Chevrolet Cavalier High Mileage

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Ok, I have owned 2 cavaliers in my time. I started with a 1992 cav with a 2.2L engine in 1994 with only 28,000 on it. Ran it till sept of 2000 when the head gasket finally gave up the ghost. Worst part, car still ran as good as the day I bought it when the gasket gave way. All the coolant would spill out the front. Only reason I decided to purchase a new one rather than fix the old was because of rust in the doors. Finally milage at the time. 335,000 kilometers. Now, I have a 2000 with a 2.2L engine. Bought brand new in Sept of 2000. Currently still running great. Original exhaust, engine, alternator, a/c. 5 speed manual. Everything still works. less than $1200 in repairs in the last 9 years of owning it. Current milage. 346,000 Kilometers...and still ticking. Who can beat me?


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    I had to do the conversion to miles and I think I have you beat. My 1998 cavalier has 234,614 miles on it. This car has been the best I have ever had. I did have the head gasket replaced with no garantee from the mechanic. That was about 3 years ago and the car runs and runs. Important to have the fuel filter changed when I have any power issues. I bought it used from a chevy dealer with about 32,000 miles on it. love this car
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    I purchased a 2003 Chevy Cavalier today with 234,000 miles on it for $1,800.00. I bought the car because my last car (2000 Altima) died last week. I am desparate as I need to get to and from work reliably. Also, I only had $2,000 to spend.

    I am worried about the high mileage ... actually a little stressed. I'm afraid of breaking down again.

    I need advise from anyone who has owned one about the best ways to maintain it and/or how much longer it has to live.

    I am comfortable with the dealer as he is a family member of a friend. The dealer bought a small fleet of these cars from a driving school.

    I'd really appreciate any advise, thoughts, ideas.


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    Hi Sarah,

    With any high milage car you are taking a risk in reliablility. I have a cavaliar that is about to turn the 350,00 km mark. I converted your milage into kilometers and you are sitting at the 374,000 mark.

    The cavalier is a fairly reliable vehicle but maintaining it consistantly will increase its reliability. The biggiest concerns would be the head gasket for me. The 2.2 liter and 2.4 liter have been known to throw a head gasket. This can be catastrophic if it happens.

    My suggestion. Yes, do the oil changes frequently. And keep an eye on the temp gauge. if you see it creeping up beyond normal this may be your indication that you have an impending gasket problem. At the very least you are losing coolant from some where and needs to be investigated immediately.

    good luck.
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    You asked who could beat your story, Let me know if you think I did.
    I have a 1996 2500 chevy pickup I bought it new, now it has 450000 miles. I have had only had minor engine work , transmission is perfect (never had any problems of any kind), rarly changed the oil, burn cheap gas, and I have a lead foot. I have gone through 4 alternators, several belts, 1 water pump and a few batteries. It will still pull a fully loaded horse trailer all day with plenty of power, No rust, the paint has not faded. It out pulls and runs better then most with one quarter of its milage. I drive it every day. So what do you think???
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    'So what do you think??? '
    I think that this is a Cavalier forum so your Chevy truck does not qualify :)
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    Well I have a question, I just bought a 2001 Chevy Cavalier, about 3 days ago
    with approx 189,xxxk Miles witch is 304,166 in KM, I paid $850 for it, he posted it on craigslist for $1700 originally , but lowered the price for me, as I was in dire need of a car, and he had too many to keep insured, I had a mechanic go with me, he test drove it, ran excellent, it is a 5 speed manual.
    2.2L SFI, sounds great, idles great, runs perfectly, and gets great gas mileage there is nothing wrong with this car, body is in perfect condition, and was well maintained, how many miles do you think I could get out of this car, if I keep up on the good maintenance on it?

    I just recently had a '89 Acura Legend 2.7L V6 with 300k Miles
    and it lasted me for about 6 months, but it was a bad deal from the start

    [(I know it's a old thread/topic, still curious)]
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    I'm glad to hear I made a great decision on purchasing a Chevy Cavalier. I can't beat you mileage wise YET, but I can on the costs of repairs. I bought my 2002 Cavalier brand new with like 2 miles on her. Since then I have racked up 276,000 miles. I would have put more on her, but I had a Ford Ranger and a Mazda Miata I enjoyed driving as well. Only thing is, I have NOT replaced anything major. It's a 5 speed and the clutch is still good as gold. I have put new tires and brakes on her of course. I think at 200,000 miles I had to replace the Serpentine belt. She gets her oil changed and fluids checked every 3-4 thousand miles. I LOVE MY CHEVY CAVALIER!!!!!!!!
  • whitesox1933whitesox1933 Member Posts: 2
    What exactly do I need as far as parts are concerned?
    Thanks,All Responces.
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    I have a 2002 cavalier I got in 2008 with 250,000 miles for 500 bucks, 9 years later it has 428,645 miles on it and still gets 30mpg on highway a little more if I have a tail wind. drive train is original regular oil changes is the key.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 224,183

    I have a 2002 cavalier I got in 2008 with 250,000 miles for 500 bucks, 9 years later it has 428,645 miles on it and still gets 30mpg on highway a little more if I have a tail wind. drive train is original regular oil changes is the key.

    That's amazing.

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