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I just drove one (loaded) leather, moonroof, cd,
16" wheels, tint, the whole 9 yards. Sticker?
$20,000! It was so damn cool!

The interior is the most versatile interior I have
ever encountered! The rear deck cover pulls out
and makes a table for tailgating parties! The back
seats fold down or can be pulled out completely.
The front passenger seat folds flat for more cargo

Based on a Neon the PT gets around 30mpg!

They are coming out with a turbo soon.

Cooler than a minivan but big enough for a family.

I will buy one. You?


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    You posess a ton of insight! Congrats on a fine post!
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    Hey, I answered your question, didn't I?
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    Oh, very well then.

    No, I would not consider buying a Chrysler product because of their poor reliability records. Recent Chrysler models are notorious for peeling paint, electrical problems, failing head gaskets, drivetrain and transmission failure and a host of other design flaws.

    They are poorly-engineered vehicles, and owning one will put you on intimate terms with their service department.

    I shudder to think of owning any Chrysler, let alone a turbocharged model. Although the PT Cruiser may be fun to drive (for a minivan), I couldn't bring myself to overlook their terrible reputation, and I feel that if you would purchase one, well, lets just say you better get the extended warranty, and maybe buy a second car for those days when the PT Cruiser is at the shop.
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    So it is a forgone conclusion that, no matter what, a Chrysler will break down. Hmmmmm well, that's pretty trite.

    I think the same sort of web sites and similar comments regarding overall craftmanship can be found for just about every manufacturer. As a matter of fact, if I go to Alldata and look it up, it seems as though they have spared no one! Mercy!
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    Ya don't recall the Daytona? Shadow? GLH? etc. I don't remember CP having a major problem with turbos.
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    No, I didn't say that.

    However, statistically speaking, you're probably better off with another manufacturer.
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    just can't please some people.

    First I don't write enough, then I write too much... ;-)
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    If everything you say is true and no matter what any Chrysler bought will be trash then they'll be out of biz soon.

    Haa haaa haaaa....


    Oh brother, give it a rest.
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    No, they're priced pretty low, and they can always find some sucker who will buy them.
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    I was curious what you did or did not like about the PT Cruiser. I really am sorry that somewhere along the line DC left you with such a sour taste in your mouth.

    Thanks for the insight on car problems though.

    Actually, my ONLY worry is buying North American. I have owned 3 Honda's over the last 7 years and I'm not looking forward to problems that can only be serviced by a dealer that wants to rape me financially.

    Sorry for the jabs.
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    No, no!

    No offense taken at all :-)

    Honestly, I just think that you would be better off not buying a Chrysler product. I read Lemonaid (I don't know if you have it in the US, it's a Canadian publication), and Chrysler is consistantly making their "not recommended" category.

    I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole, although I must admit, I've never actually owned one myself.

    I think if you moved from Honda to Chrysler, you'd find a BIG drop in reliability and overall quality.

    And I always enjoy a feisty discussion :-)
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    I also own a 95' Neon and while it has NOWHERE near the fit and feel my "cheap" 2000 Civic has it is reliable and fun to drive. It has only been in the shop for scheduled maint.

    The PT was so cool I just have to have one.

    Problems I hear of seem to come from people that just don't know how to take care of a car. Granted some problems are legitimate but overall I get the feeling of dumb consumers and $h!+head dealers trying to fix major recalls.
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    So many people get on these boards and take everything so personally.
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    NOT...give it a rest...Compared to many of the imports Detroit has admittedly had some quality problems, but seem to have gotten considerably better over the last 10 years. If Dodge and Jeep are Chyrslers you prospective buyers might want to talk to some owners rather than rely on one disgruntled consumer's ranting drivel. My piece of junk(not to me) Jeep Cherokee(Chrysler Product) has 242,000 miles on the original engine and still purrs along both on the highway and off and compared with previous vehicles(including half a dozen imports) has been the most reliable and economical vehicle I have ever owned. So it goes. I can't wait to drive the PT Cruiser. Daimler Chrysler has some guts to take the risks involved with making this car which will have a great market. Maybe they'll just ship all the lemons to Canada :-). Just kidding.
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    Actually, the URLs I posted aren't representitive of one owner, they represent MANY owners.

    I'd believe that they ship all the lemons to Canada, except for the fact that many of these horror story sites created by Chrysler owners originated from the US.

    And if you read the earlier postings in this thread, you'd realize that I'm not, and have never been a Chrysler owner (thank God!).
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    The local dealer has one listed at 26k, which is about 4 grand over the msrp. Does anyone think there's any chance prices will be coming down any time in the near future?

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    I love both my 1990 Jeep Wrangler and my 2001 PT. No problems with either. With ANY car you buy, I'm sure you'll
    find people who have had problems with them.
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    Care to share what your Pt cruiser purchase experience was like? Did you have to wait to wait long for your purchase? Cost? Thanks ahead of time for any information.

