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2010 VW Golf



  • moparbadmoparbad Posts: 3,868
    Does it retain its value after 3-4 years like a Civic? Corolla?

    VW as a brand has a higher retained value than Honda or Toyota.
    Model specific I can say that TDI retained value for Golf is predicted higher than Civic or Corolla, for the gas Golf I can't say.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    I've looked at the Fit, Civic, and Insight. The gas Golf (and TDI Jetta) is a quantum leap above them in driving, handling, comfort and features. The competition are cheaper; stripped down and utterly cheesy in comparison and (Insight excepted) get much lower mileage. I'm also calculating my fuel cost on $5/gal gas, which I think is only a year or two away. I'll have to wait another month to drive a TDI Golf, but after driving a Jetta, my mind is 95% made up. By the time you add even a moderate option pkg to the Hondas, the price difference is cut in half or more. Comparing only price, size and mileage, is ignoring a lot.
  • I heard the same from the two dealers in Denver. Early November.

    Interestingly, both dealers I called already had info (trim/ transmission / color / packages) on their first few allocations which would be arriving.

    One had an automatic TDI 4 door on the way nov 8thish.
    The second dealer had a couple of DSG TDIs enroute and a Manual 4 door which I snapped up with a $500 deposit later that afternoon. The dealer thought it was possible it might show up earlier than that... end of October. but who knows...

    I do know it was manufactured September 21, 2009 and have the vin. So it will be curious to see the lead time from manufacture date to delivery.

    What happened to the days when the next year models were out earlier every year (Sept, Aug, July June) ? Did we wrap around finally?
  • Update on this... The car arrived today (Oct 16) in Houston von Deutschland. Eta 7-10 days to clear port and make it to Colorado. So roughly four to five weeks from manufacture to delivery if anyone is interested in lead times.
  • wow, you must be one of the first. let us know how you like it!
  • for you the gas model does make more sense.

    but then again, you drie significantly less than even the average american. (15-17k a year)

    i on the other hand drive at least 28k a year, so the tdi makes a bit more sense to me.

    i can see everyone is bummed out about the stick thing on the foor me crazy but i think there is more to enjoying driving a car than rowing your own gears. (crazy huh?)

    but in typical overtly exaggerative carspace fashion, i think you guys saying 'vw dropped the ball' is a bit much. maybe they dropped the ball FOR YOU, but dont classify the golf6's sucess based solely on what a group of people on the effing internet think vw should offer. ( i bet if we could tally up how many vw golf 4 doors were sold with m/t's, the number would be nothing to write home about.)

    as far as the price hike goes....that happens with a lot of cars. but the golf has been enchanced with a lot of things here and there that the pevious model did not have. have you guys seen the interior? its leaps and bounds ahead of the rabbit, which was already nice to begin with. that an all the added insulation and special glass they have used costs something.

    and btw, the plaid interior on the gti is EPIC, and holds up just as well as any other interior material would. if you dont care anything about the GTi's history or heritage i can see not liking it, but if thats the case maybe you should consider something else. that inteiror is awesome and has loads more personality than anything else in its class. (or above)
  • Picked it up yesterday... in a foot of snow. (Denver got a total of 20"-24" of the white stuff or so in the past two days.) That dealer also got two DSGs which were also sold before arrival. They're apparently not getting any more TDI's until December.
    I've been the airport a few times already (long story & drive), and done a fair amount of city driving. Cumulative mileage so far is 39mpg, though I do a bit of hypermiling, and I've not been pushing it at all yet, since the owenr's manual recommends some easy does it break in procedures for the first 1,000 miles. Not to mention the snow packed roads in many parts of town. Still, even at 60-70% throttle once it's warm, it pulls very nicely... Feels a lot like a friends V6 '02 Passat I've driven, but handles much better. It's great in snow, slush or hardpack... not the best on 3" icy hard-pack topped with 6" of slush/snow however... The antislip stuff seemed to do nothing on that combo... I miss my bliztek tires on my '02 tdi I traded in . Also nice in the snow: the electric assist heater in the AC unit. Gets warm fast!
    The interior feels like an Audi... (minus leather... of which I'm not a fan anyways) Nice job VW. The iPod interface is a bit flaky when leaving an iPhone plugged in between turning the car off and then on again a few minutes later (It gets confused between BT audio streaming and the MDI dock connector... ) Generally though, it's a pretty brilliant integration... much better than the aftermarket one my roommate got in his truck... It's only slow with the iPod when scrolling by dragging the scrollbar. But otherwise it's very uncluttered, complete, intuitive and nicely matches all the other instrumentation.

