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2010 Chevrolet Camaro

rich50rich50 Posts: 12
edited December 2013 in Chevrolet
Hello all,

As always this forum is a great source of info'.

Has anyone here ordered a new Camaro yet?? My lease on a 2007 Hummer ends in Feb' and I would like to order the new SS Camaro. Hoping it is one of the safer GM buys these days..

Has anyone been able to order one for MSRP or less? Also will GMAC let me extend my lease a month or two until the Camaro arrives?
Thanks for the help,


  • When will the 2010 Camaro start being made and shipped to the people that have ordered one, GM told me on an email that they have no production date set . Maybe someone here at EDMUNDS can get some answers. ????......
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    I ordered my Camaro 4 weeks ago. My dealer rep called me last week with the news that a defect was discovered in one car. The seal in the windshield was bad, which halted production. I was told that,hopefully, I would see my car some time in May. I will look towards June, maybe I'll get an unexpected surprise and see it in May, but I won't count on it. What's worse, I'm not financing with the dealership, I'm ready to write the check, they're getting paid-in-full, but even THAT won't speed-up the process....
  • What are you paying for it without tax & title? Which one and which dealer are you buying from? Thanks!
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    I'm paying just over 32, with all taxes/title money included. That's for the 1SS, V8, 6-speed manual, RS package, and red jewel paint. I ordered it thru Sunrise Pontiac GMC in Collierville, TN. Not really sure what the price was before the tax-man hit me. I've been busting their chops about getting some kind of discount or deal, but I'm not gaining any ground, yet. I'll be honest, since I saw the car in the '06 Auto show, I've been making it financially possible to pay a good penny for the car, although I won't give up on some kind of deal. I don't want to get shafted, but I do want the car. So does everyone else that orders one, so they know they can try and work folks over on the price. First purchase for the new ride... A very good security system. Any suggestions?
  • quamazequamaze Posts: 5
    Hey Im right here in Memphis also! I am looking to get one too! Who did you deal with? You are paying cash and they didnt want to cut you a deal???!!!!
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    The salesmans name is Sam( I wouldn't ask for him) He's extra shady, I didn't catch it quick enough. Right now I deal with Steve Farris(Sales Manager) or Monica Berkheimer. Monica is really the person I'm staying in touch with because she is the person that put the order in and is in contact with the factory in Canada. She will ultimately be the person that knows when the car is on it's way to the lot. They'll ask for $2000 to start the order. I said I'd give them $1000 and they went for it(I still may have given up too much). As far as paying them in full when the car gets here, they have no control as to when the cars will reach them, so I guess it sucks for them,too. I plan on haggling for some love(either on the price,a really good warranty, SOMETHING) once the car is closer to getting here. Basically, when you order the car, you go in and the salesman will ask you which car(LS,SS...), what options(RS package,etc.) color? All of choices are entered into the computer, it spits out your car and price, and they ask if you want to order it. Of course, that's when they inform you that they require $2000 to start the ordering process. Tell em you'll drop off $1000 and you should be good. I asked about cutting me a deal, then, but that was talking to Sam, and he has no power. I think I can come out of this deal in good shape, but the waiting sucks. The waiting period is roughly 8-10 weeks. I'm into week 6.
  • bldskrbldskr Posts: 1
    This explains why when I inquired at a local dealership about if I were to order a Camaro why it wouldn't be in until December. That would be fine if I didn't live in Massachusetts. You can not drive a muscle car in three feet of snow, ice and salt. I don't understand why production is taking so long???? Any ideas?
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Not sure what is holding everything up. Hopefully they are making sure they put out a quality product. I have read blogs about how cheap the plastic is inside the car. I also read that someone thinks the glovebox is too low. I would be OK if these are my biggest problems with the car. I don't want the plastic to crack and fall apart, but I'm not gonna be that worried about it. One issue that I am interested in is the vision. I've driven sportscars that have limited vision, so for myself, I'm good. However, I have a wife that will eventually need to drive the car, and that's an issue.... I do have promising news. I'll be sitting in one tomorrow. I came home(from Jazzfest in New Orleans..) to a message on my machine from my Rep. They'll have a Camaro on the showroom floor on May 6th. So, I'll be there on my lunch hour. I knew one would be here before I got mine, just didn't know when. My Rep did say that the car is for sale, so it could be gone before I get there. I will be asking about production and time-tables, so I'll post what I find out.
  • etcarrolletcarroll Posts: 87
    Pls. note the headroom, if its there for you to sit in.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    : Fellows;
    Be careful in buying the new Camaro----remember it is a first -year car, with all the inherent problems first -year cars have(ala first year 2004 GTO), GM is full of internal problems, union/management, what dealerships will be around-------------they will be closing many--how far you will have to drive to get to one and when you get there will there be "competent" mechanics to fix them.
    Remember GM has disbanded their HI-PERFORMANCE TEAMS.............they are gone .........fired/retired or sent to other divisions.....
    Us GTO guys knew their tech. representatives by first name and GTO FORUM GUYS knew who to ask for. No such people left.

