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Toyota Celica VS Mitsubishi Eclipse



  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    You believe the eclipse GT has engineering problems? Car and driver picked the prelude and eclipse and over all other sport coupes on the market this year in there review.
    The GTS is a fun car on a track. But for real world driving..most people would much rather prefer the ride in a eclipse GT.

    The performance issues with the poster before yours, are all do to him buying an RS model.
    Mitsu does'nt have the best reliability record around, but the trade off comes in other things.
    V6, roomier interior, exterior styling, to name a few. Plus with there current low financing deal, its one of the best bargains around..
  • the problem i am having with my car can no longer be attributed to a lead foot. the smell of gas at idle is a problem. although i do not like the size of my wheels and tires, thats what i got, and since i am paying 60 dollars less a month than a friend of mine with a comparable celica, its worth it, after saving that money for a year and a half i can purchased 18 inch wheels and tires. and too compare the base cars, although both are a great deal, i have raced a few celicas already.....and destroyed them, they have very little torque and a norrow powerband. my engine has great power throughout the rpm range, and with the wrong driver of a gts, i could take them down too. when you have to launch at 4000 rpm to get a car wont last long, remember that when you compare the 0-60 times of pro drivers, thats the advantage of a larger engine over a more technologically advanced engine, just because it peaks high doesnt mean all the power is there, at 133 lb/ft of torgue peak, the gts engine is much weaker than my 4 cylinders 160. i dont want to sound defensive. i was putting everything out on the table. as i said there are bad apples in every bunch. luckily, since i brought the car in twice, and got the wait a thousand miles line, and the nothings wrong, one more time, if its not fixed. i am covered under the florida lemon law. mitsubishi will be buying me a new car. although i would rather have it fixed, and not have to deal with it. to me, both cars i would love to own, and comparing what i could afford, the eclipse was much more attractive, if i was comparing the gts and eclipse gt, it would be harder. the best thing for anyone to do is to spend some seat time in both, and put it to the test. i drive alot, i have put 14k miles on my car in 9 months. to me, the softer ride of the eclipse is much more pleasant. sure beats the civics and cavaliers i was also looking at for the same amount of money.
    the reason why mitsu is growing so fast is a great line-up and very reasonable they way to everyone i heard in my area that there is a 3000 rebate on the celica, and there is a 1500 rebate on the eclipse.....THIS IS THE TIME TO BUY!!
  • I own a 1990 Celica GT with 150,000 miles. I can vouch for its absolutely amazing reliability and repair record. The only weak point has been a tendency to slide on emergency braking; the new Celica has addressed that. I love the car, but don't much care for the styling on the new version (as one poster aptly put it, it tries to hard). The 2nd gear transmission synchros are worn, but changing over to red oil has resolved that.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    $3,000 REBATE on celica huh. Where do you live? ICELAND?
  • I own a modified 1995 GSX and I'm sorry but there is NO way a gts celica can compete. For one look at the torque on a celica compared to a eclipse? Good luck taking off with that horrible torque. Then you look at the horse power and that is fine but look at the rpms you are at to get that hp? like 6.5k rpm i think? Well have a nice day i reach my powerband around 3k rpm and have it all the way into redline. You reach yours at 6.5k rpm and are out of it by 8k for sure!!!! That is a horrible powerband alone now try shifting in that powerband only. Good luck boys...I will see you in my rear view mirror. My powerband is so much larger and I have the torque to get there much faster. Then toss in teh fact you can get a eclipse used with all wheel drive and now i have traction over you. Need I say anything else? If you truly want to see what a used eclipse can do goto and see scott grey's eclipse and then drop your mouth in aaawwwww and go buy one :o)

