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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • tika2tika2 Posts: 3
    Thank you cookie22, but I'm actually more interested in buying a pre-made console than in building one myself. I'll see if anyone else has any ideas here. If not, I might be asking you if you are willing to share your plans.
  • Some are available at JC Whitney on the internet. I see them at Costco ansd Sams -- about $49 - $69. They are around just go out to look for them. The internet may show ypou a lot more places.
  • Hi Tika,

    I purchased a console at Costco (I'm fairly certain) for my Quest. It's been great! It comes with 2 cup holder, a little flip up place for glasses, a deeper console for trash if you'd like (I put CD's and all kinds of stuff in it) and a few other little odds and ends holders. It fits perfectly between the 2 front seats. I've tried to transfer it to my new Caravan but it is too loose. I worry about it coming loose and hurting someone in the event of an accident.

    And, thank you mrperfect for your input about the fuel pump. I asked the Nissan guy about that and he said that if it was the fuel pump it would be acting up more frequently. However, it is possible there is something wrong in the electronics part of it that acts up when my car heats up. Who knows?! I have it in the shop right now (getting that check engine light to turn off) and I'll call and have him do a check with the fuel pump and see what he comes up with. We are getting ready to sell the van and want to get this problem fixed before we hand it over to anyone.

    Thanks again!

    Carrie (proud new owner of a Dodge Grand Caravan)
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    I like the sound of this herbal remedy. Is it available at any auto parts stores?

    Regarding the center console, I was at Big K earlier this week and saw one there that looked like it would fit perfectly. It had a storage compartment in the top with a door. It was even a gray color that looked like it would match the interior (if that's what you have). Didn't look at the price.

    Cutnfun, it's either a fuel delivery or electrical problem (just call me Mr. Obvious). Too bad it didn't store an error code when it quit. Just to help narrow it down, does it jsut suddenly die or does it sputter or miss a bit before it cuts out? If it's really sudden, I think it would more likely be electrical. Let us know what happens.

  • Has anyone heard about the Marketing Assistance - MA line item on a dealer invoice. The Sales Consultant is saying that Nissan is charging the dealer this cost and must pass it on. He even faxed me the invoice with the charged circled. Has anyone encountered this before?


  • srg3srg3 Posts: 2
    Thanks to dc52 for posting #557 Dec 16, 2000. I too was fighting this intermittent stall problem (first drive of the day usually). I've a friend who traded his van and I've read numberous posts here and elsewhere over this same condition . I too had many of the same things replaced or suggested to replace (I addressed these in other postings...electrical, fuel pump, fuel filter, idle air valves, knock sensor etc) I followed your advice and replaced the fuel pressure regulator. The stalling has ceased!!! Nissan had told the dealer to check this previously; by inspecting the vacum hose that connects to the regulator and looking for "gas" that might have passed through a pin hole in the diaphram. Nissan's thought was the engine's heat might cause a very small pin hole in the diaphram element to self seal after the engine warmed up. The dealer said everything was OK and I too checked it, but obviously not OK. I'd also recommend if you have a reliable mechanic, have em do it. I did the repair myself...looks simple, but because of the orientation of the part I ended up removing the fuel rail and a few other things..real pain for my and my fat fingers. Thanks again and as you said - Definitely worth taking a shot for the price.
  • Hi! This is my first time posting here. I've been researching information on my 95 Nissan Quest. I too have been having this same stalling problem with my van. Hot temperatures seem to make it worse. I've brought it into the shop several times over the last three years and no one can pinpoint the problem! I've called Nissan a dozen of times to talk to a service rep. about this, telling them the problem and leaving my name and number. I've never had a returned phone call. I also had a male friend call, thinking this would help me to get a response, but, still nothing!!! This past week, it was only about 75 degrees, and I was stuck in traffic because of an accident and Here we go again!!! It killed on me and the engine light came on. I let it cool off and could drive a few blocks more and then the same thing! I left it parked at a friends house over the weekend(thankfully it stopped close to someone that I knew) until I could get it to the shop and when I went to pick it up, it ran fine! All the way to the shop, no problems! They have been having it 2 days now and they can't seem to find the problem! They have been running it non stop to see if it will act up and guess what? Its not doing anything wrong!!!

    Can someone please help me with this? Is there a recall or something out there that I don't know about? If other people are having the same problem with the same van, same year??????? If so, then something must be done! If anyone knows anything about this or how to find out about these kinds of things, please let me know!

    I would love to sell it and get something newer, but my husband just bought a new Nissan Frontier, so I really don't want to have two notes to pay. I really need to get this problem solved!
    Do you think Nissan is covering something up???

    Thanks in advance for any responses!!!!

