Ford Focus Hatchback ZX3 - Part X

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ZX3 spoken here...

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    zgrrrl, the offer still stands on my old pads. Just let me know if you want them. As I said, if the dealer offers brand new ones at no charge to you, take 'em! No point in installing my pads if the dealer is just trying to duck their responsibility - they need to make you happy.

    rgarner, I agree, your dealer should check for any fault codes set in your engine management computer. An intermittent fault like yours can be a real hair-puller, but that's what the service folks get paid for. I'll bet it comes down to a bad connection or defective control unit affecting either ignition or fuel injection.
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    The noise you hear when coasting in gear is, I think, your injectors popping. Normal.

    Washing: If your going to use "Super Good" wax for the first time, remove the old dealer wax by washing the car with Dawn liquid Dish Soap.

    Don't need a duster as the dust blows of my ZX3 while going down the road. Gotta use a anti-static polish. IMHO it's the only way to go!

    Oh, ZX3 : The bumps on steering wheel. Something you learn while driving off road (many thanks to the US Army and a couple of other jobs I've held). If you wrap your thumbs around inside of steering wheel, it's very possible to break them.

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    Well, I put the k&n filter back in a week ago, and the engine light didn't come on... so i guess it was a 'fluke'...

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    > Has anyone actually seen a yellow ZX3?

    Not yet, but being a bit impulsive, I've had one on order since May 12. I hope to get it in a few weeks.

    >The zinc yellow for the ZX-2 is a bit of an odd color, but I have heard the zx-3 yellow is much more lemony in nature.

    I would assume Zinc Yellow, code B7, would be the same on any Ford. I hope so anyway because there is a Zinc Yellow ZX2 at my local dealers right now, and it makes me hot!

    An odd color for an odd fella I guess.

    >Is it a 2001 MY option or is it available in 2000 MY.

    It's been available for a couple of months now, but wasn't originally. For 2001 it becomes "Egg Yoke Yellow" but with the same B7 color code. I'm guessing it's a renaming of the color for the Focus. Some have said Ford calls the same color by different names for different models. I would guess the code would be the key.

    One thing I noticed on the ZX2 was the red badging. Against the Yellow it looks terrific - to odd ole me.
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    jw-would you describle that egg yolk color to have a hint of orange in it? its not like the canary yellow vw bug or is it? i have seen the yellow mustangs,depending on way natural light hits it,
    (the car surface) it renders a slight pale orange cast.
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    Thanks. I never noticed till this morning the "2 & 10 O'clock" grips on steering wheel. And I only noticed them because I was trying to figure out ND's post.
    Yup, the z is running like a charm. Hope yours is too.
    I feel almost guilty when I read here about occasional little "z problems" (glad to hear they're not big ones) because mine has no flaws yet (900mi).
    NOTE: I don't list the occasional "slight hesitation" in 2k-3k range as a flaw. Because most everyone else seems to have it too.
    Maybe its a design flaw. Or maybe its deliberate for "fuel economy reasons" as someone said (but that sounds like a kinda wierd reason to me).

    Thanks for clarification. Also, for heads-up on the "broken thumb" possibility. Never occured to me that such can happen.

    Thanks for paint info. Yup, the Body shop guy does mostly painting of repairs, not totally-new paint jobs. And warns customers about leaving things alone till paint cures.
    An aside: He does total paint jobs too, when he restores old clunkers to new (sort of a hobby).

    I think I missed someone, but it'd be a hassle to find out who, since Carlady has put us in a new thread. So... "Thanks!".
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    zx3- i have tried to figure why this happens.not
    out of concern but more out of curiosity. i was
    fully aware of this when i had my 5spd.1998 zx2.
    i have tried this-when you reach that point about
    1900 to 2000 or thereabouts,i have let up the gas pedal then re-accelerate. it appears to be less
    noticeable or non-existant.if you steadily accelerate without letting up the gas,you will
    most definitely notice the hesitation ,stumble,
    then surge. give it try and let me know what you think,thanks! how can one not love this car?
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    The little gas pump next to your gas gauge has an arrow that points to the right, the side your gas tank is filled on, how clever!

    I like the California duster I have a small one for the interior and a large one for the outside.

