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Daewoo Lanos, don't believe Edmunds



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    pks1pks1 Member Posts: 32
    I am from Europe and Deawoo is a popular car to drive. there is many cars there to choose from but still in many places Japanese cars tend to be
    "better". A lot of Lanoses driving there mainly because of great gas milage as prices there are about $3per gallon.
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    uscarssuckuscarssuck Member Posts: 1
    Since when have GM Chrysler and Fords become american again? None of there cars except the corvette could even use the made in the USA mark. Sure they have american names, but so does my Elantra. What the hell? Stop the American Car crap. In fact not one car besides corvette has a majority of their parts made in the US.

    Damnit buy the car you're happy with. Stop this american cars are better crap. It just doesn't make sense.
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    atlas1212atlas1212 Member Posts: 5
    It doesn't matter where the car is made, an American car is American because of it's parent company. GM, FORD etc.. All American companies. That is why they suck also. Sure, they be made outside the US, but they are still AMERICAN cars. Poor engineering. Horrible Styling. Overly huge/unreliable engines.

    Korea may not be the best either. But no one can say that the Japanese don't know how to make cars. Anytime you are getting 100 HP per liter in a 4 cylinder car...You are making a damn good engine.
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    fadpfadp Member Posts: 3
    I live in OH about 25 mi from Dayton,and Richmond, IN, 100 mi to Columbus and Indianapolis, and I am looking for the nearest Daewoo dealer.
    Thnak you, fadp
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    vocusvocus Member Posts: 7,777
    Go to their website, which is http://www.daewoous.com and you can find it there.
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    bmackaybmackay Member Posts: 2
    Hello all, was wondering if anyone has replaced the AKD-4346 Radio/CD in the Daewoo yet? Reason I'm asking is that I am looking for the connector from the back of the radio that pugs into the wiring harness. If you replaced the stereo, then you probably had to cut this adapter off to install the new kit. My stereo was pulled when the Daewoo was broken into, the wires were cut, and the adapter was not on the stereo when we got it back. Daewoo doesn't carry these as a part, so I am hoping someone out there has one that they would be willing to give/sell to me so that I can reinstall my Daewoo stereo. Thanks!!!!
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    lokkilokki Member Posts: 1,200
    Should be on the net at Crutfield.com, but I'd get their phone number and call them. They sell aftermarket stereos for cars, and one of their selling points is that they sell adaptors for connecting aftermarket stereos to the car's wiring harness - exactly what you are looking for.
    I would imagine that you can purchase the adaptor separately from them. They're a good company, reliable, and have been around quite a few years.
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    nubirapower4unubirapower4u Member Posts: 10
    I put in a after market radio in my Nubira, and I will sell my old harness that plugs into the original Daewoo factory radio. respond if interested!!
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    bmackaybmackay Member Posts: 2
    nubirapower4u, Please email me at prime_one22@yahoo.com with details. Thanks!
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    heckel2heckel2 Member Posts: 19
    I was just wondering from any of the former owners that own the little hatchback. My wife and I are looking for a cheap vehicle and we have no hyundai dealership in our town. The closest one is like 60 miles away. We have a daewoo dealership just down the street. However I never really heard of the car and some people were telling me they are going to get bought out. I was wondering if they get bought out would they no longer have to cover the warranty or the company that buys them out would they pick up the warranty. My wife and I are more interested in putting our money into a new house and drive a much cheaper car. We did however want the warranty and that is what makes this car intriging. A hatch with an auto and air is like 10,400 dollars. So needless to say that is pretty cheap. I was wanting to also find out about the reliability I can't find nothing out about it from consumers reports yet. I was wanting to hear from some former owners to find out if they had any problems. Thanks for your time.
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    nubirapower4unubirapower4u Member Posts: 10
    It is a great car!! plain and simple. If you have more ?'s then ask me here.
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    marbymarby Member Posts: 34
    Daewoo is a HUGE company !! Several companies have already bought into Daewoo. Ford Motor Company and Hyundai to name a few.
    Look at all the Daewoo products you see for sale : Microwave ovens,Boom Boxes,C-D players and Air Conditioners to name a few also note the Daewoo name on
    heavy equipment like Cranes and Bulldozers. Nahh banking crisis can't kill them, they are too huge and modern.. The problem was Ford wanted their car division and call it Ford Motor Company of Korea but they didn't go for it. They will be here for a long long time !!!
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    mdaffronmdaffron Member Posts: 4,421
    I guess it saves even more money when one cheap company decides to make all of the bottom-of-the-heap stuff. Honda toaster ovens would be MUCH too expensive.

    Put me in line for the first GoldStar car!

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    mvt2mvt2 Member Posts: 1
    My Niece owns one of these cars and beats it to death. Single and a party girl it is not much appreciated. Its a good thing Daewoo takes care of service or I am sure she would not even do that. So far she has not had one problem with it. She did have to use the free roadside assistance when she got it stuck in the mud on a farm. Also she told me that the body took a thrown bottle of beer to it at a party and did not even dent the thing. The Daewoo service dept. touched up the paint for her. I don't think Daewoo is going anyplace but up even more so with the Ford deal. If you feel like getting out of the same old trend of buying you have done in the past go for it. I own a Nubira CDX Wagon and so does my Nephew and we have not had anything go wrong. I would advise you to listen to the people in this form that actually own one of these cars. The rest of them just seem to babble on and on and on. I think its called "The Chicken Little Syndrome".
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    heckel2heckel2 Member Posts: 19
    Just wanted to thank everyone for their comments about the daewoo will probably go get one next week. Thanks again.
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    esjesj Member Posts: 2
    it's a dependable little car, so far. i had mine since october 1998 (they started selling here in usa a month before). it has 21000 miles on it now, and no problem yet.

    but the engine's pretty loud, and accelerates kind of slow. it's acceptable for its size and power. you get what you pay for. but after a couple of months, u get used to it, and it doesn't bother me now.

    once u do get used to it, it's a fun car to drive. it's a reliable car. i've been driving it for almost 2 years. after about 20000 miles, the engine sounded a little different when i started it. it had kind of a little hissing noise. i added "greased lighning" fuel system treatment to the gas, and now it sounds much better ... it's back to normal. also, you feel the car vibrating a little bit, but i guess that's normal for an econocar. it doesn't bother me becuz it's very minimal.

    test drive one for yourself. if u don't feel comfortable with it ... that's why they have the nubira, which also looks like a good bargain.
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    zzonkzzonk Member Posts: 6
    Hi. I am currently in the market for a small, reliable, and inexpensive car. I have a thing for hatchbacks, and my first choice was a Honda Civic DX. However, they run about $13,000+ after all the taxes and charges and whatnot. And more importantly, Honda has discontinued their hatchback series for 2001 model year, so they're a little more difficult to find and a little more difficult to haggle with. I'm not too big on buying a used vehicle, so I considered other new models in the same class as the Honda Civic HB.

