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VW has decided to drop the Rabbit name for 2010. It will be renamed to Golf. This will be the official discussion for the 2010 VW Golf. There will now be a GTD trim. The GTD will be a sporty diesel trim. The engine will be the same one used in the Jetta TDI which is a 2.0L 140 HP engine. The 170 HP doesn't meet the US emission standards so they must use the 140 HP engine.

Here are the trim levels that are preliminary. You can choose between 2 or 4 doors.

2010 VW Golf GT 2.5 Auto
2010 VW Golf GT 2.5 Manual
2010 VW Golf GTD 2.0 Auto
2010 VW Golf GTD DSG
2010 VW Golf GTI DSG
2010 VW Golf GTD Manual

Option packages will be Cold Weather, Tech, and Sunroof. Sunroof is now available on the 2 door models.

For the first time non GTI Golf's will get an optional Navigation system. This new system has a high res touch screen display and a 30 GB HDD. The Hard drive stores both the maps and a 18.62 GB partition for storing your favorite tunes. VW was even nice enough to include a Media-In connector for playing your favorite tunes. The Media in does work with iPod's but you must purchase part number 000 051 446 C which is a special Media-In to iPod cable. You can't use the USB cable with the iPod sync cable since that won't work so keep that in mind. VW might deploy new radios for 2010 that support the MDI. That way you can have the MDI and not have Navigation.

Hope this helps for now.


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    5K129L Golf 2-DR 2.0 TDI Manual
    5K129M Golf 2-DR 2.0 TDI Automatic
    5K12S1 Golf 2-DR 2.5 Automatic Federal
    5K12S3 Golf 2-DR 2.5 Automatic Federal
    5K12Z1 Golf 2-DR 2.5 Manual PZEV
    5K12Z3 Golf 2-DR 2.5 Automatic PZEV
    5K149L Golf 4-DR 2.0 TDI Manual
    5K149M Golf 4-DR 2.0 TDI Automatic
    5K14Z3 Golf 4-DR 2.5 Automatic PZEV
    5K14S3 Golf 4-DR 2.5 Automatic Federal

    PZEV is only for a few states. The 2.5 4-door can't be had in a manual. Only the 4 door TDI can get a manual.

    Colors are:

    5R5R Reflex Blue
    8E8E Reflex Silver
    A1A1 Black
    B4B4 Candy White
    G2G2 Tornado Red
    P6P6 Shadow Blue/Graphite Blue
    X6X6 United Grey

    Options are

    3FE Power Sunroof
    8JF Xenon Headlamps with AFS
    P71 Navigation System
    P73 Technology Package
    W79 Cold Weather package

    The good news is that all these options are available on the Golf TDI regardless of how many doors it has. The tech package might be the Navi, MDI, maybe dynaudio, and backup camera.

    Here is the new preliminary info.
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    Any ideas as to timing, or pricing, that you can share? I'm in the market but can afford to be patient.

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    Pricing should start higher than the Rabbit since it's going upscale. A loaded TDI 4 door should be in the 20,000's. The TDI will carry a sizeable premium but it qualifies for a $1,300 tax break from the government. The Golf VI will come here sometime this fall. The GTI might come out earlier.
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    Thanks for the info. Good stuff!

    I'll be waiting patiently. Hopefully, the tdi golf will barely clear 20k. I'm trying to stay @18k. The tax credit and potential govmnt bailout may make that possible.
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    I've previously owned 3 VW diesels starting with a 78 Rabbit w/ 48 hp! My current diesel, an 06 Jetta is terrific. I was disappointed to see that the 09 Jetta was decontented, i.e. no leather, dual hvac controls, etc.

    RV, can you confirm that the 2010 Golf TDI four-door, 6-speed manual will be available with xenon headlights, cold weather package and sunroof? That would make it the perfect car for me!

    Thanks for your info. Where are you getting it?

