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Nissan Quest/Mercury Villager problems



  • I just had the grill off again to replace 2 bulbs in the light bar on my '94 Villager.

    The grill comes off with a quarter turn either way of the 6 plastic screw slotted head fasteners. Don't push in to hard while doing this, or the fastener will be pushed into the mounting hole, possibly falling in some place.

    When off, take the plastic fasteners out of their locations, and fit them in the grill. On the back side of the grill, there is a channel for the 2 wing locks on each fastener to fit into. Snap them into those rectangle molds. When correctly done, they won't turn, but still allow the 2 wings to flex in.

    When properly positioned, both wing locks will flex in to lock into their mounting holes. With the 6 fasteners in position on the grill, the grill can then be easily put in it's place, with each fastener snapping into place when pushed in.

    When out, I treat the plastic with Armoral Exterior, including the fasteners. It really brings the black color back, and I hope, will make it last forever.

    I like the light bar so much, that the $6/bulb - WalMart is the cheapest I can find, is worth it.
  • CBS Evening news did a segment on the dangers of the doors locking on their own.

    The full story is at this site -,1597,310231-412,00.shtml

    Michael at CBS wants to know if this happens to you. His e-mail address is - .

  • Thought this might help someone having this same problem. I took my 2000 Nissan Quest back to the dealer twice because the glass in the left hand sliding door would not stay latched. The dealer replaced the latch twice. This did not fix the problem. I called and asked if I could have a new latch to install myself. I installed the new latch and still had the problem. Since I now had two latches, I figured I could try and modify one to see if I could get it to work correctly. Upon further investigation, I realized that the screw holes in the door did not line up with the latch. This was putting a strain on the latch and would not allow it to seat properly. I enlarged the bottom hole on the latch and used two flat washers behind the latch. This re aligned the latch so that it would seat correctly when closed. I closed the door numerous times and it stayed latched.

    I have 36,000 miles on my Quest. The problems I have had with it have all been minor. The throttle started to stick which made for a dangerous situation. The dealer said this was a maintenance problem and was not covered under warranty! That is ridiculous. I cleaned the throttle body myself but imagine how much this is costing people that would not know what a throttle body is! Bad design Nissan. The rotors had to be turned at 20,000 miles. The brakes appear to be a bad design as well. The plastic intake manifold hisses when you are at an idle, another bad design. And the back windows rattle when they are open. It does not get all that great of gas mileage ether. The best I have gotten was 24MPG driving 75 on the highway. My dad has a Chevrolet mini van and he gets 27MPG on the highway with a more powerful engine.
  • I have a weird problem with one of the captain chairs' seatbelt. The seatbelt gets locked in few minutes after you put the straps on. There is no way to get out of this jam except to remove the strap and put it again. Does anybody has any knowledge of this problem?
  • I recently bought a used 98 quest with 26,000 miles on it. I get 26.5 mpg. (Canadian) which is about 22 US at 70 mph. Power is adequate & it is comfortable. Only prob so far is rear wiper konked out on me & seems to happen a lot on these. Good van, drives like a car!
  • klinklin Posts: 54
    My wife 96 Quest could not start today.

    It was towed to a gas station and we were told it is likely a fuel problem. The tech told us the fuel can't flow from tank to engine (something like that sort). He can't determine specifically what is the problem (fuel pump, fuel line, computer?). We had our fuel hose replaced by the recall in May this year.

    I need your help:
    - should I send the van to dealer for repair?
    - do you have similar problem? Is the problem under warranty
    - how much it may cost to fix the fuel problem.

    Thanks so much
  • I have a 99 Quest with brake problems also. I sometimes get a grinding sound and soon after that my pads are shot. Last time in to the dealer I was armed with a TSB from the site listed below:

    There is a problem with the calipers made by good old FORD Motor Company. I did not request a copy of the TSB but the dealer told me it only says to lubricate the bolts on the calipers to prevent them from hanging up. It does make sense though if you are wearing brakes that they are hanging up against the rotors which basically is like having your foot on the brakes all the time. I only have a few thousand miles on my newest pads so am not sure the problem is fixed. Seems to me the fix would be new calipers which I believe Nissan should provide if this is a defect. Keep the site posted concerning your progress or lack therof. Good luck.

  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    The fuel pump is a known "suspect" in the Quest. Have you noticed it making noise lateley, or any hesitation or missing? Was the fuel level low in the tank? If any of these are the case, it may be the fuel pump.

