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Toyota Prius Lease Questions



  • 19vt9519vt95 Posts: 5
    $249 down (+TTT)
    msrp 23,000
    prius II
    12k miles
  • sussansussan Posts: 17
    What is the best rate for Prius II in LA area?
  • Leases differ in different regions. The rates, at times, in other states and other parts of the country vary depending on their inventory, their days in stock for product and dermand.

    Southern CA right now has the most aggressive rates and residuals that I am aware of. With fabulous credit, a rate of .00075 is possible (liken to a 1.8% apr) and the reason that rocks is because it's 1.8% apr on the first 35-40% of the car.
    That's combines with a really high residual, which makes for great low payments and very little cash drive offs needed.

    At a time where a plug in car is barely 2 years away from being readily available (ie. EASILY bought or leased) the timing is perfect for this type of lease.

    :) Dianne Whitmire
  • The best rate? With great credit, you can have a 36 month lease rate of .00075 thru June 1 in the Los Angeles region.

  • a6biturboa6biturbo Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    Just got a 2010 black level III

    MSRP $24,799
    Sale Price $23,206
    Residual $16,660
    Adj Cap Cost $24265 (tax $510, title,lic, doc fee $250, acquis $650 & $370 cap reduc)
    $650 due at signing
    MF .00075
    $241.94 per month total payment

    The invoice was $23,560. With a lease the $750 rebate is not eligible... oh and it included the 2 years of maintenance.
  • sachin24ksachin24k Posts: 31
    Congratulations !!

    I live in Northridge, and looking for a Prius III for a while, can you please let me know the details of your purchase, like what was the down payment, milage for the life of lease, CAP, monthy (including tax etc..) does it have GAP coverage? how much is your insurence per month?

    Thanks a lot, your input would help me make a decision.
  • kulballerkulballer Posts: 1
    I just got this lease quote in the Los Angeles Area....Please advise if its good or if I can do better...thanks

    2010 Toyota Prius II in Silver or Winter Gray Metallic

    $2000 Total Drive Off
    $242 plus tax
    36 Months
    18k Miles Per Year
    Residual of $15,054
    (Total of 4 Years 55k of included Maintenance at this payment)
  • Two observations?
    You should be able to do slightly better than that payment for 15K annual but -- your residual calculation is wrong.
    Residual is $14,604 at 18K annual.

    Dianne Whitmire
  • 19vt9519vt95 Posts: 5
    ok, here are the details.....
    prius II w/remote start, mats, bluetooth, and xm
    msrp $24,837
    money factor .00075
    term 36 mos.
    miles 12k/$.15 per mile over
    residual $15,960
    $249.00 down
    $307.00 monthly pmnt

    good deal?
  • 19vt9519vt95 Posts: 5
    edited May 2010
    Is this a good deal? Looking to possibly lease tomorow.

    Prius II w/ remote start, bluetooth, xm, mats
    msrp $24,837
    money factor .00075
    term 36 mos
    miles 12k/year and $.15/mile overage
    residual $15,960
    $249 down (inclusive of tax, title and fees)
    $307 monthly payment


    1. If I decide to go with prius III with same MSRP, should I expect same terms as prius II?

    2. How much should monthly payment increase if I up to 15k miles?
  • r_thorntonr_thornton Posts: 2
    We got a II for $215 today. Price includes GAP, Sales Tax of 3.25%, and I put zero down. No starting fees. It tooks us a while, but that's what we ended up with in MA.
  • jamedeojamedeo Posts: 6
    After weeks and weeks of going through dealers' price quotes online and in person, on paper, I have decided on the Prius IV with the solar roof package (includes nav).

    MSRP, according to TrueCar: $31,830. The highest price sitting on a dealer's lot has been $32,500 for the exact same machine.

    Selling price internet quotes: $28,405 - $29,969. The most realistic-sounding salesperson is quoting a selling price of about $29,200. Another sales manager is quoting over $460 per month, $0 down, for absolutely everything on .00075 MF (1.8% interest), 12,000 miles/year and residual of $19,595 + $300 for 3,000 more miles in the lease. I suspect there are additional costs added to the lease -- the "price quotes" being sent seem to be incentives to get me in the door.

    Every single quote contains information presented differently. All of them include $123.00 in "documentation fees". Full invoice sheets list $550.00 in "dealer holdback" (profit). Only two of them mention a $650 acquisition fee for leases. One of them mentions $88.95 "government fees".