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    Yes you can get them with all those options. Don't know about leather or dual climate control. I believe you can order the option packages a la carte. Don't forget about Bluetooth. That too will be a $300 option. VW is now offering a high quality bluetooth system from Europe that works really well. It integrates with the RCD-510 or RNS-510 headunit. It will integrate with the RCD-310. The 2010 golf at the New York Auto Show had the RCD-510 HU. The RCD-510 is similar to the RNS-510 but you don't get the navigation function. It's a touch screen headunit with a 6CD changer and no hard drive. Doesn't play DVD's but the RNS-510 will support DVD's. It supports the Media-In device so you can have full iPod/USB integration. I posted some MDI details in this thread. I don't want to repeat my self.
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    As for where I got my info it's out there on sites I can't mention.
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    I just found out that there will be a new head unit called Premium 8. Premium 8 is also known as the RCD-510 in Europe. It's very similar to the RNS-510 but is different. It has a touch screen display like the RNS-510 but there is no Hard drive and no DVD video support. It will support the backup camera though. The RCD-510 does have a 6 CD changer but the RNS-510 has only a single DVD/CD slot. Besides who needs a CD changer any more. The RNS-510 has a nice 18.62 GB music server where you can rip your music to it. It does have MP3/WMA support which is nice. The RCD-510 can now properly support iPod's. You'll need an MDI and a special cable that enables full iPod functionality. So now you can get full iPod integration. It even has a bluetooth phone menu if the bluetooth kit supports it. I hear that Bluetooth will be available for the Golf VI. Hope this helps.
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    The info that I've posted is preliminary and subject to any changes without notice.
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    This is a link to a pdf with specific information dated 4/2/09:


    Hmm, cloth interior?

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    TDI models get the Media-In. Now you can full iPod integration. All you need is part number 000 051 446 C and you're good to go.
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    So the Tech is Dynaudio, NAVI, and bluetooth. Nav models will get bluetooth high end. The good news is that non nav models will get bluetooth. TDI models will get the RCD-510/Premium VIII stereo. Then they can have full iPod integration.
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    Now I want to know when the US VW dealers will be able to order specific 2010 Golfs. This is all proven technology. Why not be the first on the block with one of these cars?
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    I don't know but they should be able to in the Summer probably the fall. The Golf VI will be out in the fall.

    Here is the preliminary pricing. This can change at any time without notice. Only the TDI models can have Nav. Tech package is Nav, high end Bluetooth, Dynaudio, and Backup camera. This is the first time that Dynaudio is being offered in a Golf. The MKV couldn't have Dynaudio due to the speaker placements. The Golf MKVI is made for the Dynaudio system from the get go.

    Golf 2.5 2 door $17,490
    Golf 2.5 4 door $18,090

    Golf TDI 2 door $21,990
    Golf TDI 4 door $22,590

    Golf GTI 2 door $23,290
    Golf GTI 4 door $23,890
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    You have come through once again. I thank you.

    I'm assuming those prices are msrp. I suspect invoice is running 1-1.5k less. Throw in the tax credit and you're knocking on 20k. A little high, but doable.
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    But those prices can change at anytime.
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    Courtesy of my-gti.com. This will be standard on the TDI models. The Premium VIII is dynaudio compatible and it's really nice. It's known as the RCD-510 in europe. It won't play DVD's. Supports Sirius, Bluetooth Audio streaming, and HD radio. More info is posted in this thread and yes it does support full iPod integration. Hope this helps.
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    How do the speaker placements differ on the MKVI? Will they not be in the doors in the back anymore? Any idea what sizes they will be?

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    Found this information on myturbodiesel.com:


    Answered several of my TDI questions: weight, standard equipment, options, etc.