    You do not necessarily have to take it to the delaer to fix it. A good independent mechanic should be able to fix it. But a good Nissan service department has likely seen problems like this before and should be able to fix it as well.

    The warranty on the Quest (bumper to bumper) is 3 years or 36,000 miles. It seems you are over 3 years, so it will most likely not be covered. But if you take it to the dealer, it won't hurt to ask. All they can do is say no.

  • klinklin Posts: 54

    You are correct! It is the fuel pump.
    Cost me > $500 to fix @ the dealer because the gas station where the van was towed too couldn't diagnose/fix the problem.

    I live in Silicon Valley. Can anyone recommend a good independent mechanic in the South Bay?

  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    I just replaced a '93 Villager with a '99 Estate model. I am very happy with the '99 except for a nagging problem - the headlights seem to go out for no reason. I suspect a wiring problem as I can wiggle the wiring going to the light bulb and the lights will come back on. The two headlights do not go out at the same time, so it seems to be an independent problem with each light. I need to get to the dealer this week before we go out of town for the holidays. Any guidance on what to look for or hearing of any similar experiences would be helpful.

  • What is the going price for a "99" Vill. Estate? Would like to sell mine. It is really a cream puff with 39000 mi. on it.I have never had any problem with the lights. In fact they are better than the lights on my 95 Cad.
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    The Edmunds used vehicle pricing is not too far off. Dealers seem to be pricing them around $19-$20 and selling for less. From what I saw, the market price is around $14 - $16. Depends on location, condition, etc.
  • kymikekymike Posts: 115
    Just a follow-up to my question above regarding intermittent headlights - the dealer diagnosed this as bad headlight sockets. One had actually shown some signs of melting. They were both replaced under warranty. I would advise those with '99 Villagers to check their headlight connectors and have repaired if necessary as I have seen a couple of other people post that they had similar problems.
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    I have a '94 Villager which I bought it used when it had 18,000 miles.It now has 68,000 miles. I changed front pads, new timing belt and water pump at 60,000. My mechanic also replaced the thermostat since it's next to timing belt and while it's open. Rear brakes have grinding noise as mentioned by lots of you.My main concern is the exhaust manifolds bolts, seems like common problem. My mechanic cheched at 60,000 miles and he told me that no sign of failure (yet). Anybody know anything about the recall ? or where to file a complain ?
    I also have a '87 Camry and it has 160,000 miles. Nothing has been done (yes NOTHING) to it except regular maintenance (timing belts at 80,000 and 150,000... water pump at 150,000, 2 CVJoints at 140,000... oil change every 3000 miles)... You guess which car I am going to buy next...
    Thanks for info about Mercury Villager, especially the manifold bolts problem.
  • FYI:

    I just had to have two exhaust manifold studs replaced (one on the front and back) and also two collapsed engine mounts replaced. Quest is '93 XE; Mileage is 97,000; car is 9 years old.

    According to the service rep. no TSB or recall on either despite frequent problems with the former. Don't know about other owners, but this is the 2nd time I've had to have engine mounts replaced. I've never had this failing in any other vehicle.
  • sopmansopman Posts: 46
    I have a '99 Quest with 38,000, of course 2,000 beyond warrenty, and the speedometer after driving for about 5 minutes goes to zero, then back to the speed I'm traveling, then back to zero and keeps repeating this. It looks like the windshield wiper running sideways. Then after cruising for a constant speed for about 10 minutes it stays at zero. If I stop it starts all over again. Can someone point me in the right direction to fix this...