    While driving around, I saw some Civic HB lookalikes, but they looked a little smaller and had a distinctive grille. I eventually learned that these were Daewoo Lanoses. I've never heard of Daewoo before, but since it looked like it might be in my price range, I figured I'd check it out and do a little research. After all, there aren't many pleasing alternatives in this class to begin with.

    Anyways, I didn't know that the Lanos was virtually loaded and priced thousands of dollars below other cars in its class! It seemed like the better bargain by far--at least on paper. It had a ton of standard features and even offered more interior room and safety features than the Civic HB.

    Anyways, I went to a local dealership today and finally test drove a Lanos for myself. It was a Lanos S 5-speed with a/c. I've heard people complain about the car's interior fabrics, but I didn't see anything wrong with it. The patterns were actually quite conservative, but maybe the car I drove was an exception. (I did see another Lanos and its interior was certainly "loud", so to speak.) The dashboard quality looked okay. But then again, my two previous cars were an 89 VW Polo (in Germany) and an 83 VW Golf (also in Germany), so my standards for interior design and dashboard quality weren't all that high to begin with. I didn't see anything overtly terrible with the dashboard and fabrics, so even if they weren't necessarily GOOD, they were at least GOOD ENOUGH.

    The first surprise was the Lanos's gear configuration. Its stick is designed the same way European 5-speeds are (with reverse on the far left, instead of under 5th). Putting the car in reverse was kinda tricky because you have to pull up under the shift knob or something. That may take some getting used to.

    I drove the car around the city in rush-hour traffic and on an interstate. I also took it up a few hills. The car rode relatively smoothly and handled well in turns. It also shifted smoothly. I didn't notice anything hair-raising about the engine when I was on the interstate, but I only pushed it to about 70.

    The engine did seem to make a lot of noise overall though, especially in the lower gears, but I didn't think this was a terrible problem. In fact, I'm often more surprised when a car's engine makes almost no noise whatsoever than when it's roaring away. But I'll test drive it again just to make sure. A tachometer definitely would have been nice, but it's not offered. That's unfortunate because it could certainly bring peace of mind and help convice more people to take a chance on it.

    One thing I did notice was that the car seemed kinda sluggish when I was pulling away from a traffic light in 1st. It also seemed to struggle a little going up one of the hills, but maybe that was because I was in too high a gear. The brakes are not particularly sensitive either (you have to apply considerable pressure in order for them to respond), but this didn't bother me either because that's what I was used to with my two earlier VWs.

    The cargo area was massive and I didn't see anything overtly wrong with the ergonomics of the dashboard. You have to use your keys to lock the driver's side door, but this is good because it'll prevent you from locking your keys in the car.

    The car's exterior was also pretty nice. I was pleased with the paint quality and the overall sturdiness of the vehicle. The hubcaps were decent. Its overall design was quite stylish. This Lanos didn't have a rear lip spoiler, which I thought was standard, but that's not important.

    All in all, I was very pleased with the Lanos. I realize it ain't no Lexus, but it is respectable in its own right. I only plan on driving the car to and from work, with an occasional trip out of state, so it's also practical. You can't beat the price, especially with all the standard features. The warranty alone is worth over $1000. I may very well buy this car within the next two to three weeks.

    There seems to be a silent revolution taking place, and that revolution is Daewoo. I'm seeing Lanoses pop up a little more frequently now when I drive, and all the drivers seem to be in their early 20s, like myself. I don't know anything about the Nubira or the Leganza, but if they're anything like my Lanos experience, I think you could very well be witnessing the next great thing in automobiles. It seems to be a superb value for the price, and the warranty provides near-unparalleled peace of mind. Plus, it'll set you apart from the crowd.

    If you're not afraid to take a chance on a potentially promising car (Korean or not) with an excellent warranty, I think you should buy a Lanos now before their popularity explodes. (Keep in mind that the Civic HB series has been discontinued, so HB enthusiasts are gonna have to look somewhere else for their driving fix.) A proven reliability record would obviously help, but every great automaker has to start somewhere. I really think Daewoo can do it.
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    bilbo56bilbo56 Member Posts: 1
    We put a deposit on a 2000 Lanos S 5 speed 4 dr. sedan w/AC today. Unfortunately the dealer only had white and silver 4 dr. sedan models. We put the deposit with understanding it was only for a Bluish green or Azurite Blue. Our salesman was very cooperative and very willing to do all he could to satisfy us. I know he will find the model we seek.
    Anyway, I wanted to thank everyone who posted in this forum, it was a big factor in our decision. I test drove a Hyundai Accent and Kia Sephia also. I then came home and checked this forum. The Kia and Hyundai sites were full of negative comments, but while they do exist the positives far out numbered the negatives here.
    Please tell me I made the right choice!!!!!
    The paint job, performance, and sales staff were by far the best of the 3. The Kia was a horror and was immediately crossed off. The Accent was still in the running because it's interior was a little more "plush" ( for lack of a better word). But when I re-test drove the Lanos, it's spirit and handling clinched it. Then I lifted the hood to look at the engine. What a solid, weighty piece of steel!!! There was no going back.
    It's nice that Hyundai offers such a great warranty, but I felt as if I would "need" to use it, and personally I would rather a shorter warranty that never saw a use, than one that gave me "peace of mind" because repairs would be free. Scheduled maintenance for 3 yrs!!! What a great idea, you're not paying for repairs and your oil changes and tire rotation etc. are free, now there's an incentive.
    My only complaint is the lack of a clock in the S version (although my salesman jokingly said he would provide one of those stick on ones from Walmart). He was great, I can't praise him enough, buying this car was more of a social event then a dreaded deal making process. He was genuinely enthused about the product and at 280 lbs made a great passenger to test the performance of this small car. He was 6'3" or 4 and I'm 6'2". He may have been a bit cramped in the passenger seat, but I was very comfortable in the drivers seat ( 6 way adjustment even in the S series), and I feel Edmunds comment "if you're over 6 ft. maybe you should consider something else" to be unfounded. Even with both our seats all the way back, my kids still had plenty of leg room.
    Well, enough babbling, I just needed to let you know that i've joined your ranks and will keep you posted. One question remains though.
    Has anyone had a lot of experience with the Daewoo in snow and icy conditions? We are in the Northeast and I'd like to know whether or not to invest in snow tires.
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    fatcat97fatcat97 Member Posts: 2
    Just bought the Lanos. I love it. thanks to all who have posted their thought , it was very helpful. I only have 120 miles on it so no longevity report however my experience at the dealer was great. It helped that my salesman bought a Nubria for his wife. He had some good insight. Also the dealer is less than two miles from house, which is great for the maintenance work!I have the S with A/C. No frills. The 5 speed manual I find quite peppy. Really FUN to drive. I commute to NYC by train so essentially my Lanos is a station car. I would recommend it to all my friends (I think I already told most of them).
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    aboss16aboss16 Member Posts: 7
    Why Not just Try The Elantra... It has - Proven Reliabilty, GREATTT WARRENTY - 2Wice the Power - Looks much Nicer and It IS CHEAPER. - Just a Point you Can Get FULLY EQUIPED Elantra - For Under 13K WIth Tax And Tittle - Have Fun -
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Sorry that you were misled by the Hyundai salesman. I own a 2000 Hyundai Accent and you are allowed to do your own maintenance without invalidating the warranty as long as you keep receipts and keep a record. I heard this from Hyundai directly, not a salesman. He was probably trying to insure that you would have your car serviced at the dealer so they continue to make money off of you. If you had looked at the other Hyundai forums, you would have seen that quite a few were worried about this, but were assured they could do their own maintenance and keep the great warranty. I have already changed the oil myself once. I kept the receipt for buying the oil filter from the Hyundai dealer and started a maintenance record. As far as taking it to the dealer to have it done, no dealer would ask you to leave the car there for 2 days to change the oil! The most they need is to leave it there for half a day, just like your Daewoo dealer will require. It is a good thing you didn't sign the deal on the Accent for 12 grand!!! They were ripping you off big time! I paid that much after 7% sales tax and I paid sticker price plus the stupid fake dealer charge for enviromental package (aka wax and scotchgard fabric protector). You could have got an Elantra for the price they were quoting you for. Anyway, good luck with your Daewoo. I just wanted to clear up the false info the salesman told you.
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    seloveselove Member Posts: 12
    Hello all. I've been recently looking at buying a new car, but I've always driven old pieces of crap. I've only had 2 cars in my life, an 87 Excel and an 89 Dodge Omni. Always thought I would continue with old beat up cars, but life has gotten interesting and I've found that not being able to drive myself to work when the car is busted is a very big deal.

