Isuzu Rodeo Frame Rust



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    Folks,you need to be realistic as to what you will be paid...My Rodeo was stage 4,and I got $1500 for it,with no rental. I understand Honda owners are getting more and a rental..To think you will get anything near retail is totally wrong thinking...Isuzu is on their last legs,so be happy with what they give you.Their are variables as to condition,current shape,etc...You should not think of this as a big money win..In todays world some money is better than taking a junkyard $400 offer...Not sayin I totally agree,but you have to be realistic....The process took about 2-3 weeks for mine in Cleveland....Probably depends how many are being processed at any given time. Good luck!
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    thanks for your response. they have actually been pretty fair with me so far. i haven't received a check yet, but what they are offering seems fair to me. sorry you have had bad luck.
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    Brand new to the site. Can anyone give me the story on compensation for frame rust. I honestly don't know what's holding the back end together anymore it's so far gone. Any info is new info to me and much appreciated.
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    Hey everyone, Finally after 17 months of waiting I settled with my Rodeo. I owned since new in August 2000 a Rodeo. The axle/arm came tearing off in March of 2010 while driving my 8 yr old daughter to school one morning going around 30-35 mph. Now, let's cut to the chase. Here's what they offered me, KBB value in good condition, about $2850. Saying it was an 11yr old car. I counter offered saying it sat in my driveway and the dealership lot for 17 months because they dragged their feet. When it broke it wasn't even 10 yrs old. Give me KBB on a 10yr old Rodeo, about $3600, they did, my nightmare was over, I got close to what it was worth.

    I now own a new 2010 Honda Pilot, very happy with it. With two trips from Boston to Florida under its belt I can say it a great SUV. It averages 24-26+ mpg/hyway @55-60 mph. I just hope Honda learned it lesson from their Passport.

    Good luck to all those still fighting and thanks to all that helped me.
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    I got the recall notice back in Dec 2010, didn't really pay much attention to it cuz I never really had any problems with my SUV. Well got the second notice in September and figured I should get it to a dealership. I bought my SUV in Binghamton, NY when I lived there and then moved to NC about 2 years ago. Anyway took my car last Thursday to the dealership and warned them it was pretty bad cuz it had years of snow salt and all the good stuff. The guy from the dealership said no prob we can replace the frame if needed at no cost to you. I was like thats great, I was happy at that moment. The next day I get a call from the dealership Service Manager and was told they could not give me my car back till they heard back from Honda. Ummm WTH is what I thought, what I said was "oh ok. Can ya'll give me an idea of what is going on? Basically my underside, frame brackets and all are so rusted they were afraid to take the bolts off to see what was up. I call Friday to see if they heard anything get told I should hear from Honda on Monday. No call on Monday, I'm slightly irritated at this point cause I have had to borrow cars to get to work. Yes I did ask if they had loner cars and was told no we only rent them. So today I finally get a call from Honda, she tells me she is a mediator for Honda and they will buy my car back for kelly blue book fair market value good condition. Then tells me it will be done as if someone with knowlegde is buying the car. KY anyone. This is the kicker she says she needs a copy of my title and registration before she can tell me what the offer is. I made sure to remind her I bought this SuV because it was a Honda and was supposed to last a while and this mediator tells me well isusu built it. mmmm ponder. I also let her know I planed on having this car for 10 more years or more considering it only has 79000 mi on it. And she said again we are offering fair market value blah blah blah same as above. I am not a happy camper with Honda. I'm have tempted to go to the Honda dealership rent a car and have them pay for it. I already know if this had not happened I would have had my car for at least 10 more yrs, I bought it new off the lot to last. Was my first new vehicle that I owned. I'm really disapointed with Honda for a company with such a good reputation they don't seem to care about keeping it that way. So I guess I need to call a lawyer and let him deal with it.
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    Have had the same exact experience. Am still in the process. They will not budge from fair market value. Very frustrated. I had gap insurance that was supposed to cover my loan in case of my car being totalled. When they found out Honda was involved, they figured they wouldn't have to pay. I am being reamed all around. Keep me abreast of what is happening in your case.
