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    Well, to each his own.To my eye, the 2011 JGC (available now) has superior interior finishing. It has shorter overhangs than the 2011 Explorer (better for off-roading and packaging efficiency) and is a more capable off-roader. It has good interior space compared to its overall length (the new Explorer is much bigger than the old Explorer, and larger than the JGC as well). That said, the new Explorer will be a very capable, if somewhat oddly styled, CUV and should do well in the marketplace. I suspect that the next Taurus will be better than this very good one, e.g., roomier and lighter with even better engines.
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    I've heard the new Taurus being compared to the Jag XF (not exactly, but similar styling cues). I also think it will have a new or significantly modified platform. The current one is just a bit too tall for a low slung sedan.

    The explorer will compete with Pilot, Highlander, etc. and isn't for hard core off-roaders. Although I've heard the new GC may have lost a little in pure off road capability.

    I do think the GC is greatly improved, especially in the interior.
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    We have a 2010 LTD loaded and love this car. Just got back from a round 3100 mile trip, averaged 30.5 mpg at an average speed of 65 mph with occasional bursts of 80 to 90 when passing other cars. Great ride, love the massaging seats and everything else about the car.
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    My 1989 Taurus SHO with 225 hp would do 135+ mph so I don't know why your newer Taurus would not do as well. I had my SHO in Germany for three years where we would run on the autobahn frequently. The Germans hated being passed by an American car.
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    Aerodynamics and weight are two reasons it might not. It may, I don't know the details there (and the electronic limiter would prevent it from going over 112 I think).

    I know my model of Sonata (249 hp, 3500 lbs) goes 137mph. I've never had it past 90, and that was only once.
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    Well, from the post that I had made a while ago that was "is anyone happy with their new Ford Taurus" has kinda taken a weird turn. It had gone from everyone either praising or complaining about their Taurus's to now talking about Chevy's and Chrysler's. I am just trying to get back on subject with everyone that has had their Taurus's for a while now. So what do you think. Hows the car been? You having fun yet? Is anyone out there live in any of the places that has been hit with the snow and, if so how does the Taurus hold up? I am just wondering if there's anything out there to increase the performance on mine besides a k&n air filter. Well to all of ya keep enjoying those Taurus's! Keep those reports on them coming in.
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    Mine is a 2010 SHO with 16500 miles on her. It's a wonderful vehicle. No problems, excellent mileage for a big car and, if I can make this sound positive, it drives like an import! It is a first year design and I have done 3 TSB's since I took delivery but I have no problems with this. I would consider another one for my next car.

    So far we have been lucky in NJ and no snow yet but I had one experience at the end of last winter just after I took delivery and the car seemed as good as my Infiniti G35X.
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    well i didn't get the SHO i did get the loaded SEL. The SHO's only come with High Performance tires that arnt all weather right? I know I have the 19's that look more like those kind than all weather tires also. I'm hoping that there gonna be ok. I know i read in the manual that during bad weather to use the paddle shifters to have more control of the car. I guess we are all just gonna have to find out the hard way!!
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    Actually the SHOs come standard with 19" all season tires and even the 20" tires are all season Michelins unless you opt for the Performance Package. Then you get summer only Goodyear tires. But the SEL or Limited is a great choice as well. All or most of the features of the SHO with a non-turbo engine.
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    That's true about the 19's. I have the standard SHO rims on my SEL with the Good Year Eagles. I actually looked at tirerack.com to check the specs on them. Well there really good high speed, cornering, supposedly all season. Reason being I say it this way because it actually states that they are only good in "light snow". Well the heck with it. I guess that we might finally be getting hit with some snow maybe over this holiday weekend in NY so time to test it out!! I'm really not worried I've driven Trans Am's, etc through out the winter and on those cars WHAT THE HECK IS TRACTION CONTROL?!! LOL!! Back then we used to call it "power sliding" or "getin nice" now it's called "drifting" LOL!! I guess when you get older you actually care a hell of a lot more about your investment huh?!
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    Well the new Taurus SEL even with the performance package is still governed @ 120mph. It was really embarrassing going head to head with a Pontiac G8 then the gov kicked in and bla! Well I was told that If you try to adjust the governor it will totally screw the computer and everything up. Well any computer hacks out there know how true that is? I had so much more rpms to go. BTW be careful anyone who does try to go for it when the gov kicks in it makes the front end kick to the right.
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    120 in a Taurus on public streets racing a G8? Are you kidding me?
  • This may be a future candidate for the Darwinian awards website, Allen.
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    Unfortunately he'll probably take some innocent family with him.
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    Just so you know it wasn't a public street. We do have open highways up North here. LOL!! Who would ever do anything like that on a public st? Do either of you guys have a new Taurus?
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    Street or highway doesn't really matter. Speeds like that on a public road are dangerous. What if an animal ran out in front of you? What if a car pulled out in front of you? What if you had a tire problem? If you want to drive that fast go find a racetrack where you can do it safely.