    I also have a synthetic chamios called the Absorbor. You keep it in its own tube, it always stays moist. Works amazingly well @ Walmart for under $10.00

    The overfilled oil is still a problem. I have my first oil overfill in December. My solution I only give them four quarts to install (Mobil one) I put the 1/2 quart in myself.

    I have a very bad habit of driving with my left hand at the one o'clock position and my forearm accross the wheel (long arms). Another reason for the 2 & 10 o'clock position is for the airbags to deploy safe and correctly. I will be in a world of hurt if the airbag goes off with my forearm accross the airbag.

    Break my own nose with my fist flying off the wheel?

    I have stayed away from wheel cleaners they all have a very acidic base. I use car washing soap (Meguiars) about once a week. I take my time and go over the whole wheel. Staying on top of it makes it an easier job, waxing them also helps. A friend uses petroleum jelly to remove the brake dust with very good results.

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    Last nite I said, "I'll give it a shot tomorrow, and post results......".

    I have crummy white streaks, all over my Black Plastic Trim. Put there by accident, when waxing the z.
    Dang stuff is on, like a rock!

    I tried using fresh wax to remove it, rubbing it in vigorously. Then wiping vigorously with terry towel while it was still wet.
    Figuring, that the new wax might "melt/soften" the old, and I could wipe it all off with terry cloth.
    Result: No dice, it had little effect.

    Today, I dabbed finger in a jar of Skippy peanut butter --- and smeared it lightly over a big piece of black trim (that was real bad, all cruddied-up, with old wax stains).
    Then rubbed it lightly with clean terry towel.
    Voila !!
    The crummy old white "wax-stains" .... dissolved and disappeared (under the attack of the peanut butter Oil).
    The Trim is now totally-black again. Factory-new, gleaming with a soft sheen.
    No hard work, no heavy rubbing, cost no $$, and the job went like a piece o'cake.
    So I went back inside, and celebrated with peanut-butter, crackers n' milk......(Hmmm, tasty).
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    zx3- i would take it you would not recommend the
    chunky-syle peanut butter?
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    silverzx3- i also have found that most wheel cleaners seem to be harsh as well. the acidic base of most would tend to eat away at painted wheel surface. mild soap or simple green(diluted) works
    well.chamois is great for drying vehicle.thats all i ever use.worth every penny.petroleum jelly seems
    to be a good idea.
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    it's been a little over a month now since I ordered my Z, and I gotta tell you... reading all these posts from you guys is doing 2 things to me... it's making me more and more excited about gettin my car, but it's also driving me insane reading about how great the car is but not having mine yet... this wait is seemingly endless!!

    zx3: good deaql with the peanut butter... i'll have to keep that in mind fer when i wax my baby for the first time.

    I just cant tell you all how envious I am of all of you who already have your Z's... i feel like a little kid staring into the window of a toy store that has a locked door while everyone else is inside havin fun... is there anyone i can call to find out the progress of my car? i have the VIN but thats all.

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    another thing,

    I was up in new hampshire visiting my girlfriend this past weekend and i saw a Z drive by and it had what looked like a wing type thing an the front of the roof just above the windshield... kind of like a wind-blocker for a sun-roof... it looked incredible. does anyone know where I could get that?
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    The chunky, is not my cup of tea. Sticks in yer teeth.
    BTW, that peanut-butter post was not a joke. Peanut butter really worked. It erased all traces of wax-stains from exterior plastic and vinyl trim on my z.
    Also, when it happens again, I'll try to stop that hesitation, by using the gas pedal as you suggested -- and let you know. Thanks.
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    on my paint. I wonder if jelly will take it off?

    Just having fun, no flame intended, I plan on trying the P/B thing myself for my few misplaced wax smears.

    obviously we need to be careful, i'm sure P/B also takes the wax off your freshly waxed paint.

