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Jeep Liberty Rear FLIP-UP GLASS will not close

tmcsweentmcsween Posts: 1
I have 2006 CRD and the rear FLIP-UP GLASS will not close. It appears the LATCH on the swing gate is in the closed position. I don't how the LATCH transitioned to the closed position while the FLIP-UP glass is open.

Any ideas?


  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    I think if you lock the truck while the glass is open you are in this situation. Open the rear door and this resets the latch.
  • Did you ever find out how to fix the problem of the flip-up glass latch not working? Mine is doing the same.
  • tn28tn28 Posts: 1
    My hatch would open up on its own in the dead of winter and then not latch back down. They ended up replacing a part within the back hatch door handle or the whole handle assembly completely. (Twice I had to have this part replaced) It was years ago. This is what triggers the latch to open and close. They replaced the part and mentioned it was a recall.
    Now I am having the problem this time with just the glass not wanting to latch back down (no surprise automatically opening - just wont latch) What I have to do to make it be able to latch back down is to use the back window hatch button on the jeep key fob and this will trigger it to flip into the open position so that you can relatch it back down. I have yet to call my dealer to see if it is still covered from the last time they replaced the defective part.

    Found my paperwork - 2-1-05 said removed rear gate handle and found switch corroded. Replaced handle assembly with new switch.

    This was for the hatch not shutting. 4-28-05 Checked and found wiring connector at release motor had loose terminals. Secured terminals.
    I am having this problem again, guess I should have someone check the terminals again!
    Hope this helps.
  • caribou1caribou1 Posts: 1,354
    Did you know that when you have the rear wiper set to "Cont..." or "Delay..." you cannot open the rear gate from outside? This feature is managed by one of our electronic modules and prevents accidental damage of the hatch. Perhaps this is where your problem comes from: the hatch button on the clicker communicates with this module and forces it to reset in a different way.
  • This has happened before. I would use my clicker to undo the lock. The other night the rear swing door window opened by itself and it would not close. The latch would not unlock itself this time using the unlock button on clicker. Can I force the lock position to open? It's an 05 Liberty.
  • mc621mc621 Posts: 1
    My girlfriends daughter has an 05 Liberty. Recently her rear glass window started not shuting. I have tried cleaning the latch even replaced the entire latch assembly with another but when closing the rear glass it still will not latch any suggestions
  • c2itmanc2itman Posts: 1
    I had this problem. It is not in the glass latch (which is what I originally thought). Unfortunately my problem was actually the locking solenoid in the swing gate latch. I found that if I locked all doors, I could still open the swing gate. The glass will open to avoid breaking but the latch never opened. Then I could never shut the glass. If I unlocked all doors then pulled the swing gate handle the glass latch would release and allow the glass to latch again. This told me the swing gate was not locking (doors locked and it still opened). If you have the gate latch replaced you will never have the problem again. Hope this helps
  • mymedadamymedada Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Jeep Liberty. I never use the rear windshield wiper, somehow it has been moved and is stuck upright on rear windshield. I cannot open rear window or gate because of this. Any ideas or suggestions as how to get it to go back down in off position?
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