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Hyundai Accent Hatchbacks

mraphaelmraphael Posts: 1
I've read about the resdesign (98?) and the
nororius problems prior to it. Has anyone owned a
newer accent for long enough to have a solid
opionion on the new design/reliability? I know
they have a 10year/100000 mile warranty.


  • alextalext Posts: 63
    No, but the warranty is quite impressive, as you know. I would consider getting an accent, but they're too conservative for me. I want something that stands out. Like a Suzuki x90.
  • I have a 92 hatchback and I am not aware of the notorious problems. I have been quite satisfied with the 92 and I am considering buying a 99. I just want to get the best price possible. What problems were noted in the past.
  • sameersameer Posts: 1
  • sjoosjoo Posts: 7
    If somebody wants to buy a 99 accent,wait until september. 2000 accent will be sold in september.
    You can check 2000 accent in hyundai website ( Check "Verna". Basically, that's the car which will be sold in U.S.A with "accent" name in 2000.
    Looks very good,the powertrain is old one though.
  • Been looking at an accent for commuting. Best price I have found is $6999. From Fairfax Hyundai in fairfax Va. Check it out and perhaps your local dealer will match. Also what kind of gas mileage are people getting on this engine. Real world feedback appreciated.
  • larryshawlarryshaw Posts: 1
    San Diego price on a new Accent is 6995.00 with rebate of 750. Maybe they are working on clearing out the 99's to make room for the new 2000.
  • quickshiftquickshift Posts: 16
    To one who post above me, I think the dealers are screwing you. These cars are not very popular. You can get a 5speed,power steering and A/C for $6995. Stay away from automatics-- they don't last long(40K) and drain engine power(only 92 HP).
  • occupant1occupant1 Posts: 412
    The 1999 Accent stickers without AC for $9434 including freight. There is I believe a $1500 rebate, and they have roughly $375 of profit to work with before they dip into holdback. That works out to around $7600 plus tax and stuff. Those $6995 Accents either a) require dealer financing to get that price, or b) require a trade-in to get that price. That or they are used or demos. I don't foresee many dealers using 5-speed Accents as demos.

    A used should be able to buy a low-mileage (15K-30K) 1997 Accent for $5000. A 1998 with 10K-20K for $6500. Used 1999's should be too close to new ones. However if you are choosing between a new 1999 and a used 1999, remember only the new ones give you the 10-year 100K warranty. That turns into a 5 year 60K warranty if the car is re-sold. A new Accent with AC, 5-speed, cassette, and taxes should cost you $9000 out the door.
  • Does anyone here know cpr, this topic is dying.
  • rob97rob97 Posts: 2
    do you own an accent?
  • rob97rob97 Posts: 2
    lose that stock airbox and go W/k&n fitercharger setup.You will notice a vast improvement in prerformance. However,you must use stock airmass sensor.
  • Yes I own a accent. Its just that you can't find accent owners to talk to. Is there a correlation that most Hyundai owners can't afford a computer. Thats why there not answering.
  • I owned a 1996 Accent until about a few months ago. I had many problems with it, but I still loved my vehicle through it all. It was just that I am a young girl and needed something reliable. The first thing that went wrong was in January of 1998 my engine went. So, it spent many weeks in the dealership "hospital" recovering. I think though, that I was driving it too hard. I went from a chevy el-camino with a lot of power to a small 4-banger, so I drove it too hard. I then didn't have any problems whatso ever until this summer. I went up to Chicago (a two hour drive) and my card overheated right on the tollway. I was sweating this one, big time. I finally managed to get it to the hotel, by turning the ac on to kick the fan on. But, when I got it back home it still was overheating in normal traffic. Also, the car was stuttering very badly and would dye on me a lot. I went ahead andtraded it off, to get rid of it. I really loved my car, but needed something else
  • th003gth003g Posts: 149
    Wow I have a 96 accent 3dr auto in the family and it has 75k miles on it and going strong. What kind of driving do you do?
    Dang someone with only 40 thousand mile s on their auto tranny? THe one in my family has been babied with all services done on time, but my father who drives it usede it to commute 100 miles per day every day to NYC for two and a half years.... He drives like a maniac on fire and the car took the abuse... From the experience we've had with it, i (college student) will prob. Buy a used '96 auto ( don't like the newer styling).
    Driving too hard eh... my father owned a V12 and a supercharged 6 while he drove the four what does that say about the hyundai "alpha" engine?
  • I have a 97 accent. I don't know why but I really like this car. It's pretty much only a commuter car for me now. I also have a 2000 mustang. When I bought the mustang I was going to sell my Hyundai. But partly because the resale value was so low and, I didn't want to put so many commuter miles on my New mustang, I decided to keep the Hyundai. I think the accent is fun to drive AND feels a lot faster than it relly is due to such light weight (mine is bare bones, no a/c, power windows, etc.)
    I have 38,000 fairly hard driven miles on it so far. At around 10,000 the clutch went out but otherwise its been perfect. They fixed it promptly under full warranty! I've also used road side service a couple times(I always lock my keys in the car! This service has been great. WHEN BUYING A NEW ACCENT PAY THE ABSOLUTE MINIMUM PRICE!!! Get very close to the invoice price. These cars have horrific resale values and should be bought with the intention of driving into the ground so to speak! :)
  • Help, I am considering buying a 2000 Accent Gs for my 16 year old daughter. I like the cheap price and the warranty but is this car dependable. I don't see any comments from anyone that has a 2000. Also I have never owned a Hyundai. Do they need the 100,000 warranty? Will my daughter be safe in one. I think they are cute. She wants a standard for more get-up and go. Can I put bigger tires on this car for my peace of mind? Thanks for any imput you can give me.
  • to ask, what is the best color for the new accents.
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    I can't add any advice on the 2000 Accent, nbutler1, but as for safety I suggest you check out the Chevrolet/Geo Metro topic. One of our members had a serious accident and walked away. Be sure to take a look at the photos.