    Just trying to be pro-active I am almost certain the next question would be of this nature.
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    Even tho you don't have it yet, you're "in the club".... Welcome!
    BTW, what did you get for options?
    Also, maybe someone here can help you find where your z is (in the Assy Plant schedule) since you have a VIN.
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    Silver, it never occured to me the peanut butter oil might effect the wax on the paint. I doubt it, but I'll watch.
    I wonder if the p/b would restore a dull dashboard, or interior door trim? It's a thought. I think about this, because the exterior plastic trim had a "nice soft sheen" on it, apparently from the p/butter oil.
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    zx3: i got:

    Twilight Blue exterior

    Dark Charcoal interrior

    Auto Trans (i love drivin manual, but it sux in all the NJ/new york city traffic)

    Air Conditioning

    Convenience Group 50c (tilt/telescope steering and map lights

    Power Group 60a (power windows/mirrors)

    Anti Lock Brakes

    Remote Keyless Entry/Power Locks

    Front/Rear Floor Mats

    Speed Control

    and the ever so necessary SMOKERS PACKAGE!! lol
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    I was told that I should not go over 60mph for a while after i get my Z... how long does it take to get it to a safe point that i can realy push it and see what my Z will be able to do?
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    Why not just rub in PEANUT OIL? It's a heck of a lot easier to use, and since everyone seems to think that it's the oil in the peanut butter, why not use just the oil?
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    zx3beast asked;

    < jw-would you describle that egg yolk color to
    < have a hint of orange in it? its not like the
    < canary yellow vw bug or is it?

    Do you have any idea how difficult it is to accurately remember, or photograph, the details of a color? I've been trying to get a sample with my digicam, photographing color samples, and the ZX2 last night. It seems that yellow in particular is very easily altered by very minor adjustments to the color balance. The color sample photo was taken in the dealer's show room under mercury vapor lights. The result was about useless. The car pix look better, but it was really overcast and starting to rain when I took them so they don't capture the original look very well. Minor adjustment in the computer can make a radical difference in the look, but I think it's about impossible to get an accurate representation of the color.

    That said, I really like the VW yellow, and the ZX2 looks great as well. But accuratly comparing or describing them without actually having the two cars in front of me at the same time on a sunny day (remember those?) is next to impossible. Perhaps I can do better after I get mine.
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    segacide- i was wondering why as well,anyone have
    an answer.zx3- i was only kidding,i had heard that
    peanut butter worked previously.i would think the chunky may leave fine scrathes on molding surface,
    since its coarser.tojw- i know it is difficult thats why i asked you.
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    My hatchling spend another day at the dealer.
    1) they fixed my AM radio reception by replacing the flasher unit
    2) they took the door apart and determined that the actuator needs to be replaced. Parts on order
    3) they looked at my rear seat and agreed to replace it, some fabric damage, parts on backorder so it might be a while
    4) agreed that the whining when decelerating is not normal. Mechanic went on a test drive of a new zx3 and we heard the whining just a little if we paid close attention. Nothing like on my car. Have to bring the car back in when they have more time to do a proper diagnostic and they can talk to HQ about the problem.

    So waiting for 2 parts for now and hope the tranny does not fall out on my next road trip.
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    Hi guys, I've been gone a while. Have put 5400 miles on my ZX3 since April 1, with nary a problem. Car is GREAT! I ran out of gas the other night (I'm lazy) and thought you all might want to know that the car took 12.81 gallons (I think, I'll have to check my reciept) which is quite a lot more than the thing says it holds. I wouldn't suggest that you test this though - and neither would the guy who helped me push it to the close gas station!
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    I've been tracking this site for quite a while, off and on, and I haven't seen any comments on the Kona edition of the ZX3.

    I saw a couple at the dealership when I bought mine two weeks ago. Not sure if the package is worth it, but one of the exterior colors exclusive to the Kona was interesting. For lack of a better description, it was a metallic brown/goldish color.

    As far as the Kona options go (bike, bike rack, seat covers, dorky plastic side molding, wheels and tires) the only one I'd really like to have is the different instrument cluster. It had white numbers on a light grey backround, looked much better than the green on black that we all have. If you have the grey interior as I do, the Kona dash would go very nicely. Unfortunately, I haven't seen this option in the Focus accessories catalog. One must from the catalog for me will be the armrest/console for $80.

