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Volkswagen EuroVan



  • Just traded my 93 Eurovan and now I have for sale a cover, barely used, and an used Bentley Manual for sale. The cover will fit any model without the weekended top. You can send me an e-mail if interested.
  • dlscottdlscott Posts: 1
    I read on the VW web site that retail price of the 2001 model Eurovan will be reduced by over $5,000. However, when I contacted Winnebego to ask about the new camper model I was told it would increase by nearly $2,000 compared to the 2000 model. What gives here?
  • msilcoxmsilcox Posts: 1
    Could anyone help me find out what kind of towing capacity that my 1980 VW camper will tow? I am interested in towing a boat?
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    With an 2.0 liter four cylinder aircooled engine? Towing? Not much, brother. I don't even think they are rated to tow anything. Putting that much stress on your engine will undoubtedly further shorten it's life span.

    I currently have a watercooled vanagon and I doubt it will tow more than a thousand to maybe two thousand. Again, the owner's manual does not say it's rated to tow at all.

    If towing is your thing, then the vanagon isn't.
  • 93vw93vw Posts: 1
    Like #180, I too am thinking of buying a '93 Eurovan, after having a '69.

    Good idea? What is their reputation?
  • dplachtadplachta Posts: 109
    Given the price drop in the Eurovan, it is now competetive with the Astro for cost and shares a market with Astro for 4500 lb towing, more than most minivans.

    Has anyone looked at these two vehicles compared to one another?
  • sobinysobiny Posts: 2
    My dealer here in New York is offering me 5.5% off the MSRP on 2001 Eurovan MV with or without weekender package. Does anyone know how rare/uncommon the weekender Eurovan is and is the 5.5% discount a good deal considering that?
  • hobyonehobyone Posts: 5
    Does your dealer already have them on order? I'd say it's a fair offer, depending on what he's saying MSRP is. Let me know the dealer(they have a website?), I might even come out and look at one!
  • sobinysobiny Posts: 2
    My dealer's MSRP and option prices are all the same as VW's home site. The general manager there "gave" me the 5.5% off when I wrote a letter of complaint after thier internet sales person treated me very poorly so I don't think they would extend that to everyone. To answer previous question, no he has not ordered any EVs, they typically don't at all but would order mine. Now due to the 3-4 month wait for delivery, I'm trying to negotiate with them so that after I put my deposit on the van and am waiting for it if any customer rebates come along I will be credited with these. Does anyone have experience with something like that?
  • hobyonehobyone Posts: 5
    I did not find VW pricing on the Weekender model at their site. Our dealer has 8 Weekenders coming - 6 pre-sold. I suspect it unlikely there will be any rebates this time as they have already dropped the price so significantly for this years model. But certainly worth negotiating the protection clause. Apparently the first shipment of EV's are currently at port and awaiting a VW repair since it was determined that they got the wrong wheels or tires on the production line.
  • slick19slick19 Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Eurovan w/ weekender package. We love the power of the V6. Passanger room is excellent as well as luggage space. Our kids and there friends thing theis van is the BOMB (which means good). We have 10,000 miles and no problems yet. We paid $200 above MSRP so 5.5% is GREAT! We looked all over the country for the weekender and at the time, we only found one in Atlanta. Luckly thats were we were moving to! They were more willing to negotiate than back in the west (Salt Lake City) were there seems to be a Eurovan on every corner. We rarely see one in the east.

    Bottom line: I thing you are getting a gret deal and you will love the car!
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I think you mean "da bomb". Have fun tooling around Hotlanta:-)

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  • hobyonehobyone Posts: 5
    Anyone know if you can get the optional Passat steering wheel with radio controls etc., on the new EuroVan? Also, my understanding is that the Weekender is only available in Red, White, and Blue(a patriotic gesture from our favorite German auto maker) So there are no special order colors, and therefore no surcharges for these right? Anyone know where I can verify this? - I have a local dealer adamant about surcharging me $275 extra for the blue, and I told her it just is not so. Any directional help would be greatly appreciated.
  • zavfejzavfej Posts: 13
    We've had a deposit on a Weekender at a dealership in NJ since early February. No one at WV of A can tell us for sure where our vehicle is now, or when exactly to expect it. We very easily secured a price that was just 2% over their invoice cost. On the NV Weekender only two of the colors are "standard" - the Artic White and one of the reds (Colorado or Tornado Red). The other two colors (Tecno Blue and the other Red) are additional money. The Camper is only available in White and is 15" longer than the other models.
    My experience so far is that the dealer network is so unfamiliar with this product (EV's in general) that any questions regarding anything out of the ordinary (or even "ordinary" questions) are met with either blank stares or mis-information ("Does it come with mats? Can a towing package be installed?"). All sorts of EV owners meet in yahooGroups "ev-update" and they could probably answer questions better than the dealers.
    Just my 2cents.
  • I would like to buy the 2001 Caravelle from Germany, mainly for the double sliding doors, but especially for the 9 passenger seating that the Eurovan lacks. I drove the Caravelle in Ireland last year, and the seating was great....but the EV only has 7 max. Doesn't VW know that we Americans want it all?
  • hobyonehobyone Posts: 5
    thank you zavfej,
    same out here on the west coast - different answer from each person you speak to. WV should try to communicate with one voice to it's dealer base, and put the burden on them to be informed, so THEY can properly inform those of us with the checkbooks. I don't even know what invoice' IS on this product. $31,900? more? less? Is invoice different form 'msr'?
    Ours is "probably on a boat already" is the best we are being told.... but I doubt it.
  • hobyonehobyone Posts: 5
    where is there a picture of this interesting sounding machine? What they really need in the new microbus is a 4wd version to capture the American market.
  • rxanandrxanand Posts: 33
    This is slightly off topic but I thought I would ask anyway.