    How do I approach all these extra fees? Please advise. I would like to pay less than $350 per month.
  • jamedeojamedeo Posts: 6
    edited May 2010
    OK, just got back from a new -- and huge -- dealership.

    How does this sound:

    Prius IV w. solar roof package (includes nav):

    MSRP $31,830.
    selling price: $28,758.
    MF .00075
    residual: $18,791 (59.8%)
    $1,071.18 tax

    $1,261.11 due at signing (tax & tags?)

    340.66 including everything else, all fees, profit, dealer holdback, toyota advertising fee, yada yada, the works...for 36 months, 15k mi. per year.

    Should I sign?
  • justgotrippedjustgotripped Posts: 4
    edited May 2010
    came into dealership after reading ad for 2010 prius package II. ad says: $ 999.00 "TOTAL DRIVEOFF" AND 36 PAYMENTS OF 239.00 PER MONTH PLUS TAX AND LICENSE. i have tier 1 credit of 762 so, why did the dealer ask me for $ 1777.12 out of pocket ???

    ( cap cost reduction 999.00 + 278.00 first month + 344.00 title, reg and license fees + 97.40 tax on cap cost reduction + 45.00 doc prep fee + 8.75 tire fee + tax on doc fee 4.89 for a total of $ 1777.12 ) and then they add $ 650.00 as a vehicle acquisition fee... is this acquistion fee required by toyota for a lease or is a negotiable dealer fee ?

    is the ad a scam or did i get ripped a new one ?? :mad:
  • is that a lease ? what a deal any restrictions on colors ? can you mention dealer name ? thanks
  • jamedeojamedeo Posts: 6
    edited May 2010
    Yes, it's a lease -- I picked the color, black and grey, but here's the rub:

    The dealer offered me a $1476 check to pay off my old lease.

    MSRP $31,430.
    NSP $28.758. + $1476 = $30234.33.

    It looks like they're calculating the residual value off MSRP, but 1.8% interest and sales tax off the full amount with the $1476 check. It brings the monthly payment up to $387.90 from $340.66 -- which is a $1,700 premium, or 15% higher than $1476. See my math below.

    Quoted residual: $18.791, which doesn't change based on the two different selling prices quoted by the dealrer. I calculate 59.78% of MSRP. If so, I'd be responsible for 40.22 % of the vehicle's price, plus interest, tax and costs. 40.22% of $31430 = $12,641.14 / 36 = $351.15 before costs -- BASED ON MSRP.

    But the selling price they're charging is $30234.33, which that residual is 62.1% of. In that case, I'd be responsible for 37.9% of the selling price plus interest and costs. 37.9% of $30234.33 is $11,458.81 / 36 = $318.30 before costs.

    Here's my $0 down arithmetic. It might be flawed.

    Lease payment: $387.90 x 36 = $13,964.40, which means the costs look like $1,323.26.

    Interest, costs and fees:

    Interest: .00075 x 2400 = 1.8% of full amount, $30234.33 = $544.21 / 36 = $15.11
    Acquisition fee: $650 / 36 = $18.05.
    Government fee: $108.95 (lower at other dealers) / 36 = $3.02
    Tax: $1071.18 (higher at other dealers) / 36 = $29.75
    Doc fee: $103.00 (triple in the next state over) / 36 = $2.86.

    Total: $2477.34 . 36 = $68.81 per month.

    Added to MSRP-based $351.15 = $419.96.
    Added to my calculated $318.30 = $387.11.

    Dealer's down payment: $1261.11 / 36 = $35.03 per month.

    $419.96 - $35.03 = $384.93 per month.
    $387.11 - $35.03 = $352.08 per month.

    The quoted lease price is $387.90 per month plus the $1476 check back to me -- that I would be paying about $47.24 EXTRA per month for over 3 years... which is $1,700.64. That's $224.64 in extra interest.

    Am I overpaying for the whole lease, or just overpaying for the $1476?
  • i guess they gotta eat... and pay for all these ads.. go figure you need to be a cpa to make sense of it all.
  • jamedeojamedeo Posts: 6
    edited May 2010
    I went back and forth with about four other dealerships, offering them a second chance at my business.

    The lowest price offered, with the $1476 check, was $408.43 per month - or $739.08 more expensive over three years.

    After speaking with a patient young salesman (who still could not beat the deal) this evening, I realized they charge interest on everything -- the net sales price -- or the negotiated selling price plus taxes and fees. Somehow that seems like it goes without saying -- Toyota Finance ought to try and get as much interest as it can, even as low as 1.8%.