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    Hey all... Well basically with honda you get offered fair market value and if it isn't enough they will happily have it towed back to u. Must be it costs more to fix then to pay you off. So I am going to take the money and try to find a new car by Friday because that is the day they are taking my renal away. Just from this experince with the people at Honda I will not recomend them to anyone and not buy one again for myself. I heard when Toyota did there recall they dealt really fairly with there customers, and am really surprised Honda isn't trying to do the same. I thought they would want to retain and make thier customers happy but oh well. Very dissaticfied with Honda. :(
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    I had a 99 Rodeo. Got notice back in early 2010. Put on list of things to do..... Was checking air in tire so decided to check it out under there and was able to poke my finger through the frame. Not a good feeling. Called 800 number and took it to a Hyundai dealership that was taking care of recall for Isuzu. They put it up on a lift and scraped a huge hole in frame on both sides where the recall supports are supposed to go. They sent pictures to Isuzu corporate office and they advised them someone would call me with an offer. I just left it at the dealership because of how bad it was. I didnt ask for a rental because I had a spare car although I think they owed it to me. They offered $4500 and I took it because I didnt want to drag it out. Two weeks later a third party came to town and I signed it over to them and got my check. Ironically I met her at a Toyota dealership because she was buying rusted Toyata trucks also. Mine had low miles for the Year. About 99 K. Just glad to get rid of a dangerous vehicle.
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    I am having the same problem with the ENTIRE frame being rusted. Any idea who I would call at Isuzu to talk to about this. If they wanna do a buy back - they can have it - at a reasonable price. We've already spent $600 getting the frame welded only to have the mechanic tell us that the entire frame and front end is rusted and it won't pass inspection. Why didn't they recall the entire frame instead of just the rearend ?? Please help !!! Does anyone have a number I can call ?
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    I have been trying to figure out WHO to get in touch with so I get results about my Rodeo's entire frame being rotted. Has 96000 miles on it. Had the recall fixed but still won't pass inspection due to entire frame. When I asked the facility that did the recall if they looked at the rest of the car they said they were only concentrating on the recall area. Paid $600 after that to have some of the rust fixed. Still won't pass inspection. WHO DO I GET IN TOUCH WITH TO GET RESULTS ??? HELP !!
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    Dear Marinaky...not sure if you will receive this message or not, but if you do, could you please reply back to share the user names of the people that may have reaached out to you that owned the 97 passports. I am in a peculiar situation where I purchased a 97 back in APril for my kid to drive back and forth to college. Was under the vehicle messing around back in June and almost got sick to my stomach when I saw a huge hole in the frame of the vehicle, big enough to put my forearm into. I then reached my hand through the whole and into the chassis and proceeded to pull out hunks of steel. Needless to say. That is the day that I basically parked teh vehicle. Got the runaround from Honda Recalls b/c as you know, the 97 was not included in teh recall. I proceeded to put in a complaint to the NHTSA, had my local dealer take pictures and send them up the chain and then I followed up with Amer. Honda to see if the would make and exception. Got the runaround with them again and now woudl like to reach out to some other owners/possibl owners of a 97 passport with teh same issues. Thanks in advance.
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    Can you tell me how many miles you had on your Rodeo...mine is a '99 with 91,000 mi and they are offering me $3, is in mint condition.
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    I have 97000 miles on my Rodeo and can't drive it cause of the frame condition which in turn, won't pass inspection. It's sitting in my driveway - what am I supposed to do with it ? WHO did you contact at Isuzu to help you with the buyback ? I can't find ANY sources as to how to pursue this for me. Mine, too, is in mint condition minus the frame situation....
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    There is a recall notice that went out on this....go to and find a dealer nearest you. Call the nearest dealer and they will tow it for you free as part of the recall. Be prepared for a long nasty process by isuzu. They are offering everyone different amounts for the cars and they will not explain there reasoning or give you #s. Good luck!
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    I went and had the recall done previously for the rear bracket - - when I picked the vehicle up they said they didn't look at the rest of the frame. I went for inspection. Wouldn't pass because the frame is shot. Will call dealer again - but not sure that is far enough up in the chain to get any results.
