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2008 Nissan Quest squeaks and rattles coming from sliding doors

tiuytiuy Member Posts: 3
edited March 2014 in Nissan
I bought a used 2008 Nissan Quest base model with 20800 miles and it runs really well except that there is a squeaking and rattling noise coming from the sliding doors. The noise comes up when I hit road bumps or rough roads. My friend has the same vehicle but his unit does not have this annoying noise. I brought the van to a Nissan dealership and they just put some lubricants on the rubber strip but they said it is a usual problem with the Quest and the lubricant will not really eliminate the noise.

Anyone who has the same experience? Can someone tell me how to get rid of the noise? Do I need to replace the rubber stip?

Thanks and I really appreciate it if someones answers back.


  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    This problem has plagued the Quest since 2004. About the only thing you can do is bring it back to the dealer since it is still under warranty.

    Before you bring it back in, make sure you don't have anything in the tracks. Be persistent.
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    I bought a new 2008 Nissan Quest SL last August 2008. I currently have around 4,200 miles on it, and lately, I have noticed, too the sliding door rattling noise on the passenger side every time I hit bumps on the road. I am aware that this issue was prevalent in 2004 and 2005MY, but not sure if this is same issue in my car. I haven't taken the car yet to the dealership for it is too cold here Michigan, and I need the car. If you guys get any result about your issue, pleas keep us updated. Thanks.
  • tiuytiuy Member Posts: 3
    Hi, I brought my Quest to 2 Nissan dealerships already and the squeaks and rattles are still there. The first dealer lubricated the rubber seals but nothing happened while the 2nd one replaced a part (I think it is the roller arm) but there was also no improvement. I don't know what to do next. I am going to bring it back to the dealer and hope they will be able to fix it the next time.

    If you happen to have your problem fixed, please kindly inform me too.

  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    Tiuy - did you tell them that what they did didn't fix the problem? did they test drive your vehicle before they gave it to you? I would call the consumer affairs and file this issue because you may have a claim for lemon law if the problem persists under warranty after a number of fixes. I think here in MI, after 4x of 'fixes" and still don't solve the problem, you can file for the lemon law...
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    Tiuy - I will take my car to the dealership this coming Monday and have them take a look at this rattle issue. I strongly suggest that you contact consumer affairs @ (800) NISSAN-1 (or 800-647-7261) especially that you already took your car twice to the dealership, so that Nissan could help you to resolve this issue if this rattle will not go away... I am not sure what will happen after a number of times you take it to the dealerships, but at least, you will have a record at Nissan that you are in communication with them about your issue. Here in Michigan, after 4 times of trying to fix the same issue and still cannot be fixed, I can demand Nissan to buy back my car. By the way, you didn't spend a dime on those 2 dealership visits, did you?
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    Tiuy - dropped off the vehicle this morning, and I just picked it up this afternoon. The bottom line is they fixed it (at least for now). I drove it back from the dealership, hit every bumps on the road, and sure enough, sounds quiet and solid!!! I had a good experience, too from dealership although I must admit that at first, I was hesitant because of some rumors I heard about their service.
    What they did according to the work order:

    "Test drove the vehicle found right rear door rattle and right rear door finisher panel rattle. Also water sound coming from rear of vehicle.
    Adjusted passenger rear sliding door roller. Test drove door noise fixed at this time. Trim panel noise still remained removed passenger rear sliding door trim panel and install foam between door and panel. Test drove no more noise from door panel after installing foam. Noise from rear of vehicle still present found water on rear bumper braice (?) removed rear bumper cover removed water test drove no more noise at this time."

    I hope this will give you some hope that you door rattle will be fixed. If you happen to be in Michigan in suburb of Detroit, go to Nissan Bill Cook in Farmington Hills. I had a good experience, and I will come back again if I need to (but, I hope I don't have to).
  • tiuytiuy Member Posts: 3
    Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I will bring it back to the dealer and will inform them of what your dealership did to your Quest.