    I want a small hatchback, so this limits my choices. I originally was going to get an Accent; believe or not, I had really good luck with my Excel, which still runs after 120,000 miles! But, I saw and drove the Lanos and its so DARN CUTE compared to the frumpy old accent.

    I have heard that for 2001, Daewoo will no longer be doing free scheduled maintenance for 3 years. This makes the car less appealing, and makes the Accent warranty considerably better.

    Just wanted to know some real concrete reasons that everyone has chosen the Lanos over the Accent -- besides looks.

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    zzonkzzonk Member Posts: 6
    selove is right. Daewoo has discontinued their 3-year free scheduled maintanence warranty. That policy takes places starting on September 30, 2000. I don't think it matters if the Daewoo is a 2000 model or not. If you buy your car on or before September 30, then you will qualify for the 3-year warranty. Daewoo's new warranty will still cover scheduled all maintenance for free, but they will only offer to do so for the first year of ownership. So it's the exact same policy, except now it's only good for one year, instead of three. I have just bought a 2000 Lanos S 5-speed hatchback with air, and I will be picking it up next week. My dealer (the sales manager there) told me about this change, so I bought it just in time.

    My first post about the Lanos was made in mid-August when I test drove it (see post 119). I have to say I am extremely pleased with the service I received at the Daewoo dealership. They made buying this car more of a social event with very little pressure. I got a SUPER price on the car ($9307 out the door). I was impressed with how much they bent over backwards to help me locate the kind of car I wanted (they got this particular one from out of state) and how unintimidating they were with negotiating and financing it. I believe Daewoo's recent 4th place ranking in that customer service survey is more than justified.

    After I pick up my Lanos next week, I'll be sure to post regular updates on how it's holding up. It turns out that the Lanos is the least expensive car in America! I think this is the automotive world's best kept secret.

    And finally, here's a note to the Edmund's chat room host for this board: There are currently two active Daewoo Lanos discussions taking place. (The other one is in the Sedans section.) Perhaps you should consolidate both of them into one board?
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    The cheapest car in the US is not the Lanos, it is the Kia Rio.
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    mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    zzonk, this topic is for discussing the Lanos hatchback. Our Sedans conference is the place to talk about the Lanos sedan.

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    zzonkzzonk Member Posts: 6
    That's right. I drove it off the lot today. It's a 5-speed Lanos S hatchback with air. I put about 100 miles on the car today just driving it around so I could get an overall feel for it and to see how well it handled. I must say I am quite impressed with it. Here are a few of my observations:

    In addition to being very good-looking, the Lanos appears to be a solidly built car. It is well-balanced in turns, the exterior is sturdy, it has good tires, and the materials used for the car's interior (save for the dashboard) are of a respectable quality.

    The Lanos also performs admirably. It handles extremely well in turns and has good road manners. I felt it offered a very smooth ride for the price. The engine noise did not seem annoyingly loud to me. In fact, it sounded like a strong engine that was simply doing what it was supposed to do. It wasn't wheezing or whining or anything like that. I drove the car in city traffic and on the interstate. I took the car up to about 85 and didn't notice anything hair-raising about the engine noise. And the brakes are spectacular. They are VERY powerful, even though they don't feel particularly sensitive. I've heard of reports in which the Lanos' braking distance was shorter than cars that cost over $30,000. I am now a believer.

    The Lanos is also comfortable. The rear seats offer a surprising amount of room. The seats themselves are very comfortable and the patterns are good-looking. The driver's seat offers 6-way control. There is a ton of space within the cabin. I'm 5'11", and there are several inches to spare--both with respect to headroom and legroom.

    The Lanos offers good standard features. The remote adjustable mirrors are a winner. The high quality AM/FM cassette is really sophisticated. You can balance the front and rear speakers and adjust the treble, bass, and fade levels. It also includes a theft-deterrent. (Basically, this is not your cheap, low-end, generic radio.) There is also a removable cargo cover. The ergonomics of the dashboard are simple enough to understand without having to fumble around with the controls.

    To be fair, here are the (few) shortcomings I've noticed:

    The dashboard is made of what seems to be a rather hard plastic. It feels kinda cheap, but this alone is not enough to negate the car's overwhelming positives. It personally doesn't bother me, but it may bother people who are more concerned with interior quality. The glove compartment also seems rather small.

