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2010 Prius - Next Generation



  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Please trust me that I am not poking fun at other contributors to this and other forums. Rather, I feel genuinely fortunate, because I now own a fantastic vehicle.

    I own a G3, IV and find that it is quiet, comfortable, most economical, and fun to drive. I like the looks too. I purchased it for it's fuel efficiency, which to date is greater than the EPA figure. That is great!! But, in addition, I have found the NAV system is functional, and very clear; The drive comfort is much better than expected, it is stable, and drives straight without issue; the interior is tomb quiet; the audio system is better than my hearing .... no complaints; the seats are comfortable even on moderately long trips (longest has been 250 miles to date); and I could go on and on.

    Truthfully, I have enjoyed every car I have owned. My last was an Acura RSX (a lot of fun to drive, and very economical). Prior to that I owned a 2001 Toyota Highlander, (great car)(traded in on the Prius). The list includes another Acura, another Toyota, a Nissan, two VW's, and long before that several Fords.

    I know that many feel a $25-30,000 vehicle should be perfect. I have not found many "perfect" things in my life, but I have found many excellent things. So far, I include the 2010 Prius on the "Excellent" list. I tend to thoroughly research a product, make the best deal possible, and then enjoy the purchase. If a problem develops, I try to solve it, but some writers seem to search for problems, or features they do not like, or list features they wish it had.

    I suppose I have enjoyed reading others comments, but most often I conclude how glad I am that mine does not have that problem.

    I sure do feel smart when I fill up the tank ..... thank you Toyota.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Since you have the nav unit can you tell me if you go to the screen with points of interest (at least that is what most nav units call it) and go to where you look for restuarants and click on that. Does it give you a read out of restuarants starting with the closest ones and going farther out? Reason being we are looking for a new car when wifes car is off lease at the end of the year and her current one doesn't do that. What it does is you go to the map and turn on the icons for restuarants and then you have to touch each icon to see what the name of the restuarant is. We drove a Ford Fusion Hybrid this morning and it has the feature with the readout and also a very beautiful screen too. Thank you for your help.
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Hi, I will tell you what we have learned thus far. The "points of interest" feature will take more time to understand all it's capabilities. We are taking a mini-vacation this week, and will learn more about that feature.

    When driving on the Interstate, it does show the next three exits before you. It does list gasoline, lodging, food and "$" .... not sure if that means "ATM" or a bank. Again, that feature will need to be understoof a bit better. One aspect of the NAV that I have not become accustomed to ... the vehicle cannot be moving when changes are entered. I tend to get in and go, and my wife complains that I did not give her enough time to set things up. The name of the restuarant is not shown (that I have seen). Some have complained about teh clarity of the screen. The only complaint I have is all the fingerprints on the touch screen.

    I considered the Fusion, but could find no dealer that had one to drive. The local Ford dealer did not even meet me in the showroom floor or when we walked around the lot. I mused that they must not be hungary enough yet.

    I have read good things about the Fusion, and I like the looks of it, but alas, I went for the mileage, and the Toyota reputation. Actually, I considered giving Ford my business for not accepting the govt money. But in the end, I went with the Prius, and do feel I could not have done any better. As I mentioned, I traded a 2001 Toyota that has been an outstanding vehicle.