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    Mine is being built and should be here around the end of April. Order date August 16, 2000.
    I will be the last person to get one from my dealer all other orders will be removed whne mine comes in.

    If they still want one they will have to place their orders again later.
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    I think the PT looks like a hearse. Which is appropriate after seeing it's front crash ratings.

    They are also really small. And you want to pay $26,000.00 for that. Are you kidding?

    I think you are ready for the Mini.

    A new Mini car is coming, along with lots of hype

    Check it out at:

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    I am paying $500 below sticker for my PT. Limited edition.
    I bet the Mini won't sell as low as $16000
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    Sounds like you might be interested in our active Mini Cooper discussion. Here's the direct link: Mini Cooper (2002). Thanks for your participation. ;-)



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    Owners can compare notes, and others can see what it's like to live with a 2001 PT cruiser... in's long term road tests.

    You'll find a direct link to's PT Cruiser long term road test on the left hand column of this page. Look for it in the "Additional Resources" section (white box).

    Fyi, our "Additional Resources" is a new feature. I'll also be linking up other PT Cruiser articles and related discussions... in that area in the near future.

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    It may kill you in a crash, it may be a headache to get one, and it might be a little slow fully loaded going uphill with the A/C cranked, but darn it, this thing is as close to perfect as a Detroit automobile ever got! Let's adress the three major gripes people/reviewers have about this vehicle.

    1: Underpowered. For most people, 150HP is going to be plenty for all theyll ever really need, eg daily commuting. If not, the 2002 model with it's turbocharged 200HP motor will quench your thirst for guts. If you can't wait, then take the money you saved by getting a PT instead of that minivan or monster SUV and put some engine mods into it. Getting the 5-speed manual over the automatic helps too, and not just the acceleration.

    2: Dealer headaches. A temporary problem. Production is being ramped up, and demand will start slowing soon. By 2003 MY it'll be like buying a Neon or Intrepid.

    3: Low crash-test scores. LEARN TO DRIVE! A truly good driver can spot trouble in plenty of time to evade or correct. Don't believe me? Take a decent driving course, like YD, and not that DMV-passer people pay 20 bucks for a half-hour behind the wheel. I'm sorry if I sound cruel, but if people would just take the time and money to learn the skills that could save your life and the lives of others, we'd all be a lot better off. A $400.00 driving course is a heckuva lot better than a $1500.00+ repair job, not to mention skyrocketing insurance and the possible hospital bills, along with the emotional trauma, loss of transportation, yadda yadda yadda. If THAT doesent convince you, opt for the upgraded 4-wheel disc ABS brakes, if that makes you feel better.

    Oh, and keep your hands at 3 and 9. No, not on your cellphone, ON YOUR STEERING WHEEL.

    Drive safely.
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    Thanks for your thoughts on the PT Cruiser! ;-)

    To everyone- Here's an article about the PT Cruiser from's News: Chrysler Studies Possibility of Open-Top PT Cruiser. What do you think?

    Want to see a picture of this? Check out Greg116's post in our Upcoming Hatchbacks discussion. Talk to everyone later. ;-)



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    I pick up my blue PT cruiser limited on Monday 16 April 01. It is a blast to drive;I got lucky and got one off the truck. The dealer got about eight or so late on Friday 6 April.3 blue,2 green and a few others. I got there early on Saturday and got a blue one. When I went back to pick it up on Monday, they were all spoken for,except for a white one. I am 6'2" and fit in comfortably.
    The heated seats came in handy since it snowed up here in the Pocono's yesterday. It is also hard to believe it is a Chrysler! The fit,feel and layout is great. I just love the door handles. The interior is nice and roomy and the power seems to be OK. I have not pounded on it yet but I had no problem getting on the highway and PT cruising at 80 mph. I paid a little under sticker, but it is hard to negotiate when there is a line of people waiting for them. It also helped that I was per-approved for the loan. I just hope it out lasts the loan.
    Happy PT owner.
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    Congratulations on your purchase, and thanks for sharing the details! Compared to others, it's sounds like you got a good deal buying it below msrp. So other's can know.., would you mind sharing what region/area you made your purchase? Thanks.

    We look forward to hearing more about your PT Cruiser. Happy Motoring! ;-)

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    I purchased it at MOTOR WORLD GROUP
    Wilkes-barre PA
    that is in the northeastern part of the state.
    they have a web site so you can check out what they have in stock. but it shows the cars with a depots on them. so they may not be available.
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    I got mine $500 below Sticker $1100 below the actual sticker with my price protection. I ordered it 8 months ago and I am the last person to get one from my dealer. I purchases mine in south Louisiana and the dealer was super to deal with. Got 17 mpg this tank. This is the first I have checked.

