Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



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    Was just offered $1700 for my 2001 w/80,000 miles. One vehicle owner, no other problems except the frame is totally useless. Told the guy I spoke with that when the driver's side bracket broke & it pulled me off the road, I felt fortunate that the passenger's side didn't break to pull me into oncoming traffic. He said....What's your point? Not friendly at all. I "took" the offer....he said to fax title & registration & someone would meet me at the dealership with paperwork for me to sign and a check.
    Should I hold off? I'm not desparate for the money, though it would be nice, and feel like maybe I should hold off to see how all this blows over.
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    Do not sign off on this there are about 150,000 to 200,000 other people in the same boat We need to fight this together the more people we have the better off we will be
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    they should go back further because my 97 has serious rear end frame rust along with the front bumper
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    I too have been communicating with that particular person from Isuzu, i'm thinking there are three yahoos working there answering these phones. Making some great joke of us all. Placing bets on which one of us goes postal on them in their little shack. I have faxed my registration, bill of sale, and some major engine repairs (such as a new one bought and installed only two years ago). What at first sounded like i would receive an instant offer upon faxing these documents has now become another unknown amount of time before a decision is made. I won't take less than $4000. Anything short of that is an insult beyond belief. We need to find a law firm that will take this case as a class action. There already is one for our bad motors. I say we band up and find a lawyer to take this case and put it to them! Let this forum know if anyone finds such a law firm.
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    Do not take the offer. I was just offered 3000 due to the fact tha my frame is cracked. Seems like the amount is rising. PLEASE file claims with NHTSA, and the FTC. I contacted our local news station that had done a report on this problem and they want to do a follow up since they have received multiple complaints. Contact me if you are in the Pittsburgh area.
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    They offered me the same insulting offer, I refused it....I have filed complaintes with BBB, the NYS attorney generals office, NHTSA, my local news station, and I will go now and file with the FTC. This is ridiculous that no one is stepping in and helping all of us with this....and the NHTSA is not even returning calls or emails now....I am also the original owner of my 2001 Rodeo with only 121,000 miles....this is a joke!
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    I am from the Pittsburgh area, Latrobe. I had my part of my frame welded last June because it would not pass inspection, cost me 1500. Also had the bracket replaced before the recall last fall because it cracked. I know there is more rusting but I cant go without a car and the dealership is too far away for me to work out a time frame. I don't know what to do.
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    They don't care how much rust is on the rest of the frame....they are only covering the 'bracket'. I have been told even if they do the repair on my truck it will still not pass inspection and will not be safe to drive because of the extensive frame rust on the rest of the frame....but they will not cover it or fix it...and say they don't care! Everyone needs to file with the NHTSA for the entire frame rust...not just the lower link. I talked to a guy at the NHTSA yesterday and he told me there were only 140 cases open with them for the 2001 Rodeo's....I know there are more out there....if more people don't file we won't get a recall because they won't open a defect investigation until there are more complaints!

    PLEASE everyone go and file a complaint with the NHTSA!

    On an even more ridiculous dealer said they are going to start charging me storage fees if I don't let them make the fix or tow it back to my house.....this is so ridiculous...thanks for caring and taking care of your customers guys!....Of course they had no problem taking my 25K when I bought it new....but now could careless about us!
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    Excessive corrosion is a STRUCTURE problem, so when filing a complaint with the NHTSA please make sure to file under STRUCTURE: FRAME. All of us who are affected by this should take the time to file a complaint :( We need to get all of these unsafe vehicles off of the road!
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    I filed a claim with everyone I could thing of. The NHTSA,BBB,FTC and Maine Attorney general . Is there anymore places to file a claim ? Im trying to see if a lawyer would get involved . If worst comes to worst I will have to file a small claims court order and get the maine max of 6500.00 better than 1500.00 .
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    Hi, I'm new on here, I'm from NJ, have a 2001 Rodeo and now I'm afraid to drive it after reading all these posts! The metal shield around my gas tank has completely rotted off and I haven't taken it in yet for the repair on the bracket. Should I take it to my mechanic to see just how much rust is really under there and if the frame is rotted, what is my next course of action? Filing a complaint? I've tried to call Isuzu to ask some questions but the line is always busy. I think they leave the phone off the hook lol This is all new to me, so I'm really not sure what to do. Like everyone else's, the body itself is in good shape.
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    Just put a claim in with NHTSA .com Tell them that your gas tank is effected
    and the frame is bad. Put a claim in to the NJ attroney General and put a claim
    in with the and also put a claim in with the Isuzu corp try these numbers 1800-255-6727 and 1-714-935-9300. Then its a waiting game.
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    2000 - 2002 Models

