Rating the pick-up on your Milan

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I have a V6 Premiere and want to see what others feel about the acceleration.

I'm paranoid that its slower than it should be because it was a previous rental. Getting in the gas seems to KILL the MPG on my car.


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    Do you have the 4 or 6 cylinder I have an '09 Fusion SEL V6 and the tires are easily spun if I accelerate too quickly. The car definitely kicks butt for what some people consider less horse power than other competitors. I think it must be due to the amount of torque the Ford engine has maybe. I don't know I'm not a car expert, but I've owned many vehicles in my 52 years and the V6 has plenty of off the line acceleration. It surprised me the first time I test drove one. I was expecting a sluggish response because of some of the negative reviews I had read. It jerked the steering wheel out of my hand and I veered partially into the next lane. Luckily there wasn't a car or truck in that lane. Any vehicles MPG will be reduced by driving aggressively. I suggest you accelerate more slowly and smoothly and you will be fine.
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    I have the v6. I just took her for a spin, not much tire spinning going on but its real cold (which i think should help a little slip)...

    I cant imagine its because i have good michelins on there, maybe its part of the reason. It also KILLS my gasmilage when I floor it from stop
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    i have an 07 fusion sel v6.
    there seems to be a correlation between the average speed and gas mileage.
    the lower the average speed(stop and go), the lower the gas mileage.
    i keep the avg mpg displayed at all times. it can help you determine what has an effect on mileage.
    i find that stop and go kills it. acceleration, not so much.
    although this car supposedly does 0-60 about as fast as my first sho, i didn't buy it for that, so i don't really push the envelope.
    i re read your last post.
    my car, awd, seems to stiffen up quite a bit under 20-23 degrees, until it warms up.
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    I hear you on the stop and go thing, but the only difference between "stop and go" and just "go" is having to constantly accelerate. I imagine your car has a 6 speed tranny also, even though its the AWD? those top gears seem to save the day for this car, its quite the spread between city and highway milage. even idle on my car drops the average milage surprisingly quickly
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    yes awd has the six speed also. the stop and go part of my commute is the beginning. the average mileage usually drop .2-.5 before starting back up as i get out onto the highway for maybe 8 miles.
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    I just purchased an 06 V6 Premiere, and I must say that the pick-up on this car concerns me as well. I thought it was because I previously had a V8 and was accustomed to alot of power. But the more I drive this car I see that's not the case. I was thinking because I purchased it used and it was previously a leased car that maybe the fuel injector need a good cleaning. I also noticed that in the morning it idles a little fast and I don't know if this is just how the car is or a potential problem. Have you noticed this? And one more thing to to mention, two days ago I let the car heat up only 3 mins (was in a rush) and when I went to press the gas pedal I had no acceleration I couldn't go faster than 5mph. Have this happened to you or anyone else reading this?
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    Something is certainly wrong. The V6 Milan is a very quick car. It is not necessary to let them warm up more than a minute.
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