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Jeep Commander water in dashboard

Our 2006 Commander has been in the shop several times for water that collects in the dashboard. The water overflows into the interior and soaks the floor. It creates moisture and when driving you can feel a cold draft. It has been repaired three times and we are going to the shop again in the morning. Has anyone else had this problem?


  • Yes, my Jeep had about 4 inches of water in the floor board. I took to dealer and they had to re-route the drainage system around the Sun Roof to stop the water coming in. They said they had several Jeeps in for the same thing just that week. It was a factory issue but because all the tubes were not installed the same on all jeeps, no recall and I had to pay to repair. They said "one of those thing", that maybe cars built on a certain day has that issue. Poor service is what I call it. I mean it it was a factory flaw than it should be recall. I am sure there are many Jeeps having the same problem. One Jeep there, they had to pull out all the carpet and replace it, I am sure this factory flaw is costing Jeep owners lots of money.
  • I have taken my Jeep in for the windshield whistling and for the water on the floor board on the driver side. They have attempted twice to repair the water problem with no luck. I myself took apart the side panel over the hood release lever to find a blue tube running from the drainage system up top down through the floor board. I found that the tube was too short which explains why the water was not draining properly because it wasn't shoved into the floor outlet far enough. I have to go find a tube or hose that will extended it so that it will drain properly. Of course the car is out of warranty but I don't think it would have mattered.
  • I also had a water problem with Jeep. First have you found the problem? On my situation the dealer checked the drainage hoses but had found nothing wrong. yet when it rained, water still leaked in. Then I noticed that water came in from the weatherstriping. So I took off the plastic molding off the doorway by the seat and stuffed a small towel. Sure enough when it rained the towel got wet. The weatherstriping spilts on the bottom part of the door frame. I started to pull off the weatherstriping from the bottom of the door frame upwards. To my surprise between the door frame and the striping there is water. I followed the striping all the way up and there was the problem... buckling. I actually see the water going in when I poured water and once again the towel got wet. The weatherstrip was buckled from where the frame bent downward allowing the water thats on the roof of the truck to leak in. Actually that weathestriping is surposed to have some sought of tape or glue to prevent it from peeling off but I guess it was poor installation. How funny this is cause not even the dealer took notice. Well the dealer replaced it and I checked all the weatherstriping on all the door frames. Best of luck and hope you find the problem like I have.
  • rjb11rjb11 Posts: 1
    Just recently, my jeep leaks water on the passenger floorboard when it rains. When i looked underneath the head liner, i noticed one of the rear drains on the sunroof was missing the blue drain hose (this was a defect from the manufacture). I took it to the local dealer and they confirmed it. The local dealer said they would have to pull out the rear AC and try to determine a way to install the new drain hose down the C pillar and the job would be based on time & material (probably around $500).

    I called chrysler customer service to explain my case, the next day they called back and denied my claim because my jeep is out of warranty. I told them that i am not asking to replace a bad part, but asking to install a part that i originally paid for. After about 10 minutes of going round and round, they were still not willing to do anything.

    I'm not sure what my rights are here, but it does not seem fair.
  • kfrichkfrich Posts: 1
    I own a 2007 Jeep Commander and have discovered water in the floorboard when it rains and have been investigating this issue and found it to be dripping from the hold bar inside the car when it rains. I didn't understand it and didn't seem to have this problem until my windshield was replaced by Safelite Auto Glass Repair. If anyone has gotten any relief or knows why this is happening please let us know.

  • neo70neo70 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 Commander. This is also a repeat problem for me. We have had heavy rains the past two days. I had about an inch of water on the drivers side floor boards also. This is the third time this has happen, very upset. Taking it to the dealer on Friday. I am not a happy Jeep owner.

    My first leak was from the hold bar also. Jeep told me that the sun roof drains were clogged? Maybe I should have boght a commander without the sunroof....

    The smell in my Commander is getting really bad. My Jeep has the funk.
  • I have had this problem for years. However, the last time I took it in the warranty had expired. I called Jeep and put in a formal complaint. I had to take the car in for an official diagnosis. I was told that the drains were clogged. This is the same thing I was told every time I took it in. I raised hell. I asked for a different vendor to look at the problem (it had always been the same one). So again, I was told the same thing. So I called Jeep back and told them I was pissed and they said they would check into it. Anyway, this new vendor did "fix it" and Jeep was going to pay for it. But, I lost my temper and told them I was not happy and would not consider this issue closed.

    Well it has been six months with no water, so I will keep my fingers crossed.

    One thing I notice was it would only get water on my dash and floor when I was parked in my driveway face down the hill. Of course I would hear the water over my head until I drove the car and the water would managed to escape.