    Please be aware ot these factors.Good Luck.
    A 2005 GTO GUY
    (luv the car) :sick:
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    That's a good point. I hope nothing like that goes down. I'm one hour away from heading to the dealer to check out what they have on the showroom floor. My target date is now May 27th, so I may be in it sooner than I thought. I'll live on the edge and take a chance, I might be really happy with it, become the 2010 SS GUY.....
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Here's what I think about the new Camaro after the unveiling yesterday at my dealership. This is opinion without actually driving the car. The test drives are scheduled to start today. First reaction as the cover was removed? My wife says all I did was smile, and lite-up like a kid @ xmas. It was impressive for sure. Black paint and a mean stance. This wasn't even an SS! Brought in a base model LS, 6 cylinder, nothing special. It really is a good looking car. Now, the inside is bit of a toss-up. It has more room inside than I was expecting. I'm only 5'9" and I had plenty of headroom. Everything udjusted to meet my needs, and the visibility is about what I expected, not great but not something I can't get used to. The back seats are typical, "Camaro small". This won't be a primary vehicle, so no worries there. On to the plastic... They really did over-do-it a bit with the plastic. I don't know how "cheap" it is, but it seems that there is alot of it. When I sat in the drivers seat, however, I no-longer gave a /!@%*! about the plastic... All I wanted to do is drive the car. It felt good, and it's different. The gauge placement, shape, alot of differences that make this car new and retro @ the same time. Overall, nothing is perfect, and this car is no exception. Having said that, I can't wait for mine to get here. Without driving the car, I give it a B+ to an A-. Not too bad. I have some more news on the pricing of these bad-boys(seems the dealerships like 'em,too) but I gotta run 4 now.
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    My impression of the Camaro is positve, overall, and I believe I'll really enjoy the car. HOWEVER, had I not ordered mine back in March, I wouldn't be buying one, period. The base model LS that is on display @ my dealership has a price of $32,900 on it. INSANE mark-ups. A $5000 "fair market" mark-up from the dealerships alone. My 1SS, V-8, RS package, special paint, tax, title, etc. was $32,400 when I ordered in March. I had it put in writing yesterday that the $5000 "fair market" addendum would not be added to my car. I explained how they could give me the $$$ I had put down back and that I wasn't paying one penny more than my invoice stated. Amazingly, since I was the 5th order placed, they agreed that no extra $$$ would be added upon delivery of my car. I got that in writing just to be sure, and I think they got the message. I may have to pay the remaining $30,000 without a deal, but compare what they are asking for these cars now with what I'm getting, I can live with that. It's a sharp car, but damn...
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    I must apologize. The Camaro I saw yesterday was the LT model, MSRP $27,000. Add the $5000 and there you have it. Also, with some investigation, I have found that it is up to the particular dealership as to whether or not they add the "fair market" addendum. I found one dealership that is aware of the other dealerships adding the $$$, but they say they aren't adding anything. So, there is still hope of catching a break on the price, but the wait sucks. You could always buy what's on the floor, but those cars will have had far too many test drives for me. Good luck to all in your quest for the elusive Camaro....
  • j1huynhj1huynh Posts: 28
    I am 27 and currently driving 2000 honda prelude.. i am really having a hard time deciding if i should get a camero or not.. it seems that american cars are getting better but i am still worry about the reliability and those things.. honda prelude has been very reliable and no issue with the car (except for transmission at 60,000k which the warranty took care of). Now, my car is at 140k and still driving well.. but i am kinda bored of it.....
    i am thinking of the camero LT1 with RS and conv. package, moonroof, spare tire ~ 30k from chevy website...
    anyone has any opinion?
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    I felt the same way about American made vehicles as you. I wondered about the reliability and finally decided to try a new one out. I bought a 2003 Dodge Ram Quad cab back in September of 2002, and I have to say that it's been a really good truck. It helped my wife decide on her next vehicle purchase. She bought a 2007 Durango, fully loaded with the Hemi, and it's been a great ride so far. I always thought I'd keep my truck, but I also own a Jeep, and when I saw the Camaro in the '06 Auto show, I knew I was going to try and get one. Make sure you get very detailed with whatever dealership you deal with. The price on the Chevy website and the price that comes up on the dealership computer will probably be alittle different. And make sure you ask about any "fair market" addendums.
  • websalesguywebsalesguy Posts: 13

  • rich50rich50 Posts: 12
    Dealer markup or market adjustment is only as much as your willing to pay. I called local dealers to ask if they were doing a ADP, I ordered mine at msrp.

