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Low Fuel Warning Light

gungagunga Posts: 16
Got my 1st Low Fuel Warning Light this week.
Light and chime went on and then Enclave STOPPED 5 blocks later.

Upon refilling, I had less than .8 Gallons left

Be Warned. Don't lit it get down


  • tourguidetourguide Posts: 190
    Holy cats!

    THANKS for the heads up. That could be REALLY bad on a road trip for example.
  • chumsterchumster Posts: 3
    Strange, I've driven at least 30 miles with the light on without a problem. I was paying attention to the Range in miles, got to the point that is said 10 miles ..
  • Wow! I usually fill at 1/4 but the hubby likes to go low, thanks for the warning!
  • holly15holly15 Posts: 1
    On my 2009 Enclave my light and chime stopped working about a month a go and we almost ran out of gas. When we noticed, it said 7 miles until empty. Thanks for confirming there is a light that comes on. The dealer mechanic said he only new of the warning that displayed on the Driver Information Center. Does anyone know at what point the light comes on? Is it when you have 60 miles left until empty?
  • aaplsueaaplsue Posts: 37
    I never had a light go on but just a warning. Is there suppose to be a light because I almost ran out of gas. I never liked the warning as it is not enough.
  • Good afternoon aaplesue,

    There is the "Fuel Level Low" warning that will appear in the DIC (Driver Information Center) but no additional lights aside from the fuel gage to indicate that a fill-up is necessary (the gage will first indicate empty before the vehicle is out of fuel, but the vehicle’s fuel tank should be filled soon).

    GM Customer Service
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