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Jeep Grand Cherokee Water Leaks

orindamanorindaman Posts: 6
edited March 2014 in Jeep
Its been raining here so now I seems to have joined the Wet Floor Club. My drivers side carpet is soaked. I sucked water out twice now with my shop vac but the pad is still wet. This seems like a common Jeep problem from what I read online. Is there a comprehensive list of potential leak sites for the GC to check. I do not have a sun roof; that eliminates one huge issue. Any help and/or suggestions welcomed.


  • No I don't have a sun roof. I bought this car used with 26,000 miles and now have about 45,000 miles on it. Its a straight 6 and runs great. I like the Jeep and this wet floor is the only issue I have had. I will go see my local dealer and see what he has to say. As many Jeeps that seem to leak water they must have some idea where to look.
  • Wet Floor Club: Member Since 2008
    2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

    Here's what the dealer told me when my passenger floor became soaked following a rainstorm:

    Performed water test. Found leak at right cowl area. Repaired passenger side leak at right cowl area. Total Charge: $204.00

    About a week later, we had a violent rainstorm. Passenger side floor soaked again. Returned to dealer. This time they sealed door moisture barrier. No Charge. Another week...another rainstorm..another soaked floor. Returned to dealer a third time. They spotted a leak in cowl area. Resealed front cowl. No Charge.
  • I have my Jeep in the shop. They have pulled the soaked floor mat and are going to replace it. The windshield had to be resealed, many many little leaks have been found. They have a special spray chamber they test in. Jeep should go into the sieve business, Its been a week and still they work. Cost is a little high but sure beats a moldy carpet. :cry: :mad:
  • Well we had a fairly rainy few days and no sign of wet carpet, whew, sure glad. The shop did take care in their work and it seems they have fixed the problem. Time will tell. I hope in a year or two I will be able to say I have quit the WFC. :)
  • soulflysoulfly Posts: 1
    What has happened on your end. I have no idea where the water is coming in on my 2004, but it is.
  • I have owned my 2009 limited since August, 2009. I bought it as a demo w\ 5,000 miles on it. It now has 9,000.

    In Dec, 2009, after a break in the weather, I drove my car down my block and water started to come out of both passenger and drive pillars, my DVD player and the remote area above the mirror. I brought it to the dealer and after 2 days diagnosed it to be crimped drain lines and claims they fixed it.

    Yesterday, after a major rain storm, I once again drove my Jeep down the block and again water came out of the driver side pillar, DVD player and now the back hatch area on the driver's side. I brought it in today and they have advised me it is leaking everywhere and they are trying to diagnosis the problem.

    Has anyone experienced this type of issue?
  • RE: 2000 Jeep Cherokee I have had for a few years, she has been a good vehicle until recently, I am now a WET FLOOR MEMBER. Ughh....I am a girl and I am constantly trying to figure out this stuff on my own and not pay to get it fixed but this problem is annoying!! Every time it rains my passenger floorboard is soaked! And I put down towels but to no avail. Water is in abundance in floorboard. I read the other bloggers info and It sounds like mine. I DO NOT have a sun roof and cant figure out why this problem has developed recently I have checked all the seals that I see and everything looks normal and not broken or anything. HELP PLEASE THIS IS DRIVING ME CRAZY. ps I am slowly figuring out that Jeeps are pieces of crap. :confuse:
    Confused from Arkansas driver!
  • My 2000 Jeep Cherokee is doing the same thing.. leaking badly into the passenger side floorboard just recently. Any advice from anyone for the cheapest do it myself fix? I am so frustrated by this annoying problem. :mad: :cry:
  • Hey folks,
    Don't know if this is your problem, but you never know. I had a 94 olds 98. I got water on my floor boards in the front and back. I fought this for months. What I discovered was this: The water coming off the windshield, most of it gets directed down into that plastic cowling at the base of the windshield. .From here it is channeled to both sides of the fenders to where it drops down inside the fenders to the ground underneath the vehicle. In my case the opening in the bottom of the fenders were plugged with dirt, leaves and pine cones. Once I cleaned this out the best I could I stuck my hose nozzle down there and blasted out with water. You could see the water then pour out the bottom of the car. If you open your driver and passenger doors look down inside the fender well below the bottom hinge. This is where I'm referring to. Once I cleaned these drains out and hosed them out every 3 or 4 months I never had a problem again. Hope this helps .
  • Hey Thanks I will check it out!
  • Recently purchased a new 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. After finally getting the vehicle I ran it through a local car wash only to find it leaked water from behind the glove box (front passenger side under dash). There was an indication that the Jeep leaked in a recent rain storm, after the dealer left the new Jeep sitting outside waiting on parts to repair a different issue.