    Isuzu's 10-Year/120,000-Mile Powertrain Limited Warranty
    Isuzu's commitment to your satisfaction doesn't end when you left the dealership.

    3-Year/50,000-Mile Basic Limited Warranty
    The Isuzu vehicles' natural defenses extend to a Basic Limited Warranty that is worthy of note. It lasts for 3 years or 50,000 miles with no deductible. Isuzu's robust powertrain coverage, teamed with this impressive protection, are man's best chance against the onset of worry warts and general gloom.

    5-Year/60,000-Mile Roadside Assistance:
    A most remarkable offering is Isuzu's 24-hour Roadside Assistance. A dead battery, a flat tire or the absence of fuel can all be remedied with a simple phone call. Over 12,500 facilities nationwide are available every day of the year for the first 5 years or 60,000 miles you own your vehicle. Just call the toll-free number (800) 444-0303 and we're there ASAP.

    6-Year/100,000-Mile Perforation From Corrosion Limited Warranty
    Isuzu vehicles excel in a plethora of extreme conditions. Scouring salt air. Blistering desert heat. Corroding winter muck. No matter how abrasive the environment, you can feel confident your Isuzu vehicle will hold up. And to be sure, it's covered for 6 years or 100,000 miles against perforation from corrosion.

    Protection Plan
    The Protection Plan extended service contract provides peace of mind when the Basic Limited Warranty expires, with low-cost coverage for up to 10 years or 120,000 miles.

    See your warranty information booklet for warranty details.

    I have seen alot of warrantys from other car companies and none of them put this is their warrantys Seems to me like they know after 6 years they would have corrosion issues. Very suspicious.
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    I have been following these posts after an incident with my oldest daughters 2001 Rodeo. She was in route on I-95 in Boston area when she lost control of the car. It swerved and pulled violently to the right. She pulled over looked at the car and found a completely rusted out and broken frame. The outside of the car still looked real good. Luckily no one was injured. I had it towed to a nearby salvage yard. The ironic thing is my other daughter has a 2001 rodeo too. After the first one I did a thorough inspection and found a 12 inch long rusted out whole in the frame. The car has only 88,000 miles on it and is mint from the outside.

    My headaches have started with this joke of a recall. The car was towed to a dealer 2 months ago and still sits there today. Nothing in the form of a safer car has transpired. After calling Isuzu customer contempt department and discussing with them this situation, I am too convinced they just plain don't care.

    I have filed 2 complaints with the NHTSA and I am now working on a complaint to our CT State Attorney generals office. Along with the complaint I will submit pictures of this very dangerous and unsafe vehicle with 2 new shiny brackets which is all this joke of a recall is doing for us.

    We need to all get the message out, I am considering calling our local TV station about this dangerous situation. May I just add how thankful I am to all of those who have been posting here with contact information and support. I do believe if enough people make it clear that this recall needs to be widened to correct these inferior frames it will happen.

    Good luck to all.

    Frustrated in CT
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    Hi everyone,
    I'm glad I found this site- I also have a 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. It is in the Allentown service center right now. I received a call yesterday saying that it has been repaired, using a small rear suspension bracket, and that I have a stage three situation, with the highest being a stage four- not reassuring at all. He then proceeded to tell me the wonderful news that my entire frame is rusted and the right front has a hole in it where he can put his fist through! the wheel bearings are also loose, and said he does not recommend driving this vehicle, that it is unsafe, also stating that it will not pass inspection and does not believe it will be repairable.

