Chevy Cobalt Fuel Filter

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Has anybody changed the fuel filter? Did you do it yourself or had someone do it for you? Any experiences to share?


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    Poncho 167:

    I thought you would have some input on this subject.
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    Sorry, I only go on the forum once a week. I can't say where the fuel filter is at but I know it has been mentioned in the forum before. I don't have a Cobalt but like them non-the-less.
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    Thank you for your response. We know where the fuel filter is, but are looking for information on how to change it and experiences changing it.
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    the fuel filter is located back by the truck.. trying to change it now will let you know how it turns out
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    Okay as I stated it is back under the trunk area and it takes an eight dollar tool and it is a piece of cake.. Good luck :shades:
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    What kind of $8.00 tool did you use, and what was your procedure? Where did you get the filter?

    Thank you
  • daughters06daughters06 Member Posts: 3
    Got the filter and tool at Auto Zone. The tool is used to clamp the fuel line and fit inside the old filter to unlock it.. It is really easy
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    How did you get under the car? Do you have the part number for the fuel filter and the tool that you used?
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