    Has anyone been notified their SS is in transit yet?
  • alman08alman08 Posts: 282
    I have always thought the new Camaro looks very nice except for the tail lights... now here is the fix by Fesler Moss... o-ss/16083428+cr1+re0+ar1/fesler-moss-edition-2010-chevrolet-camaro-ss-black.jpg-

    now the car looks way better (just in my opinion only)
  • hotrod777hotrod777 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know of GM pre-orders to start being filled first now that dealers have received theirs?
  • As a 51 year old Vette lover and owner, I should kept my last Vette an Mint 2002 thinking that the 2010 Camaro was going to be an Awesome looking car. As usual the Proto type Hype photos were very misleading. The car is too big, looks nothing like a sports car, the wheels are too big and makes the car look stupid.
    I may as well buy a Dodge challenger because it has been out and the first year production quirks worked out. I wish GM well because I want American car companies to survive, but I think this car is going to be a dud. As usual GM tried to copy someone and not be orginal and factual to the truth of American car buyers desires and dreams.
  • mcribbmcribb Posts: 20
    Who would be stupid enough to pay a 5000$ mark-up. I would just wait a few months. I do not believe anyone needs one that bad. :confuse: :confuse:
  • mcribbmcribb Posts: 20
    I hope they are doing that for good quality. It could be to keep the price inflated....
  • yh8myssyh8myss Posts: 17
    Got a call on 5/21 from my rep, my car is built, I have the vin#, and now I should have from 8-21 days til it gets here.
  • greeneyespsugreeneyespsu Posts: 139

    Sorry you had an issue with your GTO, but the Camaro is one car that shouldn't be warned against as a first-year car. If you know anything about the mechanics of this vehicle you know that most of the major components on this car are ones that are already being used in other cars (i.e. the engine is from the CTS) and have been for many years. There is also no issue with any fixes on GM vehicles as far as dealerships/service go. The government mandates that all warranties/services/etc are taken care of regardless of dealerships closing.
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Hasn't there been 2 recalls already on this car? I hope they get the bugs worked out. I saw my first on the highway this week and it was in a word: Awesome. Yellow with a black hood. I had to do a double take. Myself, I'd probably wait and go for a 2011 MY V6 RS. Good looks, 29mpg, fast enough for me, good handling, what's not to like?
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    I wanted to add that in regards to the recalls, I am not harping on GM. I'm not a hater; most of the cars in my life have been Chevys (Z-28s) or Pontiacs (T/As). My first car in fact was a Firebird. Probably explains what I'm doing following this Camaro thread.

    Have a great Memorial Day. Thank you troops!

  • mcribbmcribb Posts: 20
    I went by the Chevy dealer on the weekend and do you believe that the Camaro was unlocked the whole weekend. Some fellows where sitting in it on Sunday. It was nice on the inside, but I closed the door and listened to the usual GM cluck door closing. Sounded like metal against metal. Typical GM car. NO thanks I will pass on the Camaro.
    mark :( :(
  • iwant12iwant12 Posts: 269
    Thanks for the report, mcribb. Metal on metal sound doesn't inspire me. It's sure a good looking ride, though. Somewhat off putting, for me, is the porthole trunk opening. I know it's not the reason for buying this type of car, but I need a certain amount of utility. But the awesome looks, 29mpg, price, and horsepower sure is enticing.
  • lee700lee700 Posts: 7
    My wife and I have been discusing the purchase of the Camaro ever since we saw it last fall at the Texas State Fair and had decided we would purchase one at some point. We went and checked one out at a dealer and while driving off we both looked at each other and said "that's not going to work". The visibility especially from the front windshield made me feel like I was looking through a narrow slot. The side windows I might could have handled. I actually did feel a little claustrophobic. I did not drive it and might give Chevy another shot a me, but I was disappointed at first look because I think they got everything else right.

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