2010 Acura MDX

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I am shopping for a replacement for my RX330. Has anyone heard what changes Acura might be making for the 2010 MDX?


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    The 2010 MDX will get a new front and rear end. I've seen it and it looks like the current MDX mixed in with the 09 TL. The grille looks much better on the MDX then it does on the 09 TL. The Nav system might be HDD based with that gorgeous 8.0" WVGA display. I do know that it's coming out on 8.25.09. Hope this helps.
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    This is very helpful. Do you kwo if it will get the keyless go system?
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    I'm totally in the market for a new MDX Sport/Ent. An Acura dealer sales guy told me there were a bunch of tweaks to the 2010 but didn't know exactly what they were - beyond styling on the front end.

    I anxious to learn what the new tweaks are -- all cosmetic or some significant performance enhancements (electronics, suspension, other). If it's just cosmetic, it will make sense to look into the 2009 after the release of the 2010.

    Anyone have a line list of enhancements for the 2010?
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    I have been told that it will have a new 6 speed transmission. The new ZDX will have the new 6 speed and I have been told that the MDX will pick it up.
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    Hey guys, what is the reasonable lease for MDX 09 or 10 for 36 month?
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    Try the Acura MDX Lease Questions discussion. The residual values aren't looking too good at the moment I guess.
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    When will the 2010 MDX model be available for purchase? When will Acura's website let you custom build the 2010 model for pricing? Thanks.
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    2010 MDX will be released August 25th. I assume that is when the website will be available to build the 2010 model.I saw the 2010 MDX colors last week on templeof vtec.com.
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    Thanks for the information and thank you for the link to the preview site.
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    I hope you're right, but I wouldn't count on it. Honda suppliers in Marysville Ohio are clients of mine, and what little (very little) info I get indicates that Acura is really trying to set the ZDX as a "Premium Luxury Crossover" rather than a mere "Luxury Crossover". Given that, it wouldn't suprise me if they held off on the 6AT for the MDX until the next full model change.

    ZDX will also have paddle shifters and heated AND cooled front seats.
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    Here are the new features of the 2010 MDX.

    2010 Acura MDX Luxury SUV

    The 2010 Acura MDX features substantial improvements which increase performance and efficiency while also raising the level of luxury and prestige the MDX currently enjoys. For those customers who want the latest in customer enhancing technologies, the MDX will offer a new “Advance” package.

    * New 6-speed automatic transmission improves performance and fuel economy
    * Numerous styling enhancements included new front fascia and redesigned alloy wheels
    * Technology improvements include an available hard disc drive, iPOD and USB music compatibility , new real-time traffic re-routing capabilities and multi-view backup camera
    * Interior upgrades throughout
    * Available "Advance" Package includes active suspension, adaptive cruise control, Collision Mitigation Braking System™ (CMBS™), blind spot information system and one inch larger diameter wheels (19-inch)
    * Additional information will be available later in the year

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    Some info released on 2010 MDX here and here. The updates like 6-speed transmission, HD based audio system and ipod/usb connectivity are welcome. But looks like the keyless start system isn't included which is extremely disappointing. It's not confirmed, but there is no mention of it and one of the images clearly shows the key and no sight of the push button start. Our CX9 lease will be up next year so we were getting curious as to what changes the MDX will bring in 2010, but this lack of keyless start could really be a deal breaker for us. Can't imagine stepping down to the regular "keys" after getting used to this really cool feature in both of our cars. Can't believe Acura isn't introducing this in the year 2010, my CX9 is 2007 which has this and especially now-a-days this feature is showing up in lot of cars :(
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    Ugh, they went from shield to beak. I was just getting used to the shield on my '07.
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    The early MDX had loads of transmission problems - that finally resolved with the second generation. Is this new 6-speed a proven transmission or is the 2010 MDX a new experiment? I worry about these kinds of improvements....
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    Just visited an Acura dealer and spoke with the new car manager regarding the 2010 MDX. Due to problems with this new 6 speed transmission, delivery of the 2010 MDX will most likely be December 2009.
    Therefore, Acura will continue to produce and deliver to dealers the 2009 model.
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    Wow....postponing the 2010 MDX rollout to December is not good. Nearly all of the 09 inventory has been sold. Sounds like they'll need to crank back up the production lines OR no one will be able to get a reasonably priced MDX until supply is replenished.

