working faster when you use that afterward.
    If you don't use the tubing, the hot water still works, it just takes a minute or so to start working.
    I put a garden hose on it at full blast for several minutes and now . . . NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER.

    BACKGROUND EXPLANATION. What happened is that after several years the mold blocks the drain tubes. Hot water and bleach fixes that. But when the drain tubes are blocked, when the reservoir tray below the sun roof fills up, the rain water flows over the tray and down the A-pillar, which is why it comes out the bolt covers in the A-pillar grab-handle. It soaks your carpet and it also is getting your wiring wet behind the plastic down by your feet. USE A SHOP VAC to dry out the carpet more quickly.
    Rain, car washes, etc. will always leak water through the sun roof seals. Once I used the bleach down the sunroof tray corners, the tray will no longer fill up with water - it now drains super fast.
    This is a procedure that should probably be repeated annually.
    People on this post were saying crud gets down the drain tubes, but that can't be since the sunroof window weatherseal isn't big enough for that.
    I had resorted previously to trying to supplement the weather stripping, but that is not the way this car is engineered and you'll never solve the issue that way.
    One person even said he was having some stopper at the end of the drain tubes removed (???) but there are metal plates under your car and that is not the correct approach, if even feasible.
    This drove me crazy but I now totally get it. I hope this helps you and saves you time and money and aggravation. Who wants to go to a mechanic when you can easily fix it yourself. You ought to be able to weather a torrential downpour with confidence.
  • Hello all same issue here...rain with puddles for two years now...i have blown the tubes and still the first rain they still do a overflow through my rearview mirror ending in a puddle on the dashbord..i have now because of this flood have no use of fuse 12...10amp...its shorted so bad that the fuse is short and pushing out 13 it having this i have no use of my oh lights my two front windows and lock system...i have to now take the whole fuse box out find rhe short and this is sooo much time and money took 8 hrs jist ro pin poin whats wrong..i am so sick of these problems one after a single mom...i bought this to be reliable for my son and i...and thats the last it has been....pls include me on any info on the law suit and maybe some helpful hints on the fuse at again anything helps this struggling single mom.
  • All - I fought this problem for months. I was going through the forums, trying everything. The problem is that there are caps on the drain tubes for the sun roof (at the bottom). They get clogged and when they back up the water drains down the instrument/wiring columns. They are difficult to locate and remove. Once you do the issue is gone. You have to crawl under the jeep. They are located behind the tires up in the support column. On the drivers side look for an oval opening about two inches long. You will see an orange tip up in the column. You will need something long tipped to pull it off - needle nose did not work for me. The other side is in a similar place, but a little harder to locate.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    If you go to thread on the radio not working and leaks I am there again but this time regarding my conversations today, yesterday and a week ago with Jeep Chrysler regarding the water leak issue, electrical issues (cruise control turning on by itself, park assist turning off by itself, along with radio and blinking dashboard issues the latter of which i am now so accustomed to i don't even consider it a problem).

    And, if you haven't already seen these Technical Service Bulletions published by Jeep, here is the link:, i.e., Jeep Chrysler Corporate acknowledges the manufacturing problems but they still obviously won't take responsiblity for them.

    And, yes, I am interested in joining a lawsuit. I plan to resume the process begun in 2009 by which I will file/join a legal filing in order to compel the company to take respsonsibility; as I told the customer complaint representatitive today, it's on My To Do List and I always do everything on that list even if it takes me a bit of time; i also explained that if they didn't cover cost of diagnostic they say is necessary in order for them to consider covering cost of repair of drains by Tuesday (when Commander goes in for yet another safety recall that i was not advised of by Jeep), that i will then begin legal proceeedings by end of February 2012.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    thank you so very much for this information. i'm twisting my brain trying to figure out what to do. i already did the high air compression (autoglass repair shop gave me that solution) through the sunroof drain holes which did work but now a year later the problem started again and Jeep Dealer told me nearly $600 to replace whatever they think needs replacing. i'm so happy to hear that - given that this is a defect that can't be gotten totally rid of - that there is a prescription of cleaning them out once a year. That, I can handle.