    Good luck.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160

    You can also do it by voice favorite is..'I'm hungry'. that will bring up all the icons on the map around your present location.
  • felt - how did you "make the best deal possible"? i am in the market for a new car and prius is topping my wish list but i have been unable to get any quotes down from sticker. i would love the IV with the solar package but, as a new young professional, im probably being a bit overzealous and would be fine without the leather. i have a 3 hour commute and have had my little vw cabrio for seven years so its time for something more reliable and efficient - any advice is appreciated!
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    I dont know what state you live in. I am in southern CA. and I just bought a white exterior and beige interior package IV with solar roof and navi. Even though package IV and V are rare compared to other packages, but you still should be able to get at least a few hundred dollars off the MSRP. I got $400 off but I could have hassle for at least $100 off.
    I admitted at first when I first got the car, I did not like it and kind of regretted it, but the more I drive and learn about the vehicle, the more I like it. If you want to save little money, you can skipp the solar roof, but I highly recommend the Navi. it is worth getting the Navi. the solar make it looks very nice, especially with a white exterior; however, the solar is not really practical. Dont take me wrong, I enjoy the solar roof, but if you want to cut a few bucks off the price, you can skip the solar.
    good luck
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The guys at the Fusion Hybrid forum as stated that lots of dealers are giving good discounts on them though a little less gas mileage than the Prius it may work better later on as a family car plus if you can save a good deal of money on one it may make up for the little bit less gas mileage plus it is shaped like a regular car and I feel easier to see out of. That I think at this time is what the wife is getting when her lease is up.
  • I just briefly looked at the Ford Fusion and it looks really nice! I was kind of sticking with the Toyotas and Hondas because I drive a few hours a day and they have a reliable reputation, but it does seem like the Ford has a lot to offer. I'm kind of a techie and I was surprised to see the Ford offers the nav with voice command and bluetooth, etc. and I'd be interested to see if their software is as good as the rest. How did it test drive compared to the Prius?
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I personally thought it was hands and feet over the Prius. I was lucky to drive both cars with leather and I thought the leather was nicer, the car smelled like leather where I didn't get that smell in the Prius. I didn't like the gearshift on the Prius as I thought it was confusing and then the push button for park. Why didn't they put in a regular shifter like a normal car? The Fusion had a very nice center console with lighted cup holders which I thought was great as most cars don't have that feature and on my HHR I have to hunt for it in the dark. I liked the stereo in the Ford better and the display on the Ford is I think is light years ahead of the Prius. I guess the thing I just couldn't get used to was the instrument panel (or lack of) compared to the Fusion. Fusion had big speedo right between the spokes in the steering wheel and 2 LCD displays, one on each side of the speedo that you can get almost anything you ever wanted to know and then some. The Sirius Sat. radio with travel link was cool for the few minutes I played with it. I clicked on temp. and my state and city and it gase me the current temp plus I think it was also a 5 day outlook but don't remember. Both cars sticker for about the same with the same options and the only advantage I could see to the Prius was the rear seat folds down where as on the Ford the batteries are behind the rear seat so the backseat back rests I guess against the battery pack somehow. But this way there was room in the trunk for suitcases and the spare was tucked under the trunk floor like a normal car. I guess the Prius in a way reminds me of my old 71 Mustang fastback and that was hard to see out of due to the blindspots. All I can say if you can locate a nav. Fusion Hybrid drive it. Even without the Nav. I's still say drive one as you will always wonder if you made the right choice. During our test drive wifs said look, I've been going 45 on electric for a while now. She drives 5 miles to work on nice level road and speed limit is only 35 so I could see the dollar signs in her eyes compared to the 15mpg in town she gets now. I guess at my age I still like the regular car look but both cars are good cars and I'd say give Ford a chance if possible as they have really come up with a winner.
  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    Well, there are good reasons that the big 3 was and still is going down -> simply, inferior products. Ford seems to fare better at the moment, but, take a look at Fusion etc. yourself, overall it is still lagging behind its Japan/Korea rivals. Reasons are simple, relatively ~15% of money you paid for the car did not really go to the car (read UAW). No matter how well you dance around that, cannot change the fundamentals.
  • When I started my next car search it never included Ford; I was all about Honda or Toyota; however neither dealers have been working with me on price - probably because they don't have to even in an economic downturn - which is why I decided to expand my options. I have heard a lot of chatter about the Ford Fusion, as well as many other American car companies having great deals right now. Even still, my top two choices are the Prius and the CR-V. Prius because it might be smart given my 120 mile per day commute, and CR-V because it would help with the nasty winter commutes up here in New England, and I really just feel comfotable in it.
    If anyone has any suggestions on car choices for a commuter who is also kind of a techie(love the navs with voice recognition and bluetooth etc), I am all ears.
    Also, I need help negotiating a fair price when it comes down to it!
  • feltfelt Posts: 105
    Felt Here,

    Today I drove our Prius 300 miles (to the Tetons). I am more impressed than ever. Comfortable, quiet, great NAV .... and 57.7 mpg. Gas in Wyoming is $, so you can see the day cost less than $15.00. I drove up and down the Teton Grade (10% up and 10% down) the hybrid did not even strain even with the A/C on.

    I do not understand comments about the "shift lever." It is not a shift lever at all. In much less than a week of ownership, I have completely adapted to the selector, and it is perfectly convenient when going to the "brake" function, for example when going down a long 10% grade.

    I can understand that others like the Ford Fusion, actually I like it as well, and may have made that choice had I not gone with Toyota. We all make our own choices. Some like the Fusion profile .... I like the profile of the Prius. It slips through the wind almost without any noise.

    Every aspect of the Prius design has fuel efficiency, comfort and reliability as a focus. It has been said before, the Prius is not a direct competator with the Fusion. Ford applied a hybrid system to a gasoline Ford Fusion, just as they did with the Escape, and a number of other manufacturers as well. Toyota did the same with the Camry, Honda did it with the Insight, and will do so again with the Fit. Each has achieved a degree of improved economy by doing so. As near as I can determine, only the Prius was designed from the inception to be what it is .... and they are now in the third generation of the design.