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    Sorry, but I don't have the names or e mails from the owners of the '97's that I was in touch with, anymore. Sorry I couldn't be of any help, but it has been a while since I touched base with any of those owners. I guess you can only put in your complaint with Honda and with NHTSA and see where it goes from there. Obviously, they have received a lot of complaints about the 97 models, so maybe they will either extend this recall or issue another one to include the 1997 model year.
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    Okay, I'm getting sick about now. Just bought a 2002 Rodeo Sport 2 door yesterday. I wish i'd seen this board before. From what i am reading the 2 doors are not part of the recall? I have seen them selling them at dealerships in the Dayton Oh area for $5000-9000. How can this be? I guess first thing in the morning I will have to crawl under this possible lemon and see what I have got myself into. Just ordered a new timing belt and tensioner and water pump to get rid of the "Isuzu Tick" that I did research. Anyone heard of any of the 2 doors getting the recall?
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    If you just bought it yesterday, take it back to the seller as you have 72 hours to return any item you purchased over a certain $$ amount. If the doors are the issue, you should be able to find lots of those at the junk yards, pull apart, etcs. as so many of these vehicles have been sent there. And for very little money, probably less than $100 a door. That is if you have found it to not have any frame rust. If it has the rust, return it.
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    Does anyone know what happens if you don't take your Rodeo for the recall? I have a 2002 rodeo 4 cylinder with a 151,000 but it looks good and runs good and good gas mileage and where I live in MI the closes Isuzu Dealer is 100 miles away and the mechanic I go to used to be a Isuzu Dealer but now isn't and they never sold any Isuzu. I wonder if I took it to them to look at first than to a dealer for inspection and if they tell it is unrepairable but mechanic says it is a have a leg to stand on. I can't afford another car I'm on disability and I bought my Rodeo brand new us I am a originally owner. Can you stop the dealer from keeping your car?
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    I own a 1999 Isuzu Rodeo that I bought in June of last year. When I took it for inspection, it didn't pass because of the frame. I took it to a welding/frame specialist who informed me after inspection that the frame was unrepairable due to excessive rust/corrosion. He had the car up to December 29, trying to locate an acceptable replacement frame, until he said I better take it to Isuzu, he couldn't remedy my problem. I had it towed to Isuzu for the service man to tell me I was past the recall warranty epiration date of Dec 13. He suggested I call Isuzu and explain my situation and get an authorization # to have the problem fixed. I called 3 times, on 3 different days, and each time I called I was directed to a different department. I called today and got through with a man named Terry. What an ignorant person. He belittled me, and made me feel as if I was in the wrong. I explained my situation to him only for him to respond that I didn't take it to an "authorized" Isuzu repair shop, and that I had since Dec of 2010 to have this problem fixed. I told him I just bought the vehicle in June of 2011. He said I could have the problem fixed, but I would have to pay out of pocket. This is a safety hazard. Everyone who is having this problem needs to contact NHTSA like I did at 18883274236. I spoke to a very nice lady who took down my complaint of Isuzu's entire frame needing recalled. I asked how many other complaints have been filed about this problem. She said I was the 12th person to make a complaint about this problem. I also asked how many complaints they got about the rear frame brackets, that Isuzu made the recall on, she said 33. So, everyone, if you have the same problem as me, call and file a complaint.
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    You do not have 72 hours to return it...that urban legend does not apply to car sales,UNLESS,the dealer specifically would advertise the fact,and when they do,you generally have to still buy a vehicle from them...Have sold for 15-17 years here in Ohio,and a lot of people are mistakin ,thinking they can return a vehicle...if you ought it from a private owner,here in Ohio,it is 100%as-is,and viewed as a casual sale...if bought from a dealer,I would think the seller sold it as is,and the buyer had to sign off on that on at least 2 forms...Unless Isuzu has changed it,2 doors were not affected by the recall,when they bought mine back recently...Good luck with yours!!!