    After speaking with a manager at isuzu 2 days ago, (couldn't believe I got through) he told me that only half of a percent of the vehicles out there are affected to the point of no repair, but he was only speaking about what the recall covers- the rear part of the frame. I asked him specifically about a remedy if my truck happens to fall into that half percent. He said he could not give me exact information, as each case is different. I then asked about a replacement vehicle or fair book value (being that I put a recond. engine and tranny in mine within one year!) agian he said he could not say, however I was on the right track. I will also start to file complaints. How can they get away with covering only the rear frame when the situation with most of us is the entire frame? Now I have to figure out how to get it home.
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    Hi all,

    I just had Triple AAA tow my truck back to my house this afternoon. Thank goodness for the tow truck driver. He told me under no circumstances to drive this truck, and showed me where my frame in the right front was competely cracked. This is not one of the things the dealership told me over the phone. They only advised me of the large hole from the rust. This truck is competely useless, will now sit in my driveway, and he advised me to contact my lawyer. This never should have passed inspection.
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    I had 2001 Issuzu and our frame was "swiss cheese" - upon a routine oil change. We were told not to drive it...we did drive it to the frame welder and for $1500. he welded the frame and did an awesome job. I had contacted Isuzu in February 2009 and told them that my truck was junk and just out of warranty and could they help me...they told me I was the first complaint and was "crazy".....well we fixed the frame and copied the pictures before and after and put together all we could find on the frame issue and sent it to Derek Rhinehardt at NTS and on we went ....and then the recall came through in December and we had to make two trips to the local repair dealership for "approval" of our already repaired truck. I was frustrated and could only hold on line for 2 hours at a time to speak with someone....well - today the $1500. check came for the repair and we just sold it for $3000. to a dealership...not wanting to unload it on a person. But our car looked new and had 105,000. miles on it. With the frame fixed - better than the Isuzu fix (the local dealership said that) the car will last a while.....

    So, all that said - I would contact them and see if they will honor your fix and get it welded - and get a refund on the cost. It worked well for us and we have spent two yours in Isuzu H**L - and now today we are finally free!

    Best of luck and I know it is a pain, and I know that they are handling this recall badly and the repair centers are frustrated and upset with the fix that is recommended and it is NOT enough to make the cars safe. Get an evaluation from a frame welder.....We are happy we did what we did. Even if in the end we did not get our money back - we had peace of mind that her car was safe.
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    I pulled out of the parking lot at my apartment building to leave for work today and heard a very loud scraping noise. After driving about 100 feet down the road I noticed my 2000 Rodeo started to fish tail. Immediately knowing something was wrong, I pulled into another parking lot and called my boyfriend because I knew the vehicle was not driveable. He inspected underneath and found the driver's side rear suspension bracket had in fact broken off of the frame. The other side is eroding and on its way out as well. We called the Isuzu 800 number on the recall letter and were set up with a dealership 2 hours away to have it worked on.