    Have a great day!
  • Felt - I really do think the Prius would be the smarter choice for me with my 120 mile per day commute but I do have a few reservations, mainly with visibility. Do you feel there are blind spots in its design and do you ever get used to that bar across the back? When I was test driving, the bar prevented me from seeing cars in my rearview that were a little futher behind me. I also feel a little claustrophobic in it for some reason...are these all things I'll become accustomed to? Other than that, I love the performance and all the little techie aspects that come with it, so if I could just get past the visibility/claustrophobia aspect and get over my 4WD obsession, I think I could really like it...
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Thats why the Honda Insight gets such great reviews. The quality of the materials are 3rd world at best. Maybe it was made in India. Personally I have no problem with the UAW as I live in Mich. and have seen first hand the things they do. Of course you being from CA. I expect that. You are the type of person a few years ago wouldnever buy the Chevy badged Toyota built in CA. by UAW as you would have said like most people who had their heads buried in the sand that the toyota was better even though they both came down the same assembley line. Try this out. Of course maybe you should hire a UAW person to run your state as it sure doesn't run well now. :P
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    So where does the extra 15% from Honda/Toyota go along with the rest of the profit. Oh yea, back to Japan. I bet it you all in CA. could use some of that money the American Car Co. give to their states. What does Toyota and Honda do your your state. By the looks, NOTHING. Plus those many hundreds of thousands of active and retired UAW people pay a whole lot of taxes to their cities and states. I could go on buy I think you get the picture. People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. :P
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Posts: 1,405
    Plenty of threads around to praise the UAW and the Big 31, or even comparing the Prius to the Fusion or Insight, but this is specifically about the 2010 Prius, of which was not even mentioned in your comments.
  • feltfelt Posts: 105

    Blind Spots: - I was a bit concerned about that initially. My other vehicle is a full-size truck, and it has taught me to use the outside mirrors. My previous car was a Acura RSX, and it had serious blind spots. I figure only a convertible with the top down offers completely visibility. No car designer can provide the cabin protection now demanded without sizable corner structures.

    The horizontal bar: Yes, it is in the line of sight, but again, I use the outside mirrors. I have the NAV package, so when backing, the camera gives a pretty good view behind. However, I use the camera only to check for children or obstructions that may be out of view of the mirrors ... I still like the mirrors, and use them when backing. When I look through the inside rear-view mirror, I see the bar, but a little more distracting is the rear hatch is brighter (it is not tented) and the lower area is darker. Honestly, I have not become use to the two levels of brightness. Also, the RSX had a very poor view through the rear view mirror. So, it is all in what you become comfortable with.

    Claustrophobic: I have never had problems with that; that being said, the RSX was even more "confining." We have the tan leather interior, and maybe it is the blend of tan and dark that gives me depth ..... Plus, there is a wonderful view of the road ahead. So many sedans have extended hood blocking most downward view. That probably helps too. ....... no I have not felt claustrophobic.

    4WD - I traded in a Toyota Highlander with AWD. That concern almost broke the deal for me. I talked with 4-5 other Prius owners in our development (I live in Utah and we do get snow). They all said they drive their Prius Winter and Summer, and they have never had a problem. The city does clear the roads, and there should be no problem except with accumulated drifts. The Prius is lower to the road than the Highlander. If it gets too deep I will drive my truck ... but they are not that great in snow either.

    When the Toyota Venza came out I looked at it and thought that was the direction we would go. Then I noticed how small the windows were, and I felt "limited." In the Prius I sit up (I am 6'3") and see over the sill, plus the wonderful panorama of the road ahead..

    I know you won't, but do not buy based on my comments. Some people have rented Prius' and get a better behind the wheel experience than a dealer will permit.

    BTW, my wife wanted a Lexus SUV. She objected to how low the Prius is to the ground. But today she told me she found the car completely comfortable on our 300 mile mini-vacation. And she is aware that we could not have afforded to go if it had not been for the fantastic fuel efficiency.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    'Fair' price is absolutely relative.

    A fair price on a brand new Prius is prolly MSRP, +/-
    A fair price on a brand new Jetta TDI, sedan or sportwagon is MSRP, +/-
    A fair price on a brand new Insight is prolly a discount, Honda doesn't give discounts easily.
    A fair price on a brand new FFH is prolly a small discount. Most dealers I understand have one or none.

    The four vehicles are not really in the same class.
    An Insight is a subcompact 5 door hatch
    A Prius is a tweener, between a compact and a midsizer
    The Jetta's are also tweeners,
    A Fusion is a midsized sedan.