    Again, thank you!
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    today i had the independent service repair shop clean the sunroof drains again. this particular independent repair shop services very high end cars and classic cars, and his customers are very demanding people, i.e., he is a real professional when it comes to auto-repairs.

    he recommended i pursue legal route in order to encourage a recall because the repairs he is seeing in this car are unacceptable; he explained that there is no way any car manufacturer would allow these types of complaints to continue and that he has never seen one car that he knows is well maintained require so many repairs/replacements, etc.; and, again, he services many classic cars and custom cars as well as cars fresh out of warranty.
  • Thanks for the bleach/hot water tip and the very sensible explanation of the drain tube issue. I wish I'd thought of it sooner, since I had the similar A/C drain issue with a 1990 LeBaron coupe. I didn't have the tubing on hand, but time and gravity did the trick nicely. I will continue to flush the drains occasionally as part of preventive maintenance. It's a shame such a simple design flaw has caused so much aggravation.
  • Having the same problems with my 2006 commander. Every time it rains the water buids in sunroof and leaks down rails of doors and fills the floor with water. The other major problem I have is the door handles on the commander doors keep braking. Out of the 4 doors, two are completely broken and the other two are cracked. Has anyone else run itno this issue? It seems to be a design issue and certainly is a huge safety issue
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    the independent station i go to used the air hose in the sunroof drains proving that the drains were still connected and now clear, and, so they believed that the leak was coming from the very dry, corroded seals around the backseat sunroof window seals (the backseat has two windows over it but they do not open) and the drains that run along the roof rack from front to back of Jeep; the mechanic cleaned those and siliconed the seals...2 days before a major noreaster was predicted for my area.

    Given that the Jeep dealer told me that the sunroof drains needed to be repaired and seals around the same replaced, the repairs costing minimum $575 and could be as much as $1,200, i was reluctant to believe that the independent repair shop's remedy was correct, but, I can say that after the recent heavy noreaster, there was NO H2O in Jeep, i.e., the solution is air hose the drains and silicone the seals.
  • Hey guys, I recently just purchased an 06 Commander 5.7L Hemi. I live in Columbus Ohio and we experience all types of extreme weather. One night after a bad storm I went to get in my car and the drivers side floor was soaked. I have done a lot of research and even took my car to the dealership because it is still under warranty. They blew air through the hoses but that didnt help. Not even a week later another bad storm and this time it was my passenger side floor that was soaked. I did even more research and found this video on youtube. I havent tried the fix this person is suggesting in this video but all the comments from people who have said it fixes the problem. Here is the link and i hope this helps all of you. Take Care!
  • texasjontexasjon Posts: 4
    IT WORKS! The hose in mine was hanging out the floor board just sitting there!!! If it comes out again I'm sealing the thing shut around the rubber grommet with high adhesive silicone!! "Design Flaw Big Time".
  • texasjontexasjon Posts: 4
    klcn9tenclub posted a link to a YouTube video:">link title

    As I posted my concern a while back and read all of your posts, this seems to be the best solution for "water collecting on the floor-board" after it rains.

    I should have taken a video or pictures, but as the video says, here's the deal! There is a water collection pan just under the front part of the sun roof window. Open it and you'll see it because it has dirt in it. Water collects here and drains down a hole; look in the front left-hand corner of this so-called collection tray. A "blue" hose is connected to this "drain", and runs down the corner of your Commander where the handle is, in between the windshield and driver's side window. It runs down, under the dash, and just to the left of the "foot rest"; or that small hump you rest your foot on.

    This hose runs through a rubber grommet/nipple that's in the floor. It's a hole that goes clear down underneath the car. My hose was hanging out of that rubber grommet and just sitting there. Was better off leaving the garden hose in the car!!!

    When I pulled out the rubber piece, I could have slammed my car into the nearest Jeep dealership! The rubber piece came to a flaccid part of rubber that was stuck closed. Any piece of rubber that thin is going to close, and melt shut especially in the Texas heat! Black gunk had built up and the back up of water eventually pushed the hose out. I "CUT" this tip off, shoved the hose through so I could see it out the other end, put the rubber piece back into the floor. I poured water in the "collecting tray; whole glass full", listened to it gurgle down the hole, and watched the water come out from underneath the car.