    A towing company came to tow my Rodeo to the dealership tomorrow morning. But now after reading all of these posts I'm afraid they will leave me with a new bracket welded to an entirely rusted frame. I still owe $2300 on my Rodeo as I just bought it 8 months ago and it was in perfect condition at the time. What do we do to get our money for this crisis?
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    I would call and ask that you (if you can) have the frame welded yourself. I am so glad we did just that. It was before the recall began...and everyone (even the repairing dealership) says it is a very safe car now! We paid $1500. to do this and the dealership agreed it is a much safer car than the recall fix...We just got our check....and I am happy as we also sold the car for value of $3000. so while it worked for us, maybe it will for others = but also our initial complaint was prior to the recall and so maybe that is why we got paid back. But the car is safe and they paid us. I hope it works out for you - we were so upset as we still owed money on ours when the frame failed...and had no choice but to get it fixed and this week getting the check for the work done two years ago - was final closure on this nightmare...
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    Do you think it would help if I asked them if they were going to weld the part to the rusted frame? I really hope Isuzu is faced with a lawsuit soon. This is absolutely ridiculous.
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    Apparently, at least according to posts on the facebook page concerning this issue, people are starting to get paid for the vehicles. I would file the complaint, and see if the dealer can work out a decent and fair value for your vehicle.
    I really wish we could get a far, with the thousands of people involved and affected, I guess none are lawyers or else no one can find one that will take on the corporate giant. I've called several in this no avail. I think Honda and Isuzu still just want this all swept under the mat and want us to go away. Well, for me it has been over 2 years. I am still here. My frame was replaced by my husband and son last summer, but I am still involved in this matter. And yes, I got a recall letter. And kept 1/4 of the old frame. And went on TV about this. We just need more people to get the word out, because it is obvious that almost on a daily basis, someone new is posting, so they were unware of the recall or didn't get a recall letter, and these vehicles are still breaking apart. Like I said from day 1...someone is going to get killed.
    There is nothing on the frames to weld to. There is nothing left of the frames. I think it is interesting that the recall states the salt use in the affected states is the cause for the rusty brackets. Wonder why the other auto makers vehicles are not falling apart from the salt too??? Our mistake was to push for the recall of the wasn't until after we filed our complaints that we realized the problem went a lot further than the brackets, the entire frames were gone. But since so many had the same photos of the broken brackets, and that is what we all experienced...that is what we pushed for. So now Honda and Isuzu are saying they are cooperating with the recall...but the scope of the problem is a heck of a lot bigger than the broken brackets.
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    i have or had a 1998 redeo isuzu that did the same thing yesterday i sent it to the junk yard my frame was rusted out to and it ran so good to
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    I have owned my Isuzu for 3 years and I have had nothing but problems since the first few days I owned this car! Right now my car is sitting in a garage having it's 3rd fuel pump put in each year! I asked the mechanic to take a look at the frame while it was in the air, while come to find out he wont pass it for inspection, he said he's certifying it as not drivable because of the huge holes in the frame! I called Isuzu and told them what was going on and they of course want it taken to the nearest dealership which is 70 miles away..yea ok, I told them I did not feel safe driving the car, so they gave me a number for a towing company so that they could bring it up for free! Great now I have no car! I'm telling you what if they do say that they can fix it I am getting a lawyer, I am not driving something that is a death trap, I have 3 kids what are they thinking!? I am getting every penny back that I have put into this car! I just put $1200 into within the last two weeks in back brakes and new tires =(
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    Just got a call this morning from the dealership telling me they are going to reattach the brackets to the frame and I asked if this was safe to drive and the guy was very hesitant is answering! So I wrote an email to customer service at Isuzu explaining how I refuse to accept owning a vehicle for 7 months and having it not be able to survive a Northeast winter. These frames were made out of scrap metal basically! I really think we need to get legal assistance with this case. Who's in?
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    I think everyone is in...but the trick is to find the lawyer or law group that will represent us.
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    I feel like if we all threatened to sue Isuzu they might give us what we want. How big of lawyer do we need to stand up to this kind of corporation?
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    If you live in Pa contact Sen. Robert Casey at and let him know what is happening with these vehicles. His office contacted me today and are looking in to what is going on with Isuzu and Honda. He stated I was the second person with a complaint. It's one thing to complain on this forum but everyone needs to take it futher. If you don't live in PA contact the Senator where you live. PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL SENATOR, NHTSA, SAFERCAR.GOV AND YOUR ATTORNEY GENERAL.
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    I live in Maine and filed complaints with NHTSA, Safecar, Better Business Bureau, and Federal Trade commission. My mother also called our insurance company today (Geico) and they are interested in going after Isuzu to get at least the blue book value of my Rodeo. So call your insurance company and see if they can help! I am going to look into contacting my Maine Senator now and filing with Me. Att. Gen office as well!