    The Prius gets the best fuel economy ( FE ) by far overall
    The Jetta gets equally good FE on the Hwy but suffers in the city
    The Insight gets very good FE overall
    The Fusion gets the best FE for its class, but not amongst this group.

    The Jetta is prolly the most fun to drive but as a commuter that's prolly not all that important.
    The Insight, Fusion and Prius follow behind, subjective.

    The Fusion is prolly the most comfortable.
    The Prius, Jetta and Insight are may be less so, subjective.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    I have a 150 mile commute every day and currently 122,000 miles on mine.

    There are NO blind spots at all. In fact the visibility is better than most any other vehicle.
  • kdhspyder - wow - that's a lot of miles! what year do you have and how is it holding up after all that mileage??
  • felt - i have a vw cabrio convertible now and there really are no blind spots even with the top up so that's probably why the Prius seemed like such a difference. good point about the cabin protection - my cabrio offers very little protection, which is one reason i couldn't wait to get something bigger and safer, which is probably why i like the cr-v so much. good to know that you dont feel claustrophic in the prius, especially since you're tall!

    question for anyone, is paying the extra 2k to step up to the IV to get the leather seats worth it??
  • stevegoldstevegold Posts: 185
    A friend just got $500 off on a fully loaded Prius.
    I read in the WSJ that you can get $1,000 off.
    The fully loaded Prius was a waste as the 4 electronic gadgets are not worth $3,000.
    The leather seats are nice, as are the NAV and BT gadgets.
    I would prefer the NAV and BT with or without the solar alternative.
  • Yeah, does anyone hav the solar package? It sounds cool but I haven't seen it yet.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    you are right but my comments were directed at the person from Ca. with his heartless comments against the hard working people from the UAW. They didn't get GM in the mess they were in it was management and Wall Street. I'm betting that person wouldn't last a day on the line in ANY auto plant, American or Foreign. Now back to the Prius.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    I've heard pluses and minuses on it but these are all from people who don't have it. I too wonder who is right or if either are right. I think it will be one of those packages that one person will praise and another will not. Plus I think it may be better suited for the hotter climates than say MI. which may only get say 10 days a year if that many into the 90's. This summer has been weird and we haven't had 10 days in the 80's I believe.
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    No issues at all. I'm at 47.5 mpg lifetime done by actual hand calculations,i.e. Tot mi driven / Tot gal purch. A friend turned in his 2004 for a new 2010. He had 246,000 mi on his after 5-1/2 years. My own goal is 250,000+ by the end of 2013.
  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    I normally don't post much, but read amusingly with your personal attacks. If a plain-fact statement hurts so much (no need to blame the messengers), easy to see ur opinions towards non-big 3 cars and wonder why u r here.

    Back to Prius III - a car that I think has the best feel-good karma to me than said a Benz S65 AMG :)

    you are right but my comments were directed at the person from Ca. with his heartless comments against the hard working people from the UAW. They didn't get GM in the mess they were in it was management and Wall Street. I'm betting that person wouldn't last a day on the line in ANY auto plant, American or Foreign. Now back to the Prius.
  • tyler70tyler70 Posts: 82
    the solar looks nice, especially on the white exterior; however, it is not really practical. it works to keep the inside the same as outside, but when the outside temp is 98 degree, then 98 inside is still very hot. You can turn the AC on remotely which is a cool feature; however, you cant turn it on unless you are w/i certain distance from the vehicle, then do you turn it on and stay outside and wait for 3 min for the inside to cool down before getting in? Mine comes with the solar. again, it looks nice (black solar on white exterior) but not very practical. Hi highly recommend the nav + bluetooth
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    I don't see any "personal attacks," though the conversation got slightly sidetracked. As a side note, please don't type posts in "text message" - we're not a cell phone.

    Re: discounts - This seems to only work in larger markets. I had a friend shopping for a Prius in a college town, in which there's only one dealer who carries the Prius. No negotiation possible. She tried to cross-shop the Fusion hybrid, and they were out of hybrids long ago.


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  • ctlctl Posts: 129
    I think the host is quite clueless in correcting the attackee but not the attacker. I am betting the host won't last a day in a college classroom and I don't see any personal attacks in the above comments :)

    I don't see any "personal attacks," though the conversation got slightly sidetracked. As a side note, please don't type posts in "text message" - we're not a cell phone.

    you are right but my comments were directed at the person from Ca. with his heartless comments against the hard working people from the UAW. They didn't get GM in the mess they were in it was management and Wall Street. I'm betting that person wouldn't last a day on the line in ANY auto plant, American or Foreign. Now back to the Prius.
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