    And then if I could just find a spare $3,000 for that Jackson supercharger................
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    I think that color is referred to as "Dirt Metallic" - must be a grunge, Gen-X sort of thing. Are the 16" wheels on the Kona edition like the regular ZX3 alloys, or are they a different design like the ZTS sedan? I agree - the other stuff sounds kind of stupid, especially the side mouldings. Regarding the supercharger, check out the article in the July issue of Sport Compact Car. The dyno chart looks impressive, but the reviewer was fairly cool toward the car. I think I'll wait until someone else takes the plunge on the supercharger - I'm reluctant to turn my engine into a hand grenade. Forced induction of any sort really stresses an engine, and replacing head gaskets every couple of weeks doesn't sound like my idea of fun.
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    Someone just said, don't go over 60.. I thought it was don't rev up to 3500. Hmmm...

    clarification anyone? anyone? bueller?

    I am just wondering because I have to to at least 65 on the interstate on my commute.

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    Hey Silver Bullet (don't work for Coors Light do you?), on those Kona wheels. They're a different offering from any other Focus. To describe them, they are 5 spoke, but the spokes are very broad/wide and tapered towards the center (i.e the closer to the center, each spoke gets thinner, but not much thinner). Overall, they're OK looking, but I'd pick something from the aftermarket over them. I think the tires were Firestone - I'd pick better aftermarket tires too.

    Yeah, the performance ratings in the SCC article of the JR ZX3 were surprising. 0-60 improved from about 9.6 to 8 something? They talked about all of the added weight (220 lbs), but for pulling 168 HP at the wheels, I would have expected a lot more improvement.

    On the reliability issue, I think the JR systems are very well regarded. But at $3000 + installation, it's unrealistic for me. Will have to piecemeal other bolt-ons first: exhaust, intake, maybe a chip, springs, wheels & tires, etc.

    Do you have info on chips? I think I've only heard about the Superchip for the ZX3 so far.
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    zx3beast - If it gets sunny again before they sell the thing I'll make another visit to the dealers to look at the Zinc ZX2. Perhaps sunny day photos will work better. I'll specifically look for the orange. My photos make everything look greenish - uggh.
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    I haven't commented on the Kona Edition because I haven't seen one! I think it is kinda of a neat package. I have mtn bike and so I would not buy one, but it is cool.

    Is the instrument panel the same as the Sony Blast edition on the SE Sedan?

    Driving over 60 is ok in my opinion during the brake in period. Keeping the revs under 3500 rpm is very prudent and that is exactly what I did. When I reached 1000 miles, I let the engine rev up to 5000.

    I cannot think of 1 benefit of driving under 60. In my area, you would have a lot of annoyed drivers behind you and they would be having 'a fit' because you are slowing them down. This creates an accident waiting to happen situation.

    Driving gently, avoid stressing the suspension by finding out the maximum 'g -force' the car can handle before spinning out of control, be soft on the brakes (but brake hard if you have to to avoid an accident), not reving the engine over 3500 rpm (often), not going on a 250 mile road trip before a 1000 miles are on the car, not idling the car for an hour are all recommended thoughts to keep in mind when breaking-in any car.

    Drive like a 'grandmother' for the first 1000 miles kinda puts it in perspective. (Unless your grandmother drives like Mario Andretti)

    I do like z-grrrls option choices as well as
  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Member Posts: 249
    I haven't commented on the Kona Edition because I haven't seen one! I think it is kinda of a neat package. I have mtn bike and so I would not buy one, but it is cool.

    Is the instrument panel the same as the Sony Blast edition on the SE Sedan?

    Driving over 60 is ok in my opinion during the brake in period. Keeping the revs under 3500 rpm is very prudent and that is exactly what I did. When I reached 1000 miles, I let the engine rev up to 5000.

    I cannot think of 1 benefit of driving under 60. In my area, you would have a lot of annoyed drivers behind you and they would be having 'a fit' because you are slowing them down. This creates an accident waiting to happen situation.

    Driving gently, avoid stressing the suspension by finding out the maximum 'g -force' the car can handle before spinning out of control, be soft on the brakes (but brake hard if you have to to avoid an accident), not reving the engine over 3500 rpm (often), not going on a 250 mile road trip before a 1000 miles are on the car, not idling the car for an hour are all recommended thoughts to keep in mind when breaking-in any car.

