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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    Let's wind the clock back 30 years to 1979.

    Say a new car had a Monroney sticker price of $9,000 which was about average then for a full-size sedan. The invoice price at that time was typically 11-12% below sticker on full-size cars or about $8,000. That $1,000 difference was ALL the dealer had to make a profit with. You couldn't buy the car for "invoice" then because that left nothing for commissions, overheads, profit, etc.

    Fast forward to 2009. We'll use thors example from above. The 2010 Buick LaCrosse quoted has a Monroney sticker price of $35,380. The invoice price is $33,448! That's only 5.5% below the sticker price! Do you think a measly $1,900 is all the dealer has to work a profit from today? Of course not.

    There are manufacturer to dealer incentives and dealer hold-backs on virtually every new car sold today. A dealer can sell a car for under invoice today and still make a profit! It has totally polluted what "invoice" price is supposed to mean.

    On the new Buick cited I'd estimate close to $4,000 is available for the dealer to bargain with. $3,500 minimum. True dealer cost on that $35,380 Buick is $32,000 max but "invoice" is $33,448!

    My figures are estimates and I'm generalizing but you should get the idea. Don't let an "invoice sale" con you into thinking you're buying a vehicle for dealer cost. ;)
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Thanks everyone for all the advice and help - love that site! Sheds some light on the whole car buying experience!

    Since they're so new, I'm having trouble finding the configuration I want....I've got 5 dealers I've contacted and they are slowly getting back to me.....I don't want the gray interior which is all there seems to be out there right now!! :mad:
    Also - I'm being told 2 stories on the Drivers Confidence Package...1 is that it is lumped into the comfort and conv. pkg...2 is that it is standard on all CXL's.....
    I have to tell you though that I've been looking at several vehicles and it seems I know more than the salesmen!!!! So.......something doesn't sound right here about that package...anyone know what the story is on it? That is an option we are definite about.......

    Really like this car, but don't want to special order.....


  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    "Also - I'm being told 2 stories on the Drivers Confidence Package...1 is that it is lumped into the comfort and conv. pkg...2 is that it is standard on all CXL's....."


    Well story #1 definitely sounds wrong. The Comfort & Conv. Pkg is only $550 and already includes several nice options; so there's no way you'd get Xenon HID articulating lamps, a Head-Up Display and a Blind Spot Warning system tossed in at that price.

    Story #2 is wrong also because lists the HID lamps and Head-Up display as options for all the CXL & CXS models. There is no mention of the Blind Spot Warning system on the Buick website that I can see.

    It's interesting because the link provided by alexup for doesn't show the Driver Confidence Package as available either. My guess is there is some issue with the Blind Spot Warning system making it unavailable at this time. You can still get the HID lamps & HUD though.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Exactly!!! There is NO way it's lumped into that %550 pkg!!! I went to their website last night as well and saw the same thing and noticed that on truecar too, so think you may be correct in there's some kind of issue with the blind spot warning....which would be a nice will look at those 2 options as separate.....
    Opinion on prices offered by dealer?
    The biggest problem seems to be what I want in the car and the interior color! Are my options that specific that I should need to order one?? I noticed quite a few of the ones have the upgraded sounds system...that seems to be a common option...

  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Hey everyone, I am very interested in 2010 Buick. Can anyone tell me if the car has cabin air filtration? Such as BMW, Infiniti etc. I have bad allergies and this would be a big plus. I also would like to buy USA.


  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Just recieved Buick brochure in the mail, and yes it has cabin air filtration.

  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Anyone finding they are coming in very slowly?? Trying to find a beige interior is proving difficult where I am (south Fla)...all the gray - which is nice, but not what I want. Also - now hearing there is a problem with the heads up display...something to do with the treatment on the windows, so not sure how soon that will be out and that is something we would well as the blind spot feature, but one salesman told me that they pulled that feature from the Enclave as it got a lot of customer complaints, so they may be pulling that all together here too......
  • grinningrinnin Posts: 13
    Glad to see GM stepping up their design both exterior and interior. LaCrosse is a nice looking car and Buick has done great with the quality numbers. But.. 4000+ lbs.?? This excess weight is killing the gas mileage as well as the vehicles quickness. Nissan Maxima and Toyota Avalon have more powerful V-6s, much better pickup, 10 to 15% better fuel economy, and each weigh 400-500# less. Lose 500# and your EPA goes up 2 mpg, your braking distances go down 10 ft., and your 0-60 goes down by 1.0 sec. As tough as the current sales market is, a manufacturer needs to get everything right without exceptions to make any money right now. I hope the LaCrosse does well.
  • gened1gened1 Posts: 256
    Currently driving an 06 Impala 6 seater and an 08 Solara SLE convertible. The Impala has almost as much trunk room as my 05 500 had. The convertible only about 13 cubic feet. The trunk on the 2010 LaCrosse is only 12cf? Whats with that. A family of five will have to pack light and strollers will have to be the umbrella kind.
    I'm in the market but the Taurus might have to be considered. I figure if I have to settle for a 5 seater I will not be getting a crossover. The Kia Rondo 7 seater and the mazda5 have the right direction though. The auto manufacturers should fill this nitche with a combination of the two vehicles -either a more powerful Mazda 5 or a better looking Rondo with the 6cylinder.Either way I'll be waiting to see how things shake out and then maybe jump in the spring.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    Getting closer to making a decision... Have beenworking with a super Internet salesman who really has been working with me. His hardest part has been finding a black with the cashmere interior....tons of titanium interiors though! And with the options we want, we are looking at the CXS as is - no additional options. The ones we were looking to add were sunroof and heads up, but can live without as being told a special order would be necessary.....some of the CXS's have the touring pky which I don't want, so....looking at $33 and change....then the $1000 incentive (taken of course after they add tax,tag etc..)....thoughts?
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    $33K and change minus the $1K incentive sounds pretty good for a CXS. You should be able to come in just over $32K out the door.

