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2011 Hyundai Sonata



  • dahm21dahm21 Posts: 3
    Can get Acura for $27500 or Sonata Limited for $24000-

    Is Acura $3500 better?
    I cant tell which one is bigger- I know Sonata specs are larger but minimal.

    Also- i drive 25k miles year- which will have better value after 5 years (125k miles)?

  • bvdj84bvdj84 Posts: 1,724
    I am very impressed with the new Hyundai Sonata! It is very attractive. I picture it with 18in wheels, decent tint and it would truly look like its on another level. Good for them for producing a nice engine with a 6spd transmission. Not only producing a new look, but newer technology. The interior looks great too! Pretty high end looking.
    It could totally be a contender with the TSX for those that don't want to spend the extra cash on the TSX. Personally, the TSX is probably worth the extra cash, but will you notice it driving the Sonata? Most people probably won't, plus you can save some cash. People that are Honda/Acura fans are going to notice that its not.

    Though this is a new model, time will tell if its value will hold up well. I am sure it will. But, the Acura is known to hold very well. So if you keep it long term, your Acura will keep longer.

    I am very impressed! So awesome for Hyundai to put themselves out there and produce a product with some guts. More than I can say for Honda, when the Accord fell short in terms of style, played it safe. I think they'll have no choice to come out with a bang on a new model.

    Still, comparing a TSX and a Sonata is a bit of a stretch, but the Sonata has more of that appeal, I would say more so than the Accord. Family sedan, or entry level luxury sedan. Accord better watch out. I love honda, and I would totally look at this car too! I have 1 year until I am looking again for a new car.
  • shabadoo25shabadoo25 Posts: 232
    I too compared the TSX with the 2011 Sonata. I decided it was not worth the extra $3-4k. It might be a different comparison once the 2011 TSX comes out.

    Here's what I didn't like about the TSX comparatively:

    1. Ugly interior styling, especially with tech package. Too many prominent, big buttons. Too much emphasis on the cd player. Is it still 1998?
    2. Smaller interior
    3. Hard to see/read nav screen (especially in sunlight)
    4. No push button start

    You do get memory seats with the TSX, which is nice.

    It's hard to talk about future value since the Hyundai is a brand new car.
  • tuckerdogtuckerdog Posts: 29
    I've seen all the interiors, except the 'wine'. I doubt it's what we'd choose, but I'd like to see ALL the options before I sign on the dotted line.

    I can't seem to find any photos or videos with that color interior. Anybody got a link?

  • akumaakuma Posts: 70
    the Sonata is considerably larger (classified as large car), but weighs less actually (almost 200 lbs) and has a slightly shorter turning radius. if you drive 25k+ miles a year, the Sonata also gets much better fuel mileage (35 mpg highway compared to 28-30 mpg for the TSX) and with regular unleaded as well, so you might save more than 20% on gas cost. the Sonata Limited might also be a more comfortable cruiser than the sportier TSX. but really, the only way to decide is to drive the cars yourself.
  • I've seen other listings on with more/better pics, but here's one that I found quickly: Wine Interior
  • gary045gary045 Posts: 81
    Thanks engbert, I can live with a smooth downshift on grades. Especially if I don't notice I guess having a 6 spd transmission helps.

    The GM I had only had a 4 spd, so when it dropped down a gear it felt like you were going to pass someone.
    Plus in order to claim a decent gas mileage the eng only turns about 1800 RPM at 70. Way out of the horsepower and torque range.
  • tuckerdogtuckerdog Posts: 29
    Thanks Darkhelmet.

    I think I'm going with the black.

  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    I've got a harbor gray with gray interior,on hold coming in supposedly on the 7th, would have liked black, but black gets hotter in the summer.
  • abigmuttabigmutt Posts: 38
    i'm sorry if i'm asking something already covered, but i've been away from this Sonata forum for a while ......
    are there any red limiteds coming out of the factory yet? i had a deal for one with my dealer, but they recently withdrew the solid price offer on that one, they said because there were none out there to be had.
    so i have to renegotiate if one suddenly comes along. sure is annoying, when you think you have a solid deal on a supposedly-existing item and they withdraw the offer.
    but in their defense, the contract did say it was only good for 30 days, and that expired the other day.
    right now i'm ticked off enough to just wait it out and get a turbo or hybrid once those come out.

    anyone else had something similar happen to them?