    Drive like a 'grandmother' for the first 1000 miles kinda puts it in perspective. (Unless your grandmother drives like Mario Andretti)

    I do like z-grrrls option choices as well as the other person (forgot the name) who is getting even the 'oh so important, smoker's package' Both are cool cars and with the charcoal interior too. My personal favorite!

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    No Coors connection - the name relates to my silver ZX3! Thanks for the info on the Kona wheels - they don't sound like a design I'd like. From a purely functional perspective, the SSR GT1 from the Tire Rack looks like a winner, as it is a very strong (semi-solid forged) and light wheel, but is quite pricey too. Regarding performance chips, I'm going to wait until other options appear - I'm not sold on Superchips, based on things I've read in Car & Driver and other publications.
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    There are basically two schools of thought regarding this topic.

    1. slow/easy break-in period


    2. drive it the way you're going to drive it from day one

    I did some of both, most of the time taking it easy, not pushing it above 3500rpm or over 70 mph. Occasionally reaching into the higher numbers. (Dealer sent me a card saying I should have approx. 3174 mi. on the car now and time for an oil change.) I've actually got 1800 miles on it now, let's see...I guess this week makes it 3 months I've had it!
    No problems yet, (I take it in for an oil change next week) {Wish me luck?}


    to zx3 I think? (or whoever put peanut butter on their car) Any dogs in your neighborhood? I'm wondering if they might not mistake your molding for a treat? {slobber, slobber} not to mention scratches...

    very ingenious idea btw,just a thought about freagrance though

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I was just wondering because it would seem I am breaking all the rules here. Well, not all of them. I've had my zx3 since Sat. I am keeping it under 35000rpm, have only caught myself doing 75-ish twice (easy to do in that car) been easy on the brakes (STILL squeaking) am getting my oil changed about 1000 miles, BUT

    I have put quite a few miles on it already. Work commute is 60 miles one way (120 at least every day). I did drive it a lot Sat. and a bit Sun. so basically I have had it since Saturday, it had 152 on it when I got it (it was delivered from another dealer about 90 miles away- as explained earlier) and now? after this morning's has over 500 on it.

  • norwaydougnorwaydoug Member Posts: 249
    500 miles in 5 days is perfectly fine. It means that you are driving a lot of commutes and it is perfect for breaking in the car. I believe I did something very similar. Catching yourself driving 75 is fine too as long as you are in 5th gear! It is only 3000 rpm.

    Squeaky Brakes: Is it coming from the front? Do you feel any pulsing on the brake pedal when braking softly (I assume you do not have abs)? Take a look at your disks through the aluminum wheels.

    My experience: I noticed that my disks looked a bit like a silver record with circular grooves in it when it had less than a 1000 miles on it. When the car was cold (brake disks can get extremely hot), I touched the disk and it was a bit rough. Now....the disk is very smooth.

    I can't stress how important it is to allow the disks to cool. It would take about a half hour after driving. Do not touch it until the car has sat for 1\2 hr.

    I think you should not have any noise at all. When you take your car in at 1000 miles, have the dealer check it out. If they say it is normal, tell them that you are on a website dedicated to a discussion of zx-3 and many have said that this is not normal. My brakes do not squeak. could go away, but you have spent your hard earned money and you should be 100% satisfied.

    Good Luck,

  • silver_bulletsilver_bullet Member Posts: 1,339
    Has anyone noticed having to refill their windshield washer reservoir frequently, even if (like me) you DON'T use the washers? Very odd. I had the dealer check this out when my 00E09 recall was performed, and they found no leaks anywhere. I'd normally ignore this, but my fiancee's ZX3 does the same thing! Wonder where all the washer fluid is going...
  • tognetertogneter Member Posts: 245
    ...I got was to vary speeds a lot, and let the engine heat and cool completely.

    If you think about it, what you're doing is getting the parts to wear together. This isn't as critical as it used to be, but still very important.

    With that in mind, try not to take very short trips. Allow the engine to heat up all the way. Then, when you're done, allow it to cool for a few hours. This gives time for complete cycles of expansion and contraction, and prevents microfractures. On your drives, try to take a few windy road trips. Not only is this FUN, but it gets you moving through the gears, and varies the revs enough to let the engine work itself in.