    The car's acceleration is nothing to write home about either. However, once the car gets going, it feels quite powerful and peppy. Having the 5-speed really helps here. This is a FUN car to drive.

    All in all, I must say I am pleased with my new Lanos. I've already had a few people ask me what kind of car this was. And it's caused some heads to turn when I approach a traffic light. I am so glad I didn't get the Honda Civic hatchback because I believe the Lanos is a MUCH better value for your money. I never test drove the Hyundai Accent, so I can't comment on that.

    And finally, to carlady, I'm sorry. I just noticed that there were a few Lanos hatchback posts in the sedan newsgroup and a few Lanos sedan posts in the hatchback newsgroup. It was just a suggestion. Didn't mean to flame you or anything. =)
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    carl499carl499 Member Posts: 1
    I just purchased a Lanos S, basic without options.
    I paid invoice price ($7451 plus $330 delivery).
    I have 1600 miles on it and I get between 34 and 36 mpg, combined 75% hiway, 25% city. I am satisfied with the HP (105), also it handles great. My only complaint is the lack of a tachometer. I like the clutch, it's hydraulic, when I was shopping I drove a Suzuki Swift and it had a mechanical link, I did not like it.
    Thank you to every one that posted articles abt the Lanos, it help me on my decision.
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    britt1500britt1500 Member Posts: 1
    I don't like having car hassles, so I trade
    every 3-4 years, to be under warranty and
    not have to worry. I like tiny cars, preferably
    hatchbacks. My 97 Civic has only 14,000 miles
    on it, and the battery just went, and I'm now
    looking for a new hatchback since there are no
    more Civic ones.
    The Daewoo price is amazing, and the specs
    hold up against my Civic. I plan to test drive
    tomorrow, and if I like the Lanos, I tend
    to be impulsive and might just buy it. Does
    anybody have any specific comparisons to relate about Honda vs. Daewoo? I was expecting to be
    disappointed once I drive it, but the experiences
    here all seem to be very positive. I'm used
    to a Civic CX that goes 85 in the blink of
    an eye, and has little road noise. Am I being
    stupid, to trade a Civic with less than 15000
    miles on a Daewoo (which yesterday, I thought
    made cheap vcrs...) I do like having a new
    car, and I like 'em small and cute and cheap,
    but the Honda really has a solidity to it
    that I've enjoyed, with the 3 I've had.

    Really liked the looks of the Lanos, though!
    (the other car I was considering was the Ford
    Focus and *maybe* Toyota Echo)

    any advice/tips/opinions welcome!
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    I would have to say you would be crazy to trade such a low mileage car in, unless you were having problems. My God, only 15,000 miles in 3 years?? I'm close to half that in only 6 months with my 2000 Accent hatch and I only drive in town. Anyway, its nice to have a new car, but why trade in a nice, reliable, very low mileage car on a car that is a slight step down in refinement, room, fuel economy, and depreciation? The Lanos is a nice very attractive hatchback, but it is mainly for those who can't afford much else. Just because you car is out of warranty doesn't mean you will have any problems (batteries generally only last 3 years regardless of mileage). I seriously doubt you will have any problems to speak of till you reach about 100,000 miles. So, my advice is to keep the car for another year or two and than trade in for that new car feel. Since you like hatchbacks like me, I think trading up to a loaded Focus ZX3 or a Golf GTI would be more fitting than trading down to a Daewoo.
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    davidfudavidfu Member Posts: 1
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    lanosownerlanosowner Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Lanos S hatchback with automatic transmission and air conditioning and I have a few questions that some readers might be able to help me with.

    I get about 25 mpg with 50% city and 50% highway driving and about 31 mpg with all highway driving. Although this is in line with the EPA sticker I got with the car, I always thought a car this small would get better gas mileage. Does anyone know why the gas mileage is like this? I get better mileage (about 28 mpg city/highway and 35 mpg highway) with my 1996 Camry with 4 cylinder engine.

    Anyway, I have almost 4000 miles on the car and like it fine. Only problems are some occasional wind noise from the driver's window, a little brake noise and two small pieces of plastic that keep falling off from somewhere around the driver's seat. The maintenance department says the brake noise is normal and replaced the plastic pieces, but they fell off again a few days later. Wouldn't you know it but the wind noise did not happen when they drove the car. They were nice enough to call me and ask me to test drive the car with the mechanic to see if it would happen, but no luck.

    Also, I have never received any documents from the dealer or Daewoo about the three years of free maintenance. It is not in the owner's manual, although the dealer says it still applies to me. They say that the free maintenance is available every 6000 miles. Has anyone ever received any documents that verified the free maintenance? Thank you for your help.
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    seloveselove Member Posts: 12
    Hello All...

    Am still looking and thinking about buying a new Lanos, or potentially used Golf (Decided that Accents are cheap and ugly!).

    I've heard various things regarding the actual gas mileage people have gotten with the Lanos. Can anybody give me more info on actual gas mileage they have gotten with a 5-speed? Also, would there be any improvement in gas mileage as the car was "broken in"?

    I believe the current EPA rating for HWY with a 5-speed is 37 mpg.

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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    Car data: 1999 Daewoo Lanos S hatchback, bought on 6/10/00 with 11,425 miles. Current date is 10/29/00 with 16,950 miles.

    "Major" warranty repairs: reprogramming of idle speed settings in Engine Control Module

    "Minor" warranty repairs: replace muffler after prematurely rotting through & replace brake rotors (original set was resurfaced 2 times due to warping)

    "Dealer" complimentary stuff: replace wheel covers due to paint loss

    "I didn't have to pull teeth" & "the dealer did it without a major fight": The car was hit on the dealer's lot shortly before I bought it. (it was a local buy & local trade in on a larger Daewoo model) The sales dept. used a "quick dent fix" service to "pop" out the dents from inside the door & rear quarter panel. (the guy drilled holes into the door & door jamb to insert an industrial strength balloon to "pop" the dents out...he left holes) I urged the dealer to fix the damage to restore the corrosion warranty, especially since they didn't reveal the repair during the sale. (this is the one and only boo-boo that I credit to the dealership) The car was subcontracted out to a body shop...the repair restored the corrosion warranty & I can't even tell where the holes were.

