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  • jagbuyerjagbuyer Member Posts: 4
    We are in the process of shopping for a Jag XF Supercharged or a BMW 535i. Does anyone out there have any buying experiences or tips.

    I am especially interested in actual sales prices for the XF SC.
  • bmlexusbmlexus Member Posts: 755
    The new XF is amazing, I saw 1 in white today, looks so much nicer than the 5 series.

    There will be a new 5 seri, which will be out this year, will be something to look out for.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Member Posts: 593
    I'm currently waiting for my new XF to arrive. My local dealer, Piehler Jaguar, in Webster, NY didn't have exactly in stock, what my wife and I wanted, in terms of color and options, so they're shipping one in. We're anxiously awaiting it's arrival. We should have it in a few days.

    We're trading off our 2000 Lincoln LS, and although the Lincoln was an enjoyable car to own, 9 winters in the "snow belt" started to take their toll, in the body of the car. Therefore, we decided on a new ride, and since the sales manager at the Jaguar dealership is an old friend, he insisted we take an XF home for a couple of see if we liked it.

    Some people here might recognize my user name as one of the original, and old time posters on the Lincoln LS discussions here. As enthusiastic as I've been over the vehicle dynamics of the Lincoln, the XF appears to be equal to it, and at the same time, a bit more sophisticated as a car. Hopefully, my first impressions will continue to remain as strong, as we live with the car.
  • morocco2morocco2 Member Posts: 43
    I just ordered a 2010 XF Premium Luxury with Portfolio pack, Bowers & Wilkins sound, rear entertainment system and winter package....I need it up here in the great white north... :( Now I have to wait until late August early September to take delivery. I have added the rear spoiler, chrome side vents and mirror covers. It will be indigo blue with the interior in truffle & champagne with the Figured ebony veneer unique to the Portfolio. I am counting the days :shades: The service from Jaguar of Ottawa is simply superb. I have been dealing with the same salesperson that leased me a 2007 LR3 HSE. Not decided on leasing vs buying I will wait until we get closer to delivery date to see what programs they have in place.

    morocco 2
  • bbronovbbronov Member Posts: 1
    I picked up my 2010 Premium Luxury yesterday. Great experience overall (with the exception of my trade-in). I wound up paying 54,850 +/- for mine, which a a little more than I wanted to pay, and a little less than they wanted...I guess it worked out this point, after driving it home, I'd probably have given up a kidney for it! It's a fabulous car.
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    Good to see you here...
    Please post your impressions?
    - Ray
    Old, old timer & previous Y2K Lincoln LS driver.....
    2022 X3 M40i
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Member Posts: 593
    Hi Ray!

    My wife and I both had a change in our lives, as we retired from our respective jobs within the last 18-24 months. Therefore, the most apparent change is that we don't drive as much as we used to. I was hoping to actually do a little more, as in "pleasure travelling", however the sour economy has us playing a little close to the vest, until we see how things play out in the long term.

    Because of that, although we've had the XF for a little over 2 months, we've put just about 1000 miles on it. The driving experience is positive, as the ride is taught, but not bone jarring, cornering is quite good, and the braking is oustanding. However, I have a few quibbles with the car....

    First, it seems to only happen to my wife, but the gear selector seems to get confused sometimes, and she's been unable to shift the tranny from "drive" to "park" with the engine running. The dealer looked at it thoroughly, ran a few computer scans, but couldn't find anything wrong. As a "shotgum" solution, they replaced the "shifter module assembly", as it's all electrical, and tied into the computer. It was OK for about a week, but now my wife says it's happening again. BUT, and I repeat, BUT, it's never happened to me.

    I don't want to be nasty about the whole situation, but I sincerely think that cars, and the XF in particular, are getting too complicated....unnecessarily. I never thought that using an ignition key, or having a transmission shifter that was actually connected by a linkage or cable to the transmission, was a BAD idea. I strongly believe in the KISS theory. Somehow, I think that there's some very subtle that my wife is or isn't doing, to keep the car's computer happy, hence her issues. But, if a car is THAT sensitive, what good is it?

