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Toyota Celica VS Mitsubishi Eclipse



  • akuma7gakuma7g Posts: 3
    I wish that I had the time to read all of the responses here but I don't. I do however have the unique experience of owning the 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT and having a girlfriend that owns the 2000 Toyota Celica GT-S. Here's my take. Naturally I am biased so take this as you will.

    I like the look and the feel of the Eclipse better. After often are you going to be driving mountain roads or driving hard like that? The Celica does have stiffer suspension but not much and it makes for a better ride in the Eclipse (you don't feel the roads as much).

    Anyone who tells you that the Celica is quieter than the Eclipse is full of crap. The Celica is slightly louder than the Eclipse. Especially in engine noise and road noise.

    Acceleration: Eclipse 1 - Celica 0
    Celica is doubt about that. That 133lb torque engine needs all of those 6 speeds that it can get because it's a guttless horse. Not the my Eclipse is the fastest car out there but even she admitted that she liked driving my car when she wanted to drive fast because it really feels like you're moving. Sounds nicer too.

    As far as how both cars look, that's all in your taste. I like the look of the new Celica but I like the Eclipse much better. Both of us get heads turning when we're driving our cars down the road.

    And there's a posting about a high revvv engine...are you kidding?? Why on God's green earth would you want such a small engine to work so damn hard?! Though I admit that Mitsu went for a more casual approach with the Eclipse, At least I don't get scared the damn thing is going to explode when I take it to 5500 RPM! Whenever I take that Celica to that kind of RPM it sounds like it's going to fall apart!!

    As far as the inside is concerned, I'd swear that they were both designed at the same place and built by each compay to their own spec. I sincerely think that the stereo in the Eclipse is better able to handle more bass and louder sounds than the Celica but again, that's just a judgement call.

    Overall, I'd say these cars are about on par with each other as far as raw performance is concerned. So, like all other cars out there it comes down to the driver. While I greatly enjoy driving the Celica, I enjoy driving my Eclipse even more. It all boils down to driving tastes and driving style.

    I once blew away an SVT Mustang that I had no business beating. Chalked that one up to the driver. I blew away another, older Mustang (5.0) where the guy was a decent driver. Who knows...these days it's all about tastes and preferences.

    Good luck and stop're wasting driving time!
  • To the guy with this post, you blew away a Mustang SVT with your Eclipse, gotta tell you you are full of it. Possible reasons why you think you may have beaten him is 1. He was not racing you at all. 2. You thought it was a mustang but it really wasnt, c-mon now wake up. i been around cars for long now.
  • To response #24 with the Transam
    C-mon now. Either your friend does not know how to build a mustang or you are talking too much bologna. Transam beating a mustang never, I raced so many of those, first gear ulready 2 cars ahead. No mods either.are you sure your friends' mustang wasnt a 6 banger?
    No comp here. sorry.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I thought you were pretty cool on post #34.
    Until I read #35. Obviously you have'nt been around cars long enough either.

    "Transam beating a mustang never,"
  • kimmer4kimmer4 Posts: 1
    I hear a lot of good information about performance, but does anyone have any information or opinions about the reliability of a new Eclipse versus a new Celica? I'm thinking about buying one of the two soon, and I want to make sure I get a car that's not gonna be in the shop tomorrow. (And next week, and next month...)
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    The new eclipse has'nt been around long enough to build up a reliability record. The new eclipse has nothing in common with the old.
    Everything I've heard about the new eclipse, is all good. I don't think this car will have some of the reliability problems the older models had.
    I in no way would base my decision of these 2 cars base on reliability alone.
    Drive them both and see which one you like better.
  • cowboy23cowboy23 Posts: 5
    Hi !
    Am deciding between buying the eclipse GT and teh
    celica GTS . Though I have fallen head over heels
    for teh eclipse, there is practically no rear view
    available & almost scared teh hell outta me when I
    was test driving it . Is this just a mistaken
    observation on my part ?
    The eclipse GS also tended to skid when hard barking, was it the lack of ABS on teh car coming into teh picture ?
    & yea jst how reliable would teh new eclipse be ?
  • akuma7gakuma7g Posts: 3
    Ah! I see what we have here is the bastion of intellect and truth! The statement "i been around cars for long now." sums it all up. To be followed by the next post indicating that he was with you all the way until your Mustang comment (which by the way I agree with).