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    I have had car since new. Got recall notice about corrosion and 5 days later it broke. Good thing I was only going 15 m.p.h. Drove over curb into local business parking lot. Thought I'd ran over muffler or something huge. Isuzu had it towed to nearest dealership. After numerous phone calls to Isuzu hotline and 7 weeks later, they determined it is undriveable. Isuzu is offering $1775 for a car that is in excellent condition. Trade-in value for vehicle between 70,000-85,000 miles is $3218. Retail value is $4688. I just want fair equity to buy something similar. Can't buy anything for $1775 that's decent. Plan on filing a complaint before handing over title. Lucky I wasn't killed or injured.
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    I have been reading these posts and decided to pass along what info I actually have. I am one of the mechanics working at a dealership charged with performing the trailing arm bracket recall. Let me start with what I can tell you as 100% fact. First off, for those of you who do not know, there are no Isuzu dealers in the United States. Isuzu sold their last vehicles in the US in the 2007-2008 sales years, and all of the ones model year 2005 and up are actually GM production SUVs. All that remains now are Isuzu authorized repair facilities.
    We were notified that there would be a recall sometime around August/September 2010. We started receiving customers in around mid-December for recall inspections. The first inspection in our shop was what Isuzu determined would be a level four. This means that the trailing arms can be successfully resecured to the frame by drilling a series of holes in the approx. two foot section of frame in the surrounding area of the trailing arms. I also inspected the safety of the rest of the vehicle at that time. The upper spring mounts were broken off of the rear frame on both sides, the fuel lines were leaking, the rear crossbar was rotted off on one end, the left rear upper shock mount was rotted off, and there were numerous holes rotted in the rear section of the frame. We immediately called the recall line phone number and informed them that there was no way of making this vehicle safe again. Their response was that their only responsibility according to the national safety recall was to repair the trailing arm mount portion of the frame. If this was repairable, the rest of the damage would be the customers responsibility. Fortunately this customer traded the car in and we sent the Rodeo off to the car crusher. Unfortunately, this was far from the worst recall vehicle I have seen. I have since seen vehicles with missing sections of frame and with the frame starting to fold under its own weight. We have done everything within our abilities to get as many of these off these off the road as possible, including sending hundreds of pitures of damage to Isuzu and spending many hours on the phone arguing as to whether they are repairable or not. Our original recall inspection bulletin stated "In the unlikely event that the repair kit can not be successfully installed Isuzu will make a determination on how to proceed". This unlikely event has ended up being about 10% of the recalls we have taken in, meaning there is so much damage in the area to be repaired that they are unrepairable. Also, about 50% of the vehicles that are deemed level 4 are still unsafe after the repairs. Add to this the fact that we were sent 6 level 4 repair kits initially and now have approximately 35 customers waiting, with Isuzu saying they will only send us 2 per week it puts us in the unenviable position of middleman. This is where I would ask that those of you who file better business bureau complaints please file against Isuzu and not the repair facilities. We have been told that their are approximately 2000 of these recall vehicles coming to us and can't even get the parts. As I said, these are facts. Now for the rest, which is some fact and some heresay. My understanding is that Isuzu is only paying for vehicles that they accept as unrepairable. They will only pay the value of the vehicle in poor condition, as that is the book value with a rotted frame. Any responsibility that they have legally for any other rot was gone with the rust and perforation warranty. Most of the vehicles that I have personally inspected have many other issues such as check engine lights, abs lights innoperativefour wheel drive, etc., which would greatly decrease their value. I know I have seen many posts of vehicles in "otherwise great condition" but of the approximately 150 vehicles we have inspected possibly 10 were in really good condition. These vehicles are anywhere from 9 to 12 years old. I mention these factors because they are all what Isuzu uses in factoring value. They are not going to pay $6,000 for these vehicles, even if sued. What is left of Isuzu US has been woefully underfunded for buyback. With this said, I would be taking the same path with attempting to reclaim as much value as possible from your losses. Also as a couple of footnotes ; I have been an Isuzu technician for six years and they NEVER pay for replacement transportation. ie rental cars, not even when the car is under warranty. And lastly, those of us doing the repairs are not any happier with it than the customers. We have actually had to add an extra employe to keep up with the level 3 recalls. I will try to answer any questions left on this thread. I hope this helps, or at least helps make the customers better informed
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    :cry: I was offered Kelly Blue Book ~ private sale, good condition, for my 2001 Isuzu Rodeo. After much thought I decided to take the money. I went to the dealership last week to sign over the vehicle. I will really miss my Isuzu, especially when the service manager who was helping me take the plates off said that the vehicle was in good condition, except for the frame, and that I could have gotten another 100,000 miles out of it. How depressing! Even though I got Isuzu to buy my vehicle back, there are many of you who have been told that your vehicles can be fixed but the dealership has told you that it will still be unsafe because of excessive frame corrosion. Keep the pressure on. Make sure that you file complaints with the NHSTA, your state Attorney General's office and the BBB. Remember the squeaky wheel gets the grease ;)
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    How many miles did your 2001 have on it and how much did they give you ?
    Because I called and they still offiered 1500.00 . I have called everyone and I have been a squeaky wheel. they will not give me more.
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    Sent a message to GMA, went to their contact page, filled out the info, submitted a short piece on the issue. I suggest that others do the same, maybe we can get some national coverage to help with this issue. Right now, we are just going around and around. Why did I do this? Well, they just covered the Toyota recall story...let's see if they will take a look at ours. We need to do something more and bigger than what we are doing to get some help.
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    Thank you for your request to ABC News.

