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Chrysler PT Cruiser (2005 and earlier)



  • bongodadbongodad Posts: 3
    Been doing a lot of looking but finally got the trade in I needed to get rid of my Dodge 2500 turbo diesel and scored a new PT Cruiser.

    Got a "taupe" (looks like charcoal to me) Limited with everything for 23K flat, right at MSRP. Kind of tough paying MSRP for a car when I know I could go down the street and pay thousands less at the Dodge or Ford dealers. But, they don't make anything like the PT Cruiser and it just fits my needs perfectly.

    16 miles on it off the lot and away we go.
  • dennicitodennicito Posts: 3
    Followed the PT Cruiser from day one when it hit the showrooms. At 6'3" I fit in it quite nicely for such a small vehicle. Chrysler did such a nice job laying it out. When those terrible crash tests came out combined with the poor horsepower and gas mileage; thats all it took for me to decide against it. Unfortunately they will still sell a ton of them and it won't matter to Chrysler one bit. I wish they could have gone the extra mile in refinement. Sorry; but no customer here. Safty first.
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    I personally think something went wrong in that test. The passenger got a very different result from the test? It does not seem to me that there would be that significant difference?

    Not trying to start a debate!

    Mine is 2 and 1/2 weeks old and has 2000 miles on it. Last tank got 20.2 mpg. Fun to drive as you can tell by the mileage.
  • dennicitodennicito Posts: 3
    I was in an accident once a long time ago. Just sitting waiting for a light to change. Nothing you could to to to avoid it. I would have been killed to a PT Cruiser. To the fellow who posted "Learn How to Drive"; accidents happen. Its the real world out there. They don't do these crash tests for the fun of it. They do it to inform the customer and send a message to the auto industry. Chrysler should take a hint from Toyota. If they don't like how the crash tests come out they get right on it and fix the problem or redesign it. They listen.
  • dennicitodennicito Posts: 3
    Its an offset crash test. If they did it on the other side the results would be the same. Serious injury to the passenger; less for the driver. No debate here. Just stating the facts.
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    That was not an offset crash. I am pretty sure that was the standard frontal crash. Only one group does the offset crash and that is not the standard test. Offset crashes are above and beyond the government standards. Still I am not making excuses but electronics do malfunction and I find it strange that the sensor in question showed an extreme disparity from the other sensor. It is my understanding that the reading it gave was an an abnormal reading. Kind of hard to crash another car for a maybe?

    I agree you cannot always control every situation and some crashes cannot be avoided.

    Like I said I was not trying to start a debate! But there could have been a malfunction?
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Posts: 435
    To the person who posted that:
    You remind me of a friend in college who said "You don't trust my driving," when I put on the seat belt. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOOOO....... You are not the only one on the road. You are going to tell me that you can avoid every maniac, sleeping, innatentive (sic?), drunk driver or blow out on the road? When you don't avoid them, don't you want to be in a sturdy vehicle? There was no excuse for this inadequate design.
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    You may be more likely to be injured on the drivers side because of the steering wheel.
    The cars are not exactly the same on both sides, so the results are not going to be exactly the same.
  • markregelmarkregel Posts: 32
    As an engineer, I can't help but point out these facts:

    FACT #1

    Crash test data does not agree with injury and fatality data based on actual accidents. Check it out yourself! Some models that have scored poorly in the tests actually have better than average injury and fatality statistics and vise versa.

    FACT #2

    The tests are not perfect. Forces in a crash are very complex and vary with each and every crash. Most serious crashes involve a collision between two or more vehicles, not a single car hitting a wall. A car designed for the test, may not necessarily be safer overall.

    FACT #3

    The P.T. did well in the rear and side impact tests. This is just as important if not more so (I would rather be protected from the other drivers than from myself crashing into an object).
    Consumer reports did not tell you this so people assume the P.T. did poorly in all the tests (Not So). Why is Consumer Reports selective in the vehicles they choose to trash? There are import vehicles with poor crash results, and CR will not tell you about it. Makes you wonder just how biased said organization is.

    FACT 4

    How can there be such a big difference between the driver and passanger (the passanger received a 4-star rating). This is a symmetrical vehicle. As an engineer, I can't read too much into such a result.