    For both of you and your obtuse reasoning, I freely admit stating "I had no business beating. Chalked that one up to the driver". In other words...the driver of the SVT 'Stang sucked. He was some punk kid that was driving daddy's investment and was afraid to hit the pedal. It never ceases to amaze me that people like the both of you come in and half read a post before jumping to reply to it. As I sad before "I had no
    business beating" that SVT Mustang. Yes that's what it was because I saw the little 'SVT' symbol on it as I came up behind it. Yes I freely admit that if he put his foot to the floor he would have left me behind.
    Don't forget that it's the driver that wins the race, the car is simply his tool.
    To all others, I apologise for that rant.

    So far my Eclipse has been very reliable but I have to admit that there's little to no history on these cars as of yet. The ommitance of the turbo vastly improves your engine quality there (unless they added an intercooler to the turbo). From what I've heard of the old Eclipses, the turbo was a major headache for the engine. Great power but problematic.

    #39 what are you doing looking at GS Eclipses? Go for a GT! Trust'll thank yourself in the end.

    I've had my Eclipse longer than my girlfriend has had her Celica and we've had them in the shop both about the same number of times for only a couple of minor things like sticking driver mirror (hers) or a sticking passenger window button (mine) amongst one or two other things. Nothing major.

    Good luck and always READ and UNDERSTAND the post BEFORE yoyu reply! ;)
  • alex12601alex12601 Posts: 6
    I'm about to getting a new car next week but I can't choose which one. I heard that Eclipse has lots of problems but Toyota is not. So I was thinking about going for Celica but I like the exterior, style of Eclipse than Celica. Please help me out on this..
  • ryderyde Posts: 2
    Now I know this topic is all about opinions, so I figured I share mine.