    When I spoke to Jeep, they said that they have never heard of this complaint before. I to am not a happy Jeep owner. I had a sunroof in my Cherokee and never had a problem in the 10 years I owned it. So for now this will be my last Jeep.
  • hemi11hemi11 Posts: 4
    i just bought a 2006 jeep commander and i have a water leak on the driver side.  it is coming in up to somewhere and i cant find it.  the head liner is wet at the corner of the A post and below the push light.  i sealed the factory trim under weather striping on driver side front and back door, cleaned out the sunroof drains, and ran water for an half hour and nothing woke up the  morning and the headliner was wet again.   its driving me nuts.  the jeep is in my driveway facing up on a little incline.  anyone have this problem or no how to fix it .going to remove the headline but the certain air bags everywhere
  • hemi11hemi11 Posts: 4
    did they say where the water is coming in at
  • hemi11hemi11 Posts: 4
    so they told you the the sunroof drains were to short and that was what was leaking
  • hemi11hemi11 Posts: 4
    my 2006 jeep is leaking on the driverside front A post and below the light .Where did you find the leak at
  • ffarrarffarrar Posts: 1
    I have the same problem with my 06 Commander, after the rain I can hear the water swoooshing around over my head, when I open the driver side door a flow of water runs out. I wish this was the only problem that I have had with this car then it wouldn't be so bad. I've got a popping noise somewhere in the fromt corner that growns whenever I turn right that no one can seem to find. Not to mention the recalls, Nav system constantly on the blink and this ticking noise that I'm told is my timing chain guard?? I've had this thing adjusted three times and it keeps returning. I don't know why everyone's picking on Toyota, whoever put this peice of junk together should have his head on a pike
  • Dont know if this will help. I have an 06, VERY persistent leak during heavy rains. Chased the sunroof drain prob, but found none. 3rd time was the charm. Windshield's lower was the culprit. Seems Jeep used a heat sensitive adhesive to lap where the two body parts come together just under the windshield. The adhesive had partially released and allowed water (about 2" on the floor board) to accumulate. Pulling the vent trim just under the windshield and applying a GOOD urethane sealant (3m windshield adhesive #08690 or better, depends on your climate) did the trick.
  • I have a 2007 Jeep Commander and I had a new windshield installed in March. Starting about the first of July water started standing in the floor on the passenger side after a rain. I had the windshield checked and the installer said that it was not leaking. They had no idea what might be wrong. I am taking it to the dealer tomorrow and hope to find out what's going on.
  • Well, here we are March 2011 and our jeep leak is still unresolved. We bought the vehicle from Carmax and extended the warranty. They have seen the beast five times now. Each time they tell us it is "cleared" or "fixed." The most recent time, they claimed we have some kind of cooling system clog (there was a failure) and that caused a number of backups of fluid. Previous visits they told us it was always the drain tubes clogging. Has anyone found a guid book to clearing these drains? Has anyone talked about a class-action. I am willing to throw up a quick website to log complaints. Please reply.
  • itabotitabot Posts: 105
    i have this problem now and went to safelite (i also had this happen after windshield replacement but it was just a coincidence) where they/safelite showed me that it was not the windshield that was leaking but the sunroof drains were clogged. i called jeep dealer who quoted me cost of $270 to clean if only the front drains of the sunroof were clogged, double if the back 2 also needed to be cleaned. Having already been cheated by the dealer who sold me the jeep, I went to an independent autobody shop and they did it for $140.

    This commander costs me about - and i was hoping this year it would be just regular maintenance - $1-4k/year in repairs on top of regular maintenance since i purchased it. So far this year i had to get new gas cap, the sunroof drains cleaned and the interior detailed 2x because of sunroof leak-drainage problem, i.e., already repairs are costing $500+ and we are only 3 months into the year.
  • ryan81ryan81 Posts: 1
    I am interested. I have the same problem and every time it rains my car is soaked.
  • We are having the same problem with our 2006 Jeep Commander Limited Edition. We lived in AZ for the first 3 years of ownership, which explains why we never got the "puddles!" Now after living in Wisconsin for almost 3 years and it being extremely rainy, it looks like a pond on the driver's side of the car. Chrysler should have informed us. I will be contacting a dealership today and letting them know that I would like the problem fix. A recall definitely should be issued by Chrysler regarding this problem.
  • tamale29tamale29 Posts: 2
    i have had a lot of issues and one of them being car max the drains transmission and other repairs and fixes due to failure of a good working vehicle. please let me know what i may do.