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    Cheriem269, You need to check and see if your car can still be inspected by Isuzu. You had to have it done by a certain date. I would check into that first and for sure you should have someone inspect your vehicle as soon as possible. I had no idea my 2001 Honda Passport was totally unrepairable due to severe corrosion of the frame. They put the recall parts on my totally rusted frame. I had to have it towed home. If your car is in bad shape they will tell you at the dealership and you will have to sign a waiver if you want to drive your car home. This is for your safety as the frame rots from the inside out and I also live in MI so salt is used on the roads in the winter months. My sway bars are rusted off along with the gas tank housing and the whole frame is rusted from front to the rear. Please be safe and have your car inspected as it can fall apart and you will have no control of the steering.
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    I also worked with a Terry at Isuzu,had no problem at all...maybe it is your tone?......The recall is only for certain ones from certain statesmit is not all inclusive.....go to the Isuzu website,call the customer service number listed that is in California....give them your vin,they will say if it is one of the recall units...see if there is a real time limit.The dealers checking them,(mostly former Isuzu dealers),are not kept up to speed as well as dealing with Isuzu direct.It would also be in your best interest to file with NHTSA,regardless of Isuzu,IF you have major corrosinion on the frame or rear "trailing arms"...They pay various prices and dont discuss what others were paid,I got $1500 for mine which had just under 200k miles,which is what I paid for it...This is not a "get rich or retail thing",as so far they are doing it volunterily...only if hundres complain with NHTSA,would it become a mandatory,across the board thing...Good luck!!!
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    should have used the spellcheck!!!!!
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    And after posting, you may edit your post for 30 minutes.
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    I own a 2002 Rodeo Sport and had to have my brakes fixed... at the end of the repair the mechanic tells me "your truck is a piece of junk.. youl be lucky to get $300 for it" becuase of the frame being rotted away. My truck has under 50k on mileage.... So i called the 1800 number for isuzu and talk to a nice lady named Karen at ext 272 if anyone wanted to call. She sent me to a dealership and they took photos this morning, they did a puch test and the frame failed.. He advised me to not drive my truck that the frame is so rotted on the form "unsafe to drive". He was sending the pictures to Isuzu today but my advice to all the Rodeo Sport owners call Isuzu up (if ur frame is gone like mine) and have them make an appointment for photos.. the point is that more Rodeo Sport owners should let them know that version also has rust problems and to be involved into the recall. I have not heard anything yet but we will see...
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    I too have deal with this idiot Terry at Isuzu what a jerk! I have a 2001 rodeo that cant have the recall fixed to rust but they are using that as an issue when determining the amount to buy the truck back. My last attempt with them was today take the deal or you are out of luck is what I got. I filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the National Better Business Bureau. Next is to look for a lawyer can anyone say "Class Action" I think we should ban together
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    There are MANY of us going through the same thing. We have joined a consumer group on Facebook, it might be worth your while. You CAN keep the dealer from keeping your car. However, if it deemed unsafe, as almost all are (esp. in MI) they will simply have you sign a form stating you were made aware that this vehicle is unsafe. Basically, they are protecting themselves. You just sign and drive away. I have been through this about a month ago. Mind looks great on the outside, but I am lucky I was killed! I, too, am disabled and I am without a car right now because of all this!! I'm beyond pissed at Isuzu for this crap!!
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    Yeah, Terry's a real peice of work! I am forced to deal with him almost on a daily basis. I put him in his place and he is now a LOT kinder, but I use the opportunity to ask him why he is such an [non-permissible content removed] to all these people; how does he sleep at night?; what will he do when someday he looks back and has to answer for his life!!
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    I just spoke to Terry today and he said the price is NOT including the rust! They seem to be telling different stories constantly!!!
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    Well Tues 1/31/2012 Isuzu will be buying back my Rodeo Sport (Got private party value)... alot more then the $300 mechanic said for my "piece of junk"... so from start to finish took 20 days to get check in hand if people are wondering... for me at least... As i stated Karen was very helpful... GL guys w/ the Rodeos I'll miss mine, 1st car i owned that was brand new. Too bad the frame was junk.. Hope you all get good $$$ for your's...
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    Please what number did you call. They told me there was no recall on my 99.
