my 2002 dodge 2500 cummins dually question yes 2500

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I have a 2002 dodge 2500 cummins dually yes 2500, that the dealer put on when it was new. They added the 1 ton springs duals front hubs everything. my ? is what ratings do i go by for towing. I have a 30ft gooseneck trailer that weighs 13000lb with horses hay and all the other crap. I never had any problems with it but would like to know if im over weight. Someone took off the sticker with all weights. Anyone that might have a clue on this thing please let me know. thanks


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    Adding dual rear wheels to a 2500 is strictly cosmetic. It costs the truck about 600-700 pounds in lost payload, and functionally only adds the training-wheel effect for handling. A 3500 also has different brake rotors than a 2500, in expectation of the larger loads.

    Even though the springs were changed, the manufacturer's build label is still what a police officer or DOT/DMV inspector will go by - you are limited to those numbers, regardless of how you modify the truck. To be perfectly honest, if the manufacturer's build label was missing, I never would have purchased that truck (it's a federal crime to remove or deface it) - that's a red flag to a police officer that the vehicle was either stolen or a victim of VIN "identity theft". It's in your best interest to have the truck's identity verified, and if anything is questionable, contact an attorney regarding how to handle it.

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    I have no right turn signal out of trailer plug. I have run the wires all the way to the fuse box under the hood. No 12 volt on the right turn, and that means no brake lite on the right. I can hear a signal clicker running under fuse panel. The turn signals work on the truck.
    So far Dodge has been no help. I ran 12 volt into trailer and it works fine.HELP
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    I have a dana 80 4.10 dually 4wd that is bent and I was needing some help to see if can swap it for a 97 dana 80 4.10 dually 2wd. My 01 is a limited slip would it be possible to change out gear set to the 97 if i wanted the limited slip. Does anybody know what the difference between these axle assemblies and what mods I would need to do to make this work. Thanks and GOD Bless!
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