  • Failure of these items can drive you nuts. The mechanic that said it would fail more often is dead wrong and so could you if it fails in heavy traffic or an emergency manuveur. I had a friend who actually traded in a car that had interrmittent stalling. I used to be a passenger of his on the way to work --- we even stalled in the middle of one of the Philly bridges. When he took his new car in for its first service, he noted his old car was parked in back by one of the mechanics. When he laughed at the mechanic, the mechanic justs chuckled and said -- fuel pump.
    I also had the same intermittent problem a few years later and had to tell the Pontiac dealer what to replace. Have seen caddys, Lincolns, Mazdas, also with the same problem. It is a bear to convince half-trained mechanics what to replace. Even if you have to pay for it yourself, fixing the auto is the primary thing -- who cares why they fail. Many ford products have the fuel filter clamped to the frame under the rear of the car -- talk about out of sight, out of mind.:-)
  • Has anyone heard anymore about a dampener kit being developed by Nissan to respond to the shaking mid-row captains chairs. There was some discussion some time ago and my service manager had commented that Nissan tech-line had confirmed this.
    My full load '99 SE is about 15 months into its warrantee - seats still shake miserably - still as far as i'm concerned a potential safety issue.
  • Has anyone had this happen on their Quest?This doesn't happen EVERY time I go to start it. You turn the key like normal and the engine spins over like normal and then just before it starts there is a loud BANG or KNOCK and then it starts and runs fine. Like I said,this doesn't happen all the time but when it does,it is aggravating!!If you don't know what I am taking about listen to your engine when you start it you might hear it sometime.

  • Sounds like a fuel pump cloged up or low octain gas. Try putting Premium gas on your next two fill ups and see if that would get rid of your noise. Do you live in a cold climate? Is your van garaged?
  • gty1gty1 Posts: 1
    Today I took my Quest van in because the right rear brake light only worked occasionally. They replaced the sockets and sent me on my way. (Also, I will add that while I was at the shop I had the transmission serviced and the fuel tank vent hose recall work preformed.) Anyway, after I left, I noticed something strange happening. Now, when I hit the brakes, on occasion, the parking lights will also come on. It is not doing this all of the time, and there does not appear to be a pattern to the problem. Also, when I get out of the van, I get a nice little shock if I touch the side of the van or the door. Any ideas on what my dealer did wrong? The technician thinks it is the brake light switch on the brake pedal, and they are willing it replace it for free to keep me happy, but this problems sounds like more than a switch. Could it be a grounding problem? Any ideas appreciated.

  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    My 99 Quest SE had the same problem, step on the brakes and get parking lights, turn on the parking lights and get brake lights. It was like that for almost a month and did damage to the taillight sockets and bulbs. My Quest would also shock me if I touched it anywhere on the metal after I got out. It turned out to be a connector was rubbing another wire and it had reversed the brake/parking light circuits. In my case I was lucky I didn't have a marshmellow roast on the side of the road. I no longer own this van, the problems got to be too great and I didn't like the idea of living at the service department. Good luck with yours.
  • tika2tika2 Posts: 3
    To dhoff regarding the herbal remedy for foul smelling air conditioning units: The product is a pump spray called Herbasceptic by NOW products. It is extracted from grapefruit seeds, known to have strong natural antisceptic properties. When sprayed repeatedly into a/c systems over a period of time it will kill off the mildew living in it. It is not available in auto parts stores, but I got mine from Altius Holistic Center, 26 W. Montecito Ave. Sierra Madre, CA 91024. ($4.95 for 4 oz. bottle). I'm sure they would send you some by mail if you also included something for shipping.

    Thank you to you and others who have commented on various center consoles. I found a very nice heavy-duty one made from wood (not plastic) through the Herrington catalog.
  • I have a "98" Nissan Quest and the door locks keep unlocking themselves. It also has the security system. We have had it into the dealer to be fixed 2 times and they can't seem to find the problem ( it is still under warranty). Has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it?
  • Go to another dealer. there has been a TSB out for the last two years that exactly identifies the fix. Sounds like you have reached a very stupid dealer maintenance staff. The switches (lock/unlock) in BOTH front doors are probably defective and need replacing under warranty -- as described in the TSB (Technical Service Bulletin).
  • urwurw Posts: 1
    I have just bought a 1996 Quest. Love it, but the brake paddle has begun to make noises, as though it has a hinge that needs grease.
    Anyone out there with this problem?
  • Sorry I didn't tell you that the dealer has replaced the lock on drivers door twice and the passenger door once, still unlocking. We had also taken it to the dealer a year ago because it was locking on it own, they didn't find the problem. After a few days it quit locking itself and everything worked fine until this year. I was wondering if the security system is part of it. You can also hear a clicking sound in the dash area if your in it setting still or going down the road. Thank you for any advice anyone could give me.
  • shantonshanton Posts: 5
    I love my '94 Quest and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Renault/Nissan remodel. My Quest is the "stripped" base model with tow package (alloy wheels, rear stabilizer bar, full-size spare tire, larger radiator) and it's a nice little vehicle. I will buy another Nissan because I really like the way I'm treated at the Vallejo, CA Nissan service department.
    I am having a problem with the van hesitating, usually when I first drive the car after a resting period, but not consistenly--maybe once a day. There's also sometimes a bad exhaust smell in the cab (!) when the heater is on. And, the O2 sensor is tripping the check engine light, though the O2 sensor is fine. I've got 107,000 very reliable miles on the van. The last technician I spoke with mentioned that my catalytic converter "might not be as good as it used to be." I know nothing about catalytic converters. Would problems with the CC cause symptoms like mine??
    BTW, after checking your site, and, I did decide to press Nissan and got them to pay $316 in parts for the replacement of my exhaust manifold. They had to drill out 3 broken bolts. I'm hoping they'll pay the $53 I paid to have my breather hose replaced just prior to the recall (of which I have not been officially notified...) Thanks!!
  • ancayancay Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Quest. One month after purchasing it, the horn broke. Since the horn is on the same electrical circut as the cruise control and the alarm system, they stopped working too. After the repair, the same problem occured five more times and the dealer was not able to fix it. Currently, I am in the process of a court dispute with NISSAN according to the Lemon Law. Has anyone had a similar technical problem?
  • I have 1999 Quest, the throttle was sticking. The dealer offered to repair it for $90.

