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Kia Sorento Towing

2000gls2000gls Member Posts: 4
edited July 2014 in Kia
I would like to hear from anyone who has wired their Sorento for a 7-way trailer connection to pull a small travel trailer. My Sorento came wired with a flat -four connection for a utility trailer. Are the other wires back there waiting to be hooked up or will I need to run some new wires?
Thanks, Al


  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    i am considering purchasing a 2011 kia sorento. I tow a boat trailer, and i need a five way for the brake lock out. I was wondering if you had any luck wiring up for the travel trailer. thanks. rr70
  • 2000gls2000gls Member Posts: 4
    I ended up running a wire from my controller to the rear for my trailer brakes. I spliced into my brake light switch and ran a wire to my controller. There is no factory wiring in place for this purpose.
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    the hyunai santa fe comes with a plug module at the rear left side, which accepts a trailer wiring kit. is there anything like this for the kia sorento? also, thanks, for your reply 2000gls. i don't need a brake controller. i just need a way to connect to something that gives me either a 12v. when the back up lights go on, or at the very least, a 12v line which I can manually switch. thanks. rr70
  • 2000gls2000gls Member Posts: 4
    The plug module in my Sorento is behind the spare tire. Drop the spare and it should be visible
  • roadrunner70roadrunner70 Member Posts: 241
    Thanks for the update. Does Kia have the harness which plugs in, and how much $$. I take it that it is still only a 4 wire harness. rr70
  • 2000gls2000gls Member Posts: 4
    The harness is already there. Kia has a converter that plugs in to allow you to use a single bulb for brake and tail light. Yes it is a four wire. I added a couple of wires on my own to run my travel trailer. Not sure of the cost as I had a factory hitch added at the same time. Keep in mind that my Kia is a 2004 model.
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