    I own a y2k Celica GTS and I love it. Now a buddy of mine owns a y2k Eclipse. First off, the Eclipse used to share the same platform as the Eagle Talon now its the Mercury Cougar. That should tell you some thing right there. Celica shares it's platform with no-one. I could be wrong, but dosen't Chyrsler own Mitsubishi? So you have think about quality issues. Where as, Celica is still being built in Japan By TOYOTA. Celicas been around so much longer than the Eclipse. Geez, The eclispe used to be Plymouth Lazer for crying out loud. Now, my friend that owns the Eclipse, I hate to disapoint you Eclipse fans but after the 5th time in the shop (owned for 6mo) for some major engine problems, got rid of it and bought a Celica. Mitsubishi even told him that he wasn't the only one with the problems. Horrible engine. So basically if your a smart car buyer and look at the whole picture rather than 0-60 times and engine size, and look reliability and Manufacturers Track record then you'll should be able to make a precise decision.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Don't forget to mention all the celica's who have been in the shop for engine and transmission problems. Apparently there is a problem with the 6sp, when going into 4th gear. I heard people have been dropping into 2nd gear due to a poor shift box design.
    Your celica ain't perfect either..
  • roadroachroadroach Posts: 131
    'Problem' you've mentioned was addressed several months back when Toyota began installing some slightly stronger springs in the shifter to help keep drivers from inadvertantly selecting 2nd when they meant to select 4th. Shifter 'self centers' much bettter in the 3-4 plane now.
  • ryderyde Posts: 2
    I'm not saying my car is perfect. No car out there is perfect. If there was a perfect car, then it would be the hottest selling car in the world. Yes I'm aware of the shift gate problems, but according to some professional drivers that had contact with Toyota, reasoning for the close shift gates is to go along w/ stock quick shifter thus allowing for quicker than normal shifting. Which the Pro-test drivers understood. Not all manuals are the same, this we can agree on. So if you think about it, if there's a transmission problems w/the Celica it's pretty much due to driver error shifting into the wrong gear. I mis-shifted only twice since owning the car. This is when I first bought it though. Whereas the Eclipse engine was due to poor quality of engine assembly. As Roadroach had mentioned Toyota has remedied this problems. The shift gate problem only affected the first six months of release of the new Celica. My Celica is outfitted with the new shifter. Like I mentioned earlier, I don't shop for cars that have posted a quicker 0-60 time, I shop for overall reliability. Just wanted to clarify my opinion.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    Your the first person yet to complain about quality of the engine that I've heard. The v6 in the eclipse has been out for about 3 yrs at least. From my knowledge it started out in the high end model galants. I have not heard of any recalls(except for one, the light switch on the steering column), defects or problems what so ever. All manufacturers produce lemons. I'm sure there are GTS celicas out there with motor troubles too.
    There also are no visable mechanical problems with the eclipse. Sure theres problems here in there, but nothing so far has pinpointed to a design flaw by mitsubishi yet.
    I've driven the new eclipse v6 and personally found it to be much more structurely solid than the previous model. The new motor is also very strong in the low rpm range and does'nt require downshifting and high revs to make hp. The transmissions are also revised and much better than the previous.
    I have a friend at work who bought a fully loaded GTS with automatic. I already told him he made an unwise move opting for the auto. The car corners and handles great. But for 25k, the car performs very sluggishly off the line.
    The eclipse I thought also provided a much more comfortable and quieter ride compared to the celica. It also had much more interior room.
    For the money, I personally would buy a prelude or eclipse gt if I was looking at a new sport coupe.
  • lvsk8lvsk8 Posts: 2
    i've been following this chat for a while but never posted. The only think i have to say is that i agree with spyder98 on one thing, if you're going to pay 25k for a sports car, go with the prelude. It's a sweet ride.
  • i am planning on getting a celica gt-s and im wondering if anyone knows how much it would cost to get the car to go 0-60 in 5.4-5.5 i have a friend who put on a trd supercharger a trd exhaust and a intake and got the quarter mile in 13.7@108mph and i wanted to know if anyone knew a good place to get a excellent supercharger (or knew a easier way to get the car to reach these speeds without nitrous), i am also looking for a supercharger for a integra Type R if anyone knows where i could find one of those.
  • IMO the Celica GT-S is an excellent competitor. European Magazine recently did a comparo with the Audi TT! What does that say for Toyota?

    Times are changing, thus designers must see into the future. Both Eclipse and Celica models have "unique" designs. I like my "organic" 98 Eclipse GS. With 35,700 miles I have not had a single problem with it. I hear lots of horror stories about reliability and am glad to see my luck holding for me. Interesting to note, I hear reliability issues for ALL cars. It's amazing what an individual will do to express their opinions, thus making it very difficult for someone to buy a car on "word of mouth".

    Well, I've just about gone of a complete tangent, so I'll end it here with one final note. Choose the car YOU want because YOU love it.