    1995 AWD GSX
    "technology is the only suppliment for cubic inches"
  • Well, all you need to do now is choose a body style. Everything else is the same.
    Dodge Stratus/Mitsu Eclipse
  • Did you say......see you in my rear view mirror? That is the funniest thing i've heard in my life. I just purchased a new celica gt and have done 3 modifications.....i'll race you any time you ever want to come to illinois. I have 2 friends with elipses and all they do is [non-permissible content removed] about them. If someone gave me an eclipse I would trade it immediately for something more a pinto or something. Last comment...if you think your car is fast just keep on dreaming my friend.
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    The turbo eclipes had a shotty record reliability wise. But the performance potential of these cars was unlike any other sport coupe around at the time. With a $1000 in easy bolt on mods you can easily generate 250hp out of one of them.
    I highly doubt a celica gt can come close to that without major mods.
  • coupe2001coupe2001 Posts: 100
    What 3 mods. have you done to your celica GT to boost performance. I haven't seen anything out for the GT except the Exhaust.
  • judasjudas Posts: 217
    Coreygsx, way to do what a lot of the other knobs in here do and compare a stock new vehicle to a modified used one. You think people that are in the market for a new GT-S are really going to consider a 6 year old GSX such as you have? If you feel like making comparisons that don't make any sense I have a few friends that would love to compare their Mustangs to your GSX. At the track. For money.
  • any car can be made to go fast. I once raced a modified dodge omni hatchback (remember those ugly things from the mid 80's) and saw him blow right by me at light speed, I would of never had a chance against this guy. I felt sorry for a vette, mustang, camaro who pulled up to a light with this!

    Lets not get into a $%#&*$# contest over whos car is better here. I agree with judas in a sense, the turbo eclipses are gone and I don't think anyone would put themselves in a position trying to decide between a new GTS or used GSX.
    Then again..I would maybe consider a low mileage 99 :-D
  • hbarkhbark Posts: 26
    Has anyone seen the Celica with the carbon fiber dash? It's supposed to be shiny black, should look better than the gray platic one... but I haven't seen it anywhere.

    If so, how do you think it looks?

    Check Jennifer's car in Readers rides. She has the carbon dash.
  • I am looking seriously at the 2000/2001 Eclipse RS or GT. I really like the Eclipse look and feel but I also dig the Celica. The Celica has a racecar look and Toyota reputation (as well as a Toyota price tag!)like anything buying a car is a matter of opinion. However, I am finding they both have their strengths and weaknesses. The issues that are pushing me towards the Eclipse, Mitsubishi seems more willing to work with me on special leasing as well as their 1 year no payment no interest. The Toyota dealers here in AZ told me they are not offering any special financing "because it's a Toyota and we don't have too" supply and demand. So do I pay more for the Celica or stick with the Eclipse and get a better (perceived) deal? If anyone has suggestions or experience with either one I would appreciate opinions.
  • holt16holt16 Posts: 1
    as an owner of the 2000 celica gts, i can say (without any doubts) that it beats an eclipse. my older sister just happened to purchase an eclipse, and we decided to race, numerous times. hands down the celica won. and that's the end of that.
    as for the looks of the new celica, that it is "trying to hard" you have that all wrong. to me, the eclipse looks way to toned down and more like a luxury car. the celica is a sports car, for those of you who think it looks too sporty, buy a minivan.
    as for the prices, there are numerous reasons that the celica costs more, the number one reason being the following: it is, by far a better car. (just so you know, i have had no problems and my sister has had 3, i bought my car two months before her)
  • I just purchased a 01' Mits Eclipse GS about a month ago; I love this little car, I am a little surprised that the car does not come with anit-lock brakes or daytime running lamps..
    I found that insurance is a little high, but nothing compared to the GSX model. I never looked at a Toyota Celica, I just can't get over the body style.............I can't say I hate it or like it, I just don't know about it yet.. I had a 95 Eagle Talon TSI and loved it; so that's why I went with a Eclipse! The stereo is AWESOME and the ride and handling is great! The interior is well layed out and not too busy, there is plenty of room inside and I'm averaging about 24mpg..
    Mitsubishi also has a 5 year or 60,000 mile warranty on the powertrain/engine. And like someone else said you can't beat the financing available currently.. I wondering about how this car will be in the snow; The Talon was terrible in the snow.........
  • What are all of you on about? First, lets get some FACTS straight. The new Eclipse is not a street racing car anymore, it is a more refined car for the masses, the Celica GT-S is a car for those who are more interested in speed and handling than the smoother ride of a six. I own a Carbon-blue Celica GT-S, and obviously you 2000+ Eclipse owners will not believe me, but I have smoked an Eclipse GT, GSX and a 3000GT SL!

