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Kia Soul Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Great Job KYFDX!

    I was wondering did that price include any rebates or customer credits?
  • just picked up a 2010 soul (!) model automatic with no extra options. msrp $18890, invoice was $17,995. paid $17774 ($221 BELOW invoice) + tax/tags. also got 3 years with 0% financing.
  • correction on my price, see below:

    just picked up a 2010 soul (!) model automatic with no extra options. msrp $18890, invoice was $17,995. paid $17734 ($261 BELOW invoice) + tax/tags. also got 3 years with 0% financing.
  • markusofmarkusof Posts: 1
    edited September 2010
    I got my Soul+ for a price I cannot say, I Think I SOUL (Stole) it as it was less than any posted.
    I have Soul + with audio upgrade, cargo cover, cargo net, cargo liner, floor mats, Sun Roof and 7yr Unlimited Mileage Glass Coat / Teflon Protection.
    $18420 + 895 Glass Coat = Soul

    Tell them Jeff Sent Ya...

    I would recommend you talk to Faiz Tueimeh.....
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Manson, WAPosts: 7,236
    ya got there, markusof. Enjoy it! Kia is on a roll that is really surpassing that of big bro Hyundai right now, IMO.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Can you tell me which dealer you were working with? I've looked at Century, but couldn't get them below invoice more then a couple hundred.
  • kidfunkkidfunk Posts: 1
    Has anybody bought a soul+ with audio upgrade lately?
  • sirk98sirk98 Posts: 7
    Thinking about purchasing or leasing a Soul+ automatic w/ sunroof/foglights, rear applique, sound upgrade, cargo net/cover, etc; remote start, wheels locks, etc...

    Wondering what people are seeing out there. I am in NYC area...
  • jjcaijjcai Posts: 1
    Hi, sirk98. I'm also looking around for a Soul + (basic config is good enough for me). I'm in Stamford, CT. The newly opened dealer said they just sold out SOUL for now. Any good KIA dealer you know in NYC (or metro NY)? Thx.
  • sirk98sirk98 Posts: 7
    Hi jjcai

    Stamford actually seemed the most honest of the dealerships I spoke to. Check to be a good resource for finding reputable dealers...

    If Stamford is out of pocket, I might try Karp Kia on Long Island, as they have great ratings
  • Hi all
    I am live on the Central Coast of Cali, and had no intention of buying a new car for a very long time but there I was in my CSAA rental after my 2009 Pontiac Vibe was totaled, and a check to buy my new car with.
    I drove 6 cars in 4 days, the SOUL was first, and the last!
    I went back on the last day of the month to buy one. The only SOUL that was left on the lot was not my 1st choice. I wanted the Automatic Transmission in Dune, MSRP $16450., as I recall. That's it, no add ons.
    I am now the proud owner of a car that any 20 something would love to own, and I am 48! I love it! My SOUL is so safe and so cute. MSRP on my Lil' Alien? $19650., and the price sold to me $16750.. That is one heck of a motivated salesperson!
    I am still comprehending the events of the events of the past 3 1/2 weeks without a doubt.
  • Was seriously considering buying the Soul ! w/premium package from Kia dealer in East Meadow, NY, but then saw that they got an "F" from the Better Business Bureau for lots of complaints, so now I'm asking myself -- and anyone out there with experience -- am I crazy?!
    Also, I have 2 teenage boys who will be driving this car (altho it will officially be MINE). Concerned about visibility & blind spot, and lack of 4WD. Any comments, anyone?
    If I don't get the Soul, may well go for a used certified Honda CRV, which would be the 2nd in our steep driveway.
    Welcome anyone's thoughts.
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    Well, if your dealer has an F from the BB and you don't want to do business with them, that shouldn't sway you from considering the Soul. Just consider one from another dealer. After all the BBB rating is for the dealer, not Kia.

    As a snow belt occupant (Chicago area) I can understand your concern about the lack of AWD. A couple of weeks ago I dropped $900 on a snowthrower. :cry: For small CUV alternatives, you might also look at a Nissan Rogue or Juke, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, and so on. All can be had with AWD. I'm assuming price is at least something of a concern since you mentioned the CR-V alternative would be used, so you might also look at, say, the Ford Escape which should be reasonably priced used.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Fushigi,
    I take it you have a Soul, though? How has it been handling the roads with snow and bad weather?
  • fushigifushigi Chicago suburbsPosts: 1,400
    No, I don't own a Soul nor have I sold it to the devil. :D I was merely expressing my opinion that while FWD w/traction control is tolerable in winter conditions, AWD makes it a whole lot easier to handle.