    I will inform you of the outcome. Thanks again.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Any idea if the tech put some expanding foam in the door or stuffed some loose fill foam in there?

    I've heard of people using a can of expanding foam from the big box hardware stores to pop out small dents (and people have probably popped some welds or dented their sheet metal playing with that stuff to).
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    I have no idea and there is no way for me to know if they used expanding foam. I didn't talk to any tech or service manager to exactly explain to me in more details what they did...
  • dxrdxr Member Posts: 2
    I am just in the process of buying a 2008 SL. I have the sale on condition of the dealer fixing an annoying rattle from the back of the van. Can't tell where the rattle is coming from for sure. Is the effort worth it? Should I walk away from the deal?
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    if you think the price is great, then I think it is worth it. If the rattle noise is coming from the sliding doors, they can make adjustments to remove the rattle. Note that the sliding door design since 2007 is far better than the 2004... if the rattle noise is coming from elsewhere, I cannot advise you for I have no experience. Since they made adjustments to my sliding door, I haven't had any problem...
  • dxrdxr Member Posts: 2
    Thanks Best Shot for the advice. I spoke to the dealer today. They say the noise is due to a hinge in the rear door. They finally decided to call the Nissan Tech line. Why they waited 3 days to contact this line is beyond me. But according to the dealer, there have been a few instances of this "noise" and the technical assistance group advised that it is a defective hinge. I did not see any posts regarding this issue so I wonder how prevalent this is?
  • greendillongreendillon Member Posts: 1
    I have the same rattling problems on my BRAND NEW 2008 quest SE. I took it back to Atlantic Nissan in Islip NY where I bought it several times and they told me they could not fix it.The rep said I had to learn to live with the noise! They are crooks there!I then took it to Amityville Nissan in Amityville NY and they told me they could not fix it and to wait, for Nissan will come up with a FIX?? I also took this forum printout and explained to them about installing foam between the door and trim panel, but they refuse to do it. They never fixed it. October will be one year and the warranty will be up. How do I get them to fix this problem?
  • dtownfbdtownfb Member Posts: 2,918
    The warranty for this should be 3 yr/36k miles. Not sure if you are over the mileage or not....

    You have two options: try another dealership or call Nissan Consumer Affairs (owner's manual). The dealer should at least make an attempt to fix the problem.
  • delthekingdeltheking Member Posts: 1,152
    The Nissan Quest is well known for its squeaks and rattles problems and also its brakes and steering wheel shake problems..Very well documented .And there is no fix to these.The rattles go away after some padding or screw tightening but they come back within a month.Just the way the Quest was built. Infact as per CR it was one the worst vehicles ever and is on its list to be avoided.The Quest has been plagued by quality problems and probably is the worst Nissan ever along with Armada and Titan.
    I got a used 04 Quest even though I knew about these problems as it was a screaming deal and I needed a minivan and it was not my primary vehicle.A new Quest -- No way.
    I know this may be a radical solution-but if possible ,trade it in if the hit is not that much.Because with time it depreciates horribly.Trade it in and get a used or if possible Certified Sienna or Odyssey.My preference would be Sienna-quiet,plush and smooth ride and excellent reliability.Again its your decision-if you can live with all those rattles and shakes/vibrations and the brake problems,its your call.But this would be my personal advice.Just MHO.Good luck.Keep us posted.
  • Best_ShotBest_Shot Member Posts: 8
    I am not sure why they won't fix it. I haven't had any rattle or vibration issue with my 2008 Quest SL since they fixed/adjusted the sliding door.
    I agree that you need to call the consumer's affairs and complain about the issues - I think the dealership should at least try to fix it (heck yeah, they are getting paid by Nissan to do this - extra business for them). My understanding is that the consumer's affair will contact the dealership directly if you cannot resolve it between you and the dealer.
    My Quest is going strong, and I have no regrets in buying it in cash.
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