    The GS-T, bone stock would take me out till 60, that is it though, it doesn not possess the handling capabilities of the Celica with its 0.89 skidpad, and its ability to stop from 60-0 in 111 feet, the Eclipse GT does it in 136 feet. Do not believe me, check out the Motor Trend car review list at the back, or even look at Road&Track, or Automobile.

    Numbers (my torque, hp....yadayadayada) do not mean anything, real performance does. Which is why a 4.6ltr, 260bhp 1997 Rustang GT can only do 0-60 (not a true performance benchmark, I know, but that is the only area in which Muscle cars can compete in, they really can only go fast in a straight line) in 6.7 seconds, and the 1997 Eclipse GS-T (nice car, too many problems) with a 2.0ltr tb-chd engine will do it in 6.5 secs. The new eclipse has decent styling, horrible rims and a decent interior. It is basically a replacement for the old eclipse and 3000GT, thus it has inherited characteristics of both. Also, Mitsu is looking to market the car to a broader range of clients. On mileage, any of the new Eclipses will be terrible.

    Now before you all jump down my throat, I just bought my Celica GT-S three weeks ago. I researched and test drove every car in it's price range (even a Rustang GT, just for the hell of it). The Celica delivers in every dept. It is assembled in Japan, has a nice interior, very supportive seats, good acceleration (okay you have to wind it up a bit, but the Prelude is the same way), kickass handling, Porsche quality brakes (cheack out afforementioned magazines) and a great racy look (The Eclipse also has a nice exterior, but I am not fond of the grooves on the side) to boot it all off. Of course, it is also a Toyota, a company that is known for standing behind the quality of it's products.

    While the Eclipse GT has much more torque, it also dies down soon, and the ride is akin to a Ford Taurus, feels very vanilla. Also, 205hp from a 3.0 ltr engine these days, pathetic. The Celica GT-S has 100hp per ltr from a NA engine!

    At the end of the day, in this price range, there are only two real choices, the Toyota Celica GT-S (I got mine for~$22,600, with all options) and the Honda Prelude, which while a kickass car, is growing old, and is soon to be discontinued (get your hands on one soon!). The Integra is too old, and I do not even consider Muscle cars worthey enough to be in this category.

    Well here's my US$0.02, take them as you will. Cheers!
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    by reading your post, I know you don't know too much about I will just treat the stuff you said with ignorance. First of all, stang GT is NOT slow. And I doubt you "smoked" any of the cars you mentioned above (especially GSX.) But it all comes down to driver when the stats are this close. Unless they shift from 1st to third.. there is no way you can smoke them (I define "smoked" as in more than 6 car lengths.)

    yep, mustang Gt is probably the best bang for the buck for both cornering and stright line. In the recent SCC, mustang GT manhandled type R.. sigh. I lost some respect for the type R after that (this is coming from a honda owner.)
    Currently I am considering Celica GT-S, Prelude, Eclipse GT and the new Integra... which do you guys think?
  • For the record, I'm pretty much with you #80 and #81. You two have a brain on you.

    I'm not going to waste much more time acting as childish as the rest of you with that whole "my car is better than you car" crap...Grow Up!

    Second off, I still contend that it's not the car, it's the driver. The car is merely the tool in which the driver wins the race.

    Third, someone made the comment that the Eclipse was trying too hard to be as sporty as the Celica. Friends, let me remind you that I have a girlfriend that HAD a Celica (she got rid of it because it was more money that it was worth)...the Eclipse is a superior car not because it can corner at MACH1.1...but because it has the properties of a sports car alongside the properties of a MORE luxurious ride. In other words (for you morons that persist on NOT understanding) it is a kick a$$ sports machine that won't leave your butt hurting from the bumpy ride.

    'The Celica is a sportscar reconditioned for the street'...what the hell is that? How many of you actually manage to hit 7K RPM with that Celica of yours? I'll tell you that I couldn't. I live in an area that there are lots of large roads that are easily accessible and there were VERY few times that I could pull those kinds of RPM's off. Kids...track times don't mean crap when you're talking about driving your date to the movies, driving to work, taking the bikes on a rack to a mountain trail, etc, etc...
    Don't be stupid. All these arguments are ludicrous.

    MOST importantly you have to go with what you like. My girlfriend liked the Celica's sporty styling over my Eclipses. That's her preference and I wouldn't change that for the world. I don't happen to like the Celica because, as it's been pointed out, I think Toyota tried too hard with it.

