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Inexpensive new hatchback wanted



  • It wouls sure be nice to have the Ka here, it is like a Geo Metro in looks and size and power. But in that class, a Suzuki Swift is the best buy. Brand new, with air, 5-speed, defroster, wiper, tach, cassette, and freight, it is only $10,499. Take off any rebates that may apply and then there is about $800 of profit to deal with. You can probably get the car close to $9000, for a brand new car, with a 79hp engine. The European specification Ka has only 59hp according to GT2.

    Enterprise still has some 1997 Metro sedans for sale in West Coast states. Check with your local Enterprise agent for sale dates and locations. Those are selling for about $4000 each with 40-50K on them.
  • hey i know that money is short, believe me im a high school student with a part-time job, i bought a daewoo lanos hatchback with a 3year , 36,ooo mile warranty, for only 9,500!!! air,automatic,and radio includes. i put down roughly 5,000 and pay 130 a month. Even though the daewoo isnt tested im using it until the warranty runs out before i buy a new car!!!! you cant beat it a car that will be fixed for free for 36000 miles and is under 10,000 brand new!!!

  • since Daewoo Motor America is now bankrupt and up for auction, how are you going to get your service? Should have bought a Chevy Metro...
  • lperrylperry Posts: 4
    Hyndai Tiburon... I have never driven one, but i heard their cheap, preform decently, and have a good warranty...Integra is the best hatchback, but not very cheap.
  • lperrylperry Posts: 4
    if you find a low milage Honda CRX, buy it.
  • focuszx3rfocuszx3r Posts: 92
    If you arent gonna get in an accident buy a Ford Focus ZX3. Trust me I got one and its great! Just go see the message board for proof
  • poconojoepoconojoe Posts: 42
    If we asked the question "What's your favorite flavor of Ice cream" You would chime in Ford Focus and it tastes great.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Actually, the crash tests on the Focus ZX3 weren't too bad. Not to complain, but does anyone buy a car with the intention of having an accident in it?? Just curious.
  • atlas1212atlas1212 Posts: 5
    I lost my job and now have to sell my Lanos S Hatchback dirt cheap. Just take over my 250.00 a month payments with nothing down. Or 10,000.

    It is white, has AIR, AUTO, 3600 miles.

    Email me at
  • tiresmoketiresmoke Posts: 2
    I hope you carnuts out there are still tuning in to this topic...

    I'm currently working overseas (Romania) and thought I'd share with you some of the car experiences I get in this neck of the woods.

    I got for my personal use one Daewoo Tico. It's assembled localy from Korean parts. It's a little bugger (about 130in. length, 800cc carbureted engine = 41 horsepower, 12in. wheels, but ... 4 doors hatch). They're only available with a 5-speed manual. The thing only weighs in at about 1500lbs. so its really chintzy in all respects, but as far as moving goes, it's go-kart fun! The little mill seems to doing at least 8,000 rpm at full throttle (it doesn't have a tach, the only real flaw of the car), it revvs freely and it's just willing and begging to rush it over the top!

    They are very popular here (then again, the choice they have come to affordable cars is pretty limited...) and you can see young delivery kids or company employees racing the hell out of them through pothole-filled roads! A new basic one costs about US$4,800 cash, the trimmed-up version (air, cassette and ... rear wing!) about US$5,900. Mine's a base one, as I will only be here through this summer and thought I would make it without air ... might have gone awry there!

    Come September I will go back Stateside to move to Florida (I'm originally from Northern California but I'm willing to trying a different and cheaper setting...) and will need a cheap, reliable pair of wheels.

    Occupant1 has got me pretty convinced of the Metro. Just one question: what advice would you give me in order to start being more car maintenance/repair conscious? I mean, I love to drive, but so far have no mechanical experience/skill whatsoever and from your posts it's pretty obvious that you can save a lot ($$$) by knowing how to dally with the various parts and components. I would also like to maybe try some racing someday and the practical skill will not hurt a bit. Where should I pick up (now I know I should have taken auto shop back in high school...)?

    Sorry for the novel. It's my first time.

  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    To increase your knowledge of maintenance and make you more aware of its importance, I'd start reading our Maintenance & Repair conference. There is a wealth of knowledge and experience there. You can read some of the general topics on oil changing and tires, as well as specific topics on any car you are considering purchasing when you return to the States.

    I hope you had a happy 4th of July!

  • lavalantelavalante Posts: 1
    finally ditching my 87 VW jetta, now looking for a reasonable hatchback. have been checking out hyundai accent but seems to have transmission probems, and no one's sure about the future of daewoo. anyone had either good or bad experience with either? or a better option.
    I like the subaru outback but it's a bit out of my price range.
  • vocusvocus Posts: 7,777
    Trying out a Honda Civic hatchback or a Mazda Protege DX sedan? The Protege DX is a sedan, but cheap (about $14,500 MSRP, which goes down to about $13,000 or so before tax/tags) and it's a nice car. On the same level almost as the Civic and Corolla. Civic hatchbacks are nice too, and last forever. But they are a tad expensive for what you get. Check them both out.
  • I personally have a 1999 Daewoo Nubira Hatchback w/ 12,000 miles. The car runs great no problems at all. Oil changes are paid for 3 years!! But I'm just a owner of a Daewoo, but its a really nice car for the money too.
  • freddy_kfreddy_k Posts: 376
    I trust Korean cars as far as I can throw them, but they may still prove themselves yet...

    btw - Its easy to recommend a Civic over a Daewoo- untill you compare prices/features. I believe in the old saying 'you get what you pay for'.
  • plush1plush1 Posts: 12
    I would suggest either a Honda Civic Hatchback or a VW Golf. If you want a good, reliable car that's not gonna break any speed records, than go with a Civic Hatch. If you want a car that has great styling and some good power, than a Golf would be a good choice. It's always better to buy used. Try a 1992-1995 Civic Hatch, preferably an Si version. Those things are rather nice and have more than sufficient power. Peace...
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    And if the emphasis is on inexpensive, check out the Ford Focus Hatchback. You get a lot of car for your money.