  • Seeing the same car lately? Well, I guess it all depends on where you live. You see, the closest Mitsu dealer from me is at least 70 miles, but the Toyota dealership is only 15 miles away. Thus, I believe that is why I see more Toyota Celica models and almost never see an 95-00 Eclipse. I do see some of the earlier gen models here and there. Hence the sport compact car scene and aftermarket biz.
  • Just to clear up, Chrysler does not own Mitsubishi. There have been talks that Daimler Chrysler may buy them, but nothing as of yet. Also, the Eclipse does not share ANYTHING with the Mercury Cougar. Many car companies in the 90's formed alliances to build cars that were basically the same, with different badges. (Mazda Navajo:Ford Explorer, Eagle Talon:Mitsu Eclipse, Toyota Corrola:Geo Prizm) However, this trend has cooled off lately as car companies are looking to differentiate themselves. I have not heard of anything bad about the V6 in the Eclipse. It is essentially a tweaked version of the V6 found in high-end Galants. I like both the Celica GTS and the Eclipse GT, and it took me a very long time to decide. In the end, it came down to the fact that the Celica felt like a really fun Go-Kart that I could whip around town in, whereas the Eclipse felt more like an adult's care, with subtle joys. And, on a long commute to work, I hate to admit that I aint in college anymore, and I will substitue comfort for racing.
  • Not entirely true. You see, DaimlerChrysler recently acquired apprx.37% of Mitsubishi Motors.
    The Diamond Star Motors relationship continues, just under a different name. Thus the new 2001 Dodge Stratus Coupe is born. With the exact same interior and engine components, the only difference between the Stratus and Eclipse models are exterior bodies. The two cars are even built in the same plant.

    Check out this link for more details:
    Dodge Stratus/Mitsu Eclipse
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I think the Celica GT at 16K invoice with power package is a great value. My question is, does it have enough go power?
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    I drove a GT yesterday. Plenty of power, and awsome handling in the base model. I hit 85 MPH and the drive was so smooth that it felt like we were hardly moving. They should make cruise control a standard option for the 2001. This engine reminds me of the prelude. By the time you get out of 3 rd gear your speeding.
  • sergeissergeis Posts: 134
    I have Celica GT since December. I decided not to pay extra 2-3K for extra power. Besides, I needed automatic, there is not much difference between GT and GTS in this case - extra power comes at >6800 rpm and therefore accelerating 0-40 mph would be the same for both cars. Besides you need premium gas for GTS.
    The car looks great, handling is super, and it has enough power for me. Scares the hell out of your passenger when you make a sharp turn at high speed and then accelerate. It felt surprisingly stable even at 110-120 mph, though not as stable as some big Grand Marquis.
    If you wish to commute a lot on interstate - get something bigger, Cougar with 6 cylinders will be quieter and smoother, and it still has sporty feeling (though not as sporty) and back seat for a couple of cats. Never tried new Eclipse, simply because I don't like how it looks, the old version looked better to me (no offense here).
    Reliability - Toyota is generally more reliable, there is no doubt, but Celica is still new and has no record. On the other hand most of the cars today are pretty reliable, the ratings are close and a lot depends on your luck. I have Grand Marquis which has ~60K nad 5 years on it, the only thing I had to do was replace tape player at the very beginning, and this year front brakes and tires, which sounds about time. And friend of mine has much younger Accord with which he had a lot of problems. So I would not base my decision on reliability numbers only.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    big difference, only 70 bucks more a year for the GT, but the GTS would jump more than 300 dollars more per year. i drive a 96 taurus now which is only costing me $280 a year full coverage. I guess the insurance company's are thinking anyone purchasing a GTS is MAD MAX.
  • I just got a quote for full coverage on a GTS
    for $850/year from Progressive. I'm 26 and have
    a clean driving record, no claims, etc.