    Only complaints so far:
    1) The rather cute-sie Toyota sounding horn. Not sure if this is just the sound it makes when arming the alarm or not... as I've only used the real horn once. I think it was louder when using it via the steering wheel, but I'm not entirely sure. . (Epidemic of drivers deciding to turn in front of me on red without looking despite the slick conditions. People. *sigh*)
    2) Unlocking remotely is just as touchy as it was on the MKIV for opening the trunk and unlocking doors other than the drivers side. (Double click and press and hold not the best tech for a key fob. )

    Other differences from the MKIV I've only seen mentioned in one review:
    1) No internal trunk release... but unlocking the car suffices for external access.
    2) No internal Fuel tank release... I like this better, since on the MKIV this was the ONLY way to open the fuel cap and I was always forgetting to pop this. Now you just push in on the fuel door and it pops out.
    3) Back windows also have an Auto Roll up and Down feature, in addition to the front windows.
    4) AC vent in the glove box. (Remember this vaguely from a Passat ad a few years back... apparently it's trickled into the rest of the VW line. )

    I'll post more once the snow melts and I get a chance to put it through it's paces. So far very happy though. Much improved from the MkIV TDI I with slushbox that I traded in. Power when you want it... and fuel economy most of the time. Finally an aux-in / ipod integration as well!
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,364
    as you might guess from my "name", I understand the frustration of not being able to get a stick in every model.

    but, VW obviously knows their customers, and they aren't going to be giving up many sales. You might not buy, but likely, there arent too many others like you.

    my guess? The 4 door 2.5 is the "boring family truckster" model, and that traditionally gets sold overwhelmingly with an AT.

    sadly, these days, most of the stick buyers either get the cheapee strippo models, or the bigger engined sport models. So, you want a clutch, you get the turbo or a 2 door.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    bingosabi, thanks for posting all the details. btw, i think your car is probably lacking a trunk release because it is lacking a trunk. (it's a hatchback, right?)
    I'm particularly interested in whether I can carry long skis/snowboards as well as at lesat two passengers in a golf TDI. (It's possible in a jetta TDI.)
  • I put another review up on my blog which has a few more details as I've started to figure out some more stuff about the car and get some more miles on it.

    The 2002 TDI Golf I traded in had an interior rear hatch release, actually... Thought technically not a trunk, that's is what I meant. Anyways I figured out in the settings menu how to make the hatch unlock with a single click on the key fob rather than a press and hold which was never particularly reliable, and additionally how to unlock all doors (and hatch) when removing the key from the ignition.

    I'll try to pull my ski's out later today and try it out. There is a pass through to the "trunk" area in the center "seat" I'm sure it's enough room to allow for two adults in the back and some snowboards.. nordic ski's might be too long to fit however... (What I intent to test later for ya.)
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,364
    was nearby, so I stopped to see the golf today. Pretty crappy supply, a strippo manual 2 door, and same car with the AT. Both white.

    and, the sales dude said feb/march for a TDI (this is in NJ). Sounds like the old plan of "try to sell 'em what we got on the lot"!

    anyway, some nice upgrades over the prior model (I only sat and poked, did not drive). Good seats, lots of room, nice dash, etc.

    couple of notes:

    - Sat in a 4 door 2010 GTI (nice car, 6 speed). Amazing the room and comfort in the back seat.
    - decent space in the trunk, tons of room with the seats folded. Can't beat a box for space utilization!
    - the 2 door without an armrest was horrible. That would be a must add. I think it was a dumb move to shave what, $15 off the sticker to skip this?
    -the 2.5l gets really lousy EPA mileage for a car this small.

    anyway, If I go back to 90miles/day commute soon, a TDI 4 door would be a very nice package to do it in. I can even fit my 80lb. dog in the back with one of the seat folded.

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,364
    just scoped out a pricing report. Man, this little puppy ain't cheap.

    a TDI 4 door with only the DSG and moonroof is $25,500+. With no discounts likely, not a cheap way to get better mielage!

    too bad the 2.5l is such a lump and not particularly economical. Would be nice if they had a modern 4 cyl (2.0-2.3l) instead.

    that, and put it on a diet...

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    Stopped by to see the new Golf today. They only had a stripped 2 door with manual in stock. The salesman told me they got one 4 door TDI with DSG and it was sold before it got there. I told him VW gassers have no interest for me. I did look closer at the Touareg TDI and that is about all. It is a lot smaller than my Sequoia.
  • No go on the snowboard through the trunk passthrough.. It doesn't fit through the passthrough to the trunk/hatch area:

    Guess VW's engineers are more the ski types.
    I got it in by folding down one back seat... technically room for four adults, but not comfortably since some one is stuck in the middle. It is a big snowboard though... 160cm x 32 cm (64" x 13") But then again.. if All four people have snow boards.. it's a no go.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    bingosabi, thanks so much for the ski/snowboard tests, and with photos too!
    Very kind of you. Your results show me exactly what I wanted - I can fold down
    half the rear seat if need be.. So including myself I can bring 3 skiers/snowboarders no problemo.
    And yeah, sorry for my pointless little nitpick on "hatch release" vs "trunk release". :)
    Have fun on the slopes this year! :)
  • i've had the car a week and the backup lights aren't working. gotta take it to the dealer already :(
  • the 2.5l gets really lousy EPA mileage for a car this small

    see this is where i disagree with you and other folks. look at the 2.5 mazda 3. similiar hp, less torque, and one less cylinder and its rated at LESS mpg at 22/29. and the weight is about the same. why is it that everyone gets up in arms about the golf/rabbit, but not about larger engined cars like the mazda 3 or the 2.4 corolla?

    and none of those cars offer a 40mpg car like the tdi thats actually peppy. (they offer them without the pep.)
  • stickguystickguy Posts: 25,364
    It is still lousy mileage for a car this small (those others are actually bigger).