    Other than that, my only complaints are that the seat bottoms could use a little more side bolstering, as the car WILL corner, and the seats will allow you to slide around a bit. Also, the view out the rear window is a little limited, due to the very stylish "fastback" roofline. It isn't a real issue, however, until you have to back up.
  • xf2010premxf2010prem Member Posts: 6
    I am guessing this is a 2009 considering the date of your post. What options did you have on it?

    How do you like it now that you yave had it almost 3 months?
  • jsorofjsorof Member Posts: 11
    A poster on a different thread mentioned that Jaguar has an unadvertised $3000 factory rebate currently on the XF. Has anyone else been able to pull that out of Jaguar?
  • bocatripbocatrip Member Posts: 194
    My neighbor was considering the Jaguar XF but after reading the JD powers initial quality review, they have removed it as a possibility. It was quite dismal getting 2 out of 5 stars for initial quality in quite a few categories.
  • jagbuyerjagbuyer Member Posts: 4
    My experience has been overwhelmingly positive. We have had zero complaints about the XF SC. It is the most amazing car I have ever had the pleasure of driving.
  • myxfrmyxfr Member Posts: 1
    I recently purchased a demo XF Supercharged with 6,000km in Canada for $66,000 + tax.

    FYI the XF SC is way more vehicle than the 535i both in terms of power (420 v 300 HP) and reliability. I have friends who recently bought new 3 & 5 series BMW's and they seem to be driving service loaners more than their own cars. I have spoken to 3 other local XF owners and in the last 3 - 6 months other than scheduled services, none of our cars have experienced any problems. I just took a 1000km trip and the Jag performed flawlessly.

    The only issue with the XFSC is that like most high end cars it only comes with high performance summer tires. If you need to drive in snow conditions, winter tires will cost over $2,000.
  • jaguar16jaguar16 Member Posts: 7
    Jaguar is now an Indian beast (according to the Indian press AND Tata Group) thanks to Tata Motor's 100% acquisition of JLR. Land Rover/Range Rover is also fine Indian heritage now. Both now high quality Indian luxury cars. Power to JLR's new Indian owners/masters.

    Already Jaguar/Land Rover are establishing component sourcing offices in India. Soon they may be entirely "Made in India".....yessss!
  • greenie7greenie7 Member Posts: 12
    This has changed since the debut of the 2009 model. The 2010 model has had fewer complaints and many happy owners!
  • richbikerichbike Member Posts: 8
    Purchased today. $58,000 Happy with price and the excellent customer service. Looking forward to some enjoyable driving.
  • forest53forest53 Member Posts: 4
    Could you tell me where you purchased your XF Supercharged ? I am looking for one myself.
  • brunosbrunos Member Posts: 2
    - Anyone to share their experience about the XFR ?

    I'm soon on the market for a new can to replace my BMW, and need to admit that I'm very attracted by the spec on this model, but know nothing about Jaguar...

  • drew217drew217 Member Posts: 7
    I think this is true. I called on a lease price for an XF Premium and they only had the portfolio package in stock. They were quick to offer a $3000 discount off the MSRP.
  • All

    I am also coming out of a BMW and looking at an XF or XF Premium. I am searching for the lease rates (residual, money factor etc) for these vehicles on a 10k, 12k, 15k lease. Does anyone have these.

    I have a monthly price point I am trying to get to and was hoping that using the numbers and a lease calculator I have could at least let me know if I am close

    Thanks all

  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    The 2011 XF SC with the new 5.0 engine cranking out 480 or so HP seems ideal. It has all the good features of the XF R but is a lot less money. HOWEVER, the wheels are both 20". How is the ride with 20" wheels? Or, if I really like the car, should I just buy some 18" XF wheels from E Bay or
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    I have only driven one XF S/C – I was talked into a relatively brief test drive a while ago.

    This was not a ‘demo’ – and my sales associate [ a.k.a – ballast ] said that they keep the tires at high pressures in their cars that just sit on the lot. I was not impressed with the ride quality – but if the tires were set at 40 or more, that would likely explain the issue.