    And for the record neither of us owns a Taurus.
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    I happen to have a 2011 Taurus but I'm not stupid enough to race it on any street but then again I'm not 16 years old either.
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    Wow sorry I've been on here for a while and i didn't know my MOM was on here! BTW I'm not 16 if its any of your business anyway (or maybe you want me to be!!LOL) what ever. Hey guys lighten up for god sakes!!! I guess you guys are just that much better than me.

    Merry Christmas.
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    Not better, just smarter. Have a safe and wonderful holiday!
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    Nobody's telling you what to do (just how overwhelmingly stupid they/we think it is). Hey, you post it to the 'net, you're bound to get an opinion buddy. :)

    I've gone 105 once, on I-65, in south Alabama, but there's a story to accompany it which I probably shouldn't pollute the board with (but I will if asked).
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    It's not about being "better" than anyone else. However, when you post details about doing something that's very likely illegal, and most certainly a danger to yourself and others, I'm not sure why you would anticipate a positive response from our many responsible drivers.

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    So many of Fords competitors have i guess raised the bar on performance and actually took away or, even raised the governor on their vehicles cars. I do believe that the Taurus SEL is a Baby SHO. It should be equip with at least a 300 hp standard motor unlike the basic SE. I know that the standard engine in the Taurus now would be more than capable of that kind of power with a few tweaks
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    Test drove an SHO and WOW!! I cannot believe this is a V6 engine under the hood of this car. This car felt like a $40,000 + vehicle. The only thing holding this car back from besting some of the lower end Euro and Japanese luxo brands is Fords name. Or should I say past name. For those who have never driven a Taurus SHO, drive one! I was so impressed at the acceleration and handling, how quiet it was, how confident it felt. The interior was nice, tight fit/finish. I really have no need for a car like this. But I am telling you Audi, BMW, and whomever else making lower end "luxo vehicles" better beware. If it wasn't for the image thing, the Taurus SHO would be a front runner for anyone looking for a $35,000 dollar sedan.
  • Maybe. Maybe not. It certainly is a huge step forward for Ford. Terrific engine. It is far more attractive than the 500 based Taurus was. But it is still a FWD chassis with AWD, engineered to be a very tall and heavy sedan with a relatively short 112" wheelbase on a 203+" length. In other words, anything but tidy front and rear overhangs. Here's hoping that with the next iteration, Ford lengthens the wheelbase (or trims the overhangs...but lengthening the wheelbase a la 2009 Audi A4, another FWD-AWD that has moved up in the world, should address a lot of the remaining concerns about balance and packaging). Ford actually has a really good image right now. If the SHO can shed some bulk and achieve better weight distribution in the process, it will be a front runner.
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    Gregg - the next Taurus will be built on the new CD4 chassis. It will actually be a lengthened Fusion/Mondeo so it won't have the same high hip point that the current platform does.

