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Honda Civic HB...a student car?

rukawarukawa Posts: 25
edited February 2014 in Honda
I am a 17 high school student. I've been planning
ahead for a long time.. I am considering leasing a
Honda Civic Hatchback(yeah~~ hatchback) when I go
to Univ...I've searched and read awful lot about Civic HB worth the buying?? Its price is
reall attractive. Is it really suitable for a
student like me?? 'cause I sometimes drive up the
mtn. I'd want 2 doors/4 doors blue cute round small
car with good gas mileage and at least 100 horse
power..and I'll drive it to uni everyday and
sometimes up the mtn in the winter.
Do u think there is a better car than honda civic
hb that meets my needs??

thank u


  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    And here's an Edmunds Top 5 response to your question, Rukawa: October: Back to School.

    Let us know what you think!

  • Rukawa,

    Why are you leasing the Honda. Are you planning on getting rid of it in three years. Generally, people lease cars for one or two reasons:

    1.) They want a new car every 2-3 years and don't want to take the hit on "instant" depreciation

    2.) They are not sure about the reliability of the car and don't want to be stuck with a lemon. Even if the car has a bad reputation for reliability, it will affect the resale value and cost YOU, even if YOUR car was reliable.

    Only the first issue might apply in the case of a Honda Civic. Are you really planning on getting a new car in your 4th year of university?

  • Nod..
    I've read the articles and noticed that leasing sux. So I think I'll borrow some money from my parents and pay it in full. Is there any dealer holdback or incentive on Honda Civic Hatchback CX?? If not I calculated the price that the dealer paid for is about 10700..How much do dealer usually earn from selling a car?? (Min-Max) I think I'll offer a price a bit higher than as low as it can go....any suggestion?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    If you haven't looked already, be sure to check out our Consumer Advice area. You'll find information about both buying and leasing.

    Good luck and please, keep us posted.

  • Hello All, it's me again!
    I was wondering about the reliability of ALL Honda Civic Hatchbacks. Are they all almost the same?? Or do they vary?..I can't find what the previous hatchback looks like. Can someone help me?? I am slso curious to know about the pricing on buying a model from previous year and so...Thanx!! I'VE SET MY EYES ON HONDA CIVIC HATCHBACKS!
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    Me again....
    I am thinking of putting some money into add-on's for Honda Civic Hatchback..I want a frog light ,cassette player and CD player..and air conditioner...Does anyone know where can I get the the price that the dealer paid for?? It is negotiatable..right?? Oh! for the Cd player..Do I HAVE to use Honda CD player?? or can I buy one on my own..Does that....slot fit?
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I can't give you details on accessories but I'm hopeful that one of our knowledgeable lurkers will come to your aid!

    As for your question about quality, I'm not sure anyone can say that it is the same across models and model years. Here's some information about the current Honda Accord recall. The first article you'll see at that link is on Honda's exciting new Roadster! Just after that is the "wiring woes" recall. Keep in mind that it only applies to the Accord in earlier model years.

    Good luck and please, keep us posted!

  • is a motorcycle
    I'm a university student, & I just traded my 234K Chevrolet ... 4

    another chevrolet - '99 MC

    course, there are a # of kids w/ hondas & lackuras at my school, but they're student's, they don't no NEthing yet.

    hatchbacks R popular in Germany, but those r citroens & stuff like that.

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    You DEFINITELY need to take some English lessons. You give college students a bad reputation with the way you talk.

    You're also wrong about Hondas. But maybe you'll realize that when you grow up.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I forgot where I was. We get a little rowdy in the Coupes conference. I hope you don't put me in hiding!! :)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Let's just remember we're here to talk about the cars and not the people who drive them! :-)

  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    Such a challenge... But I'll try. :)
  • rdamonrdamon Posts: 8
    Okay..I have both a few questionsand maybe a few answers.

    I also wil be going to university this in Fall '99. I took a few years off (I'm now 22) to become a mutual fund broker. I bought a tricked-out Saturn SC2 with everything on it and would you like fries with that? I now want to trade it in for a Civic hatch DX.

    Point 1) I will go for the DX over the lower CX trim because it invoices to the dealer for about $225 or so more than the CX, but adds things like pwr. steering (unavailable in the CX unless you get auto. trans.) rear wiper, radio, and a few appearance goodies.