    From the C+D ‘short take’ –
    “and we still love the exceptional ride quality”

    Good luck!
    Report here if you do take the plunge?
    - Ray
    Not currently tempted – even by the 5.0 S/C . . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150
    edited July 2010

    While the Jag brochures are fairly clear, the JaguarUSA site is not. I wonder, after you load up the XF premium with the options that the SC has (Zenons, etc.) I wonder how much the extra 90 or so horses cost (380 natural horses vs. 470 when blown). I live in New England where the roads are potholed 12 months a year and in winter's grip for 4 1/2 months. I see myself using the supercharged engine a lot the first week that I own it and then later maybe not so much.

    Is anyone else besides me having trouble loading the jaguarUSA site?? It is so bad I have used a Jag dealer's site, not JagUSA's site, configurtor to "build" my XF.
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    Well, obviously, only you can decide if the additional HP [ & TQ ] are worth the additional cash.

    2 things:

    Thing 1 = I would strongly suggest that you try to locate a used S/C & test drive that. Typically the used [ previously loved ] cars have their tire pressures set to specs. [ I check with the pressure gauge in my car, if in doubt. ] An extended test drive is often easier to negotiate on a used vehicle. This may help you evaluate how much the increased acceleration is worth – to you. As well as judge the ride.

    Thing 2 = I am a Torque junkie. One reason I bought a new Corvette coupe in late 2006 [ rather than any competing sports cars ] was the effortless delivery of Torque. The feeling of acceleration available at most any combination of road & engine speed.

    While I believe that it is imprudent [ at best ] to approach the cornering limits of any car on public roads, I can utilize full, maximum, WOT acceleration most any time I drive my cars. Rarely for more than 10 or 15 seconds at a time, due to traffic & road conditions & law enforcement – but still. . .

    And that ability to accelerate [ um ] very briskly, without having to push the engine past 4,000 RPM, is quite satisfying – to me.

    Good luck!
    - Ray
    Yes, the Jag web site is a mess . . .
    2022 X3 M40i
  • gatorjaggatorjag Member Posts: 4
    I am looking into purchasing a 2011 Jaguar XF premium. Before I discuss numbers with the dealer, I am trying to figure out what is a good number to aim for. Edmunds TMV does not give any info other that MSRP and shows a good price being less than invoice which seems unlikely. Any idea?
  • blckislandguyblckislandguy Member Posts: 1,150

    That was all well said. Yep, getting on the throttle for a few seconds is fun and a lot safer than trying to pull 1.0G on an off ramp. Additionally, especially here in the East with the proliferation of potholes, if you were trying to take a curve at 9/10's and a pot hole suddenly appeared you could be in deep #@# as the car was thrown off the
    best line.
  • notarietynotariety Member Posts: 1
    I Bought the 2011 Jag XF and have problems with the drive. It hobbles, vibrates and shakes and the dealership says its the tires over and over again. And every time I get the car service and drives it, it drives like a wreck car. I had a used BMW 6 that drove better and Mercedes models that drove better. They never hobbled, shaked or vibrated. This is more than ridiculous and I suspect that I bought a lemon a few weeks ago. Looking to find out if anyone else is have the same or relative problems with their XF.
  • jake1346jake1346 Member Posts: 1
    Same issue here with a 2004 X-Type. It has to be a design problem. Only once was this problem not present after a service appointment. A ball bearing in the front suspensions was the issue. Sorry i cant be more specific right now. But the wobbling in the steering wheel when going over 40mph is annoying.
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Member Posts: 593
    I have a 2009 XF, purchased new in April of '09. When I first took delivery of the car, I immediately checked both the tire pressure and wheel lug nut torque. Neither were correct. Tires inflated too high, lug torque too low.