    To submit a story idea to one of the ABC News shows listed below, write a single
    page letter including your name, phone number, and address. Include photocopies
    of backup information. On the outside of the envelope, write "Story Idea." If a
    producer is interested in your story, he/she will contact you. Here are the show

    147 Columbus Avenue
    New York, NY 10023

    Primetime/What Would You Do?
    147 Columbus Avenue
    New York, NY 10023

    Nightline/This Week
    1717 DeSales Street NW
    Washington, DC 20036

    ABC World News with Diane Sawyer
    47 West 66th Street, 2nd Floor
    New York, NY 10023

    Good Morning America
    147 Columbus Avenue
    New York, NY 10023

    If you are submitting a LOCAL news story:

    Go to
    Go to the bottom of the home page and click on “FAQ”
    Click on Question #2
    Click on “nationwide affiliate map”
    Follow the instructions to get the website, address and phone number for your
    local ABC station.

    Note: The Company’s long-established policy does not allow us to accept for
    review or consideration any ideas, suggestions, or creative materials not
    solicited by us or our subsidiaries. Therefore, in the event that you have
    submitted such content, please be advised that the submission has been forwarded
    to the Company’s legal department for handling.

    This email has been sent to you from an outbound email account that will not
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    I live in maine and have geico too and when I put in my claim to geico because I was in a crash they stated it was a pre existing condition they could not do anything. also have emailed Att.gen in maine and have not gotten an answer back so please let me know what you have found out.
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    I was told that the offer had a lot to do with how long you've owned your rodeo...they said they offered me more for my 2001 with 85,000 miles because I've owned it since 2001.
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    Geico game me false hope. They told me they were going to go after Isuzu for the blue book value my 2000 rodeo is worth. They went to the dealership it was at and took pictures and told me there was nothing they could do because it didn't cause a collision but it just happened as i was pulling out of the parking lot. I was very disappointed and they led me to believe they were going to help me with this case. Saturday I am going to take a bus to pick up my rodeo 2 hours away and drive it hoping it doesn't break on me. So now I still owe 2300 dollars on a piece of junk but I am holding on to it in hopes that someday Isuzu takes responsibility for the terrible framework and pays us out what we deserve.
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    I bought the vehicle new in 2001 and had 130,000 miles on it.
    Initally, I could have the repaired done or take 1500.00. I told them I would not take the $1500.00 and to go ahead and try to fix it. The dealership was unable to do the recall repair and Isuzu offered to buy the vehicle back for $4500.00 a one time offer take it or leave it. It hurt because I had no intention of buying another vehicle and that money was a drop in the bucket toward the purchase of a new one. From all the posts and complaints I have read, it would seem that Isuzu is only buying vehicles back if the recall repair cannot be done and they are not covering any other frame corrosion . I am hopeful that the NSHTA will reopen the case and an amended recall will included the entire frame, we need to get all these unsafe vehicles off the road.
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    Are you a Man or a Women ? Madinmass Im just wonder if they are listening to Men more than they are to Women.
  • knp412knp412 Member Posts: 17
    I would like to know how many have been offered over 4000.00 that were orginally offer 1500.00 and refused that offer . How many are men or women