    My wife has a '12 Elantra (FWD, of course) and I have a '10 Outlander GT (AWD). In winter the Outlander can be driven almost like it's on dry pavement. It handles and accelerates just fine. Braking, of course, can't be helped by AWD so you still have to be an aware driver & allow appropriate distance.

    You mentioned in your OP that you had a steep driveway. I would think that AWD would make it much easier to handle when the driveway is slick or there are icy patches (that always seem to elude our best attempts at clearing away).

    That said, if you anticipate the vehicle mostly being driven on roads after they've been cleared then AWD wouldn't be necessary.

    As to the cost difference, in your area I would think the added cost of AWD would be returned when you sell the vehicle so that's a wash. You're mostly left with the 1-3MPG penalty AWD systems impose over their FWD brothers.
    2017 Infiniti QX60 (me), 2012 Hyundai Elantra (wife)
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • namonanamona Posts: 4
    edited November 2011
    I got a quote for 2012 Soul + with Auto transmission of $16,500in the chicagoland area. Is this a good price?
  • amysmamysm Posts: 4
    Been looking for a kia soul+ for several months now. A local dealer has the one I want with the upgrades I'm looking for. The msrp is 20,070. Sale price I am being offered is 18,978. Based on my online research I believe this to be $300 under invoice. (seems too good to be true) I will be leasing which I have never done before. I am being told the money factor is .00164. The residual is set at 56%15k and 57%12k . Lease is 39 months.

    What do you experts think?
  • Hi, looking at a 2012 Soul+ with interior lighting, wheel locks, floor mats, & automatic for an MSRP of $18545, and the dealer is willing to sell for $16500 + title, license, and taxes and will throw in the iPod cable. Seems like a great price. Just wanted others' thoughts before I sign. Thanks.
  • what other options were on the car? MSRP? I just posted with something similar but had almost $400 in options for the same selling price. Which dealer?
  • amysmamysm Posts: 4
    That seems like an amazing deal. Check prices at for details but I think that may be less than invoice.
  • I am in Chicago as well. Please share name of dealer to help your neighbors out! :)
  • I took the price and then shopped around, with each dealer that I visited willing to undercut the other by several hundred dollars. Truecar price on my vehicle as optioned was around $16889 without mats, interior lighting, and locking wheel nuts. Got it down to $16.5 and thinking of signing on Saturday. I'm wary of Grossinger Kia in Lincolnwood so while they offered that price, I went far to the suburbs. I'm in the Northshore.
  • That sounds like a great price. I leveraged True Car back in April on a 2011 Optima. It was a great asset in the negotiation.

    Let us all know how it turns out on Saturday!
  • Went to Napleton Kia in Elmhurst, IL to buy the 2012 Soul+ for 16.5 but seeing the Moss Green for the first time in daylight, I just could not pull the trigger and sign the deal. Stopped by other dealers but none had any Soul+ in stock. I guess I'll have to think about whether I can live with the color or put a deposit down and ask to locate another color.
  • stanbearpigstanbearpig Posts: 1
    edited December 2011
    went to look at a kia soul automatic at my local kia dealership in Coatesville, PA the salesman was quoting me 16,500 for the base model. I dont have the best credit and need a co signer. The car seems great but is this a good deal.
  • stanbearpig, look up your car at to get pricing in your area. Your credit has no impact on pricing, only the rate you'd pay to lease or finance. In my area of South Florida, invoice on a 2012 Soul+ Auto is aprox. $16,600 plus a $750 destination charge, according to Consumer Reports. Note that that $ figure is for a Plus, not a base. It was tricky to find inventory.
  • can someone tell me what the interior lighting kit consist of?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
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  • slvr1slvr1 Posts: 1
    Agreed. If you're in the Atlanta area, Kia Mall of Georgia is the way to go. Easy to work with and great people in the showroom. Just bought my Soul+, 6-speed manual and LOVE IT!!!
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