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2010-2011 Buick LaCrosse



  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    What exactly is the option that you "must have" when ordering the La Crosse? I see what you don't want, what is it you are trying to get on a standalone basis?
  • gorphilgorphil Posts: 27
    Does anyone know if the 2010 LaCrosse is in production? If not, when is the startup date?
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    I don't know the exact production dates, but the new LaCrosse will be in dealer showrooms by the end of next month.
  • cmks02cmks02 Posts: 22
    bobqwtw seems to want the backup camera as a safety feature, but doesn't want the nav system that is required with the backup camera. So...without the nav system display, how the h-ll do you display the camera image? Seems to me if you want the camera, you have to get nav...pretty simple. I would guess no manufacturer would be able to offer a camera without nav so why pick on Buick???!!!
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    If he has an after market Navigation system, he should just buy an after market backup camera for $400. Problem solved.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    A backup camera. Once you've used it you will be hooked.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Not picking on Buick At all. If you don't have the nav the image is displayed in the rear view mirror - just like Ford & Toyota do it.
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    I've considered it, but not a good option in my opinion. All aftermarket installations I've seen are visable & look tacked on. Too, I have been less than pleased with the results of aftermarket installations I've purchased.
  • Exactly what I was going to say. With the 2010 Ford Fusion it's about a $280 upgrade. Not thousands to also get the nav system. Just puts it on the rear view mirror.
  • I agree. I have never wanted a ford until the 2010 Fusion with 34 MPG was announced. So when I went in to actually see it and check out options I was pleasantly surprised to see the price of options and add ons. You can get the SEL for example and if so then 18" rims are only a $200 or $300 upgrade. I was also looking at a Camry and it was nearly $2000 for that option. They basically must be giving no credit for the original tires and rims. So for me looking to "upgrade" I have gone away from Toyota and Honda. I'm very interested to see the price of this one as equipped as I like. I'm holding off buying anything until I find out for sure. It's a beautiful car to me. It won't have the MPG of a Fusion or Corolla, but it's more of a car. I'm happy waiting to see how it pans out. Buick has something with this if priced right!
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    If you don't have the nav the image is displayed in the rear view mirror

    ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////- /////////////////////////////////////

    Is the rearview mirror enlarged for this application or do you get a 2" tall image of what's behind you?
  • bobgwtwbobgwtw Posts: 187
    Don't know whether the mirror is the standard one or enlarged; but you do get a color picture that is large enough to give you adequate information about any obstruction behind the car.
  • mcebmceb Posts: 4
    My wife wants to cross shop the '10 Lacrosse and the '09 Lexus es350 and '10 Lincoln MKZ.

    Does anyone have an update on when the '10 Lacrosse is expected into dealers in any numbers? We need to buy something in July or early August the latest.

    Lacrosse looks nice but we need to see it in person. I'm not crazy about the AWD model (CXL) is only being offered with 3.0L engine in a 4000+ lb. car. The bigger 3.6 engine appears to only be available in FWD higher model CXS? Hopefully dealers in northeast won't order all CXLs.
  • goateegoatee Posts: 51
    I really like the idea of an AWD car but it has to be powerful, sort of like the 300C Hemi AWD, the thought of a 3.0 powering all 4 wheels in a 2 ton car reminds me of the defunct Ford 500 AWD, It is simply not enough power. I am of course, disappointed. Also can anyone answer any of these? Where will the LaCrosse be assembled (I wont buy a car assembled south of the border). Will the gas tank filler be on the correct side (drivers) or incorrect (passenger) side? I have found this to be an inconsiderate design on many new cars today. When I am at the gas station I can only watch those with right sided filler doors jockey for position.
  • 1bythesea1bythesea Posts: 52
    I believe the 2010 LaCrosse will be assembled in Kansas City. From pics the gas cap appears to be on the passenger side, which I'm not fond of either.
  • I agree. The whole option price gouging was one of GM's best profit raping ideas which was expertly copied by Toyota and some others. I realize it is an old idea but some American ideas are still worth stealing.
  • mcebmceb Posts: 4
    Lacrosse will be built in Kansas City plant.
  • tk329tk329 Posts: 3
    My dealer states that June 15 is the target date to receive the first batch of 2010 Lacrosse. I am in Michigan. I too have been looking at new cars,including the MKZ. Watch yourself on the MKZ. These are the areas I did not like. The hood has a prop rod,and I don't like those,and certainly not on a high priced vehicle. Try and close the doors when a car is next to you,and you don't have the wide swing that you need. The door handles are placed to close to the front of the door and you don't have the fulcrum effect to help like handles that are in the normal mid door area. I also don't like the washers in the hood as they tend to freeze in the cold weather. Just my thoughts.

  • tk329tk329 Posts: 3
    Ok, you are at the gas station,and you have to go to the passenger side to load up on fuel. I know wrong side,again. You have the key'"transponder",in your pocket which allows the ignition to be armed. Anyone can jump in drive the car away,but the engine will shut off when a certain distance is reached from the key. Don't know how far this is. Something to think about.