    Also, ALWAYS let the engine run for about 30 seconds if the car has been sitting for a few hours. The oils drains out of the engine when it is idle, and it's a good idea to let it run for a bit to work the oil back in before putting load on the engine. This is not just during break-in, this is always. I usually start the engine, put my stereo face in, adjust my radio to what I want or otherwise keep myself occupied, then take off. Your engine will thank you.

  • jwkessler1jwkessler1 Member Posts: 99
    zgrrrl said; "I am keeping it under 35000rpm."

    I'd say, "I sure hope so!" :/

    I wonder how a Zetec would sound at that speed? Crunch!
  • njzx3njzx3 Member Posts: 170
    thanks everyone,

    my comment on the 60mph was from my pops, and I figured that there was a lot more to it... 60 didnt sound right to me either... thanks for all the clarification. Now if only my car would arrive I could take all that advice and put it to use.
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    Concerning the color of the Kona - maybe it was Autumn Orange. I was just "window shopping" around my local Ford and L/M dealership last Sunday afternoon and I've got to say that the most appealing car / truck on the entire lot was a little ZX3 in Autumn Orange. (And here I was supposedly most interested in a Lincoln LS.) This has got to be the busiest message board at Edmunds.
  • tognetertogneter Member Posts: 245
    I run my engine at 35,000 RPM all the time.

    Is there something wrong with that...? =]
  • njzx3njzx3 Member Posts: 170
    well, i decided to drop by my dealership and see if i could find any info reguarding the status of my car... I got the VIN, and the printout had July 8, 2000 as the date... im not sure if thats the delivery date or if it's the completion date, but I guess I still have another 2-3 weeks or so til i get my car... geez, I have waited much longer for things before, but this wait seems like it is taking forever.

  • njzx3njzx3 Member Posts: 170
    if anyone knows if that date is the completion date vs. delivery date, please let me know... i have tons of plans for mid july and if it's just the completion date im gonna need to make alternate transportation reservations.

  • tognetertogneter Member Posts: 245
    I can't say for sure, but my guess is that it's the completion date. Once the car gets on the train, they have little to no control over it...even with the UPS deal. I was told that they basically know when it gets on the train, and then wait for it to show up. Therefore, I doubt it's a delivery date, because it would only be a guess.

    If you've read earlier posts, we determined that the average wait time from order to delivery was about 10-12 weeks. I waited just over 11. It was worth getting exactly what I wanted, though...
  • njzx3njzx3 Member Posts: 170
    that realy sux... 10-12 weeks... if thats the case my car wont even be here by the time i gotta go back to college... I was told 6-8, but im assuming thats just BS from the dealer... anyways, im off to work again fer the night shift... thanks fer the info tog

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    This whole breaking in issue seems to be a matter of opinion. Everone has stated what they think is correct. I feel that it is whatever makes you comfortable and eases your own mind. I took my car on a 500 mile(R/T) road trip and when I got back it was just under 900 miles I'm in the 1600 mile range now and it is doing fine. I do have that hesitation/boost thing at 2000 rpm. I also notice that faint ticking sound coming from the front right sometimes, I have no idea what that is. The ratteling coming from the back is irritating and I hope Ford can fix it. I can't believe all of the break dust, I used that wonderful "Simple Green" to clean the rims and they look great, easily wiped off with paper towels. I'm really happy that I got the 5 speed, My first manual transmission and I'm enjoying it alot.
    Speaking of Breaking in...I almost forgot to mention that the other day, in broad daylight, a group of guys broke into cars at my job. They got into one car and started for another one before we noticed and ran out to stop them. I checked my car and there were no signs of tampering which relieved me to say the least. To my horror, when I got home later that night, in the glare of the street lights I noticed hand and face prints on my passenger window as if some one was trying to look in through the tint. Luckily I had removed the face buttons of my stereo, because I am pretty sure that the two flashing red lights had detered the thieves from trying to break in to my baby. So heed my warning, you may think it's trivial but removing the buttons and taking them with you just may be the thing that makes a thief skip over your focus.
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    Told you guys the peanut butter would work. Yes, it will take wax off the paint, so just like the wax and trim, just use peanut butter on the trim only.

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    jwkessler1- check this out is this it?
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
  • zx3beastzx3beast Member Posts: 661
    siver bullet- dirt metallic is correct.
    check it out at
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