    IMPRESSIONS: my Daewoo is not a Farrari, Mercedes-Benz, or Rolls-Royce. (ie: it doesn't have incredible acceleration, European refinement, or a hefty price tag) I thoroughly enjoy my Daewoo and it doesn't have a lot of major problems. (any car that is sold nowadays will have minor glitches) It has saved me money on gas, insurance premiums, and maintenance. (3 years, 36K miles free maintenance done every 6K miles) I was able to get descent ammenities (AM/FM cassette, automatic, air, rear defrost, rear wiper) and attach a great extended warranty (7 years/100K miles NO-DEDUCTIBLE factory-backed warranty) for less than a base 2000 Hyundai Accent.

    In the past I have bought a 1989 Geo Spectrum (beat the hell out of it, but I let Sears dabble with the brakes, so I had major problems), a 1993 Pontaic Grand Am V-6 (lots of problems under and after warranty...this one wasn't a keeper), a 1996 Pontiac Sunfire (THIS IS THE ONE I SHOULD STILL BE DRIVING...very reliable; I got bored and traded it), a 1999 Ford Ranger (a piece of trash; lots of problems so I got rid of it when things seemed to settle out; found out I'm not a truck person) In other words, compared to vehicles that cost more and sell better, the Daewoo offers more and is more reliable.

    People will say that Daewoo is too new on U.S. soil to consider buying one. They are sold in 180 countries and are some of the best selling in those nations. They are not an unproven car maker. All U.S. sold Daewoos have General Motors engines (built in Australia) and transmissions made in Japan. Styling is done by one of Europe's most prominent designers, the chassis & suspensions are "tuned" by Porshe. My Lanos doesn't drive or feel like a $10K econobox. It may take a little longer to get to 60, yet handling in the city & on the highway is great. The U.S. sold Lanos' are almost identical to those sold in Europe and Australia--again, a proven & reliable car to begin with.

    I will aknowledge the "uncertainty" of Daewoo's economical future...virtually bankrupt due to South Korea's economy; Ford backing out of the takeover due to "Explorer/Firestone tire" mess; threat by Korean assembly plant workers to strike if sold to an American car maker--they seem to think that we will be bad managers.

    It is incredible how fast Daewoo has made a mark on U.S. soil on less than 3 years (15 dealerships in 1998; now over 400-450/ranked #4 in J.D. Powers survey for customer satisfaction with dealer service)

    There are certain "quirks" to live with: elevated level of engine noise, slight grinding noise of brakes during low speed braking, lots of brake dust (due to the material of the brake pads), irritating wind noise during 60+ MPH highway driving, lagging acceleration, etc.

    There are great features: solid gas mileage; smooth and quiet automatic transmission (I've driven Ford Escorts, Mazda 626's & Dodge Neons & Stratus' that sounded like they were in 2nd gear when in overdrive); wider wheelbase, "tuned" suspension & wider tires make for handling that is good in traffic and doesn't feel "cheap" as in other enonoboxes; dual airbags, and good ammenities for the price: automatic transmisson, AM/FM cassette, air conditioning, rear defroster, rear wiper, variable positioning front seats, privacy lid for the hatchback cargo area, etc.

    I hope this offers an honest appraisal of the Daewoo Lanos for those people who are contemplating purchasing one. Best wishes for success in your decision, no matter what you buy. My e-mail is GetJesusNow@juno.com if anyone wants to contact me. Keith Reh
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    kate8779kate8779 Member Posts: 2
    I am considering buying a Lanos. My question is since it is quite new to the US how is repair work? I mean, once the warranty is up, are there informed mechanics out there? Are parts hard to find, do they need to be shipped in from overseas? Is it expensive? Would I have to go back to the dealer for everything and pay their huge prices? This is my only concern regarding the Lanos. Someone please sell me on the vehicle its seems wonderful.
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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    Right now it seems that everything is done through the dealerships, or special ordered if you use an auto parts store. (Pep Boys, Napa, Auto Zone, Advance Auto Parts)

    Aftermarket part makers have to wait 3 years from the time that a car, truck, SUV is introduced. For example, brake pads for a 1999 Daewoo Lanos would not be available through an auto parts store, without special ordering it, until 2001.

    This is done so the dealership can sell factory made replacement parts for 3 years without being undercut in price by parts makers who can put out a comparable quality part for less money. I don't think it is right, but it's the way the industry is.

    The other piece of news that may hamper your choice is that the 3 years/36,000 miles of free maintenance that was offered has been cut back to 1 year/12,000 miles of free maintenance. The car making part of Daewoo is virtually bankrupt and a buyer is still being worked out, so to save some precious funds, they are cutting back the free maintenance...still a year is better than none at all.
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    pomvrpomvr Member Posts: 2
    Hello again folks. I posted a few months back about my new 2000 Daewoo Lanos hatchback. While we haven't experienced any serious problems, I wanted to share my experience so far and see if other owners are seeing the same things:

    1) I've seen one other person post about a seat that seems to mysteriously recline on its own. It needed to be reset every day. Ours did the exact same thing, and still does to a lesser extent. We have no idea what caused it or how it got better. The dealer investigated it and claims that nothing is wrong. It hasn't been much of a problem lately.

    2) The same person who posted about the self-reclining seat also mentioned that their brakes are squealing/whistling. Ours are doing the exact same thing. It only seems to happen while moving slowly, like leaving a parking space or in stop & go traffic. However, it can be quite loud, and we've brought it to the dealer twice to have it looked at. The mechanic claimed the brakes just needed to be "cleaned". However, their cleaning didn't do any good. He also said that it is normal and not to worry. He babbled something about metal dust causing the noise. I have no idea what he was talking about. Anyhow, I hope someone can confirm that this is a problem across all Lanos cars, and I've even considered having another mechanic examine the brakes.

    3) The gas mileage is nowhere near 23/34. The dealer claims that the car needs to be "broken in" to get that kind of gas mileage. The best we've gotten is 30 mpg in pure highway driving. In a mix of city and highway, we get about 23-25. Granted, we have an automatic tranny, but this still doesn't match the posted mpg.

    4) The bumper is very solid. I rear-ended a Chevy van at about 5 mph, and there is a small scratch on the Lanos bumper. The Chevy's entire bumper had to be replaced.

    5) The car stereo is replaceable, but it is pretty challenging. Apparently there is no harness that holds the stereo in. We took it to a professional and they built a harness for us. We installed an Aiwa CD player and left the existing speakers. It sounds great!

    6) The handling is still the tightest and best of any economy car I've ever driven. There aren't too many other cars I'd rather drive in San Francisco (other than a Mazda Miata).

    That's all for now. I'm still very pleased with our purchase.

