Ford Focus Hatchback - Part II

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There is so much to talk about when it comes to
the Ford Focus that we're already on round 2. To
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    Dont try a header or a K&N Filter just to get a power boost...its not about how fast the bad air can be filtered or gotten out of the engine its how fast the EXHAUST can convert the fumes and get them out of the first step would DEFINATELY be to get an exhaust system on the car prior to installing headers or an air filter...but all three combined would almost maximize your performace...
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    Well said, Steve!
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    How many of you have seen the Wings West package for the ZX3? The total cost was almost 18 hundred, seems alot for relatively modest mods( that price does include factory matched paint). Is the price likely to decline as the ZX3 becomes more popular?
  • briand789briand789 Member Posts: 49
    I think there was a brief article about that car in last month's edition of Sport Compact Car, alongside a glowing review of the stock ZX3.
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    Just bought a Sangria Red ZX3 (5 speed, AC) for 11,288 + tt&l = 12,459 at Lone Star Ford in Houston. They had three at this price, about a thousand dollars below invoice.
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    Technically, I thought the header IS part of the exhaust. I agree though, the filter on the intake won't do much. I'd do the header and the exhaust at the same time, but if I had to choose, I guess I'd do the exhaust (cat-back) first since it's generally cheaper. I've seen test results of 1-6 HP increase on headers for a stock 138 HP car, depending on the make -- anyone know what just the cat-back would provide in additional ponies? I'm guessing 5 at best.
  • hondattitudehondattitude Member Posts: 17
    Well the Horsepower added to the car after exhaust is quite varied. In some cases where the RSR Performance exhaust has been put on a honda civic hatch the hp jumped 10 horses. Others may vary from 5-10 or so...
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    guys, who actually makes the zetec engine? Ford? Also, FYI, I read a news thing on that said a smaller, more fuel efficient zetec will be offered soon on the focus. I would prefer the 2.0 one in there now but I think it's good that they are offering the choice of the zetec technology for the littler one too.
  • briand789briand789 Member Posts: 49
    I also read that Ford may replace the 2.0 with a 2.3 in 2002, but that I'm not sure how reliable the source was.
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Member Posts: 854
    The smaller Zetec is planned for overseas markets only. posts Ford related news from all over the world. had the info about the 2.3 liter engine, but that could change.
  • charliemikecharliemike Member Posts: 87
    $1800 for what? The $650 kit and what else?

    That seems like a lot.

  • tickbittytickbitty Member Posts: 250
    focus named "best car under 15,000" on the Today show this morning. My father's starting to respect my choice as he hears all these accolades from the car magazines. I say, "what you think, daughter don't know nothin'?"
    My weird little motorhead friend just keeps yelling "FOCUS!!!!!!!!" everytime he sees me.
  • teemottleteemottle Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone who has driven both the sedan version of the Focus and the ZX3 think one is quieter than the other in terms of 1) road noise and/or 2) engine noise? If so, which is quieter?
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  • dragwaydragway Member Posts: 34
    Up to twelve weeks is normal. Don't let anyone tell you different.
  • ballisterballister Member Posts: 3
    I can understand your frustration, jamers85. I ordered my ZX3 on September 28, and I was just able to pick it up yesterday, December 23. While I was at the dealership, I saw no other ZX3s anywhere on the lot save mine, and another that was prepped for delivery to some other lucky soul who was getting a timely Christmas present. It was a long wait, but boy was it worth it. I couldn't be happier with the first impression this car is making on me.

    Hopefully this means that ZX3s will now start trickling into the dealerships very soon for all the folks who are still waiting for theirs. Here's hoping yours comes in before the new year!
  • marker606marker606 Member Posts: 7
    Hi, I'm only fifteen and I am already in love with the Focus ZX3. I have read and collected every article on the Focus since Feb. of 99. I go to Ford dealerships whenever I am within a one mile radius of one, I guess you could say I'm obsessed, but hey.
    I have read that in the spring you will be able to order the ZX3 with power windows, which is well worth waiting for for those of you haven't yet ordered or bought one. Has anyone seen a Focus in Autumn Orange yet? I'm dying to see one. Does it look good? What do you think the best color in hte Focus is?
    Congrats. to all of you have had the fortune of buying one. I can't wait till I turn 16!
  • alf3alf3 Member Posts: 83
    How do the rear seatbacks in the ZX3 fold? I know the seat backs fold 60-40, but do they fold flat? Do you also fold the bottom seat cushion forward?
  • dragwaydragway Member Posts: 34
    The seat backs fold flat. You have to flip the bottom cushion onto the floor a la Golf.
  • hkoenen2hkoenen2 Member Posts: 70
    The seat back only fold flat if you fold both sides and lift the bottom of the seat forward. The seat cushion is one piece and does not split 60/40 like the seat backs.
  • silyboysilyboy Member Posts: 90
    i have seen a focus in autumn orange... it is not that bad, but it is more of a redish-orange. (as in looks a bit more red than orange) it is not a bad colour though
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    thanx for listening to my frustrations and for giving me encouragements. i'll soon find out this coming week before new year my faith of having the
    Focus zx3 in my possession.
  • orlockorlock Member Posts: 25
    The back seats fold down when the trunk is open.
  • hondattitudehondattitude Member Posts: 17
    What happens if you want to switch the shift knob? will there be problems with the "lock out" mechanism?
  • brent17brent17 Member Posts: 7
    I recently read where the ZX3 went from 0-60 in 8.9 seconds and the top speed was 125. Is 125 the drag limit on the European model or the U.S. and Candadian models?
  • tjts2tjts2 Member Posts: 18
    125 is the drag limit for the Eoro model. On our side of the pond, the car is limited to 106 mph. Am I the only one bothered by this?
  • charliemikecharliemike Member Posts: 87
    The only thing that should bother you is the quality of the tires that they put on the car that limits it to 106mph. The ZX2 is limited to 106 as well (because of the OEM tires).