    Looks nicely equipped for the price. :)
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    Any inside info on the date when golf will be out
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    I have been disappointed in the past by VW's decisions not to import certain models so I hesitate to start this, but it makes so much sense that it might actually happen this time. 2010 Golf R20 in 3 door and 5 door versions with the Audi TTS engine, AWD and choice of DSG or 6 speed manual. Serious competition for the Mazdaspeed 3 and Subaru WRX. Am I dreaming again or does someone in the know have info that this model might actually reach our shores late this year or early in 2010?
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    It will be coming out this fall.
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    I wonder if you have any more update information. vwgreg on another forum is confirming there will be a GTD. Do you have detailed specs like the .pdf posted lower on myturbodiesel.com about the GTD? Will it have 170HP? I was at the dealer this past weekend and saw the spec sheet. The 2-door will be able to order in TDI, with sunroof, cold wthr, Nav, Dynaudio and Xenon. All will have a black cloth interior. Color choices are as listed elsewhere in this thread. I saw no mention of the GTD, however.
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    The GTD is actually the TDI golf. The Golf TDI will have the 140 HP engine. VW wont spend the money to certify the 170 HP engine. Also the MDI is now optional. The MDI is pretty cool. It supports iPod and USB. iPod requires the special iPod cable but for 2010 it comes with it.
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    The Golf TDI is not the same as the GTD. We will not be getting the GTD on this side of the pond due to the 170 hp engine not having passed the EPA specs yet. My understanding is that the larger engine will require the Urea collector and VW does not want to spend the money to put that in the Golf. The Golf TDI has sportier components than the gas Golf, which puts it between the regular Golf and the GTI.
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    vwgreg has stated multiple times that GTD will arrive in US no later than October 2009.

    Every bit of insider info. I've gleaned from my VW sources say that GTD will absolutely not be available in calendar year 2009 and there is a *possiblity* it may be offered in 2010 calendar year as either 2010 or 2011 model, most likely with the 140 hp powerplant .
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    I've been waiting for all the info on the 2010 Golf I can get.
    Tell me this, why buy a TDI ,when gas is almost a dollar cheaper.Also, what if , let's say the fuel pump goes in a TDI won't it cost alot more to repair than a regular gas engine?
    Lastly, whats the warranty,free service 36K and how much is VW's extended warranty cost ? Their realiability in the past hasn't impressed me.I'd use the tax credit for that. :shades:
    Semper FI
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    I am not sure where you live. Most of the USA has diesel cheaper than RUG. Been that way for several months. It only gets more expensive in the winter when people use it for heating. The EPA fuel economy is weighted against diesel cars. You will probably get at least 40% better fuel economy with the Golf TDI than the GTI. The VW 2.0L gas engine is turbo charged and requires Premium.
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    Ok so here is some math for ya. Assume that a gasoline Golf with the same specs as a TDI Golf (other than diesel) has about a $2500 price difference. Assume that the TDI gets 45 mpg and the gas gets 30 mpg. Todays national price average for gas shows reg unleaded at $2.60 and diesel at the same $2.60. Using these numbers, you would have to drive the TDI 86,538 miles before you would recuperate the original $2500 price difference. Just some food for thought.
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    Dealer in SC just told me they have the options sheet and are taking applications for 2010 Golf's, tdi or not.
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    you would have to drive the TDI 86,538 miles before you would recuperate the original $2500 price difference. Just some food for thought.

    Some additional food for thought. I consider a car with 86,538 miles to be well broken-in. My wife and I have a car (gas job in this case) with 260,000 miles on it. While at this point I consider it to be heading for the last round-up, when it was at 173,076 miles (twice your calculated break even point) it was still one of our mainstream rides.

    2009 BMW 335i, 2003 Corvette cnv. (RIP 2001 Jaguar XK8 cnv and 1985 MB 380SE [the best of the lot])

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    you would have to drive the TDI 86,538 miles before you would recuperate the original $2500 price difference. Just some food for thought.

    Here is more food for thought to enjoy munching on.

    Not only will you make up the difference in fuel cost's by 90,000 miles, you will actually make a PROFIT when you sell the diesel at 90,000 miles.

