Chevrolet Monte Carlo Heat and AC Problems

claxonclaxon Member Posts: 1
when should compressor run? Mine runs when controll is on floor .


  • bdbowtiebdbowtie Member Posts: 1
    :i have a 2005 monte carlo when i have the ac on i get heat out of the driver side and cool out of the right what can i do to fix : :confuse:
  • lumpy67lumpy67 Member Posts: 3
    I have a 01 Monte LS problems I found so far..

    Heating controls some settings don't work (no fan control).
    changed ACDELCO Part # 1580571 about $30 (OK now)

    Rear defrost not working.
    Soldered the wire back on the rear window grid (OK now)

    Wipers parking wrong
    Bent a tab down on the wiper motor assembly (OK now)

    Wiper had no intermittent functions or low speed.
    I changed a diode, you can also but pulse module (OK now)

    No A/C, low/high beams come on and stay on when started, security light on(car starts fine), keyless entry not working, headlights turn off while driving (whenever), ...Replaced the BCM (ok now)

    turn signal not working Resoldered the hazzard switch (ok now) you can also relpace the switch

    thansmission shifting bad, then lost some gears (replaced shift module (ok now)

    I still like this crap wagon 100,000 + miles

    Don't get fooled
  • lumpy67lumpy67 Member Posts: 3
    The cat also failed causing a huge loss of power, and also killed my O2 sensor closest to the engine. Replaced both items (ok now)
  • the1stwolfethe1stwolfe Member Posts: 1
    My driver side dual control wont heat. the pass side works fine. I cant hear the actuator respond but the pass side i can hear. I unscrewed the actuator and removed it from its post, watched it work for a while, then it quit working. I unplugged it and tested it with a 12 volt batt charger, worked flawlessly either direction. I was able to grab the post on the temp valve "door" and turn it easy enough so i think. Whats next? The climate control unit bad maybe? Kinda where i'm leaning. I even removed the pass side to see how it responded and it worked without fail, where the driv side worked a while then failed. Hum, any good ideas to help my dilemma?
  • montecarl02montecarl02 Member Posts: 6
    Check ground connections, and make sure all connections are solid. Ecspecially since it worked great when you took it out and hooked it up to an external 12v source. Also make sure that the connections are good all the way back to the source. You can also verify by switching them, that way you know for sure it's only the driver side control.
  • rickyttyperickyttype Member Posts: 1
    about 2 months ago my rear defrost quit working. the light on the dash would come on but the window wouldn't clear. I found one of the tabs broken on the rear window. I repaired it and it still won't work. I took my meter to check for 12 volts on the grid. I checked voltage across the grid from tab to tab and got no voltage. Am I checking this right? where do i go nect?
  • lumpy67lumpy67 Member Posts: 3
    i would check the voltage between both wires with 1 wire not connected to the grid, and the rear defrost on.. should be 12v

    if you have 12v i would test the ohms on the rear grid with on wire should not read open.
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