    I got my 01 MDX on the first day of production back in Oct 2000. I took a big risk on purchasing the MDX 4 months before delivery started and got very lucky with my purchase. Its now got over 110,000 "mostly" trouble free miles.

    BTW - The current generation MDXs have held their resale values extremely well!! Check out Carmax to see that for examples.
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    Anyone know when the 2010 MDXs will arrive?? My local dealership just sold their last 2009 MDX. So much for getting a good deal on remaining 09's.
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    Was at the South Coast Acura dealership in So. California over the weekend... they said that the MDX won't be out until February 2010. They also said they do expect shipments of 2009 MDX's soon.
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    Just yesterday I signed papers to purchase a 2009 MDX. The vehicle is not scheduled to be manufactured until Oct 20-24 and won't get delivered until the first week of November. So while dealer inventory is extremely low, they still continue to churn out 2009 models this late in the calendar year.
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    You are lucky. I made my deal for my MDX on Aug 14, and am still waiting. Vechicle is due arrive October 15-20th.
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    Unfortunately, the Acura Web site shows the great leasing and purchasing deals and that the dealer marketing support may contribute to the selling price (cap cost reduction). However, with low inventories of the MDX, RL and TL, they are not budging on the numbers even with sales at -35% over last year. "Buyer/Lessee be ware"
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    I just got an email in the Northern VA area from Radley saying they are discounting the mdx's 7k below msrp. The 2010's must be coming in soon. Anyone know of any technology changes in the 2010?
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    sl1288 posted this link above in page 2:


    Looks like there will be quite a few improvements, but no word on pricing yet, at least that I've seen.
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    Not sure if 2010 will change but does anyone know is it possible to get MDX Base plus option of power gate or audio upgrade or dvd. It seems that right now you can't get any of that unless you get nav first? With mobile GPS working so well I incline to pass it, but...

    With that can anyone with MDX base shares your experience on how good (or bad) the base 253 watts audio is, and also how easy it is to open/close rear gate manually. Thanks.
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    rear liftgate on my 2009 base is pretty light and very easy to open and close. I really wanted the power liftgate but the tech model was out of my price range. The audio is just okay.
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    Thanks indecision.

    Also is the screen (where Nav would be at) smaller/shorter on the base model, meaning the dashboard over it flatter? I am trying to see where I can place my Garmin nuvi.

    Yeah forcing people to get Nav first to get any other goodies seems pretty inflexible.
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    The 2010 base model includes a power tailgate.
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    I went to Acura.com and requested a brochure of the 2010 MDX and it arrived on Saturday. It is a combined brochure that also includes the RDX. It has lots of great prictures and information on the improvments. When I called my dealer they told me that they are still expecting the 2010 to arrive the first part of December. I am looking to buy the car but I will probebly wait a couple of months for the prices to come down. I am expecting that there is some pent up supply for them and the dealers and Acura will want to exploit that while they can. My dealership told me that I could put down a deposit and the price would be MSRP to get a car in December.
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    Will use of standard octane fuel (87/89 octane) cause any damage to a 2010 Acura MDX? I am prepared to accept lower horsepower/acceleration when using regular fuel, but just want to be sure that this practice would not harm the engine.

    Acura customer service's answer was "we have not studied that."

    Finally, if fuel prices were to spike to $10/gal, is there any way the MDX engine could be modified to increase its fuel economy? We tend to keep vehicles for 10-12 years, so I am thinking long term.


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    Wow....paying MSRP for a 2010 MDX would be crazy. If you wait a few more months into 2010, you'll be sure to save yourself thou$and$ of dollars.
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    Take this FWIW...

    Several friends own MDXs, and they alternate between premium and regular on fill ups. I believe if you do a google search you'll find threads on various forums on this topic, and it seems to be up in the air as to whether it's safe or not.

    I'm not quite sure why people do this, though. When gas was above $4/gallon, the gap between premium and regular where I live was more narrow than it is when gas is less expensive. The delta was about .25-.30/gallon above $4/gallon whereas today where I live it's about .50-.60/gallon with regular at $2.6/gallon.