    That's just my $0.02 kids. You all keep dreaming and I'll keep enjoying your faulted ignorance.
    I am glad however that there are some folks out there that can remain objective and can post here without the biases and stupidities that most seem to post here with.
    Kudos to you folks.
  • You make some very valid points. I've long thought that the performance differences between the current gen Celica and Eclipse was much less than the abilities of the drives involved. I also agree that the whole "my car is better...." is old.

    So why did you then launch into a diabtribe against the GTS? I thought you were above that?

    In the following rebuttal, I will attempt restrain myself to addressing your comments about the Celica. I will not 'attack' the Eclipse in any way.

    1) your GF got rid of her Celica because it was 'more money than it was worth'. Define "worth". IMO, the GTS offers very good value. It has good performance, adequate room and comfort for me and my family, excellent reliability and economy. I hope that your GF didn't sell her car just because of your opinion.

    2) You imply that the Celica ride is somehow more uncomfortable. You also state the Eclipse ride to be more luxurious. Some comments: these two cars are supposed to be sports coupes - not luxo barges. While the Eclipse ride may be more 'luxurious', the Celica ride is more performance oriented. Which is more important should be left up to the consumer. Neither makes the car "better". I'm 38 and haven't once thought the ride in the Celica too harsh, even after spending 8 hours behind the wheel. Maybe your butt is just sensitive.....

    3)Agree with your comment about 'Celica is a sportscar reconditioned for the street'. IMHO, the Celica is NOT a sportscar (it is a sports coupe) and is not 'reconditioned' for anything.

    4) I routinely hit 7k. I routinely hit 7800 (redline). I also occasionally bounce it off the rev limiter (8300). Maybe you just don't like high rpm engines. I do. High rpm power is simply a trait of the car. You either like or not. In everyday driving, the car has more than enough power without winding it out, but if you want the power, its there.

    5) Styling is completely subjective. You obviously like the styling on the Eclipse (by the way, how many Eclipses have you owned?) Personally, I thought the 2g Eclipses were much better than the current 3g.

    6) Why did you start your post telling people to "grow up" who act childish with the mines better than yours (which BTW is a Mitsu ad line) and then, at the end of your post, you end with "you all keep dreaming and I'll keep enjoying your faulted ignorance". Please tell me, in concrete terms, what my "faulted ignorance" is?
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    That is why I think I might get a GTS instead of an Eclipse GT. Most of the reviews said that the eclipse handles like a boat. Althrough the v6 seems superior on paper, the extra weight on the GT and shifter really killed it. I still have to test drive it to make sure if it is really true. I test drove the GTS already and I am fairly impressed (tested an auto, really want a stick.)
  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I would'nt worry about reliability with high revving motors. I'll gladly (if I had one) redline my gts, type r or s2000 a 100 times a day as apposed to doing it in a mustang for example. These motors were designed to perform this way.

    I once had a 88 honda crx si I bought with 100k miles. I redlined that car everyday for the next 40k miles and sold it without any engine problems.
    The motor still sounded great and did'nt show 1 sign of oil leakage anywhere!
    What a great little car. Just don't get into a collision with one!
  • My take on it is:
    The Celica is a higher quality car. Also, I've come to realize that i enjoy the torque in low RPMs more than the horsepower at 6 or 7K. So that would push me towards the Eclipse v6. Mitsu's however, tend to smoke...4 cyl eclipses, mirages, V6 Caravans and Voyagers (V6 is from Mitsu). Both are head turners, I'd have a tough time choosing. Good luck.
    Concerning the other post of the person looking at the Prelude, Celica, Eclipse.......have you thought about the Maxima?
  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    yep, thinking about that as well. But I don't think I need a big car like that, not yet at least. I thought about the Maxima SE with stick.. but that doesn't really come with the stuff I wanted. And adding the stuff I want will push the price beyond what I can spend. But it is a really nice car tho btw.
  • I am a 2000 Mitsubishi Eclipse owner. No matter what any of you say, a stock 2000 Eclipse GT will outrace a stock 2000 Celica GT. I am proof. To tell the truth, I could care less about these stupid contests because I am very happy with the Eclipse. I have the Eclipse GT with the automatic/manual hybrid transmission, so my car is basically a four speed V6. The Celica GT was a 5 speed manual. Usually manual can accelerate faster, but I smoked the Celica. I'm sorry Toyota fans, but all of you who raced an Eclipse, see if it was a GT. I guarantee it was only an RS or a GS.
  • I also have an Eclipse GT, but w/5 speed. A Celica GT WON'T beat it. Now a GT-S, or a stock Eclipse GS-T, and it depends on the driver. Like taron126 said, be sure it's a GT your "smoking" and not a RS or GS.
  • Some of this talk about smoking other cars on the road is abit laughable. Sounds like we have a bunch of Speed Racer characters around here.