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    zzonkzzonk Member Posts: 6
    I purchased my 5-speed Lanos S Hatchback exactly a month ago. The car now has a little over 1800 miles on it. Here's my update:

    1. The car runs very well. I have not experienced any problems with the engine, brakes, or anything. The engine noise is louder than in most cars, but since I usually have the stereo on, this drowns out the engine. The car also handles extremely well in turns. The fastest I've driven my Lanos is 105mph. The car felt very stable at that speed, and feels stable overall. The brakes are also very sharp.

    2. When I take the car on the interstate and push it up to about 75mph or higher, there is a significant amount of wind noise. I found that if you crack the window just a hair, that seems to reduce the noise a bit. Still, that's VERY annoying. I'm guessing it's a problem with the rubber molding.

    3. MY PASSENGER SEAT HAS THE SAME MYSTERIOUS RECLINING PROBLEM TOO!!! I thought I was going crazy or something because I would notice how far the seatback was when I'd get in the car in the morning, even though I SWORE I readjusted it just a few days earlier. It's nothing major, but it is quirky enough to be irritating.

    4. The dashboard is made of a rather cheap plastic. I have permanently scraped my glove compartment because I put my trumpet case in the front and accidentally hit it when I was taking it out. So be careful.

    5. The a/c works very well. So does the stereo.

    6. My gas mileage averages between 28 and 32mpg, with about 30% highway and 70% city driving. It was in the mid to upper 30's when I made a 460 mile round trip drive last month.

    7. I did have to take the car back to the dealer once because the window handle popped off. I think this happened because I would sometimes close the door while the window was still down. That seems to be tougher on the handle than if the window is all the way up. The dealer tightened it and I haven't had any problems since.

    8. The car's acceleration is not spectacular. This is perhaps the Lanos's greatest weakness. I've found that if I start off in 2nd gear that the car accelerates considerably faster. 1st gear seems pretty useless unless you're on a hill.

    This leads me to the following question for the Lanos 5-speed owners: Because of the engine noise, it can be difficult to tell, but what do you recommend as the ideal "shifting speeds" when you drive?

    Here's what I do now:

    1st to 2nd: 10mph
    2nd to 3rd: 20mph
    3rd to 4th: 30-35mph
    4th to 5th: 50mph

    All in all, I'm very pleased with my Lanos. It's obviously not an Acura or a Lexus, but you do get a lot of car for your money. I highly recommend it.
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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    I've been in several topics about Daewoos. There is a consistent complaint that is mentioned...low gas mileage with new Daewoos.

    Here is just 1 opinion on the matter, but it seems to coincide a lot of the time with the low gas mileage. Every car engine has a "break-in" period. There is no golden rule as to the length. I would say that 5,000 to 10,000 miles seems to be the "window" for Daewoo engines.

    Engine "break-in" occurs when the rings on each piston are slightly worn to better contour to the cylinder walls. When break-in occurs, there is increased friction. Friction causes more horsepower to get "eaten up." Your car will burn more gas to produce enough power to overcome the lag caused by the friction.

    I have read several entries in other Daewoo topics that state that the gas mileage does get better when the engine is properly broken in. As a driver, use good quality gas, do regular oil changes (every 3,000 miles--don't wait until 6,000 miles to change the oil...break-in is a "severe driving condition"--besides, putting clean oil and changing the filter will clean out the metal filings that come off the piston rings and replenish the vital additives that are in oil to clean, reduce wear, and transfer heat properly), and don't "baby" the engine nor "beat the crap" out of your engine during break-in--drive normally so everything seats well and nothing wears out prematurely.

    Other factors that may reduce gas mileage: a heavy foot on the accelerator, going up hills alot (a car has to work harder and will use more gas), and regular use of the air conditioning (since AC is not STANDARD on Daewoos, some more gas will be used since the AC pulls horsepower off of the engine when it is turned on)

    That's my input on that problem.
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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    It seems a lot of ASTUTE drivers pick up on the "crunching, grinding, or rubbing noise" that plagues the Daewoo Lanos. It is very apparnet during "low speed braking" (example: stop-and-go traffic, coming to a slow speed stop, etc.)

    The brake pad material used by Daewoo creates a lot more dust than other cars. If this gets between the pads and the rotor, (the metal disc that the pads clamp down on to stop the car) the noise is created.

    I don't know of any real way to eliminate this. The previous owner of my Daewoo complained about it 2 times, so the dealer cleaned the brakes and resurfaced the rotors. I complained about it 1 time and they replaced the rotors. (since resurfacing would have taken the rotors below minimum allowable thickness) The noise went away for awhile, but came back.

    I recently had a "safety" inspection done to register my car when I moved into Maryland. The brakes were fine...well within specs for wear & tear. I live with the noise knowing that it's something that is normal for the car.

    By the way, brake dust is the grayish-black powder that covers the front wheels. (it happens on the front since the rotors & pads are exposed and open vs the closed brake drum system used for the rear wheels)

    Tha's my input on that problem.
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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    I also get some very loud, annoying wind noise on the highway. I'm not sure if it's the molding. I personally think that it's the air rushing over the mirror at the skinnier point where it attaches to the car. I can pinpoint the noise coming from the front part of the window.

    I also had the problem on the Ford Ranger that I owned for a while. the noise seemed to come from right where the mirror was located in front of the window.

    Hope this helps.
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    freakncrxfreakncrx Member Posts: 17
    Daewoo builds good cars? Compared to what? Daewoo went out of business because it made bad investment decisions and it had poor car sales(because of its inferior quality). Does anyone remember the Pontiac LeMans? Wasnt that a cute little reliable car? Umm..no it wasn't either of those. Do you know who built it for GM...Daewoo.
    Havent any of you seen how crappy Kias are, Hyundais? I understand the you have to protect your egos and say that you spent your money wisely...yada.yada..yada. but you'll have to be honest with yourself one day. The car isn't priced that cheap because Daewoo wants you to have extra grocery money. It's because it is a "disposable car". It will never...NEVER..last as long as the typical Toyota..or Honda. Yeah..you paid less for your car...but no one is laughing at me as i cruise down the highway.
    Give the car a few years to fall apart... and remember me when its getting fixed. If i see you on the roadway..i wont stop and help..but ill be sure to wave!
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    mznmzn Member Posts: 727
    As I've said on many occasions, the right car for you is the right car for YOU. There is a car for everyone and a driver for every car. That's what the auto market is all about; no one car suits all.