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    I just spoke with Terry and he looked up my VIN number and said my 2001 Rodeo Sport didn't qualify and there's nothing he will do since "the Sport models are NOT part of the recall." Jon2002 - you have a 02 Sport, so how did you get Terry to act? Do you have Karen's direct number? I can't get past Terry.
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    Hi I am just trying to get any numbers and names of anyone who can help me out. I was recently driving and almost killed myself and my small children. I ended up off road because of having no control over the steering of the car. did make it into drive way somehow without dying! Anyways brought the 2001 Rodeo to a maintance man only to be told that there was absolutely nothing he can do cause the entire underside is rusted away from frame. The car now is in drive way and have no idea where to begin to see if isuzu will take responsiblity for this piece of @%&. I can not afford to just toss this car. this car was garage kept for the most part. I have owned the car since 2001. It has 115000 miles on it. I just cant believe thats all you get out of this suv 10 years?????
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    Did you get the recall notice in the mail? Same thing happened to me...lost steering while driving. They will buy it from you...not a tremendous amount of money, though. I had also owned my 2001 since new with 85,000 miles on it $ I got $2700...though they seem to be giving more $ now. :-(
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    Hey guy, im not sure why they took my rodeo sport back maybe it had something to do with how little miles iy it had. All I know is everything in my other posts. I called the 1800 number and complained about the rust and karen called me back like 1hr later. She said that the recall wasnt for the rodeo sports but if I was willing to take it to the dealership so they could test it and take photos.. I said yes, took it to them... It failed she calked back telling me that it failed and as a sign of good fail in them thwy wanted to buyback my truck to study the frame. Maybe a recall will open up for the sports but thats all I kno. So sorry about all the trouble you guys are having. Find the number to call try to get karen only person I dealt with neva got terry other then to transfere to karen..
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    I just had my 2001 Rodeo towed about 60 miles from home. I was driving to work and all of a sudden my vehicle when out of control. The left rear suspension bracket had rusted off (right side didn't look good either). The mechanic has looked at it,and has said it is repairable. My question now is....How safe is my Rodeo really gonna be? I do have small grandchildren that I drive around with in my suv.. Should I be nervous or not?
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    I own a 2001 Rodeo with 100k miles and holes in the frame, in front of and behind the rear wheels. I just spoke with a Lee at the 1-800 # and he was quite obstinate more or less giving me the corporate response telling me the recall only covers a small portion of the frame. He didn't make any mention of Isuzu buying back vehicles, rather told me he couldn't discuss the details of any other transaction. I didn't even get into it with him and just asked to be transferred to Karen (thanks Jon). Hopefully she'll get back to me.
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    hi i also have the same problem with my 2001 isuzu, the frame is done, they tall me it can't be fix. so they offer $ 2,347 to buy it back from me. here is the thing the truck got over heated because the radiator is also defective in this trucks, i brought it to my mechanic and he tall me about the frame problem. he tall me it wasn't worth fixing the head gasket before fixing the frame. but he had taking out the cylinder head of all ready. now the isuzu agent tells me that because the cylinder head is of, they can give me only $500. he went from 2,347 to 500. he is defenaly trying to f. with me. what can i do about it?
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    call the isuzu dealer they are supost to fix it, free.
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    Hi All, I also have been duped by Isuzu and the used car dealer I traded it to. Of course I did
    not tell him of the frame rot when I agreed to buy his 2005 Ford Escape for $8200 and got
    $2000 for the Rodeo. He was probably aware of the buy out program and is getting $2700
    from Isuzu. Now I am finding rear wheel well rust/rot on the Escape with only 73k miles on it.
    And when I brought the Rodeo in for the recall in 3/2011 I was not advised of the ultimate
    fate that awaited me the next year when I took it for state inspection.
    It seems that the people in the car market and ownership of cars is very scarey business.