    To answer Rukawa's sound system concern. I currently have a 12-disc changer in my Saturn. Though a 6-disc changer is available for the Civic hatch', it's pretty darn expensive (a dealer I recently test drove at said $395 for the cassette deck, OR $695 for the single CD in the dash, and (he thinks) $795 forthe stack changer (mounted in the trunk...when he showed me I said, "that's dumb" cause it's bolted to the side of the wheel well where it is in the most intrusive place possible for loading the trunk. You can't get both the tape deck and the single CD as only one unit will fit in that space below the center console. I will be opting for the tape deck, and then for about a hundred bucks you can get a fairly nice portable CD-player with anti-skip, anti-bounce and all that that sits onthe seat and plugs into the tape deck. I went to an electronics store this evening and found this out. For about $100, you get the anti-skip player (Sony, JVC, and Panasonic all have comparable stuff, from what I can tell), AC adapter for inside use, tape adapter for the car, and cig. lighter adapter for the car. For an extra $25, you can get a Kenwood model with a remote control for the silly thing!

    point 2) I also would like to know invoice prices for accessories and major options. Honda is the only dealer I have heard of where ALL options are installed at the dealer rather than at the factory. I understand this reduces production costs by making the assembly line more uniform, and I imagine that itmakes it easier for the dearer to please the customer by having more stuff in stock...but man, it really makes it hard to find any standardized numbers as towhat the dealer paid (invoice) for my options. (i.e.- I *know* that A/C did not cost them the $1295 they want to charge me...likewise the $395 list price for the tape deck.) frustrating, to say the least.

    I know this is a kinda verbose posting...please fo rgive.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    If the new Civic DX hatchbacks have power steering in the 5-speed, then it's something new. I just bought a 1996 DX 5-speed and, believe me, it's NOT power steering!!!
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    thank You Rdamon!! I got them all figure out..
    but now I am comparing the Hyundai Accent Gsi with Honda Civic Hatchback CX. I know that Honda does have a better quality but the price of accent is really attractive..Which do u recommand?? thanx guys.. :D
  • Pam,

    Yup...definitely pwr. steering on the uper DX model only. Both auto and standard tranny.

    Lower CX trim has pwr. steering available only as an OPTION...IF you also buy the auto. tranny option. not avail. for stck shift, which is what I want (cuz let's see..."Mr. Romano, we'd like to ask you to pay $800+ for us to put a part on your car that will make it heavier, less responsive, less efficient, slower, more prone to breakage, gives you less control over the vehicle and saps power...AND you get to push a button instead of pull a lever, and we take one of those annoying pedals do you feel about that?")

    To Rukawa,

    I dunno about the Hyundai. (Of course, the "gosip on the street" and on the official reviews here at Edmunds, is that Hyundai is single-handedly responsible for giveing Korean carsabad name.) But I hadthe chance to drive a Geo Metro Hatchback Lsi for about a week when my mom's car had to into the shop. It was fun to drive, butless room, NO performance from the engine...I could enjoy communting in it, but on the highway I felt like I was riding a lawnmower. I'm gonna go with the Honda (unless the Creator intervenes) as soon as I have the money saved up. Theirreputation for quality is something I desperately need to be true.
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185

    The Hyundai might be less expensive to purchase, but you'll most likely make that up in repair bills. Go with the Honda!
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Take a look at our Most Wanted Cars for another vote for the Honda Civic!

  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    Thank you Pam2!!
    That's what thought!!
    Hey Honda Civic Owners..I have a wild idea...some people complain the poor design of the cup holder that it blocks the CD player if u install one.
    Can you link move the sucky radio down one slot and install the Cd player up in the original slot?? :D
    and of course..I have never driven a honda before.. :P
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    btw carlady..where do I vote?
  • Rukawa,

    Wow! Cupholders blockin' the CD player! Bummer! Like I said, when I get my Civic, I'm prob'ly gonna opt for the portable CD Player, or some aftermarket tape deck/single CD player in one unit, rather than pay exorbitant prices for Honda OEM stuff.

    Besides, I don't use cupholders: I subsist entirely on a diet comprised solely of wood pulp and iron filings. ;-)
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    Sorry, rukawa, I was caught up in election fever! :-) No votes taken here. The Most Wanted cars were chosen by Edmunds editors.

  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    If I get a Hatchback CX and add stuff like Al Wheel cover, tweeter, and security system.
    Will the price exceed the price of a DX?
    is it worth a try?
    cause there are some stuff in Dx I don't need.


    Can I like install honda tweeter or wheel cover and security system OUTSIDE Dealer?? will that cost less or more??

    BTW I went to and saw some low price on the come their prices are so low..even lower than retail prices?? makes me wonder....
    or..are they real?
  • I also found a few days ago (after soneone's reccomendation from this list, I think).