    Just for testing, I ran an older Jeep Overland and Honda through the same car wash not a drop of water.

    Thus far the dealer has not been able to duplicate the problem or find a potential cause. Naturally...

    Been through this problem before with my first Jeep (1990?) and the dealer never found the cause. The difference was both sides leaked from under the dash, but only when it rained and never in a car wash. :P
  • that is where my 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic is leaking! When it rains it pools in the passenger floorboard. I have searched for this leak.. it is hard to find but behimd glovebox seems to be where this is coming from. :cry:
  • I had a 2008 Grand Cherokee Laredo that had the same problem. Took it to dealership and they said it was due to the weather stripping around the moon roof. They also said that the water drains along the top of the truck were clogged or blocked...anyway brought it in and they fixed it....never leaked again and was covered under warranty. They also replaced 3 speakers because of water damage.
  • I've owned 4 GC's. Except for the 94, all ( 98,99,01) have all suffered the same problem... that makes me a life member of the Wet Floor Club!... FYI... there is a drainage pipe that extends out from the fire wall ( engine side ) just on the other side of the heater core area. When it clogs, you will have the same problem... On my 99 GC, a simple 4" plastic tube used to extend the pipe, worked... For any V6, the fix is easy. For any V8, seek professional assistance. I hope this is your quick easy fix!
  • I have a 1998 jeep grand cherokee, and have had no problems with leaking, other than not getting the moon roof completely closed. But I did have a 1981 jeep cj5 renegade that leaked bad . And it took me awhile to figure out the problem was. It turned out that the windshield gasket (TOP) was leaking inside the windshield and running down both sides under the dash.

    I ended up taking clear gasket sealer (silicone) and a small straight screwdriver for this job. first I stuck the screwdriver between the gasket and the windshield frame,pulling back slightly not to tear the gasket. There was muck and dubree between the gap,so I cleaned it out first. A good paper towel will do the job ! Slide the screwdriver across the top of the windshield underneath the gasket in one hand and the paper towel pinching the gasket down as far as possible into the gap. Remember not to force anything,you don't have to.

    Now, after you have cleaned the underside of the gasket, let it dry a few minutes to evaporate any moisture left from the towel. Now it's time to apply the silicone.

    With the screwdriver,starting at either side of the windshield start it under the gasket,pulling it back enough to keep a steady stream of silicone and move across the windshield at your own pace ,keeping the silicone under the gasket and a solid bead of sealer . Make sure there are no gaps in the silicone, then let it dry over night, you should have no more leaks. This can be done to any windshield with a gasket that can be pulled back and cleaned without tearing the gasket.