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    To the poster of #418...I am a former salesman,and have owned many Rodeos,and had one bought back last year by Isuzu.Let me explain something......the $2k you got ON PAPER ,in real money was probably only $500 to $1000,as the price you paid for the Escape,probably had about$2000 profit in it to the dealer,so he probably overallowed on your Rodeo,to protect himself.And you brag that you didnt tell him about the frame rot?.....yet apparently werent smart enough to look under the Escape?...Whats that say about you and your ethics?...and what does it matter what he MAY get from Isuzu?...Whether he makes or loses on that doesnt concern you,as its no longer I used to tell customers,if you are happy with the vehicle you purchased,the price and payment,on the day you bought it,it doesnt matter how much or how little the dealer made,as some days they do well ,and other days ,they make little or lose ,just to keep turning inventory...
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    Also, you need to take responsibility for your actions,so in this case,DEPENDING what the Escape may or may not need,as you arent clear as to whether its just wheel well rust on the body(cosmetic),or if it is a structual issue with rust,as in the Rodeos....,,remember,you didnt inspect it apparently,KNOWING full well the trade in had problems.I hope you dont have kids that you transport in these vehicles,for their sake!
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    hi this is the first i have heard of this and was wondering if this is only on the rodeos and passports or does this include the amigo as well i have a 98 amigo please let me know if anyone does know thank you for your time and reply.
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    my daughters broke same side on 5-27-2012 and isuzu told me to pound salt, the recall was over, i contacted the NHTSA today and filed new complaint, you and everyone else should do the same to get recall reissued,or offer a buyout of the piece of trash.(sittin in my driveway and yours) the body is immaculate the frame sux
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    I know you did this in 2009 what was the end result and how long did the results take? my rodeo trailing arm broke off on my daughter on saturday 5-27-2012 and i just filed complaint with NHTSA and ISUZU today
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    We ended up trading our 1998 Honda Passport in last year. We got a Toyota RAV4. Received $2400 for the Honda. But...our Honda had a rebuilt frame (my husband and son did a frame swap, removed the rusted frame and replaced it with one off of a 1998 Rodeo 2 wheel drive which was rust free.) So, needless to say, I am beyond dealing with Honda at this point. Unfortunately, I started all this back in 2009. And since these vehicles are not only still on the road, but being bought and sold by "reputable" seller/dealers, there are going to be people like yourself who don't have any idea that there is or was or will be any problems until it happens to them. Back in '09-'10, we pushed our cause, had it on the news, wrote to magazines, called our government, did everything we could. We tried for a class action law suit. We were not bigger than Honda. So I did what most of the others did, sold the vehicle, moved on and put this all behind me. I'm sorry for what you are going through. Somewhere along the line, the owner of your vehicle received the recall notice and I would trace it back and see who the owner was when the recall came through October, 2010, and whether or not the vehicle was inspected by a garage or mechanic for rust issues at that time, and whether or not it was a Honda garage. Also, when did you purchase it? Have you checked to see if there are any open recalls on it? They don't expire, to my knowledge. If you take it to a Honda garage, any open recalls have to be fixed at no charge to the owner, if not previously taken care of by the previous owner/s. But, if your daughter has been the owner over the past several years, she would have received the recall notice by mail.
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    I own an unrepairable 98 isuzu rodeo with a completely rusted out frame, i called the number on the recall website and was informed they would do nothing at all for me because the recall expired in december. What is this buyback option, i was not informed of that of course. Is there a number i can call to get some satisfaction from this company rather than just getting shrugged off by some customer service rep. who doesn't even care or try to help??
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    i got the same response when i called them last week i have contacted the national highway traffic safety adminastration and filed a complaint, this is a safety recall that should have never expired, i also contacted my local media outlet and will be informing all people out there that this recall expired, (atleast in Cincinnati Ohio) good luck hope you can get satisfaction, what I think we (as owners of these vehicles) need to do is file a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT against isuzu and drive them totally out of business, not that it will, but atleast try,once again good luck
  • maddashellmaddashell Member Posts: 5
    we bought it in june of 2011 we had no idea it was under recall i was a mechanic for 20 years and retired never had any idea how dangerous this actually was, it is still in my driveway, i am to the point i want to contact an attorney(my daughter will be an attorney in 2 more years) i am sooo frustrated i am beside myself. we never received a recall notice, I have egg on my face because I was a mechanic and should have checked it out further before purchacing this toilet. FOOL ME ONCE.........:-(
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