  • ford29ford29 Member Posts: 8
    Any ideas for freeing up the US model to the rightly deserved 125? Buy a different chip or something?
  • alf3alf3 Member Posts: 83
    Has anyone seen a ZX3 in Twilight Blue?? How does it look?
  • xquxqu Member Posts: 55
    I got my ZX3 in twilight blue, it looks great. I just put on 2000 miles in a week (from Virginia to Florida round trip) since I picked it up, no problem at all. Need to get my first oil change soon :o)
  • wrczx3wrczx3 Member Posts: 4
    I have been told Ford makes a chip for the 2.0L Zetec engine and carry it in their SVO catalogs. I would think that installing it would help this 106 mph "malady" but it may be set with a top speed limiter as well. Unfortunately, I have been unable to find access to the catalog to confirm this so it may well be speculation/balderdash. If anyone has info re: the SVO catalog, please post it! I would love some local "Fard" dealer says "I ain't got that catalawg!" (Can you tell I have to deal with a Southern Ford dealer?)
  • cyberhostcyberhost Member Posts: 1
    I am a new driver, buying a Focus within two weeks. Can any expert herein can suggest if the ABS is all that necessary for this light weight ZX3 with the 5-Speed box?
    In the past, ABS is a must for a large car or truck with auto transmission, where the modulation of braking was almost impossible to ferform by driver's foot.
    However, the ZX3 is totally a new ball game. Please educate! New driver in Las vegas, NV
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Member Posts: 854
    I think it is necessary in any car. period
  • tomcat630tomcat630 Member Posts: 854
    THe ZX3 got 4 stars (out of 4) in todays Detroit News, ,in the weekly autos section. The "He/She Said" columns there can be quite funny, but also informative.
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    I've been reading this forum for a few months and I guess my experience won't impress those of you who say you got your Focus for $1000 below dealer invoice, but anyway... I used the option and located a dealer nearby - I didn't care for his style or his eventual offer ("about $500 below MSRP"), and besides, he didn't even have a hatchback on his lot - he said he could "locate" one. So I told him to go ahead and do his thing and in the meantime, I called another Ford dealer (usually considered the largest Ford dealer in New England). They had 2 hatchbacks (out of "25 Focus now available" - the rest were wagons/sedans) - both were silver, one was automatic, the other standard. The automatic had a/c which I wanted, and power locks, which I didn't. It also had a cassette player instead of the CD player which puzzled everyone. The Sales Manager quoted me a price of $13,500 over the phone so I raced in to get it. It also has floor mats and the smoker kit, minor additions money wise. The sticking point was the cassette player - after some haggling, they said they'd take another $100 off and I accepted. So I got it for $55 over dealer invoice. In the meantime the autobytel dealer emailed me back saying he had located a silver hatchback with a/c, auto, and power locks - guess what? It was the one I had just bought at the other dealer. The autobytel dealer's quote was *** $478.22 *** more than the deal I had negotiated myself at the big New England dealership. So there you have it. It's gorgeous and I love it. p.s. apparently Ford ran out of CD players because all of the Focuses had cassette players...
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    go to this list other sites which offer
    aftermarket parts for our focus zx3.
    unfortunately for me, i will not get my zx3 until after new year( although the car is in the dealer) because these people responsible for registering my car in the dealer are on vacation!!!! What are they doing to me?...making me crazy!!!!
  • charliemikecharliemike Member Posts: 87
    Ford does indeed make a new PCM (PowerTrain Control Module) for the ZX2 ... try it here Visteon PCM

    Whether or not this is compatible with the ZX3 is solely dependent on the computer that the ZX3 uses. I don't know if they are similar.

    Many people that I know that have ZX2's have just cut a wire to kill the governor ... I don't know how to do it.

    I'd say to anyone that asks that changing tires is crucial before screwing with the governor. Those cheap tires (and they are cheap) aren't meant to go faster than 106mph. I know a guy with a ZX2 that had a blowout at 130mph with an OEM tire. He's fine, but it scared him to death.

