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Nissan Murano Start Stall and Idle Problems

2003 Nissan Murano
82,000 miles
Oil changes and tire rotation every 5k
BG 44k added 2x/yr
I am always on time with maintenance and have never had a problem.


Vehicle stalls when restarting vehicle after being driven


If the car sits for a while it will start no problem at all. In the morning before work it turns right over, but if I have stop and go errands to do that's when I have issues. After everything is all warmed up and I turn it off I will not be able to get it started. I found that tapping on the gas will keep it from stalling, but if I don't then it dies and lights up.

Previous steps taken:


Any suggestions?


  • This message was sent to Nissan:

    I would like to report a safety issue with my 2009 Murano. While traveling on I25 in Colorado, traffic was stopped due to an accident up ahead. Traffic was stopped for over 1 hour while the accident was cleared. I shut off the engine while we waited. During this time I got out of the car to stretch with the key fob still in my pocket.
    When the traffic started moving I got in the car and tried to start the engine. I pushed the start button repeatedly, but there was no response from the engine. I the mean time the miles of traffic behind me started moving to get around my stuck Murano. The key fob was still in my pocket but did not seem to be working. This was fast becoming a dangerous situation as I am now stuck in the middle of the interstate with a potential of being struck by others behind me.
    My wife questioned if there was something wrong with the key fob. Remembering what I read in the owners manual about the key fob, I tried putting it in the slot in the dashboard. I press the button and the car started! I was greatly relived to be on my way again. To me this could have ended badly, luckily it didn't.
    I have not encounter any more issues with the key fob since, but thought I should report this as It could be a serious safety flaw.
  • I had the same issue this weekend. Parked the car, keyfob in purse. Came back out, unlocked the car, pushed the button, no response from the engine. All the electronics worked, the car would not start. Tried repeatedly at different intervals without success. I too tried putting the key in the slot with NO success. Finally I called my husband to come with his key. His key was able to start the car. Drove home. Tried my key again, and it worked. The car is going to the dealer on Wed. I am furious however, this car has 5000 miles on it. I was not able to get any help from anyone on this on Saturday. The service department could only suggest towing it to them at my expense.

    Anyone heard of any similar issues?
  • Has anyone at Nissan or a Nissan dealership determined what is going on with the key fobs? Let us all know what the situation is.
  • Just back from the dealer. It happened again at lunch. Came back to the car, and the engine did nothing. After about 20-30 minutes of waiting, I tried it again, and the key worked. Took it directly to the dealer, and they ran diagnoistics. All they could tell me was it said "difference of key." They were unable to explain what that meant. They said there is nothing on record with Nissan about this type of issue. They wanted to reprogram the key, but all the keys have to be done at once. I had to drive home and pick up the extra key, and drive back to get them all reprogramed. I'm off to call Nissan to complain.
  • Let us know what Nissan has to say. We've had our 09 Murano just one month. So far, no probs...knock on wood. Would like to be a step ahead of the game, if prob with key fob develops.
  • ron118ron118 Posts: 3
    We have a 2009 murano LE with a starting problem. The dealer has adjusted the switch on the break pedal three times, It locks by itself with the tailgate open you can't unlock the doors, dealer said it is normal.
  • jayriderjayrider Posts: 3,602
    Take it to a qualified mechanic and have it diagnosed and repaired. After 82k trouble free miles, I wouldn't feel too bad about a repair bill.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Not bad advice but it's also nice to have an idea of the possible causes so you don't feel completely in the dark when the mechanic starts telling you what's wrong. That can save you some money in the long run too.
  • Thanks for your help! I made an appointment at the dealer to run diagnostics to find out what it is. I figured it might be the alternator, but I want a definite answer. The diagnostics is $70 which I'm not too happy about since they are just plugging in a computer, but hopefully it will answer my question. He also said it could have something to do with the diodes or many other things....

    I'll update next Friday after my appointment.
  • My 2003 SL Murano started stalling at 38k miles. I took it to my dealership that has performed all of the service since I purchased it off the lot brand new. Of course, the car would not stall for them. I have since taken it back in 3 times for them to look at it. The alternator (under warranty) and battery (my dime) have been replaced and the car still stalls intermittently.

