Toyota Prius Lease Questions

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Post your next generation Prius leasing questions here.


  • lakemoreylakemorey Member Posts: 2
    Hello, do you know when the new Prius lease rates will be available?
  • jackomojackomo Member Posts: 11
    I received a lease quote for a new 2010 Prius Model II. It is a 3rd party with no money down (except license and taxes). They say you can leave the lease at any point after 6 months with no penalty.

    MSRP $22,750
    Payment $283
    Term: 60 months
    Residual: $11,830
    Money factor: 0.00265

    I would like to know from others if this is a good deal?
  • kac035kac035 Member Posts: 3
    May I ask at what dealership you got this deal?


  • greenliongreenlion Member Posts: 3
    This is the deal I was offered on a 2010 model 2 prius. No add ons, totally basic style.
    $1,375 out of pocket (includes 1st payment and license fees)
    36 months, 12,000 miles a year, $398 a month which includes tax.
    I live in Los Angeles.
    Can someone tell me if this is a good deal or I can most likely do better?
    Thank you!
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi lakemorey. Toyota has finally published a lease program for the 2010 Prius. Not surprisingly given the number of orders that it has for the car and its thin margins, Toyota is not currently providing any lease support on it.

    Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Prius with 15,000 miles per year are .00265 and 67% for consumers who qualify for its top aka Tier 1+ credit tier.

    Keep in mind though that unlike most banks TFS places restrictions upon which options can be residualized, making it difficult for consumers to calculate the actual dollar residual values for individual units.

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  • tarlis2tarlis2 Member Posts: 2
    It's a great deal
  • tarlis2tarlis2 Member Posts: 2
    not a good deal. the deal should be the same but your monthly payment should be $350 including tax and with mats included. Ceretos Toyota deals
  • greenliongreenlion Member Posts: 3
    Hi Tarlis,
    I got a little more info regarding the deal I was given for the lease,
    msrp at 22,938
    residual factor of 15,180
    money factor of .00265

    Where are they off? I was wondering how the pricing could get to $350 with tax.
  • osu18osu18 Member Posts: 18
    Car_man or anybody else out there, do you have any info the money factor and residual for 36k/36months on the 2010 Prius? I saw only info with the 15k miles a year. Thanks in advance. :)
  • bakkerjbakkerj Member Posts: 9
    I posted this deal in the prices paid forum, but it is actually a lease. So I thought I'd post here for your information.

    Sales price: $28,888
    MSRP: 30,020
    MF was 0.00265
    Payment worked out to $466 including tax. Without tax it was $423, or something. I live in alameda county, which I believe has the highest sales tax in the state at 9.75% or something.

    I don't have the residual in front of me, but I can get it for anyone interested.
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi osu18. Toyota Financial Services' current buy rate lease money factor and residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Prius with 12,000 miles per year are .00265 and 69%, respectively.

    Keep in mind though that TFS calculates vehicles' residual values differently than other banks. The residual value percentages that it publishes are for base vehicles. It places restrictions upon what options can be residualized. As a result, it is very difficult for consumers to calculate the actual dollar residual values for specific units.

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  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Congratulations on getting your new Prius, bakkerj. Thanks for taking the time to share the details of your lease with everyone. Real world examples like this are always helpful for other community members who are in the market for similar vehicles. If you haven't already and you have the time, make sure to hop on over to the Dealer Ratings & Reviews section of to share your thoughts on your recent dealer experience.

    Enjoy your new ride :shades: !

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  • aga3aga3 Member Posts: 2
    I would like to lease Prius 2 no options i am in chicago what should be my monthly
    payment including tax with $2500 down ?
  • kweikwei Member Posts: 1
    Hi bakkerj,
    We're actually in the process of leasing a Prius IV. I was wondering what your residual is as well as the adjusted cap cost (final price paid including fees and taxes).
    We have similar numbers to you but somehow our numbers are ending up around $570/month. We live in Chicago so our sales tax is higher (10.25%!) but we're just trying to figure out how people are getting their numbers down into the 400s.

    Also, did you put any money down?
  • ealexandealexand Member Posts: 1
    I'm trying to be conservative with my numbers so I'm not shocked when i get to the dealership. Does this look right for a 3y/36k lease?

    Prius III
    Price: $24,000
    Money Factor: .00265
    Residual: 65%

    $0 down - Pre-Tax: $326
    $2k down - pre-tax: $266

    If i got them to quote me with $2k down and offered to pay that monthly payment, but would only put $1k down do you think they would go for it?

    Thank you for the help

    Thank you for the help
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi ealexand. I assume that the $24,000 number that you mentioned is this car's selling price and not its MSRP. Is that correct? It would be much easier for me to give you my opinion on this deal if you provided us with both numbers.