  • derosaderosa Posts: 10
    Has anyone experienced this light. It's related to a emission control problem/malfunction. Own Quest 99SE, 40K.
  • I purchased a 98 Villager with 52K miles in July. In general I have been very happy with it. In September it started to make a whining/grinding noise when steering but only when cold. The noise would stop as the engine heated up. Over the course of a week or two the noise became louder and eventually was present almost all the time and got really bad when steering. I took the van back to the dealer (a Chrysler dealer as I purchased a service contract) and they replaced the power steering pump. This took care of the problem initially but after about another 2 months the whining while steering noise returned and just like the last time it is geting progressively worse. I am not experiencing any steering problems. When I had the car in for an oil change in November, I mentioned the noise to the service department. They checked the fluid level and it was full and their response was "a lot of Fords make that noise". Has anyone ever experienced a similar problem? I would sure like to get this fixed for good as it is really annoying!
  • I have a "99' Villager that does NOT make any noise at all while steering. I find it hard to believe that all fords do that and a Villager isn't really a ford either. Mine has a Nissan motor with a Maxima frame assembled in Ohio in a ford factory.
  • Our van heater fan is only working on the high speed and we are 3,000 miles over warranty. We do not like the noise but need the warmth. Any suggestions as to the problem would be appreciated. Before we take it for service we would like to have an idea of how much money we may have to put out for the work. Maybe someone else has had the same problem. Thanks
  • Check engine light on our '95 Villager 55k miles is on, but not all the time. If I take it out on the freeway at 70-75 for a few minutes, it goes out. Back to surface streets, CEL back on. Engine running as smooth as it ever has, passing emissions test with flying colors. I suspect an errant sensor somewhere. Any ideas?

  • dhoffdhoff Posts: 282
    There is a set or electrical resistors that controls the fan speed. It's either part of the switch, or a separate resistor pack associated with the switch. One or more of the resistors are burned out, with the result that the fan only works at full speed.

    The fix is either to repalace the resistor pack or the switch. If you can locate a reputable independent mechanic they should be able to fix it pretty easily. I don't know how much it would cost though. If you call your dealer's service department, they sould be able to tell you what the parts and labor cost for the fix.

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the information regarding our 99 Quest fan problem. We will call the service dept. tomorrow and find out the cost for the fix.
  • nicktnickt Posts: 2
    I have a 96 GXE with 72K miles and the check engine light just came on. It seems to run just fine. Do I really need to have the dealer check it out?
    Any suggestions?
  • mgr4mgr4 Posts: 2
    My 95 villager with 69,000 miles, has a similar problem, except my light comes on when I get on the freeway at 70-75 miles per hour. The minute I reduce speed at my exit ramp it goes off. Car runs perfect the whole time. This has been going on for about two months. I hate to take it in to the dealer since the car is running very well. Any ideas.
  • cduongcduong Posts: 70
    Try to open and then close gas tank cap... That could do the trick... good luck
  • If the gas cap is left off for any length of time while the engine is running, the OBD will think it's a fuel pressure/delivery problem, and trigger a CEL. Other than using the scanner to read & reset the CEL, the only way to clear the memory is to disconnect the battery for a few minutes. This may also reset the engine computer, which means driveability problems until it relearns combustion/altitude/fuel parameters.

    mgr4: I'm letting mine run til the next scheduled service stop, or something different happens (my wife nagging me about it may qualify)!

  • I have a 1994 Nissan Quest and my question is that I was installing a JVC 12 Disc CD
    Changer with a FM Modulator, well I hooked everything up and when the time came to test everything, my radio/tape didn't turn on. I checked all the wires, and all the fuses. Then when I took out all the wires and put them back, the clock turned on for about less than 1 second then turned off again. I checked everything again and the same thing happened

    I would very much appreciate if someone can help me with my problem..

  • esp63esp63 Posts: 27
    About a month ago, I mentioned(nissan quest thread)that my brake fluid level had inexplicably gone down and that my front brakes were chattering. Well, I just had the front pads replaced and rotors turned. At 32k miles, this is the earliest that I've ever had to perform such operations on any vehicle that I've owned but I'm willing to accept that the brakes work hard to slow such a considerable load. However, I discovered something a little more disturbing about my rear brakes. The rear brake cylinder had been leaking and was likely the cause for my needing to top-off the reservior. I'm beginning to think that the vehicle is going to become a nightmare just about the time the mfg. warranty expires. I also had one power lock actuator replaced and am going back to replace more- the actuators were making a grinding sound when the locks were toggled. I'm also noticing a consistent chirping sound during up-shifts from 2nd to 3rd and from 3rd to 4th under moderate acceleration.

    At first, we had some minor fit and finish issues and thought nothing of it. But now, we have some mileage on the vehicle and it seems to be aging pre-maturely. My '93 Villager had one issue(manifold bolts) in the 6 years that I owned it. I expected the next generation to be an improvment, not a step back. We'll see...
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    I had actuator problems for a while with my '99 GXE, but they have calmed down, and haven't chattered for many months now (actually haven't thought about them for a long time until I read your post).

    I do think I need to clean the throttle body....

    These updates are nice to see, warts and all - anyone else have anything to report?

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