    FACT #5

    In multiple vehicle crashes (most serious accidents are), the heaver vehicle is always safer regaurdless of crash ratings. Quite frankly, in a game if Chicken between a P.T. and a 5-star Beetle, I would rather be in the P.T.
  • markregelmarkregel Posts: 32
    I have yet to read a posting from an owner that dosn't "love it". Very interesting that only non-owners see fit to trash this car. Why would someone that does not own a P.T. or plan on buying one want to come on a this board and trash it anyway?
  • s852s852 Posts: 1,051
    There is a steering wheel protruding from the dash on the drivers side. There is not one on the passenger side. Common sense would tell anyone that there is a greater risk of injury in any car on the drivers side. Your head or chest is not going to hit the steering wheel if you are on the passenger side.
    The car is not 100% the same on both sides.
    Real world data is not going to exactly correspond with a lab test because of many uncontrolled variables.
    If you are driving a PT Cruiser and happen to hit an 89 Geo Metro, you will be better off than hitting a 99 Expedition,
    The test shows how the vehicle performs hitting a wall at a certain speed and is tested the same as every other vehicle tested.
    Certain cars attract certain type of drivers who either drive more safely or more recklessly and real world crash data and insurance data has alot more to do with driver skills, risk taking and the size of the other vehicle they happened to have hit that day than the vehicle's integrity.
  • lngtonge18lngtonge18 Posts: 2,228
    I think many are missing the point of why the gov't crash tests cars the way they do. They crash a car into a wall not because it is a common crash but because they want to test the effectiveness of the restraint systems in the most severe environment. This test has little to do with the structural integrity of a car, though it helps. It is mostly to determine how effectively the seatbelts and airbags work to protect the occupant when extreme forces are acting on the occupants. The fact that the driver performed much worse than the passenger shows that there was a problem with how well the seatbelt or airbag performed. Either the seatbelt allowed too much forward movement, thus allowing the dummy's head and chest to contact the steering wheel, or the airbag did not inflate quick enough to protect the head from the steering wheel. It is also possible that vertical and/or horizontal movement of the steering column hindered protection. The simple fact that the passenger does not have to deal with the steering wheel and is usually farther away from the airbag explains why it did better. I'm actually rather shocked that a supposed engineer would fail to understand the possible causes of the lower star rating for the driver. Now, taking all this into account, I wouldn't say the PT is a death trap, but there is obviously a design flaw on the driver side of the car that does cause leeryness. Hopefully Chrysler engineers can figure out what went wrong and fix it.
  • jxyoungjxyoung Posts: 156
    SORRY, I started all this crap! I guess its true what they say about opinions! OK Already
    Lets talk about how much fun this car is!
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    I almost bought a PT Cruiser last weekend until the dealership pulled the old bait and switch on me. I had gotten a price on the internet which was about $1000 over invoice on a Limited Edition Cruiser with a five speed manual transmission. I went to the dealership, test drove the car, agreed to a trade in price and shook the salesmans hand on the deal. I was given the car keys and owners manual while the car was being washed for final delivery. The salesman went to print out the sales contract and came back with his manager. The manager said he had some bad new, he said the internet price was wrong and that the real price was MSRP plus $300. After exchanging a few words with the manager I took my title back on my trade in and left the dealership. After this experience, I will never look at Chrysler products again. Based on the fact that Chrysler's have been historically unreliable and that the company is once again on the verge of bankruptcy, I'm happy that I ended up not buying their product. That being said, the PT Cruiser was a fun car to drive and does look different than anything else on the road.
  • orangelebaronorangelebaron Posts: 435
    I have no sympathy for anyone who would pay above MSRP for any Chrysler product. They are not Hondas or Toyotas as far as quality. Look at all the negative posts here in Edmunds. I'm sure it's a good car anyway, and practical. But it's still a rebodied tinny, Chrysler Neon. People will spend lots of money to be in fashion!

    BTW... where is the metallic aztec yellow they showed us? Chrysler doesn't know how to paint a car yellow?
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    ....but I'm here to announce the new Chrysler PT Cruiser Owner's Club now available on Owner's Club board. Please stop by and introduce yourself in Meet the Members and let me know how I can help build your club.

    I have linked this discussion into that folder, but it will always reside here in Hatchbacks.

    Looking forward to meeting everyone!