    $9105 KBB value for 2003 Jetta GLS TDI Sedan 90,000 miles
    $5855 KBB value for 2003 Jetta GLS TDI Sedan 90,000 miles

    Diesel is worth $3250 more than gasoline model at 90,000 miles. Diesel retains higher resale value.
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    The HatchBack is back and in demand. Alot of people looked down on them. The Acura Integ and RSX was dropped.(Big mistake Acura) Mazda HB's are selling fast. They even built them with a smile.Cheverolet has the Aveo, but don't lean your elbows on it,as they'll ding it.Just look at the Versa, Fit, Yaris and the Sion HB's they are selling as fast as they come in.The Astra Hatches are nice ,but like the Accent they need more HP. (just tweaked a little) Watch out for Kia's Soul and a HB Forte.( KIa's a comer)
    I hope Ford gets the Focus right and VW 's reliability problems have been ironed out. Ford better get off their duffs and get that Focus here or they might loose out to the competion.
    I forgot to mention the Mini, nows the time to get one,if you want one.
    One question . How come VW makes a quality, sort off bullit proof car in the GTI, but could never seem to get it right with the Golf? :confuse:
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    Those with experience please chime in - Consumerreports reliablity of Turbodiesel Golfs is horrendous. Black circles everywhere. Someone give me some real life stories of how your Golf has held up - TDI or not. I want one but staring at that reliability report is going to be hard to overcome.

    It should be noted that the last 2 years of gasoline Rabbit '07 and '08 have been very reliable (or above average).
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    The 2010 Golf won the 2009 car of the world title.

    NEW YORK, April 9, 2009 -- The Volkswagen Golf was honored as the 2009 World Car of the Year. A jury comprised of fifty-nine international automotive journalists from twenty-five countries around the world chose this year's World Car of the Year, which was announced this morning at a news conference during the New York International Auto Show. "It is a tremendous honor for Volkswagen to have its global best selling model, the Golf, named the 2009 World Car of the Year," said Stefan Jacoby,

    I have two acquaintances with early Golf TDI models. They seem to love them. Neither would get rid of them until a better car comes along. VW did suffer from reliability issues over the last decade. My neighbor has a 98 Beetle TDI and would not trade it for anything. His wife drives it everywhere and leaves their big car in the garage.

    I have not seen anything but rave reviews of the new Golf GTD (high powered TDI for EU & rest of the World) As usual we get the neutered versions in the USA.
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    Regarding the 2010 VW GOLF TDI,

    Will the 2010 GOLF TDI engine and auto transmission be assembled in Germany?
    Also, will the 2010 TDI GOLF be assembled in Wolfsburg?

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    Spoke with VW group of America this morning and they stated the 2010 Golf TDI that is coming to America in October will indeed be built in Germany, not Mexico or Brazil. The engine and tranny - everything will be built there. I find this news to be good news and raises the probability that I will purchase one.

    Did anyone read the quote from GM vice pres who stated that There is no way to make a respectable case for diesel success in America - or something close to that... Seems like an ignorant statement to me. Very close minded.
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    I don't believe that ANYONE at GM (Government Motors) :lemon: can be taken seriously about ANYTHING regarding the automotive business. They had to be bailed out by,..ummm ME and other taxpayers.

    I wouldn't drive a GM product if they gave it to me free of charge. I'd sell it and buy either a German or Japanese vehicle.

    I know more about cars, and MAKING A PROFIT, than any GM VP.