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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    Thank you host lady for your response in #150. I guess that my response to #148 in #149 can be summed up like that.
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    freakncrxfreakncrx Member Posts: 17
    I know if i continue on with my dislike for Daewoo it will be considered "slamming", but i cannot resist. Oh, by the way..i own a Daewoo microwave so i guess i am a bit of a hypocrite.
    When Honda & Toyota entered the US market, they were disliked not because of poor quality like Daewoo. H&T had to endure being foreign, producing tiny cars (vs American) with tiny engines. I don't consider that the same(not by a long shot) considering the saturation of the US market with foreign vehicles during Daewoo's entrance.
    You complain that you didnt have equity in your Ranger during trade it....do you honestly think that anyone will give you more than a bushel of bananas for your used Lanos? Please! I also do not believe that the Daewoo dealer "bit the bullet" and lessened its profit margin. If i were to believe you for even a minute...the reason could only be because Daewoo has poor sales and will do anything to get customers to take these cars off their lots.
    I do not have 15 or 20k handy to buy a new car either. I buy them used. Any new car can be driven off a car lot. The true value comes from longevity/repair cost ratio. You got a cheap car initially...but its going to cost you in the long run with repairs, extremely low trade-in value, status(it matters)ect.
    But thats right...you got the extended warranty. You did say you paid for it...what kind of benefit is that? Pay less for a car but turn around and have to buy a warranty? If it wasnt for that warranty offer, Daewoo,Hyundai, Kia couldnt trick people into thinking their cars are reliable. They have to do something...have some gimmick to sell cars, and the warranty is their gimmick. Generally speaking (i don't know your exact warranty), warranties do not cover many common problems that occur over time. Common wear and tear are not covered, and if something goes wrong, you generally have to prove that the car was poorly manufactured before they will fix it. You should have an initially bumper-to-bumper warranty for the first 3-5 years that provides excellent protection, but after that....good luck on the warranty.
    I agree that Korean car companies are improving their quality and image, but i will stick to cars with proven track records of reliability and longevity.
    Finally, if you are in such bad credit debt, why did you go buy a new car? Why not a used car? Are you too good for a used car? Everybody knows that the greatest loss of value of a car is in the first couple years. You could have purchased a used reliable, respectable Honda Civic, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Corolla for about the same price, maybe a little more. I think i see why you have such bad credit debt...you buy new cars like you have money or something, and to top off the backwards thinking...you buy a poorly built excuse of a car like the Lanos. Good thing you topped off your spree of wasting money by buying the warrany. Actually...you have a Daewoo, you might actually need to use it.
    I probably offended you with my comments...but please don't take it personally, i dont even know you. Maybe somebody drugged you into purchasing this car...i dont know. My comments are only meant to pertain to the Daewoo Lanos and the opportunity cost of your choice. I also appreciate your even-tempered response to my ranting whether i deserve it or not. Have a good day.
    Last but not least (CARLADY(MZN)),....of course your statement is true...but irrelevant because we are here to talk about these cars. Your generalized answer would make Town Hall useless if we all kept our business to ourselves.
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    Your perspective is so dated and wrong. My family has always been big Honda fans (5 Hondas bought since 1986) and I agree they are great cars, however, I also am trully pleased by the high quality of my 2000 Hyundai Accent and believe that their reputation is undeserved. I was not tricked by the long warranty into thinking it was a good car. Rather, I was impressed by how solidly contructed the car was and how well it compared to cars costing thousands more. The warranty was just piece of mind in case the car did turn out to be unreliable. I have had no problems with my Hyundai other than a squeak over 7400 miles, whereas my sister is in the middle of arbitration over her 2000 Honda Odyssey due to many problems and numerous visits to the dealer in only 9000 miles. She is disgusted with Honda. Funny how I'm completely happy with Hyundai and would actually consider buying another. I am a big car fan and read about them constantly. I never thought I would buy a Hyundai over Honda or VW, but my purchase has changed my mind and made me a believer in Hyundai's quality. I don't expect the car to last as long as a 20 grand car in terms of paint and trim pieces, but I do believe it will be just as mechanically reliable. Korean cars are now a force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored.
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    getjesusnowgetjesusnow Member Posts: 26
    1) I did buy it used, that's how I afforded the extended warranty vs a new one with standard factory warranty.

    2) The dealer did take a loss at trade in (on the Ranger) and in the resale because it sat long enough that they knocked the price down after 30 days.

    3) I know that the car won't be worth anything as a trade-in. Most vehicles kept over 5 years are not worth a smit for trade in value.

    4) This car is a longer-term keeper, not a 1-3 year trade-in. I do have the remainder of original factory bumper-to-bumper warranty & the major component coverage of the comprehensive extended warranty.

    5) I haven't been treated like a person in the purchasing or the after-sales-service by dealers in the past...Daewoo has treated me like a human and has gone above & beyond my meager expectations during the sale and after-sale-service.

    If you don't think Daewoo makes quality cars, that's your perogative & I'm not trying to change it. You have your reasons. I think my car has good reliability overall and hope it continues for several years to come. That's the best that I can do with the finacial reaources that I have and the decisions that I have made.

    If it does become a problematic vehicle, then I won't buy another one. Chalk it up to experience and learn from it. That's life...

    Once again, thank you for your input. I don't think that you are a hypocrite for owning a Daewoo microwave. Only the Good Lord Above knows how much of the electronics we buy are subcontracted to Daewoo before other Co's put their logos on them.

    Enjoy your Honda CRX...they need to reintroduce it since Honda has killed the Civic Hatchback for 2001. Later, Keith Reh
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    freakncrxfreakncrx Member Posts: 17
    I had a beautiful reply a couple days ago but accidentally deleted it. Oh well, here's a shorter, rough version:
    I'll take your word on customer service as i have never set foot on a South Korean autodealer's lot.
    Dealers have plenty of cars that dont sell within 30 days. All the dealer did is put it out at the highest price it could have hoped to get for it. Then they lowered it to make people think they were getting a deal. Very common.
    You are definitely one of the daring few to purchase a Daewoo here. And i do wish you good luck. If they build a good reputation in the future i will eat my words and maybe get one (oh..that was hard to say).

    lngtonge18...and Keith to some degree:

    ANY new car is going to feel solid. That is not a brilliant reason to buy a Lanos specifically. Come on, its NEW.
    Honda does not manufacture the Odessey, they just slap a badge on it. I believe it is a Mercury product. So no merit to that comment either.
    Your car has made it to less than 10k and you want to brag about how reliable it is? You must be joking! ITS A NEW CAR!!! Even the crappiest cars on the market(ex: Daewoo,Hyndai,Kia) should go 100k miles. Value is determined by a longevity/repair costs ratio. Any car can go 100k if enough parts are replaced, but that's not value. My ex's 86 CRX Si with over 200k has never had anything done to it greater than a muffler replacement. She drove that car hard too. Now that is value! Your Lanos will never do that. Ever!
    My personal belief is that all cars "should" be able to go to 100k with no repairs(example: head gaskets,trans work,wtr pump,ect.) Then maybe 1 repair to get to 200K. I'm very confident that my CRX will be there one day as it is well on its way to 200K with no repairs. Not only will it get there, but it is a beautiful, desired, sporty car with all the options.
    Daewoo is new to the market so i do not see how my opinion could be "outdated". Hyundai already has a proven track record of pooooooor reliability. Kia?, i hear complaints all the time.
    Finally, I am quite proud of myself for not cursing at your post which has ABSOLUTELY NO INTELLIGENT comments in it(lngtonge18). You have proven to anyone who understands car value that you do not have a clue about reliability and value. Hyundai a force to be reckoned with? Ha ha, thats a good one. Maybe one day..and i see them improving..but they are still the lint in the pockets of the autoworld. If it sounds mean, please reread my reasoning.
    1)new cars are solid 2)at 10k you cant judge reliability or longevity 3)Honda=proven Kia,Daewoo,Hyundai=proven unreliable or unproven. 4)It wasn't cheap because its high quality 5) value=longevity + reliability / repair costs.
    Understand that these are not comments from a typical car owner. I love cars, i have read numerous articles pertaining to manufacturing processes used at Toyota vs others. I also attend auto auctions bi-weekly and get to see brand new Hyundia's with smoke pouring out the exhaust being auctioned for 1/5 of their selling price. I know wholesale and used prices for many economy cars. Neither of your vehicles will be worth a dime in the future. Good luck Keith, I do wish you well.
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    lngtonge18lngtonge18 Member Posts: 2,228
    You just showed how little you really do know about the automotive world. Honda's Odyssey built by Mercury?? I was rolling on the floor laughing at that one. Mercury doesn't even make their own minivans. The Mercury Villager is a rebadged Nissan Quest. The Honda Odyssey is very much Honda and has always been so. Get your facts str8 man and maybe people would think you have credibility. I think you need to read those articles a bit more closely, LOL.
    Oh yeah, stop reading things into my posts that are not there. I am not, by any means, claiming that my Hyundai is the most reliable car on the road for the simple fact that I have not owned it long enough. However, I can say that it is doing excellent so far and that is saying something. People who claim the lemon law tend to do so in the first year of ownership. It is very possible to have numerous problems early on. My sister is an excellent example of that. On November 22, a Honda representative from the factory will be coming to see if they can fix her van. This is their last chance before they must take it back under Florida's lemon law. Her van has been in at least 10 times for many different problems and a few recurring ones. Her van has also been the subject of at least 2 recalls. This all took place in 9000 miles and 9 months of ownership. Lets see, I have owned my Hyundai for 7 months and 7400 miles and have only been to the dealer once to get rid of a squeak in my seatbelt buckle and it has not been recalled. So, I have already had a better experience than my sister has so I believe that is already a good sign of what I can expect in the future.
    As far as expecting cars to not have ANY problems in 200K let alone 100K, what are you smoking man?? That is a ridiculous assumption and totally untrue. My mom's 92 Accord has been a very reliable car over 183,000 miles. However, there have been many repairs over that time, some leaving her stranded. Here is a list: radiator and alternator at 150K, ignition relay and igniter at 170K, water pump at 180K, AC compressor at 120K, CV axles at 180K, brake master cylinder at 180K, and the distributor failed at 80K due to a faulty bearing but my dad was able to replace the bearing even though Honda did not offer one and wanted over $300 to repair it. Granted, many of those repairs are common wear items, but the point here is that no car will be problem free over 200K miles. The distributor failure would have put the Accord in your category of junk on the basis of 1 major repair needed before 100K. As you can see, your logic with cars is very flawed. Read other forums and see for yourself that few cars are completely trouble free in their first 100K miles, regradless of what name they are sold under.
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    freakncrxfreakncrx Member Posts: 17
    Good catch, i was apparently thinking about the Passport. I suppose we are all allowed a little brain freeze every now and then. The point is irrelevant however because we are not talking about the Odessey....and because i never claimed that every Honda is perfect. I generally emphasize the phrase "on average" when discussing reliability.
    I don't mind giving you one good laugh, after all, i laugh my [non-permissible content removed] off evertime i see a Hyundai owner...especially when they think their brand new car is "solid & reliable" Ha ha ha ha ha...
    You did say that you would buy a Hyundai over any other car on the market. What did that mean? You keep saying your 1 year old Hyundai is reliable. What 1 year old car isnt? A new car lasting 1 year is not a big deal, however you make it out like your Hyundai compares to Honda & Toyota. You are way out there my friend. How many times do i have to tell you that it is a new car....you should expect it to be that way for a while.
    Out of all the award winning Honda & Toyota cars on the road you want to make fun of the Odessey? Are you that desperate? What has Hyundai done.....nothing. What's there claim to fame again?.......that's right, its the cheapest pile of metal made. Made by underpaid South Korean's. And that is Hyundai's only selling point. That company is a joke, and broke may i add. Hopefully you can put some spin on the fact that Hyundai is out of cash. Oh.....maybe you could say that all the money went into the cars....ha ha ha.
    About the mileage.....I dont expect a Hyundai owner to understand. You believe that cars are suppose to have major components replaced yearly...you think all cars are like that. You just keep spending money to replace part after part thinking that everyone else is out there doing the same thing. It's just not so. Fine by me though, you keep Autozone in business...and ill keep racking up non-stop miles on my Honda.
    In my last post i tried to imply that after 100k that there should be only 1 major fix. You definitely don't know anything about maintenance. An alternator is no where near major. It take what....a whole half an hour to replace. The radiator? Your family didnt know that the antifreeze needs to be changed every 2 years? water pump at 183k? Sounds like the typical Honda part...sounds damn good to me. The CV joints would have lasted longer too if you would have replaced the rubber boots that holds in the grease that is needed. I don't consider normal wear and tear major. Also, if you or anyone thinks any car will last without good routine maintenance they are dead wrong. Sorry you mistook me about that. Please point out in my last post where i said cars are problem free for 200K, because i didn't see that in there anywhere.(guess you've been smoking something)
    If your family knows as much about maintenance as you do I'm not suprised that your Honda parts didnt last as long as they could have. But thats more owner negligence than bad parts.
    The Honda left your mom stranded? What a shocker. Used cars will break down sooner or later...hate to tell ya. But then again your car is brand new with <10k and "solid" Big deal! You'll learn eventually.
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