  • berriberri Posts: 7,963
    I don't get the Lincoln MKZ - why would anyone pay that much more for it over a loaded Fusion SEL when most of it is the same? I agree that the new Lacrosse would probably be a much better buy than the MKZ, but they seem to be doing some nice deals on Lexus 350 right now.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Why in the world am I going to buy a very base model looking car starting at $27k??
    I looked up the car on the site and cannot believe that is what $27k is buying me.

    Steel wheels? You have got to be kidding me? Then starting $33k for anything else?
    I would much rather have something else..... Heck with new car sale prices I can get loaded car, that will hold its value, better quality, build, engine than this car...!

    However, nice concept though... its about time right? I like the car, but paying $27k for a glorified GM car is ridiculous! Its really not like their coming out with something that looks unique though... looks like any other car... GM, your a little late!
    What is it about the "guts" of this car that would convince me that it is any different that the less than satisfactory (when compared to the competition)
    cars that they already have around now. GM is well known for keeping the old.
    What is so new? I want new engine specs, newer technology under the hood, that makes me feel, wow! this has a good feel, it has quality behind it.. not just a rental fleet feel... or just another duplicate car.

    You certainly don't see a Lexus with steel wheels?

    In order to really hit the competition with this car, take the average between $27k-33k pricing and give only 2 trims as an option. Put the cars price at $30k, with a decent load of goodies. Get rid of the silly and tacky looking base model, that just ruins the concept all together.

    It would not be a big deal to have the base model, but at this price!? No acceptable.

    I love the car, but GM is soooo late with this car... there are so many other cars that I would pick before this, that have been out so much longer with much better technology, and value. For one, I am not sure I want to buy from a bankrupt company... :lemon:
    It will be hot seller I am sure. perhaps forever changing its market target.

    I think of GM like this, sweet on the outside, but a little sour on this inside.. they have their frills, features, looks perhaps, but take a look closer on the inside, it is really no different, no real focus on bettering its soul! Stale.

    Anyway, on a rampage.. I hope the car is a hit! I love it! Would I buy it, no.
    Certainly not with the cheapo steal wheels. haha. Get real. GM, what is with your steel wheels with the hubs?

    Did you know, most new Malibu's have Steel wheels, not real rims!
    Most GM cars all now have steelies. Even middle trimmed models.
  • gregg_vwgregg_vw Posts: 2,437
    Yes, but steel wheels have improved markedly. So you hate them. Don't buy a Buick, I wouldn't eliminate a good car, a car with positive reviews because it uses the new, more attractive steel wheels as standard equipment. But that is just me. And your opinion is just as valid. In my opinion, this is the best Buick in generations. It will be interesting to see what Buick does here with this model and the newer ones coming.

    It is going gangbusters in China. And like it or not, that counts for a heck of a lot.Their economy is still growing. Ours is still shrinking.
  • Buick beats the TL? On what planet? Since when does Buick compete with Acura, The TL is abetter car than the overHYPED Lexus. I know styling is unusual but in 3 years people will be raving about the new TL. Dollar for dollar its the best product out there.
    Buick competes with the Fords, Mrecury, Kias of the world! Go buy your Buick and get to know a mechanic well because you'll be spending plenty of time there!! Plus who knows how many Buick franchises will be around in 6 months!!!!

    Get an education or do some research before you make a statement as foolish as this one!
  • dodgeman07dodgeman07 Posts: 574
    by carguy1235 Jun 27, 2009 (12:27 pm)
    Go buy your Buick and get to know a mechanic well because you'll be spending plenty of time there!!

    /////////////////////////////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\- \\\\

    I've had my '06 Lucerne for 3 years and 44,000 miles and it's never been in the shop except for oil changes. It has been flawless as have most new Buicks.

    Acura quality lags behind Buick as do other Asian makes. Tough for the rice-burner fans to accept but true.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    Holy cow, carguy1235 - you truly need anger management! I suppose you just had a bad day.

    On this planet it is well known that Acura TL is a glorified Honda Accord. Acura as a brand competes with Buick and Lincoln, and may be Lexus ES which is also a glorified Toyota Camry. I means it is hardly news everybody knows that.

    Regarding reliability records it is well known that Buick is one of most reliable brands in US market. Honda is nothing exceptional on this aspect so it is hardly the reason to choose Honda cars over Buick. I hope there might be better reasons to consider Acura TL because if reliability is only the reason then Acura is in trouble (and it is actually is in trouble because it could not enter truly luxury segment since it was introduced no matter how much Honda tried).
  • berriberri Posts: 7,963
    I still think they should have renamed the 2010 Invicta or Wildcat.
  • savethelandsavetheland Posts: 671
    Wildcat is not a French name. I think Buick approach is to give French-derived names. It supposed to sound kind of 19th century sophisticated when France was a world leader, but I do not think at age of iPods and 3-series it holds true.