    I think the GOLF TDI will be a great vehicle, and I hope to purchase one.
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    It's the truth you wait and see. My Acura from Japan didn't have heated seats, but the ones shipped to Canada had them. The Focus HB we rented to travel from Germany to Swizerland was a sweet ride. I was in the high speed lanes on the Autobahn.It was a rocket.I did alot of down shifting in the Alps and France.
    However, that model is not coming to the USA. So,I'm really lookin' at the V dub,but I remember the auto window motors burning out in the Golf's and alot of electrical and tranny problems. I don't care if thy won an award at an auto show ,give me some owners reviews. I mean reviews of the VW Golf, forget GTI I had one, great machine. The Jetta seems to be selling well,but mostly the TDI.
    If Roger Penski can raise the money you'll get the car you want. :shades:
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    I have a 2000 TDI Beetle with 135000 miles on it. I have had problems with little things but not the body, engine, or tranny. I have been told that the newer VWs are better built but when I buy my new VW diesel, I will get the extended warranty.
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    What's the cost and duration . SKi Vail Freestyle !
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    Question - VW pegs the Jetta TDI sedan 0-60 at 8.2 per their website. If I'm reading this right, the Golf TDI will have the same engine, will weigh a hundred lbs or more less than the Jetta, but 0-60 will be 9.3?????

    Also VW says the Jetta Sedan tdi and Jetta Sportwagen tdi have the same curb weight?? Called VW of A and they said the same thing - they weigh the same. Impossible right? Someone shine some light on these 2 questions por favor.
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    Can't really give a good answer about the curb weight but I can certainly give a good answer for the 0-60 times. Just because they have the same engine doesn't mean they have the same transmission or final drive ratio. If the Golf TDI has a slower 0-60 and weighs less, that tells me that it is geared to stay in a lower RPM range. I'll bet that 70mph in the Jetta TDI turns higher RPMs than 70mph in the Golf TDI does.
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    Is the Golf TDI due here in September or October? The pricing was supposed to be available but it isn't yet...
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    You must not be reading the same Consumer Reports I am. Consumer Reports only has reliability ratings for one year of the Golf diesel--2002--which rates it as average (open circle, no red) overall, same for engine major, solid black (much worse than average) for engine minor, solid red (much better than average) for engine cooling.

    There's more data for more years for the near-identical Jetta diesel, which shows a very gradual improvement overall, edging into "better than average" in the last year with sufficient data (2006).

    I suspect you were looking at the "turbo" ratings (i.e., GTI or GLI), which indeed are horrendous in early years, but also showed steady but gradual improvement over the years.

    Note however that the diesel engine in the new Golf, and in this year's Jetta, is almost completely different from the past VW turbodiesel engines.

    Finally, my own VW diesel (96 passat TDI, but same engine as diesel Golfs and Jettas until they went to the higher-tech PD engine in, I think, 2001) has had no engine problems at all through 130,000 miles. But all four door handles have gone once, the passenger front door handle gone twice, the driver's door handle four times (no joke), the front power window regulators on both sides, the hvac controls twice, the alternator, the air conditioning compressor, and the u-joints on both sides and, most recently, the ignition switch (the electrical part, not the mechanical part). Oh, and the outside trunk lock went in the first year--I never bothered to fix it because of the cost--don't remember the amount, but it was totally ridiculous--but use the inside trunk release button. OTOH, the original brake pads on all four wheels are still (barely) hanging on. VWs in general seem to getting gradually better, but we aren't talking Honda reliability by any means even at best.
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    Good post Zivitar

    Everything I hear is that it will be available in mid-late October. If I had to bet I would double down on early November.

    Anyone - Is it true the 2010 jetta wagen will have the front end of the new golf?

    Hatchback owners - question here from a never-had-a-hatch before: Is the versitility of the hatch more convenient than a sedan with a folding back seat? Lets hear some real life stories. I'm fired up about this golf. I have so many questions but I'll try and pace myself here. ha
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    Yes, the Golf and the Sportwagen will share the same front end/nose. Here's what it looks like: http://www.goodcleantech.com/2010_Volkswagen_Jetta_SportWagen.jpg
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    Oh I like that. Much better than the Audi snout look.
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    Check this link for really comprehensive info on specs and comparison between 2009 and 2010 models: http://www.myturbodiesel.com/1000q_how_to/a5/09_10_TDIdifferences.htm
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