  • cstuhlercstuhler Posts: 1
    I to had my sunroof leaking, I also had water in my spark plugs, which dealer tried to blame on me, head gaskets blew, ac and heat did not work properly, and my most current issue the electrical harness went! I have not had this truck for even a full year yet and now the dealer even after admitting they sold me a lemon states that they will only buy it back for 13,000 even though I owe 17,000. PLEASE HELP! I am at a loss and unsure what to do from here. I would appreciate any help people could offer me.
  • tanya11tanya11 Posts: 1
    We are having the same problem with our 2007 jeep commander. Would love any suggestions.
  • rtoodtoortoodtoo Posts: 1
    I purchased my 2006 Jeep Commander in September of 2006 and within three weeks experienced the floor board flood. I took the Jeep back to the dealership and was offered no explanation, but was told they re-sealed the body to avoid any future flooding. It's been flooding since. I'd like to join the lawsuit!
  • bakuma10bakuma10 Posts: 1
    I have the same problem and it is a very easy fix. It takes about 10 min. You have to take the plastic piece off next to the drivers seat, on top of the rocker panel, so you can peel the carpet back, just pull up on it, it will un snap. There is another plastic piece where the hood latch is, pull it off also. Once you have got these pieces off you should be able to peel the carpet back from the left side where the hood latch is. When you peel the carpet back there is a foam foot support block, pull it out of the way, it may have some sort of body clip pushed into it, just pull it out, save it though you will need to put it back in. When you have done all of this, look for a blue drain tube behind a fairly large group of wires, that is the drain that has come out of the rubber gasket. All you do is just push it back in and that should fix your water leak for now, it will eventually come out again due to the bad design. Just reverse the steps to put it back together. It sounds like a lot of work, but it will only take about 10 min. Hope this helps.
  • dariny1dariny1 Posts: 1
    My wife has had this same problem, now she's having the stalling issue. We will join in the lawsuit.
  • I have had my 2007 commander for going on 3 years now and just recently started having the leak, about 2 inches of water on the passenger side floorboards. I have noticed drips of water coming from what I believe is the screw cover near the handle near the windshield on the passenger side. If you are bringing a class action lawsuit, please include me as I take meticulous care of my commander, now the inside, for several days after drying out, stinks like mold and mildew...
  • Ok, so I think I might have easily fixed my problem. I took the advice from and early post and removed the plastic trim on the door sill, it easily snapped on and off with zero tools. Took the inside plastic, near the passengers right foot, and it too popped off with zero tools. I pulled back the carpet and immediately saw the blue tube the previous post referenced. The tube was still in place though and had not pulled out of the floor. So I looked in the sunroof and there was standing water on the passenger side. So as a fix, I pulled the house out of the floor and blew through it with simply lung power. I heard bubbles from above and then all the water came pouring out of the tube. I placed it back into the hole, it seems to be held in by the ribs on the hose itself, then replaced all items just by snapping them back into place. We are expecting a big storm later this evening and I will update this post if there is more flooding.
  • I own a 2007 Jeep Commander. I actually took apart the inside of my car and poured water over the top of it. I can assure you it has nothing to do with the sunroof drain tube. It's a bad seal oround the windshield on the top right hand corner. Ours stays parked under a carport and does not get driven much, but now we are having trouble with whole idleing issue, the seat warmers stopped working, and it died on my wife on the way to Vacation Bible School yesterday with a car load of kids in the middle of the highway and came to a screeching halt. If there's gonna be a class action, I want in.
  • mrmzmrmz Posts: 1
    I would like to join the lawsuit, i purchased our 2006 Jeep Commander less than a month ago, it has 47,000 miles. I am in Texas. Please let me know what i need to do.
  • akw27akw27 Posts: 1
    I've just emailed you. I just found this post out of searching in dire frustration over my Commander that has been leaking since I've had it (5 years now) but it's just become so unmanageable. The carpets, air ducts, speakers, electrical - all ruined and mold and mildew growing - major health hazard not to mention the slipping while the carpets are wet and I'm trying to drive in the rain. Jeep has transferred my case 3 times to different people within corporate and no help. The dealer won't help either because it's not the original dealership. I need help in the worst way. I'd just trade the damn thing but it isn't worth what I still owe with all this damage. I'll jump at a lawsuit this instant!
  • texasjontexasjon Posts: 4
    Bought mine from CarMax 4 months ago and noticed the floorboard on the driver's side was damp. Didn't think too much of it until I came across this site. It only happens after it rains and I thought I had a hole under the car. I wash it regularly and didn't notice a problem. Just last week though, I did experience the dashboard lighting up like a christmas tree. Went away after a few minutes. I'm in Texas by the way. Do you have a link to this lawsuit? Has it been started or filed yet? This is really concerning and answers my question to why Chrysler discontinued the Commander. It's a shame because I really like mine.
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