Can you help me ID these cars from the past?

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These are photos from my family albums. Can you help me ID them? See my photo album.


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    Car 1 = 1937-38 Dodge/Plymouth, car 2 = 1941 Chevy, car 3a/b = 1939 Ford, car 4 = 1940 Oldsmobile, car 5 = unknown, probably from 1933-34, car 6 = unknown, ca. 1915, car 7 = unknown, ca. late teens, car 8 = unknown ca. 1910-12 - that last one is a real oddball, must be a way of finding out what it is.
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    I've uploaded two more. Can you look again?
    I have reason to think "Car 9" is a 38 DeSoto 4-dr sedan. What do you think?
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    With the roundness of the window along with the style of radio antenna, that car looks very much like a ca. 38 Ford to me.

    The early Harley is an interesting shot too, the primitive headlight especially.
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    It's too bad we can't see the nose on some of these 30s cars, because the headlights are usually a good tip-off at to what year. The headlight "pods" that attached to the fenders generally disappeared about 1937, so if we see headlight in the fenders themselves rather than on top of them, we can be pretty sure we are in 1939 or newer. Also the absence of running boards can help date a car.

    We also see trunks melting into the body of the cars around 1932 or so.

    Also, closed cars are very rare prior to around 1924 or so.
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    Slight grille variations are always a good clue too, the front pic is always the best. Cars after the mid 20s are so aren't so hard to distinguish, once the small time makes died off and styling became important - making for design changes every few years.
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