    With the CXS I wouldn't need any options. It comes loaded and the extras are fluff to me. It's personal preference but, I like the titanium interior over the cashmere.

    My Lucerne has titanium and my father-in-law's Lucerne has cashmere and he's told me the titanium is his choice too.

    Just a thought.
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    That's what I was thinking about the $$.....and I also think that about the options....We have a quote for $34,810 WITH the oversized sunroof on the CXS, but the one that will be coming is without the sunroof, so brings it down to approx. $33,810, so ..........

    We like the cashmere, but personal preference.....

    When we compared what we wanted in the CXL to the CXS....made sense to go with the CXS!
  • cbar34cbar34 Posts: 9
    You mention a $1000 incentive for the 2010 LaCrosse CXS. I can't find it on Edmunds. Is it something local or a nationwide Buick incentive? I'm about ready to start looking at my local dealers for this car and would appreciate your input on this prior to starting my negotiations.

    Thanks, cbar34
  • thorsthors Posts: 35

    I'm in South Florida, so not sure if it's regional or what....It's not on Edmunds...from my understanding, believe it's called conquest?? I have been flexing between the CXL and CXS and it was for either.....

    They are slow coming out here - mostly silver with the titanium interior, a couple black with titanium and now starting to see the red with cashmere....

    Good luck in your search! I was surprisingly impressed with it.......
  • thorsthors Posts: 35
    I have to agree! The others just don't compare. I have visited a-many dealerships lately to do some comparisons before making my final decision and they just don't compare.....we're going to get the 2010 LaCrosse CXS loaded as is - no options.......There is one coming in in about 2 weeks with my configuration and colors I want, so just waiting until tomorrow to see what September deals are....I have been dealing with a great internet salesman and narrowed it down to him after dealing with several......Am very happy with my decision and as I have said before...I have always been a foreign car person, but not this time!! ;)
  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    I like both cars, I driven both. Can I get opinons on which one I should buy and why.
  • Taurus offers a lot more room. Buick is more upscale.

    If you need a large trunk, buy the Ford. But Buick has a better warranty.

    I'd buy the Buick IF the price is equal. I'd buy the Taurus if I got a better price on it.

  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Thanks, am leaning towards the Buick.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    The Taurus has a larger trunk. But interior room-wise, the Buick almost seems bigger and roomier. And that in a car that is significantly shorter and lower than the Taurus.
  • The reason is how dashboard is designed. GM dashboards are more open and curvy. E.g. when I drove Aura it felt like it has nicer and roomier interior than Fusion even though it is not true - Fusion is actually roomier and has higher quality interior. Design is the different story.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Regardless, the Buick has more legroom in the back seat than the Taurus, the the LaX has nearly the same interior width,
  • I can't imagine Buick will sell many LaCrosse's by claiming it's got "more room" than the Taurus. Buick dealers should tout the warranty and reliability of their cars. That is where the beat Ford.

    The Taurus and LaCrosse do have similar passenger compartment volume, but the small trunk in the new LaCrosse puts it in the mid-size class while the Ford is full-size. The LaCrosse has the trunk volume of a compact sedan and if that's not a problem for you, I'd go with the Buick.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    For me it wouldn't be a problem. The Lacrosse trunk is plenty roomy. The Taurus trunk is huge, but I rarely use a sedan for hauling huge loads of crap. When you look at passenger room, they are not in different classes. I like the trimmer dimensions of the Buick. The new Taurus is as big as ever on the outside, even while decreasing interior room significantly. It now barely makes the full-size category.
  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Hey Thors, have you been able to get any information on the 2 ambient light options?

  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    What specifically was the question on ambient light options? I didn't see the original post..

    (edit: Oh I see you were likely talking about Buick website where there are two accessories ambient lighting features - right?. Those are dealer-installed items. One is illuminated door sills which are shown on last page of the downloadable catalog).
  • jlcjlc Posts: 30
    Yes, I was referreing to the Buick website. So if they are dealer installed, I guess you can buy them and install at anytime?
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    Yes I agree - I guess I didn't answer what the other option was :confuse: will have to dig further in website or ask a dealer..
  • e2helpere2helper Posts: 1,002
    I found out a bit more. There are three Interior Lighting Accessories
    1 - Illuminated door sills
    2 - Front footwell lighting
    3 - Floor console cup holder lighting

    The front footwell lighting must be an enhanced version of the factory lighting which is done with an incandescent bulb.

    Have no idea how those are packaged together into what shown in brochure but those are the individual features that should make them up.
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