    Insiders who have seen it say it looks more like a Jag XF than a Ford. It will still be FWD/AWD but it sounds like a stunner.
  • Sounds like a winner.
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    akirby - Where's your source on this information? Just curious...
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    Well, I bought a new SHO! :blush:
    In this price range, $45k+, there are a lot of others to consider. On my list were the Infiniti M35, Acura TL, Hyundai Genesis, and Cadillac CTS. The Infiniti and Hyundai were very luxurious and were very nice. But, they seemed like something my dad would love to own/drive, i.e. not my style. The engine in the Hyundai, V8, reminded me a lot of the Northstar V8. The Acura TL was nice, but, seemed small. Also, during the test drive I noticed rear-end hop in a curve over a bump. Also the windshield was creaking. Both of these turned me off, quickly, to this car. The Infiniti was very nice, and had lots of technology, but, just seemed to 'fancy and old', I know, personal opinion. I also noticed that the dealer had a lot of used ones, and they either weren't taken care of, or, don't hold up well over time. I like the CTS, and couldn't find anything about it I didn't like, except it was too small.
    So, 'my' rankings were in this order, SHO, CTS, M35, Genesis, TL.
    I've owned my SHO for a month now. I continue to be surprised with the features on my SHO. Those are:
    Drivers side exterior mirror auto-dimming
    Interior mirror auto-dimming
    Auto headlights with auto-high beam
    Auto headlight off with several time options
    Proximity door/trunk unlock with key fob nearby
    Ford Keyless entry keypad, opens trunk too
    Key lock protection - cannot lock key fob in car or in trunk
    Ford MyKey - can program a key fob for teenage driver to limit speed, radio volume, etc
    Collision alert system - flashes red on windshield, turns radio down if approaching another car too fast
    Adaptive Cruise control with adjustable distance settings, also brakes the car if needed
    Side blind spot monitoring - yellow dot on each side mirror if something is beside you
    Headed exterior mirrors with approach lamps
    Cross Traffic alert - will notify you, when backing out of a space, if something is coming and the direction that something is coming
    LED light bars on front bumper
    Xenon headlights
    Power Rear sunshade in back window
    10 way power driver/passenger front seats with power lumbar adjustments
    Massaging front seats - lumbar or seat
    Tilt/Telescope leather steering wheel
    Fan forced heated & cooled front seats
    Heated rear seats
    Rear fold down armrest with cup holders
    Ambient lighting that adjust to several colors and brightness - all foot wells, cup-holders, door handles
    Sony 650watt Stereo with Dolby 5.1 - 12 speakers
    Adjustable aluminum pedals
    Power moonroof
    Two memory functions tied to key fob - adjust seat/pedals based on setting
    Rain sensing wipers w/manual override settings
    Rear view camera
    Reverse sensing system
    Ford Sync/Navigation with USB and aux inputs
    10GB hard drive for storing music CD's
    All music indexed and searchable by Sync voice commands
    Sirius Travel-Link - displays gas prices, movies showing, radar, weather forecast, sports scores
    Perimeter Alarm
    Ford 911 assist - via Bluetooth phone
    Bluetooth phone controls, phonebook, audio streaming (some phones support texting via Sync)
    Push button start
    Ford SR1 sport suspension
    EcoBoost twin turbo V6 - 365HP - 350lb torque avail at 1500 rpm
    Water cooled turbos
    Direct Injection
    AWD, which goes great in snow
    AdvanceTrac, traction control, Roll stability
    Easy fuel capless fuel filler
    Electric power assisted steering
    6 speed automatic with manual control and paddle shifters

    So, after all that...I couldn't find a competitor that offer the same equipment for the same price.
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    Ford insiders on various internet forums.
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    Both my wife and I have a 2010 Taurus. We both are having problems with a loud squeal when we lower the passenger side window on a hot day. I had mine to dealer for fix. It didn't work. Is anyone else having this problem?

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    :shades: I haven't had that problem on my 2011, but did have the problem on a 2000 Lincoln LS. They greased the tracks on that which fixed the squeal but left grease on the lower part of the glass. Seems I remember a TSB for that problem, so you may want to search for the problem on the LS to see if they are related.
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    I had to have my front windshield replaced in my 2010 Taurus SHO due to rail dust. Ever since, the rear view mirror has vibrated under normal driving conditions or even radio noise. Is there anyone out there with a solution. The dealership says they cannot get the mirror seated properly. Help!
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    It sounds as if a resonance has been struck that is the frequency of the mirror support. Odd. My best guess is that the windshield is not fastened somewhere around the perimeter and that is causing a vibration that resonates with the mirror shaft frequency. Since it occurred after the windshield was replaced I would look for a leak in the seal of the windshield. How to do that I don't know. Perhaps on a cool day turn up the heater and fan and get outside and feel about the edge of the windshield for a hot air leak. If this is the reason perhaps it will reveal itself during a very heavy rainstorm with a telltale leak. If every thing else fails I would have them reseat the windshield. Given the time relationship that the problem appeared after the windshield was replaced it seems most likely that the windshield replacement caused the problem. Perhaps you can feel a vibration in the windshield. Interesting. Hope there are other ideas out there.
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    Rather than go around looking for leaks, etc. as I suggested earlier, a better idea occurred. Call the largest windshield replacement company in you locale and ask them if they recognize the problem. The dealer may not have nearly the experience that a company that specializes in windshield replacement. My bet is that they will have some experience with this since that is all they do, over an over again. Worth a try.
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    I googled "rearview mirror vibration after windshield replaced" and found lots of citations.
    Here is a ford mustang case http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/2011-mustang-gt-tech/295281-rearview-mirro- r-vibrates-after-windshield-replaced.html se:

    Sounds as if it is not uncommon. Bless the internet. Now I can go to sleep.
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