  • moontrainmoontrain Posts: 83
    I think you need to go to another dealer. I was in the same boat waiting for a Black Plum Pearl Limited. That was in early March and the dealer is still honoring our deal. The car is coming in about April 15th. If he wants your business he will write the same deal for you and look harder for your car, that's what they did for me.
  • jparks8jparks8 Posts: 19
    I just returned from a trip and was monitoring the gasoline consumption of my 1 week old 2011 Sonata manual transmission. Hyundai states that I should get 6.2 L/100k but I did much better at 5.6 L/100km (42 mpg). It was regular gasoline. Only the driver in the car, 20 C outside, windows closed. Is everyone finding similar numbers?
  • jparks8jparks8 Posts: 19
    A passenger compared that my 1 week-old manual Sonata would be impossible for him to drive. There wasn't enough engine noise to let him know when to shift. I pointed out that there was a tach. My sisters loved it that four people could easily heard each other and talk at highway speeds. You do notice how quiet it is.

    My old 1999 Honda Accord would go over speed bumps as if they were not there. (I know a Lexus can do the same with curbs.) You do notice the road bumps in my new Sonata although they are dampened. I'm not saying this is a good or bad thing. It's just different.

    And last night I noticed the little blue lights on all the window switches. that's very nice.
  • My old 1999 Honda Accord would go over speed bumps as if they were not there. (I know a Lexus can do the same with curbs.)

    When I test drove midsized cars in February and March I found the Accord to be the most sensitive to road bumps. The softest riding car was the Malibu, then the Camry and then the Sonata. The Fusion, Altima and Accord brought up the rear.
  • 20tmaybe20tmaybe Posts: 2
    Has anyone researched the navigation system on the 2011 Sonata? I've put together from a couple of reviews and announcements about other Hyundai cars that it's apparently made by LG.
    LG portable nav systems get panned on other sites (e.g. Amazon) for assessing a $100 charge for upgrading the map database.
    Anyone know how effective LG is (assuming it really is LG) in maintaining their maps? Any insight into the upgrade issue?
  • akeiyakeiy Posts: 22
    Could you please tell me what's the main difference among GLS, SE and limited. I don't know which one I should choose. Thank you very much!
  • midas69midas69 Posts: 118
    $100 for map updates for a factory nav unit would be a steal. Most cars charge between $180 and $200 for updates. And none of them are that good at maintaining maps. I upgraded the maps on one of my cars and they were still missing roads that had been built 3 years ago.
  • akeiyakeiy Posts: 22
    Thank you! I mean what do you feel about the three styles. I also checked the information on website. But I think your feelings are more real.
  • denp3denp3 Posts: 99
    GLS is Base Model
    SE is a sport tuned Model
    Limited is the top Model. shows the differences.
    I have a hold on a Limited which has more features.
  • benjaminhbenjaminh Posts: 2,877
    Wow. People are cross-shopping TSX to Sonata?!

    I'd say Hyundai has come a long way indeed.

    Even a year ago that would have been considered absurd.

    I think that in many ways the TSX is a better car, but it lists--what--something like 7k more comparably equipped?

    I'm guessing the hyundai people are psyched. They wanted people to switch from Accord and Camry to their car, but it looks like they're once in a while getting people even higher up the car food chain...
  • midas69midas69 Posts: 118
    I think that in many ways the TSX is a better car, but it lists--what--something like 7k more comparably equipped?

    It's more like about $5K difference sticker. But it might be close to $7K actually OTD price. And while the TSX might be a better car, it's also a much smaller car. 3" less leg room and almost 2½" less head room in the front. For us large land mammals, the TSX is a small car. I'd need to go up to the TL to be comfortable, and now you're talking close to $10K more.

    As someone that owned a 2005 TL, I can tell you, the Sonata is not as good a car. But it's a lot closer to the TL than the 2007 Camry I owned.
  • meikmeik Posts: 63
    Most cars charge between $180 and $200 for updates. And none of them are that good at maintaining maps. I upgraded the maps on one of my cars and they were still missing roads that had been built 3 years ago.