    And at current prices, assuming one drives 12k/year and gets 18mpg, the difference in fuel is roughly $334/annually. So they're saving maybe $10-20 month on fuel at the potential risk of damaging their vehicle longer term. Plus, if the MDX is anything like any other car I've had requiring premium fuel, it will not get as good gas mileage on regular as it does on premium.

    Lastly, if fuel spikes to $10/gallon, then I'm guessing the collective 'we' have some serious inflation problems in the US and the cost of fuel will be the last of your worries.

    I'd say a better hedge for $10 gas is to buy a good,cheap, fuel efficient used car and keep it for an expensive day. If gas hits $10 then the dollar will be worth nothing and a fuel sipping used Civic, even if it's 5-10 years old at that point will be worth its weight in gold.
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    One solution is to get the Sunoco Premium which is rated at 91 octane (with its Ultra at 93 which is what everybody else sells as Premium), and sells at 0.5 cents per gallon less than the Ultra (and everybody else)!
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    I was looking at 2009's and a CPO 2007 yesterday - failed to see if the dash/interior on the 2010s was updated - specifically if they got rid of the (reflective) glossy finish on the wood trim on the dash....
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    Does anyone know why there are no MDX's on dealer lots even after it was supposed to be there on December 11?
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    It could just be your dealership. All of the Colorado dealerships got thiers in the last two weeks. They have very few and most have been sold at MSRP or just under. Check around at some other dealerships in your area.
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    Just looked at the 2010 MDX in the lot at the Milwaukee, WI dealer. MSRP on the base is $43,000 and for what? None in the showroom however,they had a ZDX in the show room, priced at $58,000 which was marked sold. "Beauty will have to be in the eye of the beholder" on this THING.
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    Local dealer here has several 2010's. Drove one, nice ride, but like others, I wish keyless igniton was part of the MDX. We are torn between the MDX with the tech package, and Lexus RX450h, which does fairly well for fuel consumption. We have driven and ruled out so many, but these two still in the running.
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    Has anyone confirmed what the delay was that caused to MDX to not be released until mid-December? If it was the transmission, as was speculation, has it been fixed? I have a lemon now, so don't want to buy another one and would rather wait until this is straightened out.
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    Not too sure but I heard rumors about the transmission issue. Correct me if I am wrong.
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    Does anyone know if Acura really corrected the problem, or didn't want to wait any longer to get the car out? I know there were other issues (unions and layoffs in Canada where the MDX is made), as well as a large number of orders piling up.
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    I was talking to the dealer after looking at one this weekend and he told me that it looks like they have the transmission problem worked out but they are told to check out each one before adding them to the lot. After talking to him I feel it is best to wait a couple of months before purchasing. I have seen this transmission thing raise its ugly head before.
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    They still have not resoved the transmission problems on the 2003, etc and people are having costly issues. Happy I have an extended warranty on my 05'. They need to include a 100,000 mile / 7 year PT warranty on all MDX's at a minimum especially since even the base model has a MSRP of $43,000
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    My lease on my 2007 Acura MDX base model will be expiring in the spring. I was not too thrilled the first time with the nickel/diming of adding additional accessories that should be on a vehicle of this price.

    On my 2007, I had to add reverse sensors, running boards, hitch, and a roof rack.
    I wouldn't expect the hitch to be standard, but am I going to have to go thru the process of adding these items on again? I installed the roof rack on my own the first time around because they wanted 750. I paid 110 and installed them myself.

    Please advise.
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    jvette - Thanks for this information. Very helpful. I just drove a 2010 MDX this evening. I asked the salesperson about the transmission issue, and he looked at me like I had 3 heads. I was at least expecting him to address it in some way rather than deny it ever existed. He said there are no transmission problems or Acura would not have released the vehicle for sale. He also told me not to buy in on the VTEC blog as there is alot of misinformation there.
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    That's interesting. Most of these sales guys don't have a clue. In almost every case I know more about a car than the staff at the dealership. My local Acura dealer has become a very good friend of mine and are very honest and above board with me. It may help if this sales guy did a little research on the subject before he made a fool of himself. Customers are much smarter than in years past.
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    better consider buying a bicycle - or good walking shoes......it requires premium fuel......gas is $3 per gallon......and if it goes to $10 it will cost you $.75 /mile to drive it......excluding the price of the car, and the cost of depreciation.....
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    What's the problem?
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    like buttah!
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