    My car rides fairly well, considering the poor surface quality of the roads where I live (snow belt state), however I have the 18" wheels on the car. In fact, I purposely bought a model that had the 18s, especially for this reason.
  • chriw1chriw1 Member Posts: 1
    The wheels are the biggest complaint I have with my 2010 XF. When left outside one night they froze and drove like the flintstones car till they heated up. Also 3 bent rims, a tire blow out and second tire bubble courtesy of a pothole and then finally last night a flat to add insult to injury. I don''t think this car is designed to be ridden on normal streets only race tracks. Never had this problem with any of my BMWs.
  • samstar11samstar11 Member Posts: 2
    Hi all,

    Wow, I can't believe that no one has posted here since 2011.

    Can anyone tell me what sort of deals they're getting? I'm looking at an XF AWD and am wondering what sort of discount I can expect to get on the vehicle?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,134
    A reporter would like to speak to a recent Jaguar buyer who likes what Tata Motors, the owner of Jaguar, is doing with the brand. If this is you, please send your daytime contact information to [email protected] no later than Monday, September 9, 2013 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET.

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  • stevejostevejo Member Posts: 9
    Have you bought an AWD XF yet? I'm looking for one also. Some dealers are marking some, but not all, new ones down about $8,000. Also, some of the dealer demos are being sold as CPO cars, with Jag Select warranty, and marked down even more than $8,000.
  • samstar11samstar11 Member Posts: 2
    Still looking - I think deals are to be had on 2013s now.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547
    I, too, have been shopping '13 XF. $5000 customer cash on AWD. I've negotiated at a couple of dealerships for in stock cars at invoice (at least the invoice I am aware of) less the $5k. One dealer did mention dipping into holdback, but that was on a model with more equipment than I wanted/can afford.

    So deals to be had on '13, but diminishing inventory.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • stevejostevejo Member Posts: 9
    Bought my '13 XF AWD about 2 weeks ago. Luv it, other than the engine sound at idle and the exhaust note are sort of odd, nothing like the aggressive burble of the V8. I bought an "exec driven" car with 2,500 miles that the dealer had in-service for about 3 months. It came with the Jag Select Edition extended warranty, to 6 years or $100k, and was about $10k off MSRP. This seems to be pretty typical of the deals being made by the more aggressive dealers, who tend to advertise on or I've seen a few other exec driven XFs marked down even more, $11 - 13k, and a lot of new ones marked down $6 - 10k. I assume this is the dealer holdback but I was not able to verify. There was one exec driven AWD XF on ebay a few weeks ago that the dealer in Ft. Worth sold with Select Edition for $18k off MSRP! It was stratus grey so I didn't buy it -- don't care for that color -- but man somebody got an incredible deal on it! That's by far the best deal I've seen on one. Good luck.
  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    Last I knew, Jaguar [ like Audi & BMW ]
    had no holdback...
    2022 X3 M40i
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547
    Dealer #2, after pricing the XF down to his "dead cost," then mentioned a possiblity of finding another ~2%, I took that as holdback, but maybe dealer incentives I'm not aware of.

    Yes, currently I drive a V8 which just makes the best sound I hear every day. The SC 6 and Turbo 4 just can't match that.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547
    Please post further thoughts on your XF when you have a moment! Ride, handling, NVH,engine, mpg...

    I'm still trying to figure out what to do, the '13s around here are fading away. I'll look for a CPO '13 such as you have.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • bigredboy2bigredboy2 Guest Posts: 1
    What are the lease numbers for a 2013 XFR and XF SC for 12K miles, 36 months? Any incentives/cash back offers?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 228,070
    I'm sorry, but we don't have the Jaguar numbers for December


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  • stevejostevejo Member Posts: 9
    edited December 2013
    Thoughts on my '13 XF AWD, that I've had for 6 weeks -- the handling is very precise, the ride is beyond belief -- I hardly notice when I go over RR tracks -- and the acceleration is impressive -- any more power and I'd just get myself arrested! Fuel mileage is consistent with the 16/26 EPA rating. The NAV is a little "clunky" -- as I've heard others describe -- but I had to pay for it to get the back-up camera, which is great (I never had one before). I have seen that the back-up camera is standard on the '14 XFs, and the NAV is a $1900 option. I can't imagine parking this car w/o the front warning system and the back-up camera ... because from the driver's seat, one can't really see much of the front or any of the rear of the car! The 8-speed trans shifts so smoothly and so often, that it gives one sort of an odd sensation, in that it shifts before you anticipate it should -- and then you hardly notice it did shift, other than see the tach fall back. I have no complaints other than the exhaust note of the SC V6 at idle, but I'll live with that to get the AWD, which is already paying off given the recent snow.
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547