  • ferdulaferdula Posts: 2
    The freak show is that I just called a honda dealership and they said honda is not making a hatchback for 2001!!!! What the__________!!!???
    Why are they so stupid? They did the same thing in 89 with the civic station wagons. I'm gonna have to get a volkswagon now (sob).
  • pat56pat56 Posts: 11
    Greets, all...

    The MetroGnome here... I've wandered over from the Metro forum, and thought I'd drop a note about the safety of our little friend, the Chevy Metro.

    I owned a '99 LSi hatchback. It had just over 2,000 miles on it when a woman pulled out from a blind spot on a median break (cars were blocking her view), DIRECTLY in front of me. I was going about 45 mph when I hit the brakes, and didn't have room to slow very much, at all. I must have been going almost 40 when I struck the land yacht she was driving. She was in something about the size of the SS Bismark, so I torpedoed her. :-)

    The "crumple zone" construction worked fantastically. Between that and the airbags, my passenger and I hopped out of the car, uninjured. A few years ago, both of us would have spent time in the hospital for something like that. Even so, the front wheels on the Metro were still aligned and both doors opened perfectly...not even knocked out of alignment. If parts didn't have to come from Japan (Suzuki), I would probably still be driving it. As it was, the insurance company totalled it. The accident knocked one motor mount loose and it would have needed a new nose/bumper/radiator&fan assembly, as well as two fenders and a hood. That's VERY minor damage for the impact we had. It was enough to bend the Bismark's rear axle at a 45 degree angle, as I hit -just- ahead of the axle. (At least I didn't get an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty for hitting low.) It was funny as hell, watching them pull the Bismark off the road, with the RR wheel wobbling on its sidewall. I'd be willing to bet it cost more to fix the Bismark than it would have to fix my Metro. :-)

    Her insurance company paid off and I'm now driving my bright blue 2000 Metro LSi Coupe (hatchback), which I've nicknamed "Peanut",
    'cause it looks like a big blue peanut M&M.
    My salesman had previously sold matching Metros to husband and wife members of the Tampa (Florida) Police Department. They bought them because they said they had seen how they performed in accidents and said they had both seen people walk away from accidents (in Metros) where they should have been killed or seriously injured. That's a heck of a recommendation!

    Count me in as one VERY happy and injury-free Metro owner. Some post-accident pics of my '99 are at

    Oh yeah... BTW... I have the larger (4 cyl) engine, and I get 36 mpg in the city, including work traffic every morning and afternoon. The car is AMAZING on the highway (up to 90+ mph, passing tractor-trailers, without so much as a shudder). This little car really rocks. And, it's MINE, do you hear me...MINE...MINE!!!!!


    (Sorry... The meds are finally kicking in. I'll be fine.)

    Best to all...

    The MetroGnome
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    "MetroGnome" I love it! LOL

    I'm so glad you weren't injured. It is amazing how far gains have been made in safety engineering!

  • OK, It's not a hatchback. But it is an economical SUV. About the size of a Festiva, it goes and goes. I get 31 mpg and just got back from a 2500 mile trip. I actually slept in it for 4 days. Homeless?
  • I am very pleased with my 2001 KIA Spectra GS.

    With the 100,000 mile warranty and $11,800 bottom line I recommend test driving one of these if you are in the market for a new hatchback.

    This car is a bit larger and heavier than other cars in its class. My gas mileage is a bit better than 30 mpg, about 27 around town.

    Don't knock a KIA till you try one. This is a substantial car.
  • Keep an eye out for the Focus ZX5 in the fall. It looks lide the ZX3 with 4 doors. 5sp standard pricing not released.
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    here's an interesting way of getting the best deal: Blast Fax Car Buying, by Philip Reed. Let us know what you think?

    Thanks for your comments. ;-)



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  • yankeryanker Posts: 156
    I was in Europe and rented an Opel Vectra diesel in Spain.. Great car. I wish I could buy it here without the diesel. I was comfortable and
    almost handled five suitcases. economy was terrific. I am a regular Toyota person but GM would do well to offer this hatchback instead of the Cavalier junk.
  • massagemassage Posts: 7
    hi all
    which hatch back is the best for the buck? I need to be in the $9000 to 10,500 range. has to have auto transmission + power steering, air would be nice. I expect to put on 600 miles a week. need to be able to fit a massage table in it (thus need for hatch back) thanks for the responses in advance
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    One good way of getting a good deal on your next vehicle purchase or lease: take advantage of the current incentives and rebates offered by the vehicle manufacturers to increase the sales of slow-selling models or to reduce excess inventories. Read more information here.

    Also, has anyone here had a chance to check out Edmunds.coms new Incentives, Rebates, and Leasing information lately? Fyi, in just the last few days, has installed a completely new system and is now positioned to deliver complete, accurate and timely value-added information in this automotive area!

    New features include access to consumer-relevant information by Zip Code, the addition of special lease programs, and more. Btw, the last I checked, there were a number of hatchbacks listed to include: 2001 Acura Integra, 2001 Hyundai Elantra & Accent hatchbacks, 2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 2001 Susuki Swift, 2001 Toyota Celica and more...

    Hope this is helpful. ;-)

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  • revkarevka Posts: 1,750
    Hi Folks- Last night, Edmunds launched a powerful new tool – True Cost to Own (TCO). Here's an article that explains this new feature and how it can help you in making your purchase decision: True Cost to Own (TCO), by Philip Reed. Hope this is helpful. Let us know what you think. Happy motoring!



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