    However, in the past few weeks (and at 68k miles), the car will NOT stay running unless I gun the engine immediately after starting it. It happens every time I start my car. It does not matter if the engine is cold or warmed up. I am taking it in this week b/c, in addition to the stalling issue, the driver's seat no longer adjusts on the right track. Randomly one day last week, the seat moved back when I turned off the car and then when I started it up (and gunned it!), a very weird noise came from the beneath the seat. Fortunately, I can reach the peddles enough, but it is inconvenient. No one shorter than I am can drive my car. The seat will move forward on the left track, so the seat just moves diagonally toward the gear shift, while staying fixed on the right track. And nothing is in the right track. I believe the motor burned out on the right side. Ugh!!!

    I will keep you posted. Of course, the warranty is over. This was my first Nissan. I had always been a Honda girl, where it was normal to run them to 200k without issues (wear&tear excluded). Is this normal for Nissan?
  • My 03 Murano has the same start/stall issues. I just brought it in and the dealership told me that it wasn't showing any codes, so according to the computer, there's noththing wrong with it. Though the service manager recognized that they didn't fix the problem, he has no idea why the problem is occurring.

    Several months ago,, the driver's seat just stopped moving back when you turn the car off.At least I can still position the seat, it just doesn't move like it did when i first got the car.

    Please let me know if your dealership has found a reason for the starting/stalling problem. I can deal with the seat for now . . . .
  • c8smomc8smom Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Murano and this started happening 3 weeks ago to me. of course I brought it in immediately and it didn't do it. got an oil change and worked fine. they said next time stop in when it happens. that was monday. i filled up gas and noticed that the gauge was not fully moving (thought my gas station ripped me off) then it started acting like it was out of gas sputtering so I drove right there and a mechanic took it out and it did it for him.. had to make an apt for the following tuesday (yesterday) they had it ALL day and it wouldn't do it no codes nothing. I thought it was the fuel pump and they agreed but that is the one thing that doesn't make a code and he said if it was it wouldn't be intermitent like it is they said to run it and see what happens. great going on vacation next week and what am I to do? get AAA??? I have 2 small kids I can't be breaking down.
  • My 04 Murano has the same problem----fails to idle after it warms up (but it starts ok). Light pressure on the gas peddle keeps it going-----but starts and idles fine if it is cold or sits for awhile.
    Problem started after replacement of the battery????? Wonder what the cause and effect is.
    Took it to the mountains, and never failed to idle when starting, hot or cold. Wondered if it was the altitude??? Came back to Ok, and now the problem is there again. Obviously the 'clean out' from a long trip was NOT the answer. Maybe the low octane gas I use causes the knock sensor to shut it down??? Will try a tank of premium next time gas prices come down.
  • After several hours of diagnosis, this is what fixed Muranogirl's issue.

    I removed the THROTTLE BODY and cleaned it with a can of carb-cleaner. There was a lot of build up, but I did not think this was the root of the problem. I reinstalled the THROTTLE BODY and started the vehicle. This fixed the stalling issue, but not the rough idle.

    I removed the THROTTLE BODY again for a closer inspection of the area. What I noticed was a small area on the opening to the intake that was dirty. The metal crush gasket that is between the TB and Intake somehow developed a leak. I could tell because everywhere on the intake where it mates to the throttle was clean except for this small area on the radius. (the stall was probably fixed the first time because I might have caught the gasket just right and stopped most of the leak)

    I cut a new gasket out of good gasket material. Reinstalled the TB, reset the ECU of soft codes and started the vehicle. No problem. Idled smooth like when we bought it.

    In conclusion: OUR particular problem stemmed from a leak between the throttle body and intake.

    Hope this helps.
  • If you want to test to see if this is your problem, here's an easy procedure.

    Note: Carb Cleaner is highly flammable. Use extreme caution and try to do this with a cool engine. (you can substitute carb cleaner with WD40- result isn't as noticeable)

    Get the engine to start and run on its own (if you have to have someone hold the throttle that is fine)

    Quick sprays of carb cleaner directly at the area between the throttle body and intake. Get the top, sides, and bottom if you can. If you have a leak there, the engine will stumble and possibly stall.