    Thanks for the update! I'm still trying to buy a '13, but they are few and far between with the options I want. Regretfully, I think I'm ready to trade my XK for the better year round capabilities of the XF, but if I can't swing a deal in the next few days, I may go to Plan B, an Audi A5. Or, Plan C, a winter beater!

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547

    Wow, latest offer for a '13 XF is a little over $12,300 off MSRP. Will visit the dealer tomorrow to get the XK appraised, I'm hoping the appraisal will be consistent (certainly not lower) with the other two Jag dealers have offered as this XF is a bit more optioned than I need. But, at this price, well, let's see what happens tomorrow.

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • rayainswrayainsw Member Posts: 3,190
    edited December 2013

    AWD V6?

    Good luck!

    • Ray

    Jag lover .....

    2022 X3 M40i
  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547

    Aye, Ray. 825 Watt Meridian Premium Pkg, Cold Weather (new favorite option: heated steering wheel!), Convenience pkg and split/ski sack rear seat. Every time I believe that I am ready to part with my Jag XK, I see it, sit in it and drive it. And my mind immediately changes. I don't necessarily have to move on from the XK, but it is probably the "mature" thing to do. Hopefully, the XF won't leave me too longing for XK. Sigh. :(

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547

    Hi, Ray: A much more verbose posting in the CCBA thread, but I done did it. Traded in the '09 XK for a '13 XF. Over $14,300 off MSRP, less on XK trade than I had wanted, but not the time of year or geography to trade in an XK. And, they "threw in" nice winter floor mats!

    I make the exchange tomorrow. Bittersweet, parting with the XK is somewhat painful (as well as having car payments, but 1.84% apr). But, life is seldom linear...

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • stevejostevejo Member Posts: 9

    Laurasdada, So how do you like the XF AWD? Sounds like you got a heck of a deal -- did you get the premium package? Mine is doing quite well in this snow -- it's not my wife LR3 but beats the heck out of my old XJR for getting around on snow and ice.

  • laurasdadalaurasdada Member Posts: 4,547

    Hi, Steve: While I miss the XK, I'm enjoying the XF. Premium, Cold, Convenience and folding rear seat/ski sack. And, at the last minute, I asked for and got winter mats! But, they probably got me on the trade...
    Good to hear it's good in the snow, one of the reasons I traded the XK. Although, now that I have a car suitable for snow, I predict it will no longer snow!

    Looks like my first tank of gas I got just shy of 19mpg, but that included a lot of local driving and idling. Stop/Start doesn't seem to work below 40 degrees. It's my first stop/start car, not sure how it compares to the lambasted version in the 3 series, but it doesn't seem too obtrusive. Noticeable at startup, but not an earthquake. Haven't yet really tested the torque, only ~350 miles on the clock so far. But, everything is working as advertised, the tranny shifts are smooth, steering good feel and the car does not feel as big and heavy as it is. Wife's 5'er feels like a big car with bland steering when I drive it, the XF is better.

    Still loving yours?

    '21 Dark Blue/Black Audi A7 PHEV (mine); '22 White/Beige BMW X3 (hers); '20 Estoril Blue/Oyster BMW M240xi 'Vert (Ours, read: hers in 'vert weather; mine during Nor'easters...)

  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454

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  • texas82texas82 Member Posts: 2

    Hello. Just bought a 2013 XF Portfolio demo. I live in Houston, but bought it in San Antonio. They were the only one that had just what I wanted in Texas or Oklahoma. Paid $51,700, MSRP was $63,300. Think I could have done better, but wanted the car too bad. It drives absolutely like a dream. I'm very excited. I can highly recommend Barrett Jaguar in San Antonio.

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