    If you really want one you can find dealers that will not gouge you. It may take going to a few dealers but you will find one. I went to 3 dealers that would sell at sticker before finding my local dealer that would go $500 below. You may have to wait for a 2002 but they will be here before you know it.
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    Been doing a lot of looking but finally got the trade in I needed to get rid of my Dodge 2500 turbo diesel and scored a new PT Cruiser.

    Got a "taupe" (looks like charcoal to me) Limited with everything for 23K flat, right at MSRP. Kind of tough paying MSRP for a car when I know I could go down the street and pay thousands less at the Dodge or Ford dealers. But, they don't make anything like the PT Cruiser and it just fits my needs perfectly.

    16 miles on it off the lot and away we go.
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    Followed the PT Cruiser from day one when it hit the showrooms. At 6'3" I fit in it quite nicely for such a small vehicle. Chrysler did such a nice job laying it out. When those terrible crash tests came out combined with the poor horsepower and gas mileage; thats all it took for me to decide against it. Unfortunately they will still sell a ton of them and it won't matter to Chrysler one bit. I wish they could have gone the extra mile in refinement. Sorry; but no customer here. Safty first.
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    I personally think something went wrong in that test. The passenger got a very different result from the test? It does not seem to me that there would be that significant difference?

    Not trying to start a debate!

    Mine is 2 and 1/2 weeks old and has 2000 miles on it. Last tank got 20.2 mpg. Fun to drive as you can tell by the mileage.
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    I was in an accident once a long time ago. Just sitting waiting for a light to change. Nothing you could to to to avoid it. I would have been killed to a PT Cruiser. To the fellow who posted "Learn How to Drive"; accidents happen. Its the real world out there. They don't do these crash tests for the fun of it. They do it to inform the customer and send a message to the auto industry. Chrysler should take a hint from Toyota. If they don't like how the crash tests come out they get right on it and fix the problem or redesign it. They listen.
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    Its an offset crash test. If they did it on the other side the results would be the same. Serious injury to the passenger; less for the driver. No debate here. Just stating the facts.
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    That was not an offset crash. I am pretty sure that was the standard frontal crash. Only one group does the offset crash and that is not the standard test. Offset crashes are above and beyond the government standards. Still I am not making excuses but electronics do malfunction and I find it strange that the sensor in question showed an extreme disparity from the other sensor. It is my understanding that the reading it gave was an an abnormal reading. Kind of hard to crash another car for a maybe?

    I agree you cannot always control every situation and some crashes cannot be avoided.

    Like I said I was not trying to start a debate! But there could have been a malfunction?
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    To the person who posted that:
    You remind me of a friend in college who said "You don't trust my driving," when I put on the seat belt. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO....... You are not the only one on the road. You are going to tell me that you can avoid every maniac, sleeping, innatentive (sic?), drunk driver or blow out on the road? When you don't avoid them, don't you want to be in a sturdy vehicle? There was no excuse for this inadequate design.
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    You may be more likely to be injured on the drivers side because of the steering wheel.
    The cars are not exactly the same on both sides, so the results are not going to be exactly the same.
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    As an engineer, I can't help but point out these facts:

    FACT #1

    Crash test data does not agree with injury and fatality data based on actual accidents. Check it out yourself! Some models that have scored poorly in the tests actually have better than average injury and fatality statistics and vise versa.

    FACT #2

    The tests are not perfect. Forces in a crash are very complex and vary with each and every crash. Most serious crashes involve a collision between two or more vehicles, not a single car hitting a wall. A car designed for the test, may not necessarily be safer overall.

    FACT #3

    The P.T. did well in the rear and side impact tests. This is just as important if not more so (I would rather be protected from the other drivers than from myself crashing into an object).
    Consumer reports did not tell you this so people assume the P.T. did poorly in all the tests (Not So). Why is Consumer Reports selective in the vehicles they choose to trash? There are import vehicles with poor crash results, and CR will not tell you about it. Makes you wonder just how biased said organization is.

    FACT 4

    How can there be such a big difference between the driver and passanger (the passanger received a 4-star rating). This is a symmetrical vehicle. As an engineer, I can't read too much into such a result.