  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    now you're beginning to make me worry. mine is due to get to my dealership today. i just hope the cd player is there on my zx3. they better since my car was produced mid november. IS/ARE there anybody else out there who got a cassette rather than a cd player?
  • tickbittytickbitty Member Posts: 250
    That detnews thing was tough to find.... full address is

    About the CD players, I think that although the CD is standard on the ZX3, it might not be on the other focuses. Also, if you special order the car you can "downgrade" to a cassette player and get 150$ or so back off the price. I think some people actually prefer cassette for the car so they can trash their tapes rather than CD's, also those who go for the higher end after market stereos don't really care whats in there and go for the cheaper option since they will pull it out anyway. A car you order should have CD unless otherwise specified.
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    What speed rating are the tires on the focus? Even cheap "S" rated tires are good up to 112 mph.
    "T" rated tires are good to 118, and "H" rated tires are good to 130. You can tell by looking at the tire size 195/70 SR-15 (this would be "S" rated)
  • tmetravlertmetravler Member Posts: 14
    Folks, this is just pure agony! But I guess I'll have to wait this game out as long as I can. Here's the deal: I decided to get a ZX-3 thru The prices are really great! But, the story goes a bit south here..First off, if I read this correctly, you can order your car anyway you like. Fine, I did just that, I want every thing I could possibly get, but I would like to order it due to the fact that all the power goodies, mentioned by Ford, will be avail. & that they are taking orders now for late Feb. production. OK.. Second, when I contacted, they said that 1. they don't do orders & 2. You can only get whatever is avail. on the site. Third.. what is going on??
    1.Can you get the goods on order now other than going thru the dealer?
    2.If I go thru with this, am I just supposed to "wait" until they "just happen to make a car I spec'ed? This could be awhile!
    Anybody, have any ideas???
    Later, tme..out!
  • indybindyb Member Posts: 2
    I would like to know if anyone has checked out, their prices seem to good to be true. I know MSRP on zx3 is 12280 Invoice 11491 and carorder says they will bring one to your house for 10663. any thoughts?
  • alf3alf3 Member Posts: 83
    Anyone in N Carolina know of any Ford dealers with 5 speed ZX3s in stock ?
  • jcu1886jcu1886 Member Posts: 39
    Try Capital Ford in Raleigh. Last week they had a couple of ZX3 5-speeds in stock, they told me. I live in Cleveland, so I am waiting to find one nearer this area.
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    Everyone agreed that my ZX3 should have had a CD player - as I said, the dealership was perplexed, and the other ZX3 on the lot had a cassette as well (because I certainly suggested very strongly that if they had a CD player that would fit, they could rip it out and put it in mine...). We all read the small print on the Focus literature and of course it says that "substitutions may be made..." so that covered their rear-ends. The dealership said they called Ford, blah blah, there wouldn't be any CD players available for another 4 weeks...I told them I couldn't believe this whole deal was going to fall through over the CD player and they said...ahem...they couldn't believe it either! But the salesman kept going back to the manager's desk, they talked to "Parts", it went on and on - they figured I'd give in but I didn't - that's when they offered me another $100 off the price. I suppose I should have asked for $150 but they do wear you down. I was there 3 hours and most of that was sitting around waiting for paperwork and the battle over the cassette player - the test drive took about 15 minutes (btw, the engine seems noisier than my 10 year old Toyota Corolla...seems "wheezy").
  • mp10mp10 Member Posts: 103
    The base price figure from Edmund's site is $11,865 MSRP and $11,082 for Invoice - I showed these to the salesman and he didn't dispute it - his only comment, semi-jokingly, was: "You read too much..." I showed him all the option invoice prices for the ZX3 and again, he didn't have anything to say against any of them (whereas the autobytel dealer cut me off on the phone and said, "Oh, people show me those all the time, you can't go by those..." Huh?!!!)
  • dragwaydragway Member Posts: 34
    Anyone know why the North American spec cars have all red tail lights and the Euro cars have amber turn signals. Does anyone know if the amber lens can be bought here and installed.
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    the dealer i went to on October didn't have the car available. i have to give them 500 dollars deposit to order the car. I ordered on october 19, but it was only produced on Nov 15. I was promised 4 to 6 delivery, guess what? I still dont have the vehicle. i called my dealer just now, they said the car have just arrive this morning(horay!!!!!!) but since most of them are on vacation due to the holiday it'll only be ready to be picked up on monday(i hope), unless they come up with another story. someone here have posted that 12 weeks delivery time is normal( i hope he doesn't work for them), but he/she was right it's almost 12 weeks since i ordered that car. If you want your car to fit your specs..production may take longer than u think.
  • jamers85jamers85 Member Posts: 100
    have anyone seen the fuel filler lid they have on the blue cosworth focus?'s almost like the one the Audi tt has. Any idea where to get it?
  • charliemikecharliemike Member Posts: 87
    I believe the tires are "H" rated. But they compound in the tires is such that they suck.

    Go ahead and do 130mph on those tires, best of luck. I did warn you though.

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