    Next step...go get another gasket. As far as I know, there are no aftermarket fiber gaskets for the Murano. So you will most likely have to go with Nissan's metal crush gasket. I would say this is probably fine, but if it happened once......
  • Interesting--------Just received a 'recall' from Nissan about "RECALL-MAY STALL WHILE DRIVING" letter. It says ">>>>a defect that relates to motor vehicle safety exists in some 2003-2007 model year Nissan Murano vehicles. Under certain conditions, the intake duct, which is connected to the intermediate resonator in the air intake system of the engine, may separate from the resonator with engine movement. this could cause poor acceleration or minor idle fluctuation and, in some instances, could result in the engine stalling while driving. In order to keep this from occurring, we will replace the air intake duct with an updated part and the air duct clamps--------"
    Haven't taken mine in yet, but plan to soon.
  • The recall letter is ancient. The car was at Nissan before I decided to deal with it myself. They did this recall per my request. The car would not re-start and stay running in the exit drive of the dealership.
  • Well, I'm new here (I saw the recall post earlier today). But it seems to have helped my problem------went out later and car started and idled ok. Never had a problem with it running, just failure to continue to idle after hot restart.
  • In your case that may have been the problem, just not ours. Keep us posted on the check engine light after a few days of driving.

    Glad your problem was addressed and fixed. Sometimes they bat a thousand.
  • lovepublovepub Posts: 11
    take it into Nissan service centre.
    There has been a post regarding NISSAN's problem about this!!
    It's NISSAN's problem~~~~ get it fixed if under warranty.
    They should even do it for free as they are recalling all the ones with this problem!!
  • lovepublovepub Posts: 11
    I am in Australia. We dont get all the range models as US.

    We have ST and Ti Model.

    Ti = top of range with reversing camera.
    I am buying a Ti, and they said the rear parking assist sensor WILL NOT fit due to Ti already have Reverse Camera installed.

    Is that TRUE? Why can't the two co-exist at the same time?

    Should the dealer be able to install the REAR park assist even though i have the reverse camera there??
  • There is a campaign for the ductwork to the throttle. This is not always the issue/or the fix. By all means get free work done to your vehicle. Not all complaints/recall issues found on web sites are real. There is a supposed cam sensor recall for these vehicles that addresses the stalling. In fact this is not a recognized campaign by Nissan North America.

    The duct is real.
  • So you are saying that because the Ti has a back up camera (which is triggered either by selecting reverse or when something comes within range of the sensors for the camera) that a parking assist sensor will not fit? I would assume because the reverse camera feature is using that location for its sensors.

    Why is a parking assist sensor needed if you already can see what is behind you with the factory reverse aid?
  • lovepublovepub Posts: 11
    Well, I am not the only one driving this car. Put my wife in current Suzuki Swift, she can drift around it, put her in this SUV, i think she might knock my car's EARS off while driving into our somehow cramped up Carport.

    And dont mention about Parking in shopping centres,......I dont trust her.

    SO ===> what you mean is that reverse camera already OCCUPY the wire when I put the gear into REVERSE, that's why i can't install the Parking sensor again?

    The camera is installed on the tailgate door, above the car plate, while the park sensor is on the bumper. Should not have interfeering problem in terms of Location of installing.

    Am i right? or I am wrong?

    Thanks for u reply.
  • I too had this same problem 3 times with my 09. Each time it happened i believe it was when I tried to start the engine without the faub. But even after I put the faub back in, it still would not release the brake allowing me to start the engine.,. I think it is an electronic security issue. Sometimes it restores quickly, but one time it took over an hour before the break pedal released and I could start the engine
  • i have a 2003 murano. over the last years, once in a while, perhaps 3-5 times, the car would start in the morning and not keep running. i live in fort lauderdale. this past week end, i had to go to tallahassee and on sat morning, it was 35 degrees and the engine started right up, but would not keep running. i tried to start it at least 6 times, and still it would not run, just start. after about 15 minutes, i tried again and this time it was fine. the next morning, it was about 30 degrees and no problem. just posting the issue for others to hear. no trouble code was set. rr70
  • make sure the key fob is charged up. rr70
  • lonehornlonehorn Posts: 1
    Hey lovepub,I am having the same problem with my dealer.he told me that's not compatible.I want to ask you if you have been able to sort out this issue.

    Look forward to hear from you.
  • hytydehytyde Posts: 2
    Even if the battery dies in the key fob you should be able to insert the key into the ignition to start the car. I have had a few problems lately where the key will not even work to start the car. This is just one of many problems I have had out of my '07 Murano!
  • tmakohntmakohn Posts: 2
    I am having problems with my 2009 Murano starting. Trying to find out if anyone that has the same problem has had any answers and has had the problem fixed.
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