    Last year we rented a VW sharan in Europe. The van was truly wonderful. It has seating for 7 and the great 1.8 T engine. This fits our needs perfectly.

    Why does VW not sell this car in the US?
  • lripanslripans Posts: 1
    Which dealerships have 2001 Eurovans? I've only found one coming in at one dealer in Bergen County. Not much negotiation room. Can anyone give me a name of a good dealer for this car in the area??? Many thanks.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    The Caravelle is what they call the Eurovan over in Europe :-). It is available in an AWD version over there, as is the Sharan. The VW Sharan was co-developed with Ford (Ford's version is the Galaxy).

    A VW new MicroBus 4-motion would be very kewl. :-)

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  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    No, the Sharan is not designed for the North American market and will probably not meet our safety or emission standards.
  • jimjpsjimjps Posts: 146
    The Caravelle is the long-wheelbase "Eurovan". It has a 130" wheelbase and is about 204"
    long. This is the vehicle that Winnebago converts to the Eurovan Camper for the US Market.
    So you can buy it, but only with all the Camper equip in teh US. In Germany you can
    also get the ironically named "California Generation" camper, this has all the camper goodies in the regular wheelbase model - and a 6-speed manual tranny.
  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    Is any passenger (as opposed to any cargo or multivan/camper) "Eurovan" sold in Europe:

    Vanagons were also called Caravelle.

  • mrnimmomrnimmo Posts: 271
    I limited my response to Europe. That's wrong. In most other countries the passenger Eurovan is called Caravelle.

    In most other countries, commercial/cargo Eurovans are called Transporters. Just like the old days. The long wheel base cargo vans would be a Transporter.

    T4 is the designation for the current Transporter/Caravelle family. Vanagon was T3. Etc.
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    My wife wants to "do" Europe, and loves to camp here in the states. Why doesn't VW offer a camping van or MV with a European delivery plan? It would heat up the market for the new Microbus among all of us who remember the '60s. Why don't they offer ANY kind of EDP?
  • richcolorichcolo Posts: 81
    My guess is that VW doesn't have any EDP because the Eurovan is the only VW model sold in the US that isn't manufactured in Mexico. Eurovan numbers are probably too low to justify setting up a program. Also, I may be wrong, but I thought the "Weekender" vans were modified after arriving in the US. Maybe I'm getting the "Weekender" mixed up with the Winebego Rialto.

    If the Weekender is completed in Europe, I think a EDP would increase the appeal of the package.

    Just my $0.02
  • hotx3hotx3 Posts: 71
    The Winnebago and the Weekender are two different packages. I think the Weekender is finished in Germany.
    A separate program for a model that only sells a few thousand here is hard to justify... they'd almost have to get Audi to slip the Eurovan into its EDP.
    Still, I'd love to do it, and it's probably the only way I'd end up in a Eurovan here in the States.
    Well, with F&M, it'll probably be 2002 anyway.
  • georgek44georgek44 Posts: 81
    Ironic that VW is using the name Caravelle. That's what Renault called its answer to the VW Karmann Ghia. Sold in the US in the late 1950's, it was a pleasantly styled two seat convertible built on the rear-engine Dauphin platform.
  • zavfejzavfej Posts: 13
    Someone asked where they could see this "interesting sounding machine". Go to "" and select "EuroVan" and then "Other EuroVan Stuff" and you can view a few different aspects of the EV.
    I called VW HQ and there is a delay in Germany (where, btw, the Weekender is modified) concerning the tires. Wrong ones put on at plant; VW and (I think) Michelin are "working it out", so it could be months till we see anything. I have my VID and confirmed its sitting on a dock there...bummer. Sold my other car...
    I read somewhere that the Sharon was some sort of a joint venture with Ford, and there are agreements that VW would not sell it here in the states.
    Someone asked where in Bergen Cty can they find a dealership that has a 2001 where.
    Agin, the VW website allows you to "find a dealer" and I did a 150 mile sweep, called everyone and the lack of knowledge about this vehicle is astounding. Well, I guess that when the total amount sold nationwide was under 2500 last year, it explains why no one at the dealers (at least the sales reps I spoke with) have any idea whats up with this unique Van.
    I'll let you know when I get mine...someone in Colorado reported in YahooGroups that he received his and it was incredible. He used the word "fast" to describe it. Isn't that an oxymoron when used with a VW Van??
  • jjgittesjjgittes Posts: 54
    Contacted two local VW dealers about getting a new weekender at the supposedly reduced price. Very wierd responses. They truly seemed uninterested in selling this vehicle. I don't get VW. I have many friends who would be interested in an RV type vehicle that could be used as a second car. VW's odd attitude and past overpricing has deprived it of cornering a potential market. Their loss, I guess.
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