    I bought a $3.97 can of throttle body cleaner and followed the directions. I have not had a problem in the past 1000 miles. Larry
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    That seems to be a problem for a few folks around here (dhoff, etc.). Here's a link.

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  • Just bought a 99 Villager Sport, and love it. Dealer is working on a flaw in the autolamp system--lights won't come on automatically, but the dome lights come on whenever they want. Weird!

    Main complaint is mileage. Can't get up over 21.5 on highway @ 7o mph, steady foot. Is this normal for the new 3.3? Met a man the other day with a 3.0 (assume he's honest) says he gets 27-28. Best I can get goi
  • akanglakangl Posts: 3,650
    I just recently got rid of a 99 Nissan Quest SE, best highway mileage I ever got out of it was 24 mpg and that was using cruise control at 65 mph. Sorry to say I don't think the new Quest/Villager twins are known for outstanding gas mileage.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    The lifetime mileage on our '99 Quest GXE (3.3) is ~20.8. Best highway tank was 29; usual is more like 23. Town driving runs around 18. Stay tuned for my 50k update in a week or so :-)

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  • stevenb1stevenb1 Posts: 3
    Hey good people, I need some info and advice. I own a '94 Quest that until recently as a great van. At about 100K, the crankshaft broke, resulting in a repair near $5K. Three weeks after I got it out of the shop, the transmission went out, costing another $2500. Here are my my questions. Have any of you Quest owners had the same problems? I understand there was a technical service bulletin put out on the Quest crankshaft for model years 93-96. Does anyone know how to find it? Finally, is there any recourse I have with Nissan to recover some of the $$$ I had to put out?
  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    The best I have ever got was 23.something, not quite 24, with our 99 Quest. This was for highway driving, around 60-65 mph. I've found that we usually get around 20-22 on the freeway (70-75 mph).

    27-28? I kind of doubt that. Maybe drafting behind a semi. :-) May have been the kind of people that figure their gas mileage by looking at the gas gauge rather than how much gas they actually pump in.

    Did you really get 29 once Steve? Are you sure you didn't put $5 worth in the tank and forgot about it? ;-) Heck, I get 29 mpg in my Nissan NX. 1.6l 4 cylinder, 5 speed, frontal area about 1/3 of a Quest... I suppose it's possible. I'd be really skeptical if someone claimed to be getting that consistently.

  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    You need to subsucribe to the VillagerQuest mailing list on Yahoo groups and check the archives. Someone on that list just had a similar thing happen. They had their accessory belts changed or tightened by the dealer. The crankshaft broke after that, and they were able to get the engine repair covered.

    As far as the transmission goes, in a few years of monitoring everything I can find on the internet about these vans, I have heard of very few transmission problems with them. That's not to say there are none, but compared to the others, not many at all. I know that is of little consolation to you though. I suppose it is possible the tranny failure could have been related to the engine repair, if they connected something wrong or something.

    As far as trying to get some of this covered, do some reearch first. Check Alldada for TSB's. They can be purchased online. I'm sure you will find something on the crankshaft there. Once you find the info, take it to your dealer and let them know that you know there was a known problem with these engines, and you'd like the repair covered. Try to be firm and polite, and don't lose your cool, because the dealer will have to contact Nissan for you and it would be good to have them on your side.

    I wish you luck on this. That's a whole lot of cash to pay out for repairs. Let us know what happens.

  • cookie22cookie22 Posts: 73
    Awhile back I wrote about a problem with my left front wheel. Problem was : when I make a right turn onto a street with a gutter and the left wheel is forced up and down there is a gruntig sound like the tire is rubbing against the fender well. To-day the dealer finally figured out that the bushings on the sway bar was bad,so he has ordered the part and hopfully that will take care of it. It took a couple trips to the dealer with several posts from this group to get the job done . TIA
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Dave, how's life in Madison?

    I got 29.9 on one tank calculated after putting 10.5 gallons in at 31,166 miles on 11/26/99. My figures never lie:-)

    I got 10.3 on a 16.2 gal. fillup at 28,533 miles on 11/10/99, but I think that was an anomaly, lol.

    stevenb1; here's the link to the VillagerQuest group. I think it's a public group so you can search the archives without having to join if you don't wish to.

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