    Plus, the point you missed, the mazda and toyota also offer a base engine which gets notably better MPG. The S mazda is the sports car of the range, and I doubt the take rate on the 2.4l Corolla is very high.

    even the mini has a base NA engine to go along with the higher output motor.

    I would be very happy to see VW come out with an ~2.0l NA motor with al lthe state of the art goodies on it that should blow away the 2.5l ileage, smoothness, and prbably match it's performance. And weigh less too!

    now, the 1.4l twin charger set up cold be an interesting alternative to the TDI for power/mileage...

    2015 Hyundai Sonata 2.4i Limited Tech (mine), 2013 Acura RDX AWD (wife's) and 2015 Jetta Sport (daughter's)

  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    I owned the mini with the base engine for a while, but only drove it a couple times since the CVT was so incredibly annoying.
    It got horrid mpg for such a small car . About 26 mpg.
  • I "ordered" a Golf TDI about 2 months ago, right when ordering was opened. Here's what I'm told today by my Atlanta dealer:

    "As of right now VWAG who owns us over here in the US has not released any of the recently ordered Golf's for production. Don't really know why at this point, we have not heard back from anyone in regards to an informed answer to that question. Hope to have at least some info on the subject soon. Your Rabbit (sic) is still sitting in the accepted order status "awaiting production" if you would.

    At least we are 1 month ahead of people placing an order now, as a line is starting to form."
  • I was on a waitlist from he_ _ . I got on one early august. my local dealer advised that she wasn't sure she'd see my car until spring at the earliest. i found a similarly configured TDI (minus the Xenons and exact color I wanted) and I jumped on it at another dealer. they hadn't even had it on the was enroute from texas when I put a deposit down. i recommend calling around and finding a dealer who doesn't have a waitlist to see if they have something you'd like coming in. my dealer told me she will be lucky to see a total of 12 TDI Golfs in the next year. It just isn't profitable for VW to put the TDI engine in a GOLF body...they make a great deal more on the Jetta and Sportwagens.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    My local VW dealer has delivered at least one Golf TDI. Unless they were lying to me. No reason for them to do that.
  • I don't think your dealer is lying but from what I've seen each dealer is only getting 1-2 per month TOTAL. Obviously this isn't enough to fulfill demand.
  • My dealership got allocation for ONE Golf TDI, which is scheduled to arrive in March, so some orders do get released for production.
    That is in addition to two launch cars that were assigned to us by VW.
  • I placed a deposit on a Golf TDI last week. The dealer doesn't expect to get more than 1 every 3 months. According to the dealer I probably won't see mine until May/June.
  • I do not have any inside information on the 2010 Golf TDIs. I strongly suspect that VWoA has loaded up the TDIs with the nav system and lots of other goodies because they cannot make a profit selling a base model. I am not sure if they profit from the 2.5-liter Golfs, no one else gets that engine so maybe it's produced in Mexico and shipped to Europe for assembly, and that enables them to sell those Golfs for a slight profit. At any rate, if there was a lot of profit to be made, VW would be building more and shipping more to North America.

    The cost of ownership does not include what the car costs when new but it does include how much value it loses in the first three or five years. If you think the demand for 2010 Golf TDIs is much greater than the supply right now, then it should continue in future years -- if you can find one for around MSRP now, then you should lose very little value and your cost of ownership could be extremely low. If the dollar keeps losing value, you might even be able to sell your 2010 Golf TDI for more than it cost when new, if the only alternative is to pay $30k or more for a 2014 model.
  • dwpcdwpc Posts: 159
    TDIs (and competing hybrids) already require a large premium that few buyers will ever recoup in fuel savings. Gas would have to go far higher than last year's gouge to allow the TDI to even break even vs a gas engine after several years. If the euro rise drives the US price of a TDI much higher, I think its more likely that the TDI will again disappear from this market.
  • I think we will get more VW TDIs built in the US or Mexico. But that should have no effect on the resale value of 2010 Golf TDIs. If they are hard to find now, then they will be rare and highly sought after in future years, so the resale value should be super-high.
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,112
    I think you are missing the main reason many would buy the Golf TDI over the gas version. Mileage is a big factor. To me it is in the driving of the diesel vs a small gas engine. Unless you get the GTI which is more expensive than the diesel, the standard gas engine just does not have what it takes. What ever you put in at the start you will get back when you sell. Probably even a bigger spread than the gas version. I see no reason to own a gas VW. And a hybrid like the Prius is strictly for those with no desire to enjoy the driving.
  • puffin1puffin1 Posts: 276
    Why do some reviewers say ,that you can't get a sunroof with the base version golf it'a listed under options, along with heated seats and chome exhaust. I don't want 17" wheels i'll buy some alloys from :confuse:
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