    I hope this helps someone, it solved my problems !
  • kate45kate45 Posts: 1
    I have had my jeep in 7 times in the past two months for the same water leak and they are telling me that they can not find where the leak is coming from. It is leaking from under the sunglass holder, on the passenger handle bar and on the passenger side in the back, however, it never leaked in the back of my vehicle until they tried to fix the problem about 6 times ago. It is still under warranty but today they told me they may have my car for 3-4 weeks this time. Has anyone ever had this type of on going issue and if so, how was it resolved? I am very very upset with the service I have received.
  • I recently bought a used 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee and when I bought it I noticed rust stains on the inside of the cabin only near the floorboard and under the seats. The snow on top of my jeep recently melted and I woke up to a huge puddle of water on the passenger side. Could my problem be a leak in the weather stripping or drain for my sun roof? If so how can I fix this? I do not want to become a member of the wet floor club. :cry:
  • jayp8jayp8 Posts: 1
    I'm working the same problem after Sunday's rain. I was driving in a torrential downpour and water started leaking into the carat the sunroof. I think my sunroof drain plugs are blocked and the leakage gets in and drips on one side of the car or the other depending on the slant of the road/car when it's being rained on. Any luck with your problem?
  • mikeyp53mikeyp53 Posts: 55
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee also and it has NEVER leaked! I am in Florida and it rains a lot here, in torrents! So, make sure your areas around the doors, firewall and rear door hatch are clear of debris and dirt and you won't have a problem. A small bottle brush comes in handy. Many times your "leak" is from a plugged air conditioner vent causing the AC exchanger to leak on your rug instead of venting uner the car. Its called maintenance.
  • :) I read all of the posts and set out to find why my passanger floor was wet. I cut out my carpet and took out the passanger seat. I dried out the carpet after finding the issue. Under the glove box is a condensor drain that is used to take away condensation from the A/C. This plasitc part channels to the engine compartment out thebottom back. Pop the hood and look in the area of the glove box. You will find a little orifice that looks like a little drain. This may be cloggeg. Blow a little air inside ot stick something in there to free it up. Problem solved!
  • Have a 2005 Jeep Grand, 5.7 Hemi, fully loaded, all the bells and whistles. Continual problem with the sunroof drains getting clogged. Had them flushed by the dealer and it only lasts for a while and then the problem comes back again and again and again... Very annoying since the water drains down the pillars on the pass side and the floor gets soaked. Now my question is what else is being damaged behind the dash that we cannot see???? Just recently my diagnostics panel has been what appears to be glitching. Hit a pothole the other night and something bizare happened; every light that could possibly come on, came on. Not only did the lights come on the dash but they began flashing along with my headlights! Ever try driving in the dark with headlights flashing?! So, wondering if the water could have damaged some of the electrical components behind the dash? Took the Jeep in for this problem and they could not get it to repeat the problem. They tell me that I have 20 different codes in this particular vehicle....
  • I experienced the same problem with my father's 2001 Grand Cherokee Laredo. Water leaking onto the passenger floor during a rain storm. I traced it to the drain tube for the sun roof that runs down behind the interior trim on the passenger's side A-pillar. It was broken and all the water draining from around the sunroof was running down inside that trim, through the dash and onto the floor. The tube is made of very brittle plastic. It cracks and breaks off with only minor effort. I went to Home Depot and got some clear vinyl tubing and replaced the broken part.
  • dmv5dmv5 Posts: 1
    Hey saw your post my grandfather has a 2004 grand Cherokee Laredo and when he makes a left turn in rain you hear water splashing on something then water drips in from under the glove box. I looked for that drainage line next to the heater core lines and I can not find it. If you can help it would be great thanks.
  • Over the past couple of months, every time it rains, my Jeep Cherokee will have standing water on the floor board under the drivers seat and the driver floorboard. If it rains hard, it can be a significant amount but the problem is that I cannot see anywhere it is dripping so I have to assume it is leaking behind he trim where the drivers set belt is mounted and coming out at the bottom. I am guessing this becuase that is where he most water accumulates. Any ideas on what might be causing it or how I can check any drain lines that might run in that area??? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Hi; My Jeep has the exact same symptoms. Did they ever fix yours? Thanks.
  • misterp1misterp1 Posts: 1
    edited November 2011
    Hi, I have a 98 Regular Cherokee and same problem. Unlike other posts, mine DOES NOT leak due to the a/c or defrost. It will leak:
    1) When it's parked
    2) Front end facing uphill (it won't do it if it's facing downhill)
    3) When it Rains.
    4) Passenger side only.
    The amount of water is only limited by what the passenger floor will hold! It started doing it in 2010 after no problems in the past.

    The only thing I can think of is that there is a tube leading to the firewall and something rusted through. Anyone know what to do?
  • joe1147joe1147 Posts: 1
    The carpet on the drivers side floor has started getting wet after a rain. I am original owner and this has started in the last 8 months. Looked at the ideas offered here. This is not an AC problem. Looked at seals on doors and sun roof, they look good. Tried to check any drain channels for clogging, found nothing, but could be missing correct drains. Floor carpet is wet but not down sides of foot area so I don't have a direction that the water is coming from, didn't find any drains in the engine compartment. This is an 8 cylinder. Any other driver side wet solutions out there? Thanks.
  • oneiwillieoneiwillie Posts: 1
    Have a 1994 Jeep Wrangler with issues of water leaks that sounds like bath water being thrown out. After a heavy rain when I take off and make a turn either left or right, water falls out from under the dash onto my feet. It's not happening on the passenger side only the driver side. There is no air conditioning. Any suggestions?? We put a new soft top on it late last fall and that is doing well, noisy but it's okay, no leaks. We also had a problem with it overheating. We replaced the thermostat, water pump, a small module on the water pump, then checked out the heater core, replaced the thermostat again (found out it was defective) and now I barely have any heat. The thermostat will register 150 to 195 and drops back down to 150 again. It's not overheating anymore, but I would like to have heat for the upcoming fall and winter.
  • jenbotjenbot Posts: 1
    I have a 2004 Grand Cherokee Limited, I bought it used and every time it rains the floor on the drivers side becomes flooded, I am stumped as to where the water is coming from. I've looked for any drips or visable water leaking from inside, but I can't find any. Help please.
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