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  • hazzumhazzum Member Posts: 1
    Prius V
    Price $33048
    Money Factor .00265%
    Residual $16565
    $4000 down (Cap Cost Red) to reduce payment
    MSRP $33148
    48month Lease 15,000 miles
    $463.99 (Inc. $37.33 Tax 8.75%)

    Please tell me I did OK
  • wvgasguywvgasguy Member Posts: 1,405
    Prius V
    Price $33048
    Money Factor .00265%
    Residual $16565
    $4000 down (Cap Cost Red) to reduce payment
    MSRP $33148
    48month Lease 15,000 miles
    $463.99 (Inc. $37.33 Tax 8.75%)

    Please tell me I did OK

    I plan to pay it off early but my 6 year loan was $507/mo w/ no money down for a V w/ NAV +taxes (approx $31,500). After 48 months I'll owe $11,500 so if it is worth $16500 I would be able to build some equity as a down payment on a new car.
  • newyork4menewyork4me Member Posts: 6

    Would you happen to know what the September residuals / money factor are for 36 month leases (12k and 15k/yr)?

    The past residuals seem awesome, but the MF is kinda high. Anyway to "buy it down" with multiple security deposits?
  • sas9sas9 Member Posts: 28
    I just leased a 2010 model 4, leather and nav.

    $1000 out of pocket and $402 month, 48 months.

    I paid $750 over invoice, $1435 off MSRP.

    I love it so far but I've only had it 3 days and I"m still getting used to everything. It's alot of car for me to learn and I know that once I settle in, I'm going to enjoy it.
  • wakked1wakked1 Member Posts: 3
    Anyone know the current terms of the Prius II "special" lease in northern CA? Best I can get so far seems to be around 72% residual with .00265 MF and 650 acquisition fee for 12K/year.
  • shellzshellz Member Posts: 47
    That residual looks great. In DC, for a Prius 3-5, the best I'm seeing .00261 and a 66% residual for 3 years, 12,000 miles a year. And I just received an e-mail from Alexandria Toyota offering $100 above invoice (their initial offer was about $1100 over).
  • CarMan@Edmunds[email protected] Member Posts: 38,514
    Hi wakked1. The money factor and residual value that you were quoted for this car look right to me. Despite the fact that Toyota is advertising a lease payment on the Prius in your area, this program is not actually special. I believe that its advertised Prius lease in CA is based upon TFS' standard lease program.

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  • pepper14pepper14 Member Posts: 5

    Just leased a 2010 Prius IV from Toyota of Santa Monica.

    Black with dark gray leather interior. Solar sunroof with navigation. Floor and cargo mats. Rear bumper applique. MSRP $31.499. Invoice $29,556. Agreed upon value: $28, 369.12. Gross capitalized cost: $29,239.12 (agreed upon plus $650 acquisition fee and $220 for tinting windows, which they threw-in for free at end). Residual value: $19,839. M.F.: .00265

    36 months, 12K miles per year. $2900 drive-off ($1896.01 cap cost reduction, $365.99 1st month, $395 title, reg, lic fees, $184.86 tax on cap cost reduction, $45 doc prep fee, $8.75 CA tire fee, $4.59 tax on doc fee). $365.99 per month (including tax).
  • pantherman12pantherman12 Member Posts: 2
    Carman, My wife wanted a 2010 red Prius V with Nav. Had a hard time finding one and had to wait for one to be rerouted from another dealer and it came in last week with carmats. The MSRP was $31,329.00 and the Invoice was $29, 817. The dealer agreed to sell it to us for $29,467 but had to pay a dealer fee of $699.50. I decided to lease the car for 36 months, 12,000 miles per year. I paid $1701 down to cover Cap. cost reduction-$178.70, 1st mo. payment - $519.58, Dealer fee-$699.50 and Title and registration,waste etc,-$303.22. The agreed upon value was $29467 but the Gross cap cost was $30362 -explained as a $895.00 acquisition fee for Southeast Toyota Finance. I thought this a bit high but they told me that was what it was. The cap cost reduction was $178.70 for an adjusted cap cost of $430183.30. The residual value is $17690 0 depreciation 412493.30 and a outrageous rent charge of $5153,82, Total Base mo payments - $17646.12. The monthly payment is $519.58 about $30 more a month than they quoted me in Dec. Did I get screwed? I feel Like I did but my wife wanted the car bad so I got it for her. Carman please advise
  • mtenamtena Member Posts: 58
    The California offer sounds similar to the one advertised here in Washington state:

    2010 Toyota Prius Lease (Model #1223)
    $279 per month plus tax for 36 months
    $1,995 due at signing lease

    Not sure which equipment codes these are for, as I've just started into the possibility of leasing.
  • eburnseburns Member Posts: 13
    CarMan, (or anyone else with data)
    If you could, would you please share the residual and MF for a 2010 Prius IV at 12k/36 here in the Southeast? I've seen numbers all over the place on various forums. Thanks for the help!