    I didn't think that was too bad, considering I'm
    paying $600/yr for my '96 Geo prizm.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I recently purchased a street bike and had to get it insured. So while I was waiting..I asked them to give me the lowest car insurance quote possible. They told me $2200 a year. Which is what I pay with my current company.
    I then asked him to how much my rate would be if I was 25 years of age. He quoted me $1400 a year.
    YAHOO!! Just 11 more months to go!! :-D
  • I wanted to install teh heavy duty engine heater on my eclipse Gt but the dealer says it would cost a lot in service charges to install it. Now why should I pay for something that is listed as an accessory which am ordering with a new car?
    He sys teh cahrges would be $200 odd for a $20 part !!!
  • There are a few bases i want to cover.
    First, i am a proud of a recently vandalized 2000 eclipse...yes i am very angry
    I purchased my eclipse in dec of 99, my ford escort finally bit the bullet, no major problems until the last two weeks of its life, with 126k miles it wasnt that bad, especially for its supposed "reliabilty" problems. I was thinking of purchasing one of the two base models when i saw both of them, the celica struck me hard, and i loved it, and i thought the design of the eclipse was not what it should be, wasnt impressed. as time went on the eclipse body grew on me, and the celica grew old. to me it looks like its trying way too hard to be sporty, whereas the eclipse just flows. but thats my opinion. all my coworkers felt the same when the two cars hit the market....and the eclipse has grown on them also, as the celica has also died down some to there eye. I test drove both, and thats when i fell in love with the eclipse, much smoother, and in my opinion, much quieter. the engine was much more torquey, and i am easily able to pass someone and get out of the way of danger. one of two complaints i have about my car is the small wheels. yesterday i was making a long smooth turn, and the tires started going out on me, although there wasnt much body roll.....the suspension is great, but the wheels were just too small to hold up. i am sure the gt or even the gs is much better in this category.

    now the second complaint, and its a REALLY big one....
    the gas mileage is terrible, i get about 19 mpg with the 4cylinder and a manual transmission. i took it into the dealer twice, once around 500 miles, they told me to wait another thousand or so miles, and the next time around 8k miles....nothing had changed. when i came in the second time they told me nothing was wrong with it. the other day, a friend and i were looking at a sub i recently installed in my trunk. i had the engine on. there was a very strong gas odor coming from the car, and although he didnt say anything, until i did, he noticed also. i need to take it in again.
    my dads neighbor purchased a eclipse about a year ago when the eclipse first came out. on the way home from purchasing it, the engine blew, the car had about 15 miles on it. the replaced the car for him, obviously.
    both the 4 and 6 are mitsubishi made, as the old non-turbos were chrysler engines, although the non turbo spyders recieved the same engine as the current eclipse. although i do have a problem with my engine, there are bad apples in every bushel. both engines however have been out for three or four years, the six in the galant(which has no reliabilty problems) and the 4 in non-turbo eclipse spyders.

    as for buying and eclipse gs, its not worth it, for another grand or so you can get a gt, and increase the resale value A LOT!! but at around 16k the rs is a great value, i would much rather have my car than a civic, focus, cavalier, etc...

    a few things i love about the car besides the interior and exterior styling is the transmission, very sharp shifting, good clutch feel, i love the brakes also, they arent abs, but if you know what you are doing, it doesnt matter.
    the rear seat is actually very useable, unlike the celicas. visibility is great without the spoiler.
    in the new issue of super street, it talks about some of the weaknesses of the celica gts, everyone should read it. its a very hard engine to get the power out of, you have to shift at exactly the right points and rev the engine like crazy, and a normal driver in public conditions cannot do this as easily as a professional driver on a drag strip. thats why someone posted about his girlfriend prefering the eclipse when it comes to speed.
    but your taste and opinions are not gonna be the same as mine....get what you want, dont settle for second best, or you wont be happy.....
    and for all, put on a alarm with a shock sensor, there are jealous people out there.....
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    Your compliants with the Eclipse are an Engineering problem. In my opinion the Eclipse doesn't compare to the Celica. The Celica is a race car built for the streets. The Eclipse pretends to be that. If the Mitsubishi engineers cared about you taking a corner with the tires sidewalls rolling over then they would have shod the Eclipse with low profiles, cut the excess weight out of the car, and given it a advanced suspension system. Your car weighs 300 pounds more than the Celica GT & GTS. You got a stylish vehicle for the money, but you shouldn't expect Toyota engineering from Mitsubishi. You will never see a Chryler engine in Toyota's Inventory.The dealer won't help you with gas mileage. They will just claim you have a lead foot.Advice=BUY EXTENDED WARRANTY NOW.
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