    Thank you
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    Did you also hear that they are making the ones that did accept the money sign a w-9 tax form? I had several people tell me before they got their checks they had to sign this form or they get NO check. So that means whatever the offer is, you will have to file taxes on it next year. Which means we still LOSE either way we go! How is this fair? We already paid taxes on these rusted out cars! Isuzu is using this as a right off on their taxes. Good job you crooks! :mad: :lemon: :mad:
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    I am a women who does not take NO for an answer! Whenever I spoke to the dealership or Isuzu I made sure I knew what I was talking about. I kept meticulous notes of every converstion that I had with the dealership and Isuzu. When I spoke to Isuzu I informed them that I had filed a complaint with the NSTHA and the state Attorney General's office. When Isuzu called to make me an offer, I had the Kelly Blue Book information printed out and knew exactly what my vehicle was worth. Be infomed, forceful and polite. Stand your ground!
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    I do know what I am talking about also , I know what the kelly blue book was on my rodoe at the time the issue happened it was 6000.00 to 6500.00
    now it is 4500.00 to 5000.00 which is a year and a half later. I have been
    filing complaints with everyone . I was the 22 person on the NHTSA list with the first round of complaints.
  • isuzuinsiderisuzuinsider Member Posts: 2
    Have a question for madinmass. Not trying to be nosey, but did you actually get a check from Isuzu for the total amount or did the dealer give you private party blue book value for purchasing a car from them? Only wondering because some dealers are rolling rebates in with the buybak provided from Isuzu.
  • madinmassmadinmass Member Posts: 11
    A check from Isuzu. Dealership did not even try to sell me a vehicle.
    Don't think they dared!
  • punkguy1978punkguy1978 Member Posts: 5
    edited February 2011
    I am posting this as my last message in this form. You are alll a bunch of whining babies. I bought my rodeo 1yr ago for 3500.00 and got a check today for 4300.00. alot of you have had your vehicles for 11 years or more and are complaining about getting blue book value. You owned these vehicles for years of course you are not gonna get retail. so best of luck if you dont act like babies you will get CURRENT book value. :cry:
  • knp412knp412 Member Posts: 17
    I would be happy if the [non-permissible content removed] would give me book value but they only want to give me 1500.00 . would be happy with 4500.00 just to get out of this mess. what was the year of your Isuzu ?
  • gurlzyllagurlzylla Member Posts: 8
    If you're concerned about what the W-9 implies in your situation, I suggest you talk to a CPA. I spoke with my CPA and he assured me that we should not be taxed on this "sale". You should not have to pay any taxes, unless you made a profit on your Rodeo or wrote your Rodeo off as a business deduction in prior tax returns. Regardless of what the CPA and I discussed, I am still going to ask why the W-9 is required. If they reply that they intend to issue a 1099, I'll be sure to have all my paperwork in order for my CPA!
  • knp412knp412 Member Posts: 17
    How are problems with recalled vehicles or equipment remedied?

    Once a safety-defect determination is made, the law gives the manufacturer three options for correcting the defect – repair, replacement, or refund. In the case of a vehicle recall, the manufacturer may choose to repair the vehicle at no charge; replace the vehicle with an identical or similar vehicle; or refund the purchase price in full, minus a reasonable allowance for depreciation. In the case of equipment, including tires and child safety seats, the manufacturer may either repair or replace the affected equipment at no charge to the consumer.
  • knp412knp412 Member Posts: 17
    What they are doing is if the suvs cant be fix with the brackets then they are offering kelly blue book value for 2011 which mine was 4320.00 privet party sales. This is a take it or leave it offer then they scrap the vehicle. SO if the brackets cant be put on then they will offer you this option. SO see if your brackets can be put on if not they give you kelly blue book
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