  • eburnseburns Member Posts: 13
    Pantherman12 - I know it's a moot point now, but I just leased a Prius in the Southeast as well. The acquisition fee was $695 as quoted by several different dealers, and your dealer fee is probably the highest I've ever seen. That said, I can empathize with the challenge of dealing with your wife's dream car... mine just had to have a red package IV :) .
  • roho1roho1 Member Posts: 318
    Just came from a SET Toyota dealer the other day and the acquisition fee was $995.
    The day before the sales stoppage.

    I just stopped in to test drive a Prius but they also tried to use the old school boiler room sales tactics on me. They were more inerseted in selling me a Venza than Prius. Air head salesman comes out with MSRP offer, I say no he goes back to mgr and the offer comes back down a couple hundred, I say no and the mgr comes out and says what do I have to do to get your business, etc and on and on. Needless to say I walked out. I can't believe Toyota is still using this cave man style of sales. I'm going to use the internet for offers from now on.
  • pantherman12pantherman12 Member Posts: 2
    I would like to know how much if any does the dealer get from the aquisition fee. If they get some of it they certaintly do not disclose it.
  • traderbtraderb Member Posts: 36
    Carman, can you post MF ad residuals for metro NY area. for 3yr/36k I was quoted .00145 MF but residual varied from 62%-66% dependig on prius 3 or 4. Do they have different residuals? Also, do you know of any marketig money or dealer support money because of the problems? do you even recommend a 2010 prius because of the pedal issues? they said the 2010 wasn't involved.
  • karate19karate19 Member Posts: 15
    Can anyone please give me the money factor and residual for the 2010 Prius IV with navigation? I need to lease one in the few weeks. Thanks for your help.
  • laderakingladeraking Member Posts: 69
    Here is the first offer I received. Can you advise?
    Prius IV
    MSRP = 31717
    36 MOS 12K/YR = $389 INCL TAX (RESIDULE = 19839)

    Thank you
  • karate19karate19 Member Posts: 15
    edited February 2010
    Hi. Trying to find out money factor and residual numbers for the 2010 Prius IV with nav. Thanks for your help. My 2007 Prius is coming off lease in March so I got to get moving.
  • mtenamtena Member Posts: 58
    Karate19, I'm thinking of a 2010 lease and was curious about your 2007 experience, specifically the mileage allowance. In your case, are you having to sweat staying below the allowed miles in your lease?

    Does anyone know the typical cost of buying extra miles in advance, at lease inception?
  • mtenamtena Member Posts: 58

    Too bad I live in the Pacific NW. Deals seem to be much better in Toyota's northeastern sales areas.
  • civhybrid07civhybrid07 Member Posts: 9
    Forum Editors:
    I would like to lease a 2010 Prius, model 3, with the solar sunroof package for 36 months and 15k miles/year. The MSRP is $28,580 and I want a selling price at invoice ($26,000).

    The dealership provided me with an interest rate of 1.8% and a residual of 70%. That would result in a monthly payment (including tax) of $215 with $1245 due at signing (first month, bank fee, doc fee, dmv). Can you confirm the interest rate (MF) and residual?

    Obviously if this combination of residual and MF is accurate, this might be one of the greatest leases of all time.

    Thank you.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    That residual looks high considering how far into the 2010 model year we are. Personally, I'd take that offer and run for the hills.
    BTW, back in 2003 I got an Infiniti M45 on a 3 year lease for $238 with $2000 down. For a $52,000 car, that was one of the best leases ever :)
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    Actually, ignore what I said. Just checked and it looks like a 72% residual on a 12,000 mile / 36 month lease, so 70% for the extra 9,000 miles would be right in line.
  • mistermugsymistermugsy Member Posts: 1
    Hello all ; new to site ; live in Fl and see that Toyota is offering leases here on the Prius ;problem is the 09 Hyundai Sonata that I want to trade has neg equity . dealer said that all they could offer me is around 14k for my car but 17k is owed . I know its not good to do but I thought that the neg equity could be worked in on the lease . I was going to put $ 1500 down. Dealer here said it can't be done .Is this true for all Toyota dealers or should I go somewhere else ?
    any help would be appreciated :confuse:
  • mtenamtena Member Posts: 58
    In general, with strong credit, you should be able to "pay" up to a certain percentage (115%?) of MSRP and build that it into a lease.