    I recommend watching this video I posted and fixing yourself. Very easy. Just need a flat-head screwdriver and care.

    For those of you who actually have water inside your dashboard, I don't know what to say other than good luck and hope you find the solution. Check YouTube and the internet.

    I will have to check this hose every once in a while now and if it comes out again, I'm sealing it to the rubber piece for good! Will post again after our next big rain.

    Now I have to clear out the mold and dry the padding under the carper. Thanks Jeep. Wrong model to expose to the weather!!
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    that the AC drains are clogged. This is a well known problem for chrysler cars. this might also be why commanders with no sunroofs are also getting the water leaks.
  • We bought our 2006 commander in 2011. After the first rain we had a puddle of water on the passenger floorboard took it to the dealer and they told us it was a leak in the windshield and replaced it. After the next rain the replaced all tubing around sunroof and said that was the problem. It stopped for several months and then started happening on the driver side. My car is no longer under warranty so I have been saving to take it in. I started noticing that my car took several turns of the key to start up and knew the leak was affecting this somehow. Last night we hada big rain and this morning my car won't start at all! I'm so dissappointed now that I see everyone else having these types of issues. This is my family car and I can't afford to keep fixing this.if someone is filing a law suit I will be happy to join in!
  • Pull the carpet up and you will find the drain tube from the sunroof has came out of the drain hole in the floor board. The problem is that the tube comes out of the hole and drains the water into the floor board of the car. The problem is easily repairable by extending the tube or placing it back into the hole until it leaks again. Sorry your dealership couldn't figure out the problem before causing other issues. Yes, Jeep is Poorly made! The next problem will be your door handles if they haven't busted already.
  • It's your drain plugs! There is one on each side of the vehicle. The drain hoses come from both the left and right corners of the sun roof. If you open it, you'll see from the top, a small hole in the front right and left hand corners. The hoses run down within the hand rails, down to the floor next to the front of each door. Peel the carpet back, pop off the plastic covers along the side by the carpet. Next to the wiring harness, look for a blue, ribbed plastic hose. Is it running through the floor or just hanging out? The rubber piece it runs through is clogged. Take it out, clean it, put it back in and run the hose through it. Do this for the passenger side as well.

    Look for my previous post on this as I included a YouTube video link. This guy provided an excellent do it yourself step by step guide on how to do this. I now have no more water in my Commander when it rains. Good luck to you and hope this fixes your problem.
  • I have had my 2007 Jeep Commander Hemi for 3 years. About a year ago, I started to notice that the floor boards up front were both flooded with 1-2 inches of water when I left it outside. I figured I must have forgotten to close the sunroof. Took me a while to remember that I had the windshield replaced a year prior. Thinking that they may not have sealed completely. Brought it up to the shop that installed the wshield. They did a thorough water check confirming that the windshield was not leaking. They did determine that the fasteners between the floorboard and the firewall were corroded and the water was coming through the holes. I called the Jeep dealer and they told me to bring it up on a Thursday when the "water specialist" was on site. Cost for inspection would be $175 and once they found the problem, they would be happy to quote for repair. I asked, wouldn't this be a warranty issue? They replied that the car was out of warranty. I'm thinking if fasteners on a vehicle have corroded, what other fasteners on the car are corroding? Shouldn't the screws that hold a car together last the life of the car??? I have yet to take it to dealer as I dread the cost for repair. The carpets and mats are all molded and need to be ripped out and replaced. I lease the car and the lease is up in March2012. I've dreaded lease-end thinking I'm going to have to pay for the repairs, until I came across this site! I've read earlier posts and see that no one else has mentioned anything about corroded fasteners, which leads me to believe that my issue may have been misdiagnosed, although there were two guys with hoses poring water all over the car while the other guy watched for leaks. Very thorough. Regardless, I'm in on a lawsuit. Also, anyone try to claim this issue on insurance?
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