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Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg



  • OK, now I am confused, the dealer told me there was no breaking in period.....I just got a 2008, just broke 1000 on the what is the true break in time? When do you start seeing better gas mileage? How long do you have to be easy on the engine?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I think the owner's manual has several suggestions for "break in". I could be mistaken, but seem to recall that by 1000 miles the initial "take-it-easy" period had ended.
  • Let er rip buddy!!
  • Anyting special I need to do for the Wolfsburg 2.0T? Someone mentioned with a turbo, you have to let the engine idle when starting and turning off the car......I have only had one new vehicle I drove off the lot with less than 5 miles.......
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    We had a 1980 Monte Carlo with a Buick turbo. If I remember correctly the manual said to let the turbo idle for several minutes before turning it off.
    Fast forward to today----------we just bought an '08 Jetta Wolfsburg. The manual doesn't say to do anything special with the turbo and the salesman never mentioned anything. I'm assuming the times have changed and you do not need to let the turbo idle before shutting it off.
  • Out of curiosity - I bought an 08 jetta wolfsburg - $21145 - has everything but the navi system........hope I didnt get snowed over.....

    The dealer told me the same thing, no break in time but I wanted to ask someone who was not a sales person...............
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I really hate it when the dealer says their is no break in time. Thats bogus! I truly believe the break in takes forever! You will notice a difference in time, how the engine kind of loosens up. I have even noticed that even after like 15,000 miles its finally beginning to feel really good! But, that really doesn't mean its will take that long, but just noticed. 15k isn't really all that much. My dealer told me, my car was already broken in, and I am like, no way, it feels likes its all stiff, and as you drive it, the engine and transmission really work more smoothly. So you can no way judge it too harshly on a test drive, the engine once broken in, will work much better! But, with that being said, once you are past the factory break in mileage, that is when you truly have to "train" your new engine. Letting the RPM's run up and down, so the transmission really works through its cycle. You will be then breaking in the car more, and prepping it for the life of your car. After doing this "Nicely" I have even noticed my car is more smooth and responsive.

    So have fun! Newer engines are more durable, but how you treat them in the beginning really preps the life of the car!
  • Thank you for telling me this. I am treating this car like a baby and I want to make sure I don't screw myself in the long run.......
  • i have a 2007 Volkswagen Jetta Wolfsburg edition that i bought new. i have the oil changed at the dealer and every service preformed at the dealer. my problem is back in january or so i had the oil changed. on the way home from the dealer we get about 1 mile or so from the house (the dealer is 50 miles away), and we smell a oil smell and the oil light comes on. i get to looking at it and the bottom of the car is covered in oil. long story short the dealer sends a wrecker picks it up and looks it over. it is found that the service guy pinched the oil filter gasket. they clean it up redo the oil change and say everything is cool. well i wasnt convinced everything is cool so i negotiated a additional 30k warrenty. well oct 1st or so we take it back to the dealer due to a knocking sound that i had pointed out to them a month or so back ( i think it is a bottom bearing or something like that). in any case dealer is saying they are going to replace motor with a crate motor (which im cool with) but my concern is they are going to rebuild it and i dont want that. are there any numbers on the motor? (like on chevys they have the vin #)

    any input would be a great help
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    When I bought my 2008 Wolfsburg the info for '08 was gone, got a '09 brochure and you're right, you will not find Wolfsburg Edition mentioned anywhere. I'm told they only make 12,000 a year, still why it isnt mentioned is anyones guess.

    Someone mentioned that they took a Jetta SE trim, replaced the 5 cyl with the 4 cyl turbo, and they seem to be right. A fun car without the cost, or looks of the GLI.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    Its worth the upgrade!! so much fun!

    This post might have more replies in the 08-09 Jetta forum
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    I agree.....lots of fun, great car.
  • ndmike88ndmike88 Posts: 155
    I agree it's a great car and a blast to drive. I am just looking for some specifics on the 09 Wolfsburg. For instance what do they called the 14 spoke wheels that came on the '08 Wolf? What is the finish?? Silver, bright silver?? That kind of info has to be out there somewhere.
  • bettebbetteb Posts: 11
    If you find it, let me will be greatly appreciated. I drove the Wolfsburg (reflex silver so it says) and loved it. The ride was a bit too firm but the 2.0 egine is superb.
    I asked the salesperson what differences there were between a regular Jetta and the W edition---why is there no chrome on the doors(makes it look like a base Jetta) if the brakes had been upgraded, etc.
    I was told that it is an exact Jetta except for the engine and the 17" wheels.
    My salesperson asked if i would like a brochure, and I jumped at the oppurtunity of finding out more about this car. The brochure was 6 pages of info about the Sportwagen with the 2.5 engine, which does not interest me at all.
    I have been all over the VW site..nothing. It's as if this car doesn't exist. Also...have you checked out KBB resale for this car?
    I punched in a 2008 Wolfsburg Edition, gave it all the extras I could think of, and...whoah!!!!
    The depreciation on this car is incredible...I still don't understand why..
    Any information you--or others here--have will be greatly appreciated.
  • bettebbetteb Posts: 11
    I apologize for most of my previous post, which asks some questions that seem to have already been answered. (For some reason, I just didn't see them when I posted.)
    Somebody just tell me to buy a VW Wolfsburg :D

    And honestly....the VW Jetta threads are a mess!!
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    Personally, I hate when cars have that chrome around the windows. Actually, I pretty much hate all chrome on cars.

    Anyway, maybe VW's idea is deleting it gives it more of a "sporty" look, rather than the "luxury" look of chrome???
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    There someone told ya!

    As far as depreciation I'm told VW is second only to Mercedes, what did it say for resale?

    AFAIK they make Wolfs every year, why so secretive, I dont know, but I can tell you if you do buy it you will love it, so much stuff standard for the money, and way too much fun!!!!

  • bettebbetteb Posts: 11
    KBB gives a 2008 Wolfsburg with only 5k miles a worth of about 12.5k.
    I've never gotten KBB on any trade, so I am assuming it's lower in the real world.
    I have no idea why depreciation on this model is so steep. :confuse:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I see that for "fair" condition, but that is described as:

    Some mechanical or cosmetic defects and needs servicing but is still in reasonable running condition.
    Clean title history, the paint, body and/or interior need work performed by a professional.
    Tires may need to be replaced.
    There may be some repairable rust damage.

    That seems like pretty crappy condition for a car that new. Excellent condition trade in is about $14,500. Unless one is prone to trashing their new car, I would expect a 2008 with 5K mi to be in excellent condition.
  • fho2008fho2008 Posts: 393
    Something isnt right. Who would take a $10k loss after 5k miles? This isnt a gas guzzling suv, this is a GLI in, I'll say it.....wolves clothes......(drumroll) hey I'll be here next friday.

    Look at ads for VW's.

    Ask your friends what a Wolfsburg is.

    I know I have a great car that is fun, has a ton of stuff standard that most dont have as options........I went in wanting a diesel, still do, until then, I'll have fun with my Wolf.
  • bettebbetteb Posts: 11
    jeff is right...however, I have NEVER received an "excellent" value for my trade..most dealers offer somewhere below "good" if using KBB.
    This car has incredibly steep depreciation...when I looked into it some more, I saw that the Yahoo message boards are full of "Great car, but worth about 10k less after two years."
    Honestly, I'm not trying to provoke a fight, or even imply that I am in any way a car whiz, but...the depreciation on this car is incredibly bad. I have owned two VW models, and they held their value pretty well. I have no idea why this model doesn't. That, and the somewhat harsh ride are keeping me from signing on the dotted line.... :confuse:
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What are these actually selling for though...surely you are not looking to pay MSRP. Edmunds has reported that the average car sold for something like 20% off MSRP in Jan, IIRC. That would mean $4K off the average $20K car.

    Of course, if you get 0% for 36 months that is probably costing VW around $2000. So maybe you effectively would pay around $18K ($20K plus $2000 savings from 0%) and trade in after a year is around $13K??? So maybe it's $5k depreciation?

    Fitzmall has a couple of these listed with internet price of about $3K off MSRP.
  • bettebbetteb Posts: 11
    The best APR VW was offering was 3.9%. I was not financing.
    Of course I was not paying MSRP.
    This is a limited production model with an even more limited amount of buyers. Depreciation, no matter how you make up numbers, is very steep.
  • bartnj07bartnj07 Posts: 3
    First at just 500 miles the dealer had to replace the automatic transmission. Now at 29k miles, they just replaced the Drive Shaft. Unfortunately this does not qualify my car as a lemon. I'm under a lease, I'm about to call VW customer care to see if they can work something out with me. Anyone has any experience with them?
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    What do you need to "work out"? Your car is under warranty and they are fixing it as needed, right? I'm guessing the warranty will continue to be in effect for the entire length of the lease as this seems to be the way lessors do what is the issue?
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am in a similar situation, though with a different car all together. Yes, the warranty will cover any of my issues. Such as a glitchy transmission, or engine problems. Dealer cannot duplicate the problem. To this day it is still doing it, but not on a 100%
    basis. Its also nothing that shows itself incredibly well either, but I know the issue is there and that its not entirely normal.

    So, I will just drive it, deal with it. If it happens to show itself more, than I will show the dealer. I also know that I won't hold on to the car for the whole lease. But, doing so will force me to wait at least 2yrs in, then values and numbers will be much better for a way out. So less than a year, I could have a better chance.

    They won't let you out, but they will honor the warranty, and if they want to do that, then I will use that in every way I can... such as rentals and any issue I have. Let them eat the bill. I have run up at least $2k bill I am sure with minimal issues already, including rentals.

    This is their problem, their car, I only lease it. Let them do it.
  • bartnj07bartnj07 Posts: 3
    You are right all the repairs are covered under the warranty. I guess I was stupid to think that I could lease this car for three years and then buy it. I chose 10k per yr mile limit and now I know I'll exceed the miles and there's no way I'll buy this car after all these issues. I spoke to the service manager who referred me to VW customer care and I'm pretty sure that I won't accoplish anything with them. I got in touch with one of the lemon law firms and from they've told me is that even if the car won't qualify as a lemon I might be able to get some money from VW since the car depreciated more in value due to the mechanical problems.
  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    That is true! I completely understand. I keep trying, for the possibility of getting out. Perhaps with new car prices, and incentives now, I will be able to get out. Perhaps you could do the same.
  • jeffyscottjeffyscott Posts: 3,855
    I don't see how you would be able to argue for compensation for supposed diminshed value. Since you are leasing any diminshed value would affect what the dealer can sell it for after you turn it in at the end of the lease. You essentially have already agreed to the trade in value as part of the lease arrangements.

    That is not to say that the "lemon law firm" will not be happy to charge you some fees to argue this. As for buying the car, I don't know that the fact that you had a couple repairs means that it is destined to continue to have other problems.

    There is always the option to buy an extended warranty. I don't think these make financial sense myself, but up until 4 years and 36,000 miles I had the option to buy one from my credit union for our Jetta, with coverage comparable to mfr bumper to bumper warranty. To go 4 additional years and to 80K total miles was $2241 with 0 deductible or $1911 for a 100 deductible. So I could have eliminated the risk of high repair costs during our first 8 years of ownership for about $2000.

    Like I said that was not a deal I wanted to take, but if the alternative would be to trade cars at 4 years, paying the $2000 for the warranty would likely be a much cheaper option. This figure also tells me that the warranty company (who is planning to make a profit on these deals) is expecting repairs to be quite a bit less than $2000, on average, over the next 4 years and ~40-50,000 mi.
  • On a 2007 JETTA WOLFSBURG. What's required on a 40k service? I know air, oil, and cabin filters. What is better synthetic or regular type? Weight and quantity? Also spark plugs?
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