    FACT #5

    In multiple vehicle crashes (most serious accidents are), the heaver vehicle is always safer regaurdless of crash ratings. Quite frankly, in a game if Chicken between a P.T. and a 5-star Beetle, I would rather be in the P.T.
  • markregelmarkregel Member Posts: 32
    I have yet to read a posting from an owner that dosn't "love it". Very interesting that only non-owners see fit to trash this car. Why would someone that does not own a P.T. or plan on buying one want to come on a this board and trash it anyway?
  • s852s852 Member Posts: 1,051
    There is a steering wheel protruding from the dash on the drivers side. There is not one on the passenger side. Common sense would tell anyone that there is a greater risk of injury in any car on the drivers side. Your head or chest is not going to hit the steering wheel if you are on the passenger side.
    The car is not 100% the same on both sides.
    Real world data is not going to exactly correspond with a lab test because of many uncontrolled variables.
    If you are driving a PT Cruiser and happen to hit an 89 Geo Metro, you will be better off than hitting a 99 Expedition,
    The test shows how the vehicle performs hitting a wall at a certain speed and is tested the same as every other vehicle tested.
    Certain cars attract certain type of drivers who either drive more safely or more recklessly and real world crash data and insurance data has alot more to do with driver skills, risk taking and the size of the other vehicle they happened to have hit that day than the vehicle's integrity.
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    I think many are missing the point of why the gov't crash tests cars the way they do. They crash a car into a wall not because it is a common crash but because they want to test the effectiveness of the restraint systems in the most severe environment. This test has little to do with the structural integrity of a car, though it helps. It is mostly to determine how effectively the seatbelts and airbags work to protect the occupant when extreme forces are acting on the occupants. The fact that the driver performed much worse than the passenger shows that there was a problem with how well the seatbelt or airbag performed. Either the seatbelt allowed too much forward movement, thus allowing the dummy's head and chest to contact the steering wheel, or the airbag did not inflate quick enough to protect the head from the steering wheel. It is also possible that vertical and/or horizontal movement of the steering column hindered protection. The simple fact that the passenger does not have to deal with the steering wheel and is usually farther away from the airbag explains why it did better. I'm actually rather shocked that a supposed engineer would fail to understand the possible causes of the lower star rating for the driver. Now, taking all this into account, I wouldn't say the PT is a death trap, but there is obviously a design flaw on the driver side of the car that does cause leeryness. Hopefully Chrysler engineers can figure out what went wrong and fix it.
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    SORRY, I started all this crap! I guess its true what they say about opinions! OK Already
    Lets talk about how much fun this car is!
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    I almost bought a PT Cruiser last weekend until the dealership pulled the old bait and switch on me. I had gotten a price on the internet which was about $1000 over invoice on a Limited Edition Cruiser with a five speed manual transmission. I went to the dealership, test drove the car, agreed to a trade in price and shook the salesmans hand on the deal. I was given the car keys and owners manual while the car was being washed for final delivery. The salesman went to print out the sales contract and came back with his manager. The manager said he had some bad new, he said the internet price was wrong and that the real price was MSRP plus $300. After exchanging a few words with the manager I took my title back on my trade in and left the dealership. After this experience, I will never look at Chrysler products again. Based on the fact that Chrysler's have been historically unreliable and that the company is once again on the verge of bankruptcy, I'm happy that I ended up not buying their product. That being said, the PT Cruiser was a fun car to drive and does look different than anything else on the road.
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    I have no sympathy for anyone who would pay above MSRP for any Chrysler product. They are not Hondas or Toyotas as far as quality. Look at all the negative posts here in Edmunds. I'm sure it's a good car anyway, and practical. But it's still a rebodied tinny, Chrysler Neon. People will spend lots of money to be in fashion!

    BTW... where is the metallic aztec yellow they showed us? Chrysler doesn't know how to paint a car yellow?
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    ....but I'm here to announce the new Chrysler PT Cruiser Owner's Club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Hatchbacks.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs
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    I'd like to know who's selling for $300 over MSRP. I know a lot of folks who are looking and willing to pay more than that!
  • marshal1marshal1 Member Posts: 68
    Fitzgerald Automall in MD is selling Cruisers for what they claim to be $300 over MSRP through their internet site, Their numbers don't quite ad up as compared to Edmunds or KBB. Nonetheless, they do seem to have the best prices in MD. If you're willing to pay above MSRP for a car, have at it. However, watch out for the old bait and switch.
  • raybearraybear Member Posts: 1,795
    Thanks for the info. I'll forward it to our Southeast Region.
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    Orangelebaron: Thanks for your response to gregs naive response to getting into accidents. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard!!! I guess if everyone takes a driving class, no one would ever get into accidents. ridiculous!!!!!

    As far as Chrysler products go: I owned a '97 Jeep Wrangler and it was one of the worse cars I have ever owned. It was in the shop no less than 20 times. It is pretty sad when you walk into the service dept and the service manager knows you by name!!!! As far as the PT is concerned, I have heard pretty good things about it. I would be a little nervous about how it holds up a few years down the road. My current car is a '99 Mercury Cougar and I am experiencing the same sort of problems with this car as I did the Jeep. I guess I will be buying a non-american car in 2 years!!!

    Good luck with your PT's though!!
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