    That was the main reason that I didn't get Nav package on mine.
  • keithlkeithl Posts: 106
    edited April 2010
    SO I have driven Infinit and Acura since 2000 and am tired of paying so much for car, insurance and espeically feul. With gas on it way back well into the $3 ranges I figure it is time to look at options. I drove the 2011 Sonata Limited and was very much impressed. I thin Hyundai nailed this one well. My biggest concern is the Sonata kind of tops out a tad short of wher eI woudl want to be. The Genesis is $13K+ higher comparably equiped and the Azera is out dated. They need to slot somthing into the Azera spot. A loaded sedan that tops out around $35K-$36K. While I loved the Sonata Limited a few things to me need improving on the Limited:
    - The Man Button for HVAC needs to go, can't stand it, cheapens the feel of the interior.
    - The rotary temp dial needs to go, need a digital readout for temp
    - the big round silver control knob on the navi unit for audio seems too cheap and small. Look at Infiniti G knob and button, much nicer.
    - Ride was a big improvement over previous Sonata, but Hyndai needs to hire better suspension tuning people here int he States or from European makers, the Sonata seems to jittery and lacked a real planted feel.
    - Minor gripe, give me a digital readout of tire pressure, not just a a tire low indicator.
    - navi should be another .5-1" bigger.
    - leather felt a little cheaper (plasticy) than I would like
    - prefer a dual exhaust look on a "top model level" car.

    What I liked;
    - Navi was repsonsive and crisp
    - sound system was impressive, btu a tad muddy at higher volume
    - seats were good balance or comfort and support (better for me than the Genesis seats)

    Maybe they need a Sonata Ultra or ssomething, that might have the upgrades I mention and add say $2K-$3K to the price tag throw in say 18" wheels as well and HDD navi that might help fill the gap between Sonata and Genesis. I really don't count the Azera to me it is a dead product.
  • batch5batch5 Posts: 13
    edited April 2010
    Ok, just got the car (Limited; Pacific blue / Gray interior, 23K + TTL) and am probably a bit euphoric....but man this car is an incredible value. The sound system rocks, it looks fantastic both outside and inside, fun to just has this high end feel to it. As a commuter car this is a perfect mix! Practical and stylish.

    You know how (for most people) Apple products just feel right? You can tell that serious thought went into the design in terms of look and usability. I get the same feeling sitting inside the Sonata.

    I believe the comparison with the TSX is warranted and valid. Consider: the Sonata is bigger, better MPG, doesn't require premium fuel, bigger trunk, push button, heated rear. TSX has seat memory and power passenger, but I'd much rather have the push button and better MPG. I sat in my sis's TSX and the Sonata Limited holds its own with its interior. Very high quality feel. Now add in the better warranty + cheaper price.. :)

    For any of you guys on the fence..test drive one!
  • no way i would pay additional 7k for TSX which is smaller, less MPG, worse warranty. i hate look look of the beak, and frankly it basically is an accord. i lived in london, and TSX has nothing to do with 'luxury'.

    and Acura is the most disappointing brand in my recent memory. just look at their line up. honda really did peak 10-15 years ago. everything was a down hill in last 10-12 years.

    if you want to pay a premium for a car, i would look at other premium brand. Regal(insignia) actually drives better than TSX.
  • Did you really just pay 23K for the limited w/out TTL? I thought 25K would be a good deal. The dealership is holding a white limited for me but we havn't started the pricing until it shows in 2 weeks. Would love to hear your deal.
  • syitalian25syitalian25 Posts: 303
    They are coming out with a Limited Turbo in late summer for around 30K or so, you could wait for that. Also the Azera is redesigned this year and actually a really nice car (although a bit bland on the outside) but it would be worth taking a look.
  • Does anyone know when I can get a cargo net for 2011 Sonata Limited.
  • batch5batch5 Posts: 13
    edited April 2010
    Yeah, basically did everything over e-mail. I started with the AMEX car buying program:, got a quote for about 23.7K from a dealer (I have 5+ dealers in a 30 mile radius or so).

    Then asked other dealers to match or beat that, one came with 23.2K. Finally, had my local dealer match that price (23.2K). After the document fee (+$200) and college rebate (-$400) it nets to 23K before TTL.

    If the current incentives remain (I believe a $1K to dealer) and you have a lot of dealers in the area I would try to play them off each other. I also made clear that I was buying this week.
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