    I was hoping to get an honest comparison between the Celica and the Eclipse, and of 90 posts, 80 are about how one car is faster than the other. Guys, if you really want speed, put your money where your mouths are and get a motorcycle. Anything else is just silliness...

    So how about an honest opinion? It seems like the difference between the two cars is the image portrayed. Toyota and Mitsubishi seem to have traded places in the image department ... the old foggy turning boy-racer, and the bubble-racer turned luxo.

    Toyota's reputation for quality has been unsurpassed, and almost ALL publications, including Consumer Reports, indicate that Toyota Motors is a vastly superior manufacturer than most of the rest of the known world. How do you really feel about that?

    I've owned Toyotas most of my life but have been driving a 3000GT for the past few years. The only difference I can say is that the 3000GT is ALOT more expensive to repair. Otherwise, I don't really think it's that far lagging in quality behind the Toyota's I've owned.

    I'm now in the market for another vehicle. I've narrowed my choices down to a few cars, and for $20K, I'm looking at a new Celica, a new Solara, or a used Lexus SC. What do you think?

    From what I've been reading, many of the posters indicate that the Celica GT-S is a formidable street car. Others say that the GT offers more value. I've never purchased a new car before and hope I don't get raped in the process. Insurance costs here in NYC is nightmarish.

    Anyway, I'm in no rush to buy another vehicle. I have to sell my old one first. I was just hoping some of you could give an honest opinion on the likes and dislikes of the cars you've purchased.

    Be careful of all that street racing. It's no good for you. Take it to a track.

  • SPYDER98SPYDER98 Posts: 239
    I'm sure the majority of people out there who buy the sporty import coupes are the younger generation crowd. I'm 24, although I try not to street race as much as I use too, because it is dangerous, foolish and very costly $$ wise. Every once in a while I'll give a guy a run for his money. I'm sure once I get some more responsability in my life, (wife, kids, mortgage) I won't even bother anymore, as I'll have to much to lose at that point.

    You hardly ever see people in their new vettes, porsches, bmws, merecedes vehicles drive the way we do though.
    Because the majority of those owners are older and more mature than we are.

    Your right about the street bike. I happen to own a 95 honda cbr900rr and it will blow away any modified/exotic car on the road today in raw acceleration. If your looking for cheap speed, this is the way to go.
  • You the man. I have a fully faired 98 Honda VTR1000 Superhawk. V-twin 1000cc sportsbike. Precursor to the RC-51 Ducati killer! So all this talk about smoking other cars and street racing is childish. Anyone who really wants handling and doesn't own a sportsbike is barking up the wrong tree. I can be at 45 mph before the street racers get their foot off the clutch.

    Anyway, what I'm looking for is a reliable car with an image that portrays who I am. The motorcycle takes care of my adrenaline thrills and gets the chickies, the car is something more practical as well as for fun.

    I really like the Celica but I think the Solara may be more civil for me. I'm sure maintenance on the Solara is much easier and less costly. I've seen the compactness of the Celica engines and I can't even get my hand in there.

    A used Lexus SC is a possibility also, but I'm worried that I'm going to run into some major $$$ for repairs. I've never purchased a new car, and I think I'd rather pay for the piece of mind than have to constantly worry about repairs.

    I still wouldn't mind some input on the Solar and Celica. Both cars are different, but still similar.

  • jk111jk111 Posts: 125
    Actually I am thinking about the solara as well. But a lot of people said that it handles like a boat and is pretty slow. And solara is really a rebaged camry coupe..
    A Celica GT will not out run the Eclipse GT, but will be a very good match against the eclipse rs and gs.
    eddie, how about the honda accord coupe? you can't get a stick with that tho.
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