    Owner's Clubs

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  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I'd like to know who's selling for $300 over MSRP. I know a lot of folks who are looking and willing to pay more than that!
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    Fitzgerald Automall in MD is selling Cruisers for what they claim to be $300 over MSRP through their internet site, Their numbers don't quite ad up as compared to Edmunds or KBB. Nonetheless, they do seem to have the best prices in MD. If you're willing to pay above MSRP for a car, have at it. However, watch out for the old bait and switch.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    Thanks for the info. I'll forward it to our Southeast Region.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Orangelebaron: Thanks for your response to gregs naive response to getting into accidents. That is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard!!! I guess if everyone takes a driving class, no one would ever get into accidents. ridiculous!!!!!

    As far as Chrysler products go: I owned a '97 Jeep Wrangler and it was one of the worse cars I have ever owned. It was in the shop no less than 20 times. It is pretty sad when you walk into the service dept and the service manager knows you by name!!!! As far as the PT is concerned, I have heard pretty good things about it. I would be a little nervous about how it holds up a few years down the road. My current car is a '99 Mercury Cougar and I am experiencing the same sort of problems with this car as I did the Jeep. I guess I will be buying a non-american car in 2 years!!!

    Good luck with your PT's though!!
  • marshal1marshal1 Posts: 68
    What exactly is the southeast region? I'm guessing you either work in the car industry or are a LEO. I had actually considered reporting the dealership that pulled the bait and switch to the proper authorities. However, I've been buying cars for almost 20 years and dirty dealing just seems to be a part of the game. I've always managed to get a new car at a price I was happy with. I ended up buying a new Toyota Avalon from the same dealership that tried to pull the bait and switch with the PT cruiser on me and ended up paying close to invoice. Luckily, the dealership sold both Chrysler and Toyota products. I'm glad I went with the Toyota. It is far superior to any Chrysler product.

    Regarding #53. Fish, when you're ready to buy consider a Toyota. The workmanship, reliability and resale value are all outstanding. As for Jeeps, Consumer Reports gave the Grand Jerokee its worst rating ever in the area of reliabilty. Chrysler can barely give the Grand Cherokees away at this point. They are selling for thousands under invoice and the dealerships are still over stocked with them. I actually considered buying a Grand Cherokee until I researched reliability in Consumer Reports.
  • raybearraybear Posts: 1,795
    I was refering to the region where I work, for one of the internet services.

    And I have to agree, I'd prefer the Toyota myself, even though the PT Cruiser is pretty cool.
  • fish8fish8 Posts: 2,282
    Thanks for the recommendation!! I actually owned a '93 Toyota Corolla back in '94 and I didn't have a single problem with it. Unfortunately, the only Toyota that has some excitement to it is the Celica. Since me and my wife are expecting our firts baby in August, a Celica is not a good option for a new car.

    Back to the PT cruiser: One thing the PT has going for it is it's looks. Time will tell about it's durability.
  • sonjaabsonjaab Posts: 1,057
    Syracuse N Y Chrysler dealer advertising new
    2001 PT $17,960 plus tax & stock !!!
  • pocahontaspocahontas Posts: 802
    Since the PT cruiser falls into a several different vehicle categories, this discussion has been linked across three different message boards: Hatchbacks, Station Wagons, and Vans. Thanks for your participation. ;-)

    Hatchbacks/Station Wagons
  • kh60kh60 Posts: 2
    Just picked up my PT (cranberry limited) last week. Now there are 4 chrysler products at our house ; 88 plymouth sundance, 89 dodge caravan, 97 chrysler cirrus Lxi, 2001 PT cruiser.
    I think DC is on the right track and look forward to many more miles in DC products.
  • chas215chas215 Posts: 22
    Does anyone have some solid information about changes for 2002 and when 2002's will be available? I'm also considering Hyundai Santa Fe and new Honda CRV planned for 2002. Opinions are welcome. Thanks.
  • the official site seems to have the 2002 cruiser information already in place. go to the "build your own" feature for the PT and it will give you a choice 2001 or 2002 model. The cruiser is my first choice but I think it will be out of my budget, the hyundai elantra GT hatchback looks good though.
  • Here in Kansas City these cars are still selling for thousands over invoice and I can see why, this car is the best quality/design in decades. Even people who say they dislike the car seem to smile when confronted with one. Chrysler should create a signature horn for this vehicle. I don't know if I can hold out much longer! I want one!
  • ewl26ewl26 Posts: 1
    Considering some of the posts I've read, I must be a dunce, but I'm thinking of buying a PT Cruiser. Nevertheless, in checking out some listings on Auto Trader, and concomitant VINs, I've run across the designation LHD. What does that mean? I want a Limited Edition, but I'm not sure the LHD designation is indicative of that. Does anyone know?
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