  • boltguyboltguy Posts: 94
    I have no idea of accident data comparing these two vehicles, but if you have test driven these two cars, there is no comparison of which is the better built vehicle. I have driven both, and while both are econoboxes, the accent is so much more substantial. While I can not profess the long term reliability of the accent, it is a heavier. More so, the accent has the fat warranty backing it up. I don't see how you can opt for anything else, but please check them both out.

  • hsohso Posts: 9
    Accent is simply better car than metro!!
    No doubt about it.
  • I've had my Accent for almost a year now, and it
    seems to be what you pay for so far. No problems
    yet, a very comfortable car (especially after my
    previous car - 88 Pontiac LeMans). The whistling
    sound is always present when the car accelerates,
    but it is not much of a problem because once you're driving, you have a good amount of road noise inside the cabin. The ride could be a littl smoother, also. But other than that, it is a nice little car with huge expandable trunk. And you can change oil only 5-7,000 miles (owner's manual). Although, right now I would probably buy a Toyota Echo because of its resale value, or a Ford Focus hatchback because it looks like a real hatchback. But Hyundai makes more sense if you plan on owning the car for a long time.
  • I noticed that all hyundais use the same size oil filter. The 1.5 L accent has the exact same oil filter as the 2.4 L sonata. I assume that the big oil filter benefits the accent the most since it has the smallest engine.
  • I have found that the original tires on the accent don't function well in heavy rain, slick and snow covered roads. I am talking about a few inches of snow. Has anyone else had this experience? Your feedback is greatly appreciated. thanks
  • I bought my Accent early in 1997 and have had no real problems. I've got 30k on it so far and the only problem I can identify is an annoying rattle that comes from inside the wall on the rear passenger (right side) area. Like any car, every time I took it in to the dealer the rattle was no where to be found (and came back as soon as I left). Other than that the car has been a good value for the money. As for the Metro/Accent debate I have owned both cars and believe me there is NO comparison. I'd pick an Accent over the Metro without hesitation. The Metro just isn't as as well put together. Guess thats why I'm on my third Hyundai and only owned 1 Metro.
  • Slava,

    That whistling is the resonator on the exhaust system. There is a Technical service bulletin on it. I took mine back to service and they took car of it while I waited. In and out in maybe 1/2 hour.

  • Dose anyone know if the Acents are capalble of towing, I mean like little 4 x 6 travel trailors. I know some compacts can tow up to 1500, while others will state that towing will void the the warranty. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated
  • I read in the owner's manual that towing your accent will VOID your warranty. That's the last thing that I would want. I have a 99 Accent that I really enjoy, except that I wish it had a little more power.
  • that also voids your warranty
  • mznmzn Posts: 727
    That sounds strange, chrees. I can understand that they don't want you towing with an Accent. What happens if your car breaks down and has to be towed? That voids your warranty? Do other manufacturers do the same?

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