    I'm guessing the prices are low because they don't have to pay for "showroom upkeep"
    Things like: salesman's commission, manager's piece of that commission, service dept. overhead, andthe fact of maintaining a physical building which an online dealer doesn't. I know that sounds stupidly obvious, but there you are. I might amend my prior opinion, BTW, and get genuine Honda goodies for my car if I can get them for that kind of cost-effectiveness.

    Rukawa: as to your CX vs. DX question: Of course only you will know what is best for you when the time comes to buy. I know I mentionedbefore that we are in a similar situation: getting a good car for upcoming university days. Sure, you can add things like wheel covers to to the CX, but you also sound like the stereo system is important to you. Remember that no radio of any kind at all comes on the CX trim. Next, you get the rear wiper standard on the DX, but again, I'm pretty sure it's not an option for te CX, though a rear windshield-wiper may not be important for you. Also, I did some transmission checking: it's like this. If you want a manual shift, you get no power steering on the CX, and IT'S NOT AN OPTION. But a stick-shift DX does get power sterring. If you want an auto. transmission, it is, of course, an option for both cars BUT: The auto. trans. option costs an even $1,000 to get it on the CX, the same option is only $800 if you're putting on a DX model. Now will prob'ly sell you the stereo for cheaper than youget it from Honda (same for the tape deck). But (theoretically, anyway) there's something like $500-$800 difference between the two models on invoice price (you can compare the two here on the Edmund's site for exact numbers.)
    Briefly here is the stuff you get on the DX that doesn't come on the CX (for well under a thousand dollars more):
    rear wiper
    wheel covers
    stereo system
    power steering on a stick shift (or $200 cheaper for the auto. trans. option)
    that spoiler thingy matches the color of the vehicle, rather than just being black textured plastic.
    the CX comes in three colors: red, silver, dark blue, the DX can also come in black. so if you're just itching for a black car, gotta go for the DX.
    and the DX comes with that lid-type-thing to cover the trunk no one can look in to see your junk.

    Personally, I think most of this stuff is only important on the basis of personal preference. It's notlike there's anything that adds or subtracts from the safety of the car either way. I personally couldn't care less about wheel covers or their lack...and I don't care whether the rear spoiler matches the rest of the car's color. But I'm getting a stick...and I like power steering. Also, I REALLY want a black car. So that's for me. Anyway, hope that helps you with yourdecision.

  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    Thanx Rdamon!
    I'll do some calculation :D
    but I don't want a blackie :P
  • Rukawa,

    Did you say $150 apiece for wheel covers?!
    If I read your post correctly, and that's what they cost, I really reccommend against that.
    Check a site called The Wheel Rack (I can't remember the address off the top of my head.) But more rubber actualy touching the pavement is just good for overall safety, esp. in bad weather...I digress. You can purchase (watch this) 17" sport alloy wheels from a company called MSW (through this site) called TYPE 45 for $154 each. I don't know what normal (14") wheels would be, but why pay $150 each for purely decorative wheel covers when alloys cost the same thing? (Nota Bene: I do not advocate the "B-boy" look: lowered suspension, funky purple lights under the car, But some of these sport wheels are fairly tasteful; good, nice-looking wheels without being obnoxious.)

    Any way: I didn't know that most aftermarket CD players come with a radio too. I was only thinking about a portable player like a Discman, which, of course, needs an instaled tape deck to work. I don't really know much about sound systems at all, I am really beginning to like quiet time in the car. So I may just leave it at the regular radio..not really sure yet. But I'm assuming that $150 you're quoting for the CD player comes from And I have no idea at all what you speak of when you say "tweeter kit".

    Good, I'm glad we got the transmission out of the way. You said the same thing in three lines that I took two paragraphs for. So I apologise again for being so verbose. Right: pwr. steering on DX no matter what, but pwr. steering on CX only with auto. trans. Which you're getting, so: not a prob'lem.

    I also won't be getting a securty system, so I don't haveany info on that either.
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    the price for aftermarket CD player is not from hparts. It's just some ad I saw in my neighborhood..some ads from like futureshop or A&B sound. Tweeter kit is just the two small speaker that can the DX has and CX doesn't have.
    I'll go check the wheel rack rite away :D
    OH I suppose the 150 bux is for one wheel cover..not four...I dunno.. :P
  • pam2pam2 Posts: 185
    I wouldn't be at all surprised that Honda wheel covers are that expensive. I had a 1990 Acura and I think those covers were at least $75 each. Amazing, isn't it? Paying for that logo is expensive!!
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    maybe I can just go for some nice looking no brand wheel cover..I really hate the center piece..of honda civic hatchback..eyesore..
  • rukawarukawa Posts: 25
    I might be mistaken..
    the 150 bux may be for 4 wheel covers..or maybe us out.plz.
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