    Wildcat sound to much oldschool though. I like Invicta more than LaCrosse.
  • mitchfloridamitchflorida Posts: 419
    Lesabre or Elektra would have also been a better names than La Crosse. Actually, the car is called Allure in Canada, because LeCrosse has a risque meaning there.

    I like the Lacrosse styling, but I think it is too heavy , 4000 pounds. I prefer a car that weighs about 500 lbs less.
  • johnstarjohnstar Posts: 1
    When I came to the US two years ago, I didn't even know Acura is a luxury line of Honda. Their cars looked so ugly to me. Now after living in here for more than 2 years, I know Acura is supposed to be a high scale car but believe me, still I think their exteriors are as conservative as corolla and civic. A few days ago we went to a Honda showroom and tested Accord, C-RV and Pilot. My wife truly hated all of them. I didn't hate them because I knew their engines are really good but couldn't convince her to lease one of them because the interior quality was sooooo cheap. Then we decided to try Lexus and Acura and I must admit that Acura was not an exciting car to us at all. I feel I am really driving a civic or accord with a better interior.

    Last month we decided to rent a car and drive to Miami and see how they perform in long distance (my American leased car has less mileage left on it). We rented a Galant and believe me, both of us had back pain when we came back home the next day. We have driving our own car to Miami several times and it never made us tired that much.

    I don't understand why people in the US buy japanese and korean cars more than their home made cars when the only advantage of them is their long lasting engines. If I am wealthy enough to drive a luxury car, I will sell it back after 3 or max 4 years. So, I don't care if the car ca run for 10 years. A 4 years old car is old fashion and rather ugly looking in the road for a wealthy person. If you want to save money, then I would say go buy a corolla or civic. Believe me, they are the most economic cars in the market.

    Today we tested Enclave, both of us really fell in love with this beauty. The seats were soooo comfortable. You feel like you are at home. I am sure I can drive it for several hundred miles with my family without getting tired. I don't like Ford's cars or other chevy products. We checked for a lease transfer or a used Enclave but I found cases that a 2 year old Buick is even more expensive than a new one. Why do people say American cars don't hold their value????

    And finally, about this LaCrosse, you know... from what I can see in the pictures, we love the curved line between the driver and passenger seats. With that blue light, it reminds me of Minority Report and SciFi movies. I can't wait to drive one of them :P
  • alex789alex789 Posts: 20
    Dear Bob, your ’78 story is tear squeezing and because it’s true, it appears even more dramatic.
    Why you should pay for features you don’t need? Keeping this logical question in mind, lets add to your story something like that: You love the car – it reminds you old days, when GM dinosaurs were bossing around. 10 La is gorgeous. Maybe it’s new beginning for BU – not too big, not too small – exactly what you need. But problem is … in short, you need this back up damn cam!

    They actually push you to buy on $2645-495=$2150 stuff. I have no doubts - you’ll get 2K off.
    Just watch inventory. If you will see your car is sitting a while – at the end of the month go for it.
    I don’t think that LaCrosse will produce a hit like 300C. The car sale still is falling.
    By the way, new generation hard drive based nav. is way better, than you have – quickness, picture quality and on… It’s like reg. and HD TV. You will drop on 40G hard drive your entire CD collection. It can store 12000 songs. You’ll never regret, specially with sound of hi-end Harman-Kardon.

    I remember less than two years ago, I was looking for a car for my wife. I wanted small CUV, she – sedan. EX35 was an answer. Concept was stunning. Here on a forum people were chewing every detail, every news or video. But when it came to production Infinity decided to make it 3” shorter to save a gallon or two of gas. (Gas was over $4 at the time). As result, the smallest rear legroom number in class. Some people were turn down. Rest of them went to the showrooms. Some were count on base models – price for these model was actually OK and included a lot of good stuff. But there were not such a thing as base models – everything came dressed up in packages: Premium, Tech., Luxe Elite, Luxe Style and combo of them. Some people, who were crazy about EX and have money, took their candy home right away. But most people went home empty-handed. I don’t know what is going on now, but back then people turned out from SUV/CUV and were standing in line for hybrids. Few weeks were gone - EX sale got stuck. Infinity, who declared a new wonder as small crossover, became warred about their new breed. And that was the time to buy. People came back to showrooms and did whatever they want: 3-3.5K below Dealer Invoice. They got for free not just Nav, but never seen before exotics, such as: Around View Monitor System (with 4 cameras), Lane Departure Prevention System (not just warns you, but automatically applies one side brakes to push you back to your lane). Others were grabbing different goodies: Intelligent Cruise Control (also applies brakes, if you too close to a vehicle ahead), Adaptive Front Lightning System (headlamps move in the direction of a turn) or Bi-xenon Auto-leveling Headlights. Did I mention, that all of those cars had power fold/unfold back seat and self-healing paint – small scratches will escape with time?
    I just checked forum “EX35 buying experience” – 5-7K off from MSPR is everyday think. But two guys are clamed - they've got almost 10k off.
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