    I did get a cheeky e-mail right after we adjourned with no sale -- "just make sure the other quotes include GAP" (which stands for guaranteed auto protection, or extra insurance to cover the difference between the amount owed for the car and the car's worth, in the event of a catastrophe).

    I never get GAP insurance from dealers -- and neither should you. I might buy a policy on top of my usual policy this time just because my cousin works for an insurance company and she always seems to find good rates.

    Thanks for your time. If anyone can shed any insight before May 28 (closing day) on the lease, feel free to post.
  • seems like they are grabbing where $$ they can... the 3 year lease comes with a 2 year warranty ?? so they sell a 3rd year warranty for 275.00..

    if they make a few extra dollars on the volume of cars they sell its a winner for them..
  • linhtwulinhtwu Posts: 15
    Can anyone tell me what the residual would be for 12K mile lease on Prius III? Lease factor i will use is .00075,
  • Hey A6biturbo

    - what state are u in - and if in L.A. which dealer? Thank you!
  • inder22inder22 Posts: 3
    I just signed my Lease on 2010 Prius III here in Southern California. After 6 weeks of frustration trying to get So-Cal dealers to really negotiate on this car, I finaly caved in and took a deal which I thought was reasonable.

    Prius III Black exterior, gray cloth interior with Navigation and Toyota incentive of 2 years free maintenance.

    3 year lease, 15k miles per year
    MSRP 26,820
    Final cost 25200
    Money Factor .00075
    Residual is 16000 (63%)

    Drive off (including all fees, licences, taxs, etc): $0
    Monthly payment (includes all taxes etc.): $334

    I dont plan to buy the car at the end of the lease and figured this would be a reasonable work car.

    Good sure people in the mid west are getting a better deal. In my experience, the So-Cal dealers have enough demand that they all stick pretty close to each other on pricing. Also for some reason, black was hard to find.
  • 19vt9519vt95 Posts: 5
    Is this a good deal? Looking to possibly lease tomorow.
    Prius II w/ remote start, bluetooth, xm, mats
    msrp $24,837
    money factor .00075
    term 36 mos
    miles 12k/year and $.15/mile overage
    residual $15,960
    $249 down (inclusive of tax, title and fees)
    $307 monthly payment
    1. If I decide to go with prius III with same MSRP, should I expect same terms as prius II?
    2. How much should monthly payment increase if I up to 15k miles?
  • Thank you for for sharing. Which dealer did you end with?
  • inder22inder22 Posts: 3
    Miller Toyota Anaheim. They happened to have the car I wanted, no one else could get me a Black Prius III with navigation. Go figure...
  • evahnulahmevahnulahm Posts: 19
    Carman, can you give me the residuals and MF for a Prius IV in the South East region. Also could you tell me if options can be residualized at the same rate? Also I am looking for 12K miles or 15K miles.
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi linhtwu. The Prius' money factor varies by region. Toyota Financial Services' residual value for a 36 month lease of a 2010 Prius with 15,000 miles per year is 68%. The problem is that this is for a base model. TFS places restrictions upon what options can be residualized, making it difficult for consumers to work up sample payments on specific units on their own.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • CarMan@EdmundsCarMan@Edmunds Posts: 38,515
    Hi evahnulahm. SE Toyota Finance's current buy rate lease money factor for the 2010 Prius is .00152. Please see my previous post for a description of the problems with trying to figure out this car's residual values.

    Prices Paid: Buying & Leasing Experiences Forum
  • 19vt9519vt95 Posts: 5
    car man - Can you please help me with post #155? Thanks.
  • evahnulahmevahnulahm Posts: 19
    Hey everyone, here is what I am looking at. A Prius IV with just mats(399), tint(399) and bumper appliqué(99) that has the following stats

    MSRP 28,272

    Negotiated Price 25,782

    MF .00152 (SET MF is not nearly as good as elsewhere)

    Residual 58% plus 2400 residual assistance = 18,798

    I am paying the tax, tag, first month and doc fee so no other costs should be included in the lease payment for a total of 300+59+289+261.76= $909.76

    Monthly Payment I am getting is 261.76 for a 36 month 12K miles per year lease. Problem is the dealer is quoting 296.69.

    Can anyone explain to me where they could possibly be getting this number? I verified that we have the same residual and MF for my calculation as well as the dealers.
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