    Not sure how a manufacturer-subsidized program plays into this, though.
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    According to the numbers on the current $199 per month offer, the residual on a Prius II is 72% for 36m / 12000 miles. Can anyone confirm that this is the case across all the Prius range? From this board, I can see someone got offered 70% on 36m /15000 miles.
    My local dealer is insisting on 63% and no reduction from sticker price. I want to get a confirmation on the residual before trying to get deals from other, more far-flung dealers.
  • bodidbodid Member Posts: 87

    How are you? Glad to see you're still giving advice because I need some. Looking for MF and residuals for a 2010 Prius V / 12K / 3yr. lease. Also looking same way for the Hyundai Tucson LTD 4WD. Seems that Toyota is eager to deal as I was walking by a Toyota showroom and a salesperson literally dragged me in. I see that current lease deals for the Prius are good till 4/5. Does Toyota's MF change on the 6th of the month or earlier? I was hoping you could shed light if you think Toyota will discount deeper as we get into March, April.

  • indianajohnsindianajohns Member Posts: 89
    I have an email quote on a Package II for 15,000 miles and the residual was 66.58%. 12,000 was 68.49%. I assume this was due to Toyota's unique policy of not residualizing some options. So I was given a residual dollar amount and worked the percentage backwards.
  • civhybrid07civhybrid07 Member Posts: 9
    Cluedweasel - Thanks for the input and I was expecting the 70% residual based on working the math backwards on the advertised lease on, however the dealerships around me in NJ seems to be confused as they have all provided different residuals, so my thinking is that the high residual may only apply to the base model and not the Prius 3 through 5.

    Hopefully the edmunds moderator can chime in here to clarify the Prius lease program for March before it goes away.

    The best offer so far is around $300/month with $1300 due at signing for the Prius III with the solar sunroof package. That's OK, but certainly not a really special deal.
  • chirschmanchirschman Member Posts: 3
    What is the 36 month lease going for on a Prius IV Solar Roof w/ Nav Package?

    Want to know Residual, MF, etc.
  • saturniussaturnius Member Posts: 17
    The guys at Santa Monica Toyota quoted me this today:

    Prius 2
    Msrp 23,550
    Residual 16,400 (69.6%)

    How hard can I hit them?

    The national advertisement out now is 229 month, w/ 879 due.
    That's $9,123 for 36 months, well over the $7,150 depreciation of a non haggled price.

    I'm thinking of walking if they don't give me 22,500. What i'm curious about is how much interest/moneyfactor I should allow them. I have perfect credit and don't think they should be able to ask for jack down.

    22500 - 16400 = 6100 / 36 = 170 before tax or mf.
    I think I can get 200/month (Tax incl), nothing down, 36 months.
    Am I crazy?
    Also, there is another major Toyota dealer 5 miles away. So i can play them off each other.
  • indianajohnsindianajohns Member Posts: 89
    Are you crazy? No. Can you do much better? Maybe. Unless the NTHSB comes out and really "Datelines" Toyota with some hard hitting investigative reports as to what is wrong with these Toyotas, I would say about $200 or maybe $300 under invoice is the absolute bottom price on a base Package II, FOR NOW. I am currently $150 under invoice in my negotiations and have asked via email for $300. Should get a reply tomorrow.

    All the negative press lately has really opened up the lease deals for these Toyotas. Normally their lease rates are the absolute worst in the industry (around 7-8%.) The Prius is currently 1.8%. Nice! I have always laughed at leasing from Toyota. Sale price of OVER MSRP and high lease rate used to equal = $400 a month for a BASE Prius, no thanks. You could have bought one for less than leasing in the past. Now with the current lease rates and their willingness to sell at under sticker price, it actually makes sense to lease. I'm hoping to get $220 a month on a 12,000 mile 36 month lease.

    This is what happens when demand is low and supply is high. My local dealer has 54 Prius II. I am thinking about waiting and hoping for a rebate AND the low lease rate. I wonder if they will cut a hole in the floorboard for me so I can "Fred Flintstone" it when it accelerates out of control? Baaarrrrnnnneeeeyyy! No brakes!
  • cluedweaselcluedweasel Member Posts: 150
    I've got a $290 per month (36m /12K) for the Prius III with solar. That's on a $28580 sticker, $27000 selling, 0.00085 MF and 63% residual. You may be right about the high residual being on the Prius II only. I hope not. My wife is really stuck on the III.
  • saturniussaturnius Member Posts: 17
    Hey Indi,

    Thanks for the advice, I'll try and get them under invoice when I go to battle it out.
    This would be my first lease, do you